5 Ultimate Marijuana Strains for Mental Wellness

In the wake of our hectic lifestyles, it is all too common to feel burnt out. We become exhausted by day-to-day tasks, and this results in a tendency to overlook signals that our bodies are trying to tell us.

As the daily burdens of life and work add up, we feel a weight fall squarely on our shoulders. Often, this can lead to a decline in mental health and emotional well-being.

Discussions surrounding mental health are increasingly coming to light. Sadly, however, many are still suffering in silence. In fact, it is a safe assumption to say that most people have experienced emotional turmoil in their life. Not surprisingly, the number of mood disorder diagnoses (and other mental health issues) is on the rise.

Whether a decline in your mood is an occasional occurrence or if you have struggled to feel balanced for years, this article will highlight several cannabis strains that may help.

Keep reading to discover 5 cannabis strains for mental wellness and emotional well-being…

1. Girl Scout Cookies: The Cannabis Strain to Breathe Deep and Unwind

It is said that 8 out of 10 Americans suffer from some level of stress. This is a substantial figure, especially when you consider the massive population of the U.S. (which is now approaching 400 million people).

And of course, with social media we find ourselves continuously connected to smartphones, laptops, and the internet. Information and external stimulation is everywhere, and this makes life a challenge. We need to remember to take a deep breath every now and again and not get overwhelmed with life’s unpredictabilities.

Many people nowadays have far too many responsibilities to take time off and relax. And sadly, many do not have the tools needed to help them de-stress and find a moment of peace.

This is where cannabis can function as a natural remedy. Girl Scout Cookies is a well-known strain for its ability to help reduce the impact of stress. It’s also known to give the consumer a feeling of spiritual ease. GSC may not be for everyone, but it is a good starting point if you’re looking for a hybrid strain that can offer balance.

What to Know About GSC

GSC is a richly aromatic strain, as well a genetic masterpiece. It is the result of careful breeding between OG Kush and Durban Poison. With a 60% indica and 40% sativa makeup, GSC offers an ideal balance. It does not have an overly sedating effect, nor does it incite hyperactivity or “the jitters” (which can contribute to anxiety).

Girl Scout Cookies produces a soothing yet uplifting high that allows you to function throughout the day — without worrying about couch lock, the munchies, paranoia, or falling asleep.

In terms of dose, just a small amount of GSC is usually plenty – even for longtime medical patients. This is a potent strain with a 17-28% THC content, and is easily accessible. Look for GSC at your local dispensary; it should be easy to find, and is almost always stocked.

2. Jack Herer Marijuana Strain: Turn That Frown Upside Down!

Life is always full of highs and lows, but sometimes the lows feel like too much to bear. You may have long periods of negative moments; this is when sadness can become classified as depression – a serious mental health condition that affects over 300 million people globally.

Anti-depressant medications are very common. For some, these drugs can be viable and successful treatments. Others, however, may feel let down by their effects. They can require trial and error to find an effective dose, and they can also involve negative side effects.

As with any treatment, the efficacy of prescription depression drugs will vary from person to person.

A Brief History on Jack Herer…

The Jack Herer strain possesses many traits that make it a good choice for mood enhancement. This warrants consideration from those suffering from depression. Daily activities can be difficult to find motivation. Jack Herer offers a focus-enhancing experience that can help elevate mood and overall mental well-being.

Sensi Seeds developed this strain using a genetic combination of Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5, and Haze. It is a powerhouse cultivar that possesses a high THC content between 18-24%.

The flavor profile of Jack Herer is complex and features notes of pine, spice, and citrus. The occasional burst of lemon and orange also sneak their way in from time to time. As well as being delectable, Jack Herer is also simple to cultivate for those wanting to grow the strain for personal use.

3. Pennywise: The Cannabis Strain for Mood Imbalance and Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder affects around 5.7 million adults in the United States. This is a mental health condition defined by swings between depressive and manic states. Bipolar disorder is caused by many factors, including:

  • Genetic and biological traits
  • Neurotransmitter and hormone imbalances
  • Environmental triggers that impact daily functionality

Bipolar disorder also affects many people on a global scale. While some can experience more subtle changes in mood, others suffer extreme debilitating swings. These swings can be destructive if left undiagnosed.

Are Imbalances Long-Term or Short-Term?

Whether your mood imbalance is short-term or a long-term condition requiring proper medical diagnosis, cannabis may be an option to discuss with your doctor. The indica dominant Pennywise, in particular, can be beneficial in supporting healthy mood management. This strain boasts an even 1:1 THC to CBD ratio (an average of 12-15% each) and produces a very balanced effect.

Bred by combining Jack the Ripper with Harlequin, Pennywise possesses delicious hints of coffee and bubblegum (yes, a strange combination). Supplemental notes of spice, lemon, and herbs – which hit the tongue in a tangy union – further enhance the strain’s unique flavor profile.

4. Lemon Skunk Cannabis Strain: Watch As All Forms of Anxiety Melt Away

Anxiety disorders exist in many forms. They can range from relationship to social to generalized. Around 40 million people in the United States alone have an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety is a normal human reaction. When kept in check, it does not negatively impact day to day function. It is when anxiety becomes obsessive that things can become dangerous to our mental well-being. Anxiety disorders are genetic, so those with family members that suffer from a diagnosed condition are at an increased risk.

Rated in 2009 as one of the world’s top strains, Lemon Skunk is a combination of two Skunk #1 types.

Medical Cannabis vs. Prescription Drugs: The Age-Old Argument

There are many prescription anxiety medications on the market. However, more people are choosing to avoid prescribed drugs due to their negative side effects. Also, they prefer not to go through the trial-and-error period that’s required to find the most suitable dose.

Lemon Skunk is a popular cannabis strain among medical users for its anxiety-quelling effects. The potent strain has THC levels reaching up to 22%, and effects are positive yet grounding.

Particularly suited for those who suffer from social anxiety, Lemon Skunk can help mitigate daily stress. It can also help improve functionality and increase productivity.

5. Northern Lights Marijuana: Combat Insomnia and Fall into a Deep Sleep Quickly

Humans are more stimulated than ever by the outside world. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly challenging to shut off your mind at night. Many people nowadays are having general trouble sleeping, and many others possess medically diagnosed sleep conditions.

Insomnia, said to affect 1 in 3 individuals, makes life especially challenging. The impact of insomnia can be dangerous to yourself and those around you. It is important for individuals with this condition to discover and implement healthy coping strategies.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment for insomnia. However, sleep medications are routinely part of the treatment. Therefore, many people are turning to cannabis and finding that Northern Lights is an excellent choice for improving sleep.

DID YOU KNOW? In some countries, sleep deprivation is a form of impairment.

A Classic Strain for Insomnia

Northern Lights is a potent indica strain with a sedative effect that helps produce quality rest. As a landrace combination of Afghani indica and Thai sativa, the flower contains 90% indica and 10% sativa genetics.

Northern Lights is well-known for being relaxing and ultra calming. Some claim that consuming Northern Lights is the best medicine to help a troubled mind fall asleep. Best of all, the indica strain is widely available and should be easy to find at your local dispensary.

This herb is sweet and earthy and possesses notes of citrus, pine, and skunk. The flavors combine to form a classic cannabis taste profile. The higher THC content sits at 18% on average, which provides the body with a feeling of euphoria while helping the mind drift off into a deep sleep.

Final Thoughts on the Best Marijuana Strains for Mental Wellness

Every individual’s body chemistry is unique, resulting in a different experience with the effects of cannabis. Strains that are highly effective for some may not be as effective for others. The strains listed here are great options for those looking to start their search.

Whether you suffer from mental health issues or are seeking natural ways to rebalance your mental wellness and emotional well-being, any of the above strains would be a suitable option for your needs.

As with any strain, however, it is always best to start with a low dose — at least until you’re familiar with the specific cannabinoid profile.

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