The REAL Difference Between CBD and THC

All cannabis is not created equal. And if you’ve been around weed for a while (or are even a budding beginner), you’ve probably noticed there’s A LOT of options when it comes to choosing your herb. Not only are there countless different strains, but there’s also the option of choosing THC or CBD dominant strands.

Part of a group of compounds known as cannabinoids, THC and CBD are two very important (and different) “ingredients” found in cannabis. It’s these cannabinoids that makes weed, well weed…and offer the medical and psychoactive properties marijuana is known for. They also each play a very significant role in how marijuana effects the body and mind.

While THC and CBD are both beneficial medically, they do VERY different things within the body. Medically (and recreationally) speaking, there are vast differences between the two, and knowing the difference between the two chemical cannabinoid compounds can serve you well when navigating through the wide, wide world of weed.
Cannabis Facts | The Difference Between THC and CBD

5 Differences Between THC and CBD

The High

A big common misconception about weed is that all of it gets you high. A lot of it does…but it’s only the strains that contain THC that actually give you the head change cannabis is famous for. CBD on the other hand, holds no psychoactive properties at all. CBD literally can’t get you high. It does however, contain some pretty amazing medical benefits, which is why it’s become so popular amongst the medical marijuana community. And while THC also contains its own fair share of medicinal properties, it also contains the compounds that are responsible for getting you high.

The Anxiety
cbd anxiety

It’s a well-known fact that some weed can cause mild to extreme anxiety in some people. This anxiety or paranoia is all part of the THC levels present in different strains of marijuana. CBD however doesn’t cause anxiety, and can actually reduce the amount of anxiety some people experience. What’s more is that CBD has been shown to counteract the feelings of anxiety some people feel when smoking THC dominant strands. Basically, if you get too stoned after some high THC strain, you can lessen the effects of the anxiety you feel by ingesting some CBD dominant flower or oil.

Anti-Psychotic Effects

CBD strains not only counteract the psychotic effects THC invokes (and help those out who get too high), but it doesn’t just normalize THC levels. CBD dominant marijuana has shown promise in helping those who experience mind degenerating diseases such as schizophrenia. For people who have autism, CBD has shown to be an extremely effective form of medicine as well.

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Energy Levels

A lot of people use marijuana because it helps them sleep better at night. It’s THC that’s responsible for this, and is revered by countless people for this very reason. For people that experience insomnia, THC dominant weed can come as a welcomed relief. But for those people who want to medicate during the day without getting tired, CBD is something worth looking into. CBD doesn’t cause sleepiness in the slightest, and can actually produce a more heightened state of awareness. CBD is a great to medicate with in the daytime, especially for those who don’t want a head change AND need to stay awake.

Who It’s Used By

Not every person that takes marijuana is looking to get high. This is where CBD offers an awesome alternative to those who want to benefit from what it has to offer, but don’t need the psychoactive effects. It also contains different medical compounds that are more beneficial for some than others. CBD has shown great promise in treating seizures, which is why parents of children that suffer from seizures are choosing CBD dominant strands to medicate their kids. CBD has actually shown to completely eliminate seizures and is rising to be one of the most preferred treatments for those who experience seizures on a regular basis.

While THC and CBD are both considered marijuana, the differences between the two are vast. They’re both cannabis, but contain different properties that are all beneficial in their own way. What’s more is that while THC is derived from the cannabis sativa plant, CBD comes from hemp.

Knowing the difference between the two is game changing when it comes to exploring all the different options contained in different forms of cannabis. For those looking to get high (which is one of the reasons people turn to cannabis in the first place), THC is the obvious choice. But for those looking for some serious medical benefits without the high, CBD is a great way to experience the benefits cannabis has to offer.

Because contrary to popular belief, not everyone is looking to get stoned. Some people just want to medicate without a head change. Which is why weed is wildly wonderful for everyone. All cannabis contains cannabinoids that offer medicinal benefits. They’re what makes marijuana medicine. When you know the difference however, the wide world of weed suddenly opens up to be much larger than you ever know existed.