Northern Lights (Updated Strain Review)

Northern Lights (Updated Strain Review)

If your mind and body are overworked and long past due for some intense relaxation, Northern Lights is worth consideration. This strain is ideal for use in the evening due to its sedating and uplifting effects.

Dominant Terpene:
Euphoria, Happy, Relaxation
Common Usage
Chronic painDepressionLack of appetiteSleepStress
Growing Info

If you ever witness the actual northern lights, they could completely overwhelm you. They bring calm and peace to your body. As you stand there in sheer awe of the beauty that nature can bestow, you will feel the doting spirit of your ancestors before you.

The same can be said for Northern Lights marijuana – an iconic, out-of-this-world creation available in almost every legal dispensary.

Northern Lights weed has become one of the most famous indicas in the world, and you can read all about it in this review.

What Is the Northern Lights Strain?

The origin of Northern Lights marijuana is often debated, with some individuals claiming that the strain was first bred in Seattle. However, the consensus is that Sensi Seeds created it in the late 1980s in the Netherlands.

Bred by combining the genetics of two powerful landrace strains, Afghani indica and Thai sativa, Northern Lights is a strongly indica-dominant hybrid with a reasonable THC content.

Northern Lights weed has five popular phenotypes, all of which are used by medical MMJ patients from the West Coast to NYC.

It offers dreamy and euphoric effects, often sending consumers into a blissful, altered reality, where they feel peacefully relaxed and physically lazy. As such, it is best to consume Northern Lights in the evening.

It tends to induce happiness and plenty of genuine smiling. Users sometimes report light intoxicating effects that place a hazy glow over the world and cause life to appear more vibrant. You may also find yourself feeling creative and reflective for a short period. However, these effects will soon dissipate as tiredness and, eventually, sedation takes hold.

Some users claim that Northern Lights helps them get a great night’s sleep. Then they wake up feeling refreshed and lively in the morning without experiencing any weed hangover.


When many think of witnessing the northern lights in nature, they probably imagine the fantasy in some mystical locale like a Scandinavian iceberg field or a frozen Icelandic tundra. With this image in mind, it may seem rather fitting that the aroma of Northern Lights is woodsy and piney, feeling reminiscent of adventurous times spent in the woods or camping on days off.

northern lights strain review: aroma, flavor, and appearance

The scent of the Northern Lights strain is pungent and immediately hits your nose, occupying whatever room it is in.


The piney and earth-like flavor can be felt upon first taste, but soon it blends into something more dynamic. A sweet and candy-like flavor becomes apparent, making for a pleasant combination – especially for a smoke late at night.

Occasionally, hints of citrus can also be recognized in Northern Lights weed, further adding to the complexity of this robust flavor profile.


Northern Lights buds are densely packed, with thick and prominently displayed sugar leaves protruding slightly outwards. They are dark olive green in color, often with streaks of purple and blue running through.

The pistils blend effortlessly with the sugar leaves, with their brassy yet deep orange shade. The water leaves are often a darker shade of green, sometimes presenting hints of deep blue on the tips.

Northern Lights Grow Info

The Northern Lights strain is relatively easy to cultivate, with high resistance to diseases, pests, bugs, powdery mildew, and mold. Likewise, it is simple to cultivate in either an indoor or outdoor environment and only grows to a medium height. These factors combine to ensure this strain is one of the better options for novice growers.

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A warm, balmy, Mediterranean climate is ideal when growing Northern lights outdoors, similar to the weather in California or Northern Africa. Indoor environments must be temperature regulated, but Northern Lights grows well using either hydroponics or soil.

When cultivated outdoors, harvest falls around the middle of October, with a yield of approximately 22 ounces per plant. On average, indoor yields are a bit smaller, at 18 ounces per square meter, with a flowering time of 7-9 weeks.

THC Content – Highest Test

By the lofty standards of modern hybrids, Northern Lights doesn’t have a monster THC content. Nonetheless, at around 18% on average, it is undoubtedly potent enough for most users and should provide a pleasant high when used sensibly.

CBD Content – Highest Test

There is relatively little CBD in Northern Lights. Indeed, testing indicates that it contains around 0.1% CBD on average.

Medical Benefits of the Northern Lights Strain

Since the Northern Lights strain has such a powerful effect on the body, it is no surprise that MMJ patients with chronic pain, migraines, and arthritis use it. It is also popular amongst individuals seeking assistance with a lack of appetite or insomnia.

northern lights cannabis effects

In addition, individuals with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress may find Northern Lights useful.

Possible Side Effects of the Northern Lights Strain

Due to its heavy indica genetics, Northern Lights does not tend to produce paranoia or increased anxiety unless you are prone to THC-induced panic attacks. In this case, it is best to stay away from any high-THC strains or stick to microdosing.

The most commonly reported adverse effects from the Northern Lights cannabis strain include dry mouth (cottonmouth) and dry eyes.

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Final Thoughts on the Northern Lights Strain

Northern Lights has become one of the most popular marijuana strains of all time. It offers a smooth and relaxing high that helps you forget your worries and experience happy thoughts.

This strain contains enough THC to have a noticeable effect but isn’t quite as potent as other top-shelf strains. Even so, many MMJ patients with conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, and arthritis view it as their go-to strain.

Northern Lights also provides a simple growing experience, adequate yield, high disease resistance, and a short flowering period.

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