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About WayofLeaf

WayofLeaf was founded with one thing in mind – to provide suffering patients with an easy and secure gateway to getting medical marijuana treatment. We understand the true benefits of nature’s most beneficial plant, and we hope to help our readers overcome the often confusing process of getting a medical marijuana card and becoming an MMJ patient.

Our site doesn’t just provide you with the standard cut and dry information. We take the extra step and help to connect you with top licensed physicians who can accompany you throughout the process. Many of these doctors can provide medical marijuana recommendations and have patients on their way the very same day. These are legitimate, board-certified marijuana doctors and service providers who go through rigorous vetting and approval processes.

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Why Over 500 000 Patients Have Trusted WayofLeaf

Easy and Discreet

With WayofLeaf the process of getting a recommendation or medical marijuana card renewal is extremely easy and discreet. The process is super easy and over 500,000 patients have used our system to connect to professional doctors in their state. The process is all online and extremely discreet. We value your privacy!

Safe and Reliable

The doctors we work with are caring and friendly. They truly understand how cannabis is used and how it can benefit you as a patient. Furthermore, our recommended doctors following state rules to ensure your safety. Your private information will always remain confidential and will never appear on a public database.

100% Legal

At WayofLeaf, we will connect you to actual licensed physicians. We have developed a rigorous screening process which allows us to make sure that you are speaking to the best doctors in your state. Once approved, your MMJ Card is sent to you directly and comes with a unique stamp that legal dispensaries are required to acknowledge. In most states a medical marijuana card provides you with an array of benefits including discounted prices on medical cannabis.


We believe so much in the process we’ve developed that we offer it as complimentary service to the readers of WayofLeaf. We are constantly checking the doctors we work with and keep our resource up-to-date. All the doctors we currently work with are based off of customer satisfaction. Doctors are reviewed and are obliged to comply with our high standard of professionalism. This is how we’ve developed a trustworthy site.

What Do Medical Marijuana Patients Say?

I live in Illinois and I had no idea it was possible to get a card if you weren’t clinically dying. WayofLeaf helped me organize the process and I had everything sorted in 2.5 weeks. I am now an official MMJ cardholder.

James Jennings

I didn’t know that I had so many options based on my location. Living in Wisconsin, it isn’t easy to obtain medical marijuana or to become a cannabis patient. It’s actually nearly impossible. WayofLeaf helped me understand all my options.

Dana Morgan

I always knew I could get a medical card, but I didn’t know I could get one in less than 15 minutes. Amazing! Love California. I also got $20 worth of product with their promo code.

Sara Silverman

Why Do Marijuana Patients Choose WayofLeaf?

With our simple online process, you’ll understand in minutes all the logistics and requirements of getting a medical marijuana card in your state. We even help connect you to reputable, licensed doctors that will give you immediate treatment and peace of mind.

If you arrived on this page after searching for a specific doctor or medical card provider, we will help you with the process. We’ll either help connect directly to them, or to a great 420 doctor alternative. And if you are applying for a medical marijuana card due to a specific condition, we’ll do our best to connect you to the best marijuana doctor based on your specific ailment.

The MMJ Patient Process

Register with WayofLeaf

The first step is to complete the 30-second form located at the top of this page. We need to know simple details so we can take you through the correct process. All your information is 100% confidential and secure.

Connect to a Local MMJ Card Service

If you live in a state that has an online process (such as California, New York, and a few others), we will automatically redirect you to a preferred medical doctor for an evaluation based on your medical condition. If you reside in a state that does not have an online process, we will contact you via email to explain the exact process.

Evaluation with a Doctor

This is a simple process that normally takes around 20 minutes. Depending on your state, you can either do this online (some even offer video evaluations) or you may have to come in for a local physical evaluation.

Get Your Medical Recommendation

You will receive a medical marijuana recommendation according to the results of your evaluation. In most cases, your recommendation will be emailed to you immediately. In some instances, a hard copy will be mailed the same day if possible. Additionally, when you get your doctor’s recommendation through one of WayofLeaf’s recommended 420 doctors, you’ll receive special deals and coupons directly to your email.

Medical Cannabis Patient FAQs

Do I Need to Be Referred by My Primary Care Doctor?

No. Anyone above the age of 18 can become a medical cannabis patient and benefit from medical marijuana, as long as you live in a state that approves it.

Is My Information Secure?

Of course. We run an approved HTTPS secure site. In addition, we treat your information with the utmost confidentiality. All communications, including evaluations, are discreet. Our aim is to help you with the process in the safest and most secure way possible.

Can I Purchase Weed with My Recommendation?

This depends on state laws. Specific states allow you to purchase weed with your online recommendation while your medical card is being processed and delivered to you. Other states have different laws and restrictions, meaning you must wait until you get your actual state-licensed MMJ card. We understand that you need medical treatment as soon as possible, and that’s why we do two things. One, we take you through the easiest process possible. And two, for approved marijuana patients, we try to send special coupons that are valid in local dispensaries.

Should I Register if I Live in an Illegal State?

The process for obtaining legal cannabis products is not always limited to a state’s medical marijuana program. There are often alternative options, such as hemp-based CBD oil. Furthermore, we are constantly updating medical patients with news and law changes. So yes, we encourage readers to register with the site even if they do not live in a state that has a current medical marijuana program.

How Much Does It Cost?

WayofLeaf is 100% free and never charges for our services. However, most medical doctors and card providers charge a small fee. The cost of a medical marijuana recommendation (plus the I.D. card) will vary by state. Simply register below and we’ll provide you with the up-to-date costs in your state.

How Do I Get My Card?

Medical marijuana recommendations will come from the evaluating doctor. However, detailed information from us at WayofLeaf will arrive immediately to the email address you provide. Medical cannabis I.D. cards are sent to the physical address that you provide in your full application.

How Long Is a Medical Card Valid for?

In most states, a medical marijuana card is valid for 12 months. However this can vary from state to state.

The WayofLeaf Promise

Whether you're a cannabis connoisseur or thinking of becoming a first-time medical marijuana patient, our doctors will listen to your needs and give you an honest opinion about whether they think cannabis can help.

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Happiness pain relief. I smoke to relax.

Raymond P/

Reading the testimonials did convince me to try CBD. Just waiting for it to be delivered and will let you know


I would love to have my own card.


Thanks for all the help and a special thank you to Jerry!

Ian Evans

Great service you guys give. Thanks for all the information and help.

Lawrence Boyce

With weed becoming so mainstream, it is not surprising that most of us want to actually become medical marijuana patients for a number of problems. Marijuana works so quickly and it works pretty smoothly too. Also, there are many things for which regular medicine may not have a solution, but weed does. With this write up you have clarified quite a few things. I am def a newbie and would like to register myself as a MMJ patient.


It would have taken so much time for me just to be on the right path. A massive thank you to your team for this amazing article that orientated me in a matter of minutes.

Melinda Devaney

Let me share why I became a medical marijuana patient in the first place.. I was using weed mainly recreationally in Texas, but I was always under fear that the cops might point that I’m guilty of drug abuse and so. A friend of mine suggested that I go for medical marijuana as a solution. I went through the proccess with Veriheal. It is cheaper and I have less anxiety about getting busted too! Also, the dispensaries always provide the purest form of strains.


Thanks for the guide. Helped big time !


That’s why I need to surf the net more often.


I was living in one of the worst states. I moved to California. Everything is so much easier here.

Leona Hill

I have tried several types of CBD oils and none of them helped me. I have smoked the ‘illegal marijuana’ and there was relief from my cronic back pain, my nephropathy in my legs and my PTSD (I am a Viet Nam veteran). With the MMJ card I don’t have to worry about being arrested for having illegal substance.


Suffer from a stroke and major brain damage from everything


Thank you SO much for this great info!! I live in PA and was worried it would be an absolute nightmare trying to get my card, but really was not that bad at all

Tonia Wesolowski

I have suffered from muscle spasm


A person who has schizophrenia qualify for the medical marijuana card in ct

Christopher Cable

On the bright side you really don’t have to wait as much as when everything was just starting out with these cards. You can get a card for less than a week. That was my case


I got approved super fast. Thank you

Alisha F.

So glad I got a medical card. I really think the quality that you can get with medical is so much better

Gloria Shelby

You are doing a lot of good I know people usually tend to criticize when offered freebies. I run such a company too in some other genre and so this is a heartfelt statement. Not their fault, perhaps human psychology. But you are actually giving out some cool help and some cool information to people into weed and pots. I am one of them too! Many Thanks.

Helen Blunt

I will send you some sort of a present. I don’t know what yet because you guys changed my life for good and for good. Lol. I love your articles. Please don’t stop writing!

Steven Banks

I qualify for a medical marijuana card. This makes me so excited. I had no clue until I read your article. Thanks guys for keeping me updated all the time.


Thank you for all the information. Getting a card is a nightmare in most states.Very informative

Raichel Haines

What an incredible way to put kind of boring things together in an interesting way. Good writing approach!

Natasha Harley

Hey, hey, hey! You have mentioned only via medical marijuana. I know it is a great service as my brother used it once. But still, please let me know of an alternative source of getting myself registered as a patient of medical marijuana. I want my source to be better and original from what he tried.


Great info and thanks for the help. You guys run an extremely informative site

Shawn William Lampi

Great program!

Maggie P

Just got my card! This was a years battle with the DOH. Thank you for all the support and assistance.

Amy C

Last year I paid $75 using a local doctor and he was awful. This time it cost me much cheaper and it took only 30 minutes online. Thanks!

Joyce K

Just got my card. Generally speaking the process in AZ isn’t an easy one. Thanks for the assistance