The Best CBD Oils in the UK: Our Top 5 Picks

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    As in other countries, the best CBD oil UK products are still plagued by an alarming lack of oversight and regulation. Even though the market is flooded with thousands of hemp-derived CBD products, there is no regulatory agency in place to monitor product quality and safety on the consumer’s behalf. As a result, even companies that manufacture the best CBD oil in the UK basically operate at their own free will when it comes to marketing, manufacturing, and selling products.

    As you might imagine, this has spelled disaster for countless UK and EU consumers over the years who have spent hard-earned money trying to find a CBD product to help with things like sleep, anxiety, pain, and so forth.

    • CBD regulation in the UK is still very limited
    • There is little oversight that comes from government agencies
    • The UK CBD industry is growing, but that means more products – and a more saturated market for consumers
    • Product quality is determined by several factors, the most important of which is an authentic and thorough lab analysis

    As a result, the product review team here at WayofLeaf took it upon ourselves to test over three dozen different CBD oils on the UK market. In addition to analyzing product effectiveness based on several key therapeutic factors, we also attempted to verify milligram CBD content with third-party labs to determine, once and for all, which was the most potent and powerful CBD oil on the UK market. The result is a complete, comprehensive guide that ranks and compares the best and strongest CBD oils in the UK.

    Not in the mood to read the entire review? Check out our Wayofleaf’s Pick for our team’s #1 overall selection:

    Brand NameEndocaKiara NaturalsJustCBD UK
    Duration of Effects9.5/108.5/108/10
    Lab Analysis9.9/109/109/10
    Online Reviews9.6/109.5/109/10
    Customer Service10/1010/109.5/10
    Overall Score9.7/109.3/108.9/10
    Coupon Code15% off: 15CBDOFFN/A10% off: CBD10LIFE
    Full Brand ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full Review

    Top-5 Best UK CBD Oils 2023: One Thing We Liked About Each Brand

    1.Endoca 15 Raw: Best Effects + Best Overall ValueFantastic and reliable product lineup for daily, all-around use. Check Endoca prices9.7 /
    2.Kiara Naturals: Best TasteHandcdrafted, organic formulations made in Switzerland. Check Kiara Naturals prices9.3 /
    3.JustCBD UK: Best PricesLow prices and ultra-fast shipping across most of the UK and EU. Check JustCBD prices8.9 /
    4.Provacan: Highest PotencyScientifically-backed product range from the makers of CiiTECH. Check Provacan prices8.6 /
    5.cbdFX UK: Best Customer RatingsA trusted UK leader in reliability and customer service. Check cbdFX prices8.5 /

    Top 5 Best CBD Oils in the UK | Reviews

    1. Endoca 15 Raw: Best Effects + Best Value
    9.7 / 10

    The average UK CBD oil is typically not strong enough to provide what are considered effective daily doses.  Endoca’s 15 Raw CBD+ Oil is one of the only UK CBD oil products that delivers 150mg of full-spectrum CBD in a single dose. Double or triple-up on a dose, and you’re looking at a very powerful product that has the potential to help with a variety of wellness issues.

    15% COUPON CODE:
    • Longest-standing CBD brand on the market currently
    • HACCP + GMP-certified
    • Manufactured under pharmaceutical and clinical control
    • Made from purely organic ingredients
    • Relatively pricey (highest price per mg out of our 5 options)
    Review Comments
    quickly processed and delivered very quickly.
    Always fast service, delivered to the door in 3 days, and Great products.
    Always happy to order from Endoca. The products I have tried are the Whipped Body Butter and the Salve. They were recommended to me by my acupuncturist. Both are excellent. The Salve is really remarkable--I just need the tiniest amount for a scrape or insect bite. I mean, really tiny--maybe about 1/16 of a teaspoon per bug bite, a few times a day, will fix me right up. This Salve lasts me a really long time!
    2. Kiara Naturals Vollspektrum Tincture: Best Taste
    9.3 / 10

    In terms of sheer potency, Kiara Naturals CBD oils were actually the strongest we tested. These oils, which are made in Switzerland in a Swiss medic-approved facility, deliver an astonishing 300mg of CBD in a single dose. Practitioners use Kiara CBD oils in clinics, and the brand claims they are commonly used for people suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, arthritis, and neuropathic pain.

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    • Works well for anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia
    • Handcrafted in a Swiss medic-approved facility
    • 300mg potency in a single serving
    • Contain natural terpenes for a full, natural flavor
    • Free shipping on all UK orders
    • Not a huge product range (i.e. no gummies/edibles)
    Review Comments
    Has to to be the best and most authentic CBD oil I've ever tasted
    Started taking CBD a few months ago for headaches and migraines. Kiara is by far the best I've tried
    Kiara 100% does it for me. This oil works to help calm me down, it's reliable and I'm not going to be using anything else any time soon
    3. JustCBD UK: Best Price
    8.9 / 10

    JustCBD is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA, member CTA11091), which is the only UK-centric cannabis trade organisation in Britain. This is one of the the least expensive CBD oils in the UK, but still represents an extremely high quality tincture that are made with an ultrafiltration technique for a rich blend of active cannabinoids and pure phytochemical content.

    10% COUPON CODE:
    • The least expensive option starts at just £8.95
    • Available in six potencies from 50mg-1500mg
    • Made with a full-bodied blend of high CBD hemp extract
    • Contains cannabidiol, flavonoids, and hemp-derived terpenes
    • Not as potent as other UK CBD oils
    • We weren’t huge fans of the flavor
    Review Comments
    very happy with the sleep gummies and the coconut tincture. I can say that they helped me to sleep. On the flipside, the order took a week to reach me which sucks - sort out your post guys!
    These chews help my 12 year old border collie/Lab mix a lot !!!
    High quality CBD products - I am regular, repeat customer. They always ship fast and packaged well. I highly recommend this online store. Use the automatic refill option and the discount makes this the best possible place to order from.
    4. Provacan: Highest Potency
    8.6 / 10

    As one of the only truly science-led brands in the UK, the Provacan 24% High-Strength formula is an intensely powerful CBD product that can be used daily for a variety of wellness issues. Provacan also offers at-home blood testing kits, which use 24 biomarkers to screen for problems relating to cholesterol, diabetes, kidney and hormone function, and more.

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    • Powerful 240mg of CBD in a single dose
    • Verified lab analysis with Pharma Hemp Laboratories
    • CiiTECH science-backed formulations
    • Product range is on the pricey side
    Review Comments
    Exceptional quality and fast delivery as always.
    The Gummies I purchase from Provocan help me with joint pain ease, a great deal. Reliably delivered on repeat order , pleasant to take and improve my quality of life.
    This company has outright been the best customer service I have ever had . I recently contacted them regarding my own personal health and a account matter ,I was missing some loyalty points ,the response and help from this company totally took me by surprise the kindness and help I received was well above and beyond anything I could have wished for .A very heartfelt response indeed .Well done provacan excellent in everyway. Your products speak for themselves amazing but mix that will perfect customer service and genuine care just brilliant.
    5. cbdFX UK: Best Online Customer Reviews
    8.5 / 10

    CBDfx is a popular brand that offers high-quality, full-spectrum extracts from genetically selected hemp. The brand has done a great job of creating one of the most solid customer loyalty followings in the British market, and they use solventless CO2 in a supercritical extraction process to make their line of CBD oils.

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    • Formulated by doctors, dermatologists, and pharmacists
    • Product range is available 100% online with free shipping
    • Contains zero solvents, pesticides, or other chemicals
    • Extensive product range can almost be overwhelming
    Review Comments
    Can't say enough positive things about CBDfx. Great selection of products, very friendly customer service should you have any questions and great discounts too. Overall , 5 stars
    100% excellent products. Huge selection, customer service is amazing. Fast shipping. Incredible deals and sales compared to other vendors. This is the place for all your CBD needs etc.
    I ordered items. They sent notification that it was out of stock - went to my spam folder - I contacted them some time later asking about the order. They sent a sample of flavoured cbd as a gesture of goodwill. I waited a further few weeks then asked for a refund. It was sorted with a quick response. Hence 5 stars.

    WAYOFLEAF’S CHOICE: Why Endoca Makes the Best CBD Oil in the UK


    One of the most significant things we noticed while doing research analytics for this article was that the average CBD oil dose across more than three dozen UK products was just 40mg. To compute this average, we took the strongest CBD oil product from 38 brands, calculated the mg dose for a single 1 mL serving, then averaged our computed mg dose across all 38 different products.

    Compared to most research reports that discuss the therapeutic effects of CBD, 40mg would be considered a small dose. Most people would likely respond to a higher dose in the 150mg+ range for better results across a range of wellness uses. Of course, the problem here is cost-effectiveness; to produce a CBD extract that delivers 150mg or more in a single dose, most brands would have to charge upwards of £300 for a single 30mL bottle. By utilizing a supercritical carbon dioxide extraction method that uses components of the air we breathe (rather than expensive alcohol solvents), Endoca has managed to optimize the extraction process. They take large quantities of organic hemp flower, and pull out the CBD and other active hemp compounds in an efficient,  highly effective manner.

    The benefit of supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction is two-fold: it is safe (since it’s not combustible like alcohol), and it is extremely economical compared to solvent-based techniques. The result is pure, full-spectrum hemp extract that is safe, potent, powerful, and affordable for consumers.

    Here’s What Else We Learned Trying the Best UK CBD Oils

    Really the biggest thing we learned in terms of what it takes to make an extraordinarily well-made CBD oil, is that the potency reigns supreme. In fact, users will find that the UK’s most potent oils are often tinctures that deliver well over 100mg of CBD per dose. With this level of potency, reliable effects can be obtained on a daily basis for various applications, including anxiety, chronic pain, and difficulty sleeping.

    Of course, another factor that will always come into play is cost. While both Kiara and Endoca were in the same ballpark on a price-per-milligram basis, Kiara only offers their oils in a 10mL bottle. For example, you could buy a 30mL bottle of Endoca’s 15 Raw tincture for £208, compared to £105 for a 10mL bottle of Kiara’s 30% Vollspektrum tincture (note that all prices are accurate at the time of writing). As you can see, while Kiara is the higher-potency product, it’s also a fair bit more expensive on a dose-by-dose basis.

    Final Summary + Our Team's Top Pick

    What’s that? You scrolled to the end of the article and didn’t even read the review? Do you know how many hours we spent putting this article together?? Do you know how many CBD oils we tried in the process!? It’s okay… if you’re short on time and looking for our team’s #1 recommendation for the UK’s best and most effective CBD oil, here it is:

    15% COUPON CODE:
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