Best CBD Oils for Sleep and Insomnia (2020 Review)

There’s been a lot of talk about CBD oil, with some companies claiming their products can work as some kind of a miracle sleeping potion. In truth, there is scientific evidence suggesting that CBD can have a positive impact on healthy sleep patterns. This is good news for insomnia sufferers, but how accurate are some of the claims being made by CBD oil companies?

Is CBD really the ultimate cure for insomnia, or is much of what you have been reading simply over-inflated?

In this article, we are going to review what, in our opinion, are some of the best CBD oil brands for sleep. We’ll also try and shed some light on accurate, research-backed information regarding the potential effects of CBD oil for sleep.

Is CBD really the ultimate cure for insomnia, or is much of what you are reading online over-inflated? Will CBD put you into a deep and reinvigorating sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed? Continue reading to learn all you need to know about CBD for sleep.

cbd for sleep

Medical Research on CBD Oil for Sleep

It is estimated that approximately 1 in 3 adults in the USA do not get enough sleep. Often, insomnia and sleeping problems are directly related to stress and anxiety. When this is the case, insomnia can become a chronic issue that needs to be treated as an actual medical condition.

Over the last few years, several important studies have been published within the scientific and academic communities suggesting that CBD may have potential in helping with irregular sleep patterns.

One of these studies, for instance, highlighted the fact that CBD lowered anxiety in 79% of test subjects, and also had a positive short-term impact on sleep. Another even claimed that CBD holds potential in improving hyperactivity and sleep activity among children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

With that said, it still would be irresponsible to conclude whether or not CBD really can act as a “miracle” sleeping pill. All we can do at this point is look at the available research and make our best conclusions. Here are several of the most important studies that have been conducted over the last few decades that relate to the use of cannabis and sleep.


“The nonpsychoactive Cannabis constituent cannabidiol is a wake-inducing agent”2006Administration of CBD may have an impact on the sleep mechanism (including sleep-wake cycles) of rats
“Effects of acute systemic administration of cannabidiol on sleep-wake cycle in rats.”2013Routine administration of CBD in rats increased alpha brain waves and suppressed delta waves, appearing to increase total sleep time
“Cannabis, Cannabinoids, and Sleep: A Review of the Literature”2017Preliminary research into cannabis and insomnia suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) may have therapeutic potential for the treatment of insomnia. CBD may also hold promise for REM sleep behavior disorder, as well as excessive daytime sleepiness
“Endocannabinoid Signaling Regulates Sleep Stability”2016Due to its anxiolytic properties and the fact that CBD may help fight off anxiety, the active compound may be effective in regulating sleep stability

How CBD Affects Sleep

If you’ve already done your own research on CBD for sleep, you won’t be surprised to learn that it does not work like typical sleep medications do. In fact, some studies have suggested it may actually be mildly alerting. So how could CBD possibly work to promote a healthy night’s sleep?

In order to understand how CBD for insomnia works on a physiological level, we have to understand some of the basic chemical mechanisms that define it as an active compound.

CBD has been known to produce wake-inducing properties. How, then, could it possibly work to promote a healthy night’s sleep?

CBD is a 100% natural chemical that’s found in the cannabis plant. It is what’s referred to as a “phytocannabinoid.” This means it belongs to a class of plant-based molecules that interact with endocannabinoid receptors in the human body. These receptors belong to the body’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS, which is responsible for many internal homeostatic functions.

As humans, each and every one of us produces endocannabinoids – even if we’ve never consumed cannabis before in our lives. Among other things, ECS receptors have been shown to influence things like mood, depression, anxiety, appetite, and even pain and inflammation.

When there is a deficiency in the amount of natural endocannabinoids in the body, one might suspect that any (or all) of these systems may be thrown out of sync.

CBD as a ‘Sleep-Promoting Agent’?

CBD oil appears to work by interacting with a network of receptors, proteins, and other chemicals in the brain and peripheral tissue. This network is involved in many internal systems, and plays a role in things like anxiety and sleep-wake cycles.

So, in terms of functioning as a specific sleep-promoting agent, there is evidence that CBD could involve physiological action that is inherent to obtaining a quality and healthy night’s sleep.

Speaking of anxiety specifically, we know this is one of the most common causes of insomnia and sleep deprivation. In fact, it is estimated by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) that anxiety disorders are a routine cause of sleep abnormalities and disorders – including those that may lead to insomnia.

Furthermore, we know through common anecdotes that the calming effects of CBD may be able to:

  • Increase overall sleep amounts
  • Reduce sleep difficulties (trouble falling asleep)
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Reduce insomnia

The Importance of Multi-Stage Sleep Cycles

As of now, researchers understand that sleep is divided into multiple cycles with different phases. It is generally regarded that the most productive sleep occurs in the third phase, which is the “deep sleep” phase. REM sleep (which is a phase of light sleep, and is also the phase where dreams occur) is also an influential element of obtaining a healthy night’s rest.

If REM sleep is reduced, it may result in people dreaming less, meaning better quality sleep. Memory may be improved, and symptoms of depression may even be decreased. All of these factors can potentially lead to a natural, much-improved state of quality sleep.

Of course, you may recall earlier that, depending on the dose, CBD is actually known as a wake-promoting agent. It appears to promote alertness, and some research has even suggested it may “be of therapeutic value” for sleep disorders like somnolence. How in the world, then, can a compound that promotes alertness also promote healthy sleeping patterns?

How in the world can a compound that promotes alertness, also promote healthy sleeping patterns?

As it turns out, healthy sleep-wake cycles are actually dependent on our state of alertness during the day. If you are a victim of insomnia, you (along with millions of other individuals) know the feeling of being drowsy, fatigued, and generally “out-of-sorts” during the afternoon.

As you might imagine, this wreaks havoc on your sleep-wake cycles. It makes it nearly impossible to enter into and maintain the non-REM sleep that you need at night.

What Exactly Does This Mean for Me?

When appropriate doses of CBD are taken during the day (which should be determined in consultation with your doctor), daytime alertness could be improved. In turn, this may have an effect on both the strength and consistency of a healthy sleep-wake cycle. If true, this would enhance the ability of the body to enter the all-important non-REM sleep cycle at night.

Of course, much more evidence (and even clinical trials) would be needed in order to better understand the precise mechanisms of CBD on various stages of the sleep cycle. While it might help, no one out there should be claiming that CBD is a cure for insomnia or any other type of sleep disorder. That said, it is certainly no stretch of the imagination to suggest that CBD may influence chronic sleep patterns in a healthy, positive way.

How to Determine a Good CBD Oil?

Given the loosely-regulated (to put it nicely) nature of the CBD market, knowing how to tell the difference between a good and bad CBD oil can change your life.

First of all, it is essential to understand that CBD oil can be made from both marijuana and hemp. Regulated marijuana dispensaries in states where cannabis is legal often sell both varieties. That is, CBD oils that are derived from higher THC cannabis strains and also CBD oils that are derived from hemp.

Hemp CBD oil is derived in the U.S. from legally grown industrial hemp under the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill. This is the kind of CBD oil that is widely available in both regular and online stores. Unlike CBD oils from cannabis, hemp-based CBD oils should never have a THC content above 0.3%.


How was the CBD extracted?One of the most common CBD extraction processes today is known as CO2 extraction. This is the process of using supercritical carbon dioxide to pull cannabinoids and other phytochemicals from the hemp plant material and into a raw CBD oil. Always check to see if a company utilizes CBD oil extraction before purchasing. Other quality methods including cold ethanol extraction.
What is the cost?If a CBD oil is cheap, it probably means the hemp that was used was sourced from India or China where there are limited agricultural regulations. Hemp is a bio-accumulator, meaning it can easily suck up toxins from soil. In other words, try not to buy cheap CBD oil if at all possible. This probably sounds like really obvious (or maybe just bad) advice, but try and invest in the most expensive CBD oil that your budget can afford. Preferably this will be a CBD oil that has been sourced from an authentic USA-grown hemp supply.
Was the CBD oil lab-tested?If a CBD oil is not tested by third-party labs, then stay away. A company that is confident with its product will have no problem allowing third-party labs to examine – and publish – a verified report of the contents.
Is the CBD content verified?As stated above, look for a product where the CBD content has been verified. Studies have indicated that the CBD content in as much as 70% of retail products is inaccurate. Therefore, it is crucial to find an oil with a lab-verified CBD content.

Now that you know how to tell the difference between the good and the bad, let’s take a look at some of our personal favorite CBD brands here at WayofLeaf.

Remember, though, that even though these are in our opinion the best CBD oils for sleep and insomnia, there is no clinical data supporting their use for these types of issues. Everyone will have a unique experience when using CBD oil and other CBD products, so keep this in mind no matter which product you end up using.

Our Picks for the Best CBD Oils for Sleep and Insomnia

Before we reveal our personal selections for the best CBD oils for sleep, we again clarify that CBD is not scientifically proven to aid in sleep promotion, insomnia, or any other sleep-related condition.

Many patients have sworn by CBD, and thousands claim that it has changed their lives. Still, these claims are not yet backed by concrete academic evidence or clinical trials. Whenever possible, try and consult with your doctor before using CBD for sleep or any other health issue.

Anyway, here it is, our picks for the best CBD oils for sleep:

#1 – PureKana CBD Oil 300mg – 5000mg ($48 – $390) Editors Choice

cbd sleep

PureKana is a one of a kind CBD brand and that is why they are number one on our list. They came onto the scene several years back, and have been quietly dominating the market. Based in Los Angeles, PureKana ships all over the USA, and even to some countries outside the U.S.

Their CBD oil is high-quality due to their unique CO2 extraction process which results in a product that contains no pesticides, solvents, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, all PureKana products are tested by third-party laboratories. According to some who have used them, the PK range of CBD oils are a good option for sleep disorders, anxiety, pain relief, and for taking on stress. (Of course, it’s important to note that not everyone will experience the same results).

One of the main things we love about PureKana is that they don’t tolerate mediocrity. They simply don’t settle for less than perfection, and with the customer care that they provide, you know you are getting a good product. (And by the way, orders are shipped the same day).

Also, if you need something stronger, they offer a wide range of potencies from 300 mg to 5000 mg. With regard to price, they are also quite competitive but again it depends on the product and potency you are purchasing.

To learn more about their CBD oil products, visit the official PureKana site at

Oh, and don’t forget to use our exclusive 5% promo code: 5OFFCBD1

#2 – Premium Jane Full Spectrum 300mg – 1000mg Citrus ($48 – $124)

CBD oil Sleep

Premium Jane is a company that’s relatively new compared to some of the older brands, but after trying out a few of their natural hemp oils and capsules, it did not take long to realize that their quality is right up there with PureKana and some of the other top names in the industry.

In particular, both their 300 mg and 600 mg CBD tinctures seem to work amazingly to ease daily stress and promote relaxation. In our experience, these are some of the most common underlying causes of insomnia and other sleep issues. The brand also offers a stronger 1,000 mg tincture, but these are of course a bit more expensive.

In addition to the oral tinctures, Premium Jane also offers capsules, 25 mg CBD gummies, and a wide range of world-class CBD topical and hygiene products. Their CBD gummies were voted one of the best for 2020.

You can check out their complete product lineup by visiting the online store at

#3 – Joy Organics CBD Oil 1350mg ($99.95)

Joy Organics CBD Oil

Similar to most CBD oils, the Joy Organics Broad Spectrum Formula won’t knock you out for the count. It may, however, provide you with a feeling of relaxation. Joy Organics CBD products are known worldwide, and consistently rank as top sellers on consumer review websites.

The brand offers a wide range of CBD hemp oil-based products, including their strongest 1350mg formulation. Some say this is the perfect formula for relaxation and to help combat anxiety; two factors that often cause sleep disorders and sleep insomnia.

And to be sure, Joy Organics is entirely transparent regarding the four essential factors that we outline above for selecting a quality CBD product. They have all of their lab testing results shown on their website, and they offer a fantastic 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

In regard to cost, their products aren’t exactly cheap but they are very competitive. For example their strongest 1,350mg formula will set you back just under $100. And they do of course have lower-priced options, with their entry level 225mg formula starting at just $29.95.

Another major advantage of Joy Organics is that customers have stated numerous times how quickly the products arrive after ordering online. To understand the exact product you need, it’s best to browse through the official Joy Organics website. There you’ll conveniently find all the specific information you need for each product.

Want to learn more? Feel free to read our Joy Organics Comprehensive Review

#4 – CBD Essence ($44-$154)


cbd oil for insomnia

If you are suffering from certain issues that are keeping you from having a good night’s sleep, then CBD Essence may be the solution. CBD Essence employs a unique extraction process that involves state-of-the-art technology and high-grade hemp that goes through some of the most rigorous testing. This allows them to manufacture a product that is rich in hemp extract and contains several key phytochemicals found in the cannabis plant.

Moreover, their CBD & Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Tincture comes in a variety of sizes, including 150mg, 300mg, and 450mg.

For more information on their range of products, visit

#5 – CBDistillery CBD Oil ($60)

CBDistillery CBD oil

What to say about CBDistillery? This brand has become quite iconic over the years, due in no small part to their industry-leading vape products. In fact, ask most any vape aficionado out there who has dabbled in CBD products, and they’re likely to tell you that CBDistillery is up there as one of the best options on the market.

Of course, CBDistillery is far from a vape-only brand. Their range of CBD oil tinctures was a team favorite here at WayofLeaf, and it’s no secret as to why. The company sources all of their oils from non-GMO industrial hemp that is cultivated using natural farming practices. They’re also lab-tested for purity, which is an absolute must in today’s hit-or-miss market.

And of course, one of our favorite things about CBDistillery oils is their accessible price range. Their entry-level lowest milligram option comes in at a very affordable $19, which would be a great choice if you’re just getting your feet wet in the CBD market. Milligram amounts (and prices) go up from there, and culminate in their 5,000mg (30 mL) full-spectrum oil which comes in at a cool $240.

For folks interested in a great night’s sleep, however, you cannot miss out on CBDistillery’s range of CBD Nighttime Gummies. These come infused with a robust 30 mg of CBD, in addition to 1.5 mg of melatonin for optimized, healthy sleep patterns. The gummies come in 25-count jars and currently sell for $55. (CBDistillery also offers the option to combo-buy the Nighttime Gummies along with their standard Daytime formulation).

For more information on the CBDistillery brand, be sure to check out our full-length CBDistillery review.

#6 CBD Pure – Hemp Extract ($29.99-$79.99)

cbd sleep aid

Next on our list is CBD Pure’s range of hemp extract tinctures. There are currently three available concentrations on their site (100, 300, and 600 mg). One of our favorite things about this particular manufacturer is their overall transparency, which, in our opinion, is second-to-none in the industry.

The brand also publishes their 3rd-party lab results on their website, which is something that customers absolutely love.

Moreover, all of CBD Pure’s products have been specifically tested for organic cultivation and purity. In addition, they have been extracted from raw hemp using a combination of CO2 technology and unrefined cold-pressing, similar to the way that the finest olive oils in the world are made.

Check out CBD Pure’s complete range of products by visiting their official online store at

#7 – HempBombs CBD Oil ($24.99 – $299.99)

best cbd

Hemp Bombs is a popular CBD company based in Florida whose CBD oils and potent CBD vape liquids have been gaining traction for their ultra-relaxing properties. They may be a good brand to try if you’ve used other CBD products with no effect, as they offer some of the most potent products on the market (over 60 mg per serving).

They also offer a complete range of other hemp-infused products, including their popular CBD “Sleep” gummies which contain 5 mg of melatonin each, and are designed to help you “fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.”

Be sure to check out our complete HempBombs Review  where we go over each and every one of their top products.

#8 – Elixinol CBD Natural Drops 3600mg ($249.99)

best cbd oil for sleep

We couldn’t discuss a list of quality CBD oils without listing Elixinol. This company has been a pioneer in the CBD oil industry and has paved the way for many others. For years, they have been selling CBD oil products to folks all across the globe, and they’ve been featured on numerous leading media outlets and industry websites.

In regard to their products, Elixinol offers a variety of CBD oils, tinctures, and balms (they’ve even got options if you want to treat your pet). For those of you who don’t mind taking capsules, Elixinol makes a great 450mg CBD Hemp oil capsule that is pre-dosed and incredibly convenient. Nevertheless, the company’s tinctures remain some our favorite products of all time.

Available in Cinnamint and Natural flavors, many of their CBD oils contain a full-spectrum of hemp extract. This includes phytocompounds like flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes. Similar to PureKana, Elixinol has nailed the extraction process – which is quite understandable given that they have been doing this for so many years.

In regards to pricing, the brand is a bit expensive but considering you are getting 3600mg, it is probably worth it.

You can also use our Promo Code: 10off591 to get 10% off your purchase.

CBD Oil for Sleep: Our Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, CBD oil is, of course, relatively new compared to traditional medicine. Therefore, a patient with sleep trouble should always discuss CBD with a qualified healthcare professional before using. Also, it’s important to remember that CBD is not a clinically-verified form of treatment for insomnia.

If you’re skipping down here to the bottom of the article, we compiled our rankings of the best CBD oils for sleep according to quality, the company’s customer support platform, the extraction process, and of course, overall customer reviews.

The CBD oil selections we have highlighted do allow some users to improve their sleep patterns and insomnia difficulties but remember – not everyone will have the same experience.

Once again, here are the two companies that were voted by our team as offering the best CBD oils for insomnia and sleep:

#1 – PureKana

#2 – Premium Jane



When to take CBD oil for sleep?

Traditional CBD oils can take anywhere from 30-120 minutes to begin to have an effect. Therefore, many folks opt to take CBD oil about an hour to 90 minutes prior to heading to bed, as the majority of the effects are likely to kick in around that time.

How much CBD oil for sleep should I use?

CBD is interesting in that taking different amounts can lead to vastly different effects. Sleep is a great example of that phenomenon. Whereas smaller amounts of CBD may lead to one feeling energized and focused, larger amounts (higher doses) may result in feelings of lethargy.

What happens if you take too much?

Taking too much CBD can often lead one to feel drowsy. This is a bit ironic considering that is the desired effect that many hope to achieve in order to ward off insomnia. All in all, everyone metabolizes CBD differently so you may need more (or less) to achieve the effects you are looking for.

How to take CBD oil for sleep?

One common way to take CBD oil for sleep is to consume a dose about 1-1.5 hours prior to going to bed. When taking it, it’s best to take a full dose (read the label on the bottle to figure out exactly how much this is), as microdoses may not have much of an effect. Also, be sure to listen to your body and adjust the milligram amount according to your own needs, as everyone responds differently.

Will taking CBD oil for sleep make me groggy when I wake up?

The sedating effects of CBD oil, when taken prior to falling asleep, are often no longer detectable at the time of waking. In any event, it is still crucial to try to get at least seven hours of sleep to feel healthy and rested. That said, many people do report a feeling of grogginess after taking CBD oil the night before. Again, everyone will experience slightly different results when taking CBD oil and other CBD products.

Can I be sure that taking CBD oil will affect my sleep?

Nothing is for sure when it comes to the use of CBD oil for sleep. We know that CBD has the potential to provide calming and relaxing properties, and this can, of course, go a long way in terms of promoting a healthy night’s sleep with minimal interruptions. Regarding a more scientific explanation on the effects of CBD for sleep, read the above section of the article ‘Medical Research on CBD Oil for Sleep.’

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