Chiesel Marijuana Strain Review [Origins + Benefits]

Chiesel Strain Overview
Just as its name implies, the Chiesel strain is a flavor mixup between cheese and diesel. Quite an interesting combination, but a unique and interesting one nonetheless. It offers its users a happy and energetic high that is perfect for social events. Chiesel can also help with GI problems and chemotherapy side effects, so it’s great for medicinal use as well.
Common usage
Lack of appetite
Growing info
Flowering period is approximately 9-10 weeks, best grown indoors

In the marijuana world these days, it seems that every strain claims to have a different effect, so much so that finding the right one for you is no easy task. There are complicated hybrids that seem to do everything, offering effects that you didn’t even know were possible. Whatever happened to a simple sativa mind high or the sleeping, stoned effects of an indica?

Sometimes you just want to go back to basics, with a strain that offers the more traditional effects that you would expect from either a sativa or an indica. There is nothing quite like the upbeat mind high of a sativa or the drowsy peaceful feeling that comes with an indica. Chiesel is a hybrid strain that offers a calm yet uplifting mind high that you would expect from a sativa, while still managing to throw in some of the effects that make indicas so well loved.

Let’s look closer at Chiesel and find out if it is the right strain for you.

What is the Chiesel Cannabis Strain?

Chiesel is a 40% indica / 60% sativa cross hybrid, bred from Big Buddha Cheese and NYC Diesel, two hybrid strains that pack a punch with their strong flavor and aroma. NYC Diesel, as its name would suggest, is a hybrid strain that has a distinct diesel smell to it. This carries over to its flavor, having been compared to the taste you would expect if you ever felt inclined to lick your car’s gas tank. Big Buddha Cheese also lives up to its name, with a pungent cheese flavor and aroma. Chiesel takes both of these very different themes and combines them, creating something that is a shocking palate pleaser but definitely hits your nostrils with quite some impact.

Chiesel is very much a day time strain, leaving you feeling energetic and ready to take on the world. Perfect for social situations, adding an uplifting vibe to the room and causing waves of happiness and creativity. The euphoric effects of Chiesel are ideal for a day out with friends, adding what almost feels like a layer of shine to the world. Everything feels just that little bit more exciting and pleasant, often leaving you in fits of laughter at the smallest thing. Chiesel feels like it is a strain that has been designed with summer in mind, being a strain that makes you want to get up and explore the world.

It is easy to forget at first that Chiesel is a hybrid, as its sativa effects shine through, with this very much being a strain that focuses on the mind high. That being said there are still some indica effects that become more noticeable when Chiesel is taken in larger doses. The main thing that you can expect to notice is a numbing effect throughout your body. This can add a relaxing element to Chiesel but does not leave you feeling sluggish and unable to enjoy the mind high that comes with Chiesel. These numbing effects are one of the main reasons that Chiesel has attracted attention within the medical marijuana community, helping to reduce aches and pains without leaving you drowsy.

Chiesel Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance


The apple never falls far from the tree, and marijuana is no exception to this rule. Chiesel combines the strong smell of NYC Diesel with the pungent cheesy aroma of Big Buddha, creating a unique smell that fills the air. Imagine opening a sharp smelly cheese in a gas station and then breathing in the gas smell that always seems to be lingering in the air and you have the aroma that you can expect from Chiesel. If you’re a fan of strong, pungent smells that most people screw their faces up at, you will be a big fan of Chiesel; otherwise, it might take a little getting used to.

The good news is that as Chiesel burns some of the cheesy intensity is lost and replaced with a much more traditional skunk aroma, which is smooth to breathe through.

What can you expect from Chiesel in terms of its flavor? Does it taste as cheesy as it smells?


Just as you would expect from a strain with such a strong, almost choking aroma, its flavor does not hold anything back. Chiesel once again takes the most distinct characteristics from both its parent strains and combines them into an interesting flavor, which works surprisingly well. Upon first inhaling Chiesel’s smoke your taste buds are hit with a strong cheese flavor, similar to a robust and hard cheese that has seen better days. Further inhalations bring out the earthy, diesel tones that come from NYC Diesel. These two flavors work surprisingly well together and very quickly grow on you. Chiesel can be compared to when you try new food and while you do not truly like the taste you also find yourself wanting more and being unable to stop eating.

As you exhale the flavors become stronger and you are able to notice the subtle undertones that Chiesel has to offer while enjoying a smooth, pleasant smoke. Chiesel is definitely a strain that takes a little getting used to, but just like whiskey and coffee, it is worth it in the end to enjoy Chiesel’s unique flavor.

With such an intense aroma and flavor you might be wondering what to expect from Chiesel’s appearance. Does it look as distinct as it smells?


Chiesel’s buds are a dull green color, with very fine orange strands that weave their way through. While not the most eye-catching of strains, there is a delicate beauty in Chiesel when you take the time to examine it up close. The buds have a sticky texture to them, which result in a dewdrop appearance with an almost magical looking quality.

The leaves on a Chiesel plant tend to be rather thin, with pointed ends that stand out from the rest of the plant due to their bright green color. Just as with the buds, the leaves have a sticky texture and fuzzy looking edges, that give the impression that the leaves are sharp. But don’t be put off as they are actually extremely soft to touch.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can grow your own Chiesel plants and enjoy all of the euphoric cheesiness that it has to offer.

Chiesel Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Chiesel is not recommended as a beginner’s plant, as it does require slightly more care and a higher level of expertise in order for the plant to grow to its full potential. That is not to say that you should be put off from growing Chiesel at home because with a little research and time you will have a happy plant that provides a larger than average yield.

Chiesel plants can be grown both outside and indoors, depending on your climate. Chiesel prefers a warm and sunny climate and stable temperatures, so if you live somewhere with unpredictable weather patterns, it might be best to keep Chiesel indoors. If you do decide to grow outside you can expect to harvest between late October and early November. Plants grow to medium height, with averages of 6 feet. Despite their size, Chiesel plants provide a large yield when cared for correctly.

What can you expect from Chiesel in terms of its THC content given its relatively fast growth time?

THC Content – Highest Test

Chiesel has an average to high level of THC when compared to other sativa-dominant hybrid strains. The average level of THC that you can expect from similar strains is 13.5%, Chiesel comes in slightly above this with an average of 14%. The highest level of recorded THC for Chiesel is 17.5%. These levels of THC explain why this is a strain that can knock you and leave you feeling sleepy and lethargic when taken in large doses.

How does the CBD content of Chiesel compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

As with most strains that have a high THC content, you can expect to find minimal levels of CBD, and Chiesel appears to follow this rule very much. The exact level of CBD in Chiesel is unknown, with some reports claiming levels as high as 1.04%, while other reports have shown only trace amount of CBD, around 0.1%.

With such a low level of CBD, you might be wondering what health benefits Chiesel can offer; let’s look closer at why you might consider Chiesel as a medical strain.

Medical Benefits of the Chiesel Cannabis Strain

Due to its low level of CBD, Chiesel is not a strain that offers drastic, life-changing physical health benefits, but that does not mean that it cannot be used for more mild conditions. Chiesel also has a number of benefits that can help with managing mental health conditions.

Chiesel offers short term relief from mild chronic aches and pains, which result from its indica properties. When taken in larger doses Chiesel can have a numbing effect on your body, making pain feel much more manageable. Chiesel can also reduce migraines, giving you a few hours of pain-free relief and enjoyment. The numbing effects of Chiesel have been proven to be extremely useful for removing cramps, giving you a new energetic lease of life.

Inflammation is another reason to look to Chiesel for medical purposes. The body high that results from taking Chiesel can reduce inflammation and the pain that comes with it. This can be especially useful if your mobility is reduced as a result of inflammation and you know that you have a day of activity ahead of you.

Chiesel helps to counter the loss of appetite that can often be a side effect of medication and even result from severe stress. This can be a huge problem when you are recovering from an illness because your body needs nutrients in order to heal, but nobody enjoys forcing down food when you have absolutely no appetite. Chiesel has also been reported to suppress nausea, a symptom that is often felt alongside a loss of appetite as a result of chemotherapy. In this situation, Chiesel can really help you to enjoy meals again and feel like your old self.

The mind high that comes with Chiesel has a number of more noticeable effects, even when taken in small doses. These include reducing anxiety and stress. The relaxing, soothing high allows you to relax and calmly work through stressful, anxiety-inducing situations and cope with them in a way that you cannot normally do.

Chiesel has proven to be a great alternative form of medication for managing Depression; this is the result of a high that calms your mind, while also giving you a burst of energy. You are able to see the world through a clearer lens, emptying your mind and filling you with a sense of hope.

Benefits very rarely come without side effects, especially within the medical world. Let’s take a look at what side effects you can expect with Chiesel.

Possible Side Effects of Chiesel Cannabis Strain

Chiesel has very few adverse side effects, and even those that can be felt are manageable and cause no long term health concerns. The standard cottonmouth or, as it is also known, dry mouth, is a commonly reported side effect of Chiesel. This is the most common side effect of Marijuana, regardless of the strain and the good news is it is a short-lived side effect and can easily be reduced by drinking plenty of water. Dry eyes can also be a side effect of Chiesel but not something that is reported as happening as often as dry mouth.

Slightly more uncomfortable side effects of Chiesel are feelings of dizziness and temporary paranoia. Both of these side effects have only been reported in a small percentage of cases and tend to be more common among people who had already reported experiencing such effects in the past. This is something worth being aware of and being cautious if you are easily susceptible to dizziness or paranoia, but for most people, this is not something you will experience as a result of Chiesel.

Final Thoughts on Chiesel Cannabis Strain

Chiesel is a hybrid strain that leans more towards a Sativa than an Indica, with an upbeat, euphoric mind high, while still managing to work in a mild Indica body high. If you manage to work your way past the alarmingly strong aroma of Chiesel, you will be pleasantly surprised by its mellowing, mood enhancing effects.

More than just a recreational strain, Chiesel also has a number of medical benefits, including numbing effects that can reduce pain and mind clearing effects that make it easier to manage daily life. Chiesel has the benefit of not having a long list of adverse side effects, unlike some strains, meaning that you can experiment with different doses worry free and find out what works best for you.

If you are looking for an uplifting strain whether, for medical purposes or just to add a little something extra to a fun day out with friends, Chiesel might just be the strain for you.