Marijuana Wax Vape Pens | 5 Of Our Top Picks

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The modern-day cannabis user is spoiled! A generation or two ago, users were lucky to get a poorly rolled joint that they smoked secretly. These days, there are bongs, pipes, blunts, and much more. We have also seen a rise in the popularity of vaping, particularly wax concentrates.

A cannabis concentrate is exceedingly high in THC, and you only need a tiny piece to get the effect you desire. Vaping also emits a less pungent odor, so it is less obvious that you’re consuming marijuana. However, there are so many wax vape pens to choose from that whittling down the field is challenging.

This article has saved you the headache by picking out five of the best marijuana wax vape pens on the market. We also look at how to choose the best pen, possible dangers, and the price of vape pens while offering troubleshooting tips when using one. First, though, let’s find out how these devices work in the first place.

How Do Marijuana Wax Vape Pens Work?

The vape wax pens on the market today are designed to improve the vaping experience significantly. A vape pen is a portable device with a power source that heats a substance to produce vapor. Although some devices work with wax and dry herbs, a wax vape pen is specifically designed for cannabis concentrates. A vape pen usually consists of:

  • An internal battery
  • Charger
  • Battery life indicator
  • USB charge port
  • Charging cable
  • Atomizer

Some pens have a section for cartridges if they are designed for use with vape juice or a chamber for flower or wax. Some operate with the push of a power button, while others are activated when you take a draw. You can even purchase rechargeable or disposable pens.


A wax vape pen has an atomizer head, which is widely known as a heating coil. It is more accurate to say the coil is a component inside the atomizer. In any case, the coil becomes extremely hot when you activate the device. It quickly heats the wax, turning it into a vapor that you inhale. Here’s how to use a wax vape pen:

  • Load your desired amount of wax in the heating chamber.
  • Avoid overloading the chamber as it could result in clogging or leaking.
  • Press the power button and wait a few seconds for the coil to heat up.
  • Take a puff once the wax becomes vapor and start inhaling.
  • It is wise to take small puffs; and remember, cannabis wax is extremely potent!

Now that you know how a wax vape pen works let’s look at a few things to consider when buying one.

How to Choose the Best Vape Pen for Wax

Newcomers to wax vaping are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of pens on the market. However, you can quickly narrow your search by focusing on a few specific things.

The Heating Coil

There are four main wax vape pen heating coil options to choose from:

  • Ceramic: This type of coil works well even at high temperatures. Ceramic is a safe material with no metal or silica elements and provides an intense flavor at lower temperatures. However, this isn’t the best option if you enjoy large vapor clouds.
  • Quartz: Like ceramic, quartz is a material that can withstand high temperatures and doesn’t produce toxins. It also doesn’t absorb a great deal of wax.
  • Titanium: If the wax pen uses low-quality titanium, it could produce an odd flavor. Poor quality titanium can also become brittle after a couple of dozen vaping sessions.
  • Wick: This is mainly for concentrate oils rather than wax. Typically, a silica wick is wrapped onto a titanium coil.

Apart from preference, you must also consider your budget when choosing a heating coil.


Sophisticated wax vape pens offer a huge number of features to enhance the vaping experience. These can include temperature control to a single degree, superior heating technology, faster heat-up time, and ease of use. These days, using a vape pen should be easy with little or no learning curve.

A vape pen’s battery also plays a major role in its functionality. Devices with large batteries provide you with a longer usage time before requiring a charge. If you’re a regular vape pen user, having the ability to vape for several days without charging your device is a big deal.

You may also want a large heating chamber to ensure you can pack more concentrate. However, remember that you only need a fairly small amount given its high THC level.


Regardless of the wax vape pen you use, you’ll still need to perform maintenance. Look for pens with few moving parts or brands that ensure it is easy to disassemble and reassemble the device. Pens with magnets are typically easy to clean, while threaded pens keep parts secure but are tougher to clean.

Customer Service & Part Availability

Eventually, a vape pen’s parts will succumb to wear and tear. This is especially the case with coils and batteries. Make sure a pen’s parts are easily available, and consider buying spare parts with your device.

It would help if you also looked for vape pen brands with a positive reputation for customer service. If you experience problems with your purchase, you’ll need to get in touch with sales support. It is very frustrating when companies fail to respond after they have your money!

Brand Reputation

The poorly regulated nature of the vaping industry means that almost anyone can create a brand. Too many companies get away with producing low-quality and potentially harmful devices. Only spend your money on a vape pen from a well-known brand with several years of experience in the industry.

Are Wax Vape Pens Safe?

If you’re interested in wax vaping, you have several potential concerns. First, there is the quality of the cannabis you use; then, you have to look into the brand selling the pen. Also, there is the small matter of how vaping itself could cause damage to the lungs and throat.

Finding high-quality cannabis concentrate is easy if you live in a state where cannabis is legal. Stick to wax from a reputable marijuana dispensary within your state, and you should be okay.


Otherwise, you’re playing a dangerous game. A study published in the Journal of toxicological sciences in 2015 revealed something disturbing. It found that over 80% of 57 samples of cannabis concentrates tested in California contained potentially harmful levels of residual pesticide.

Meanwhile, a study in Washington state in 2017 found that the terpene concentration differed between concentrates and dried flower when CO2 extraction was used. The researchers wrote that we need further research into the effects of inhaled marijuana concentrates on the body. Therefore, while cannabis concentrate may not contain harmful thinning agents like the VG and PG used in vape juice, it isn’t necessarily ‘safe’ to use.

As for wax pens, you have to be aware of what is used to create the devices. Some companies use plastics close to the heating elements, especially in disposable pens. Certain plastics are made using bisphenol A (BPA), which mimics estrogen in the body. Generally speaking, low-quality plastics and metals can degrade under high temperatures and get inhaled into your lungs.

Temperature Matters

There is also a concern about the overall impact of vaping on the lungs. There is research that shows PG and VG produce carcinogens when vaped at extremely high temperatures. However, it seems as if there are similar concerns with marijuana concentrates.

Remember, wax tends to include a high level of terpenes. A study published in ACS Omega in 2017 found that dabbed vapor contains benzene, methacrolein, and other known carcinogens. Also, the researchers discovered that terpenes are responsible for carcinogens when smoked or vaporized at high enough temperatures.

When someone ‘dabs’ concentrate, they may expose the substance to a temperature of over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. At least a wax vape pen enables you to decrease the heat. Realistically, if you plan to use such a device, it’s best to vape at around 330 degrees. This decreases the risk of carcinogens being released and also provides a better flavor.

The Top 5 Best Marijuana Wax Vaporizer Pens

Now that we’ve gone through the finer points of wax vape pens, let’s check out five of the best on the market.

1 – Utillian 5

This is a wax vape pen that experienced vapers will love. The Utillian 5 is a rugged device that is well manufactured. Like most vape pens, using it involves pressing the power button five times to heat your concentrate. It has four temperature settings that you cycle through with a double click of the button. Load the device by removing the mouthpiece and adding your wax directly to the coil.


The flavor provided by the Utillian 5 is outstanding, as is the massive level of cloud production thanks to the triple titanium coils. You can even use a glass bubbler to add some water filtration to the mix. This pen has porous black ceramic roads in the atomizer, letting the wax soak in instead of slipping to the bottom. As a result, you benefit from less wasted wax and better flavor.

The 1500mAH battery is huge and enables you to vape heavily for several days on a single charge. It is also possible to take out your Utillian 5 device and have a quick puff on it within 10 seconds. Ultimately, it is one of the very best wax pens out there, not just in terms of bang for your buck but also for overall quality.

2 – KandyPens Crystal 2

This upgrade on the Crystal was released relatively recently and works similarly to many other vape pens. You press the power button five times to switch it on and use a quadruple click to go through the four temperature settings. Some users claim that pulsing the power button a few times to warm the atomizer is a good idea before loading your concentrate. This process ensures the wax melts into the atomizer and doesn’t get messy.


The vapor quality is reasonable, the flavor is outstanding, and the adjustable airflow ensures you get some nice hits. At 1200mAh, the battery life is solid and lets you get several days’ worth of heavy use from a single charge. Accessories that come with the KandyPens Crystal 2 include a silicone container, a dab tool, and a charger.

This wax vape pen is made from stainless steel; it is tough and has a weightiness you don’t get from many small pens. The mouthpiece consists of stainless steel and glass, so you don’t have to worry about an unusual taste. There is also a cool ‘sesh mode’ that involves clicking the button twice. This causes the pen to heat for another 10 seconds so you can inhale without pressing the button. Exit sesh mode immediately by pressing the button again.

Overall, the KandyPens Crystal 2 deserves its place as one of the best wax vape pens on the market. However, we feel that the company could have improved the original even more.

3 – Firefly 2 Plus

When it was released, the Firefly 2 Plus was considered one of the best vape pens on the market. With the Firefly 3 likely to come out soon, users of this device may wonder if it is worth upgrading. We’re not quite sure how good the new Firefly will be, but we know the old one is extremely impressive.

Its convection technology delivers smooth and instant vapors that help limit coughing and enhance the taste of your wax. Wastage is also limited with the instant cool-down function and even burning.


However, the innovative function of this device is its dynamic heating. The device heats up in 3 seconds, giving you an almost instant vape. Throughout a 10-second inhalation, the device gradually heats to your set maximum heat, from 200 to 500 degrees. Best of all, you can control it from your phone. In addition, it loses heat just as quickly. This feature has made it particularly popular as an on-the-go device.

You can use the Firefly 2 Plus with wax or dry vapor, although you need a steady draw to get the best results regardless of the substance used. The maximum temperature is high enough to ensure you get decent-sized clouds, and you receive plenty of accessories such as two batteries and three concentrate pads.

Some users are unhappy with the 770mAh battery, which could certainly have been made larger. The result is that you’ll generally get around four full bowls per charge, which is disappointing. The Firefly 2 Plus remains an excellent wax vape pen, but it is hard to justify the price with better models available for less.

4 – Linx Hypnos Zero

Etched with the company’s iconic Linx logo, this vaporizer offers both style and substance. In case you needed evidence, this pen boasts not one but two titles for “Best Vaporizer” at the High Times awards. To use, press the power button five times, adjust the temperature to your liking and load the atomizer with your concentrate. Screw the mouthpiece on, press and hold the power button, and enjoy!

One Hypnos Zero downside is the 650mAh battery, which is small compared to others on this list. As a result, a full battery charge only lasts long enough for a day of moderate vaping. However, you have to bear in mind that this vape pen was released several years ago. It is perhaps a little outdated in some ways, but what it lacks in sophistication, it makes up for in functionality.


This device offers four temperature settings, and changing the setting involves pressing the power button three times. The top two lowest temperatures are for increased flavor, while you get more clouds from the two highest.

You can also expect plenty of accessories, including two glass mouthpieces, one Hypnos Zero carrying case, one atomizer, one Linx tool for cleaning, and of course, charging gear.

The Hypnos Zero is ideal for everyday use because of its diminutive size and the convenience of using and cleaning. This vape device has been surpassed by newer models but still represents a solid choice for under $100.

5 – Dr. Dabber Stella

Dr. Dabber consistently produces high-quality vape pens, although it has had a few ‘misses’ in the past. Nonetheless, Stella is certainly not one of them. It has a straightforward design, with sturdy black stainless steel. To use, remove the magnetic mouthpiece, load your concentrate into the chamber, and tap the fire button five times to switch it on.


The main downside of Dr. Dabber Stella is the fact there are only three temperature settings: 550-, 630- and 775-degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures may be too high for users, although this does lead to a reasonable amount of vapor to go along with the excellent flavor. There is also an option to heat your concentrates at 460 degrees for 15 seconds by tapping the power button twice. The ceramic coil heats material much faster than most pens on the market.

Although Stella’s battery is only 600mAh, it lasts for a decent length of time on a single charge. It is also small enough for you to use discreetly and is certainly worth considering.

How Much Are Wax Pens?

You’ll find that there is a vaping device to suit almost every budget. For instance, there are multiple disposable vape pens on the market for less than $20. However, you’ll need to dig a little deeper into your bank balance if you want to sample the best portable dab pens on the market.

There are plenty of new, high-quality devices for under $100. For instance, the much-vaunted KandyPens Crystal 2 device costs approximately $60, the Linx Hypnos Zero is just $80, whereas the Yocan Regen is under $50. At the other end of the scale, the Firefly 2 Plus costs about $250. Indeed, the upcoming Firefly 3 is likely to cost over $300.

Therefore, we have found a few affordable wax vape pens. Not every product mentioned in this section made the grade, but they are all high-quality products nonetheless.

How to Fix Marijuana Wax Vape Pen Problems

People who use vape juice and vape cartridges run into their fair share of problems, including blockages and leaks. There are also issues associated with cannabis wax vape pens that can frustrate users. Things such as creating a sticky mess, a failure to turn concentrates into vapor, and unusual tasting hits are all relatively common. Fortunately, you can avoid many of these problems by following these tips:

  • Prioritize Maintenance: One of the biggest mistakes wax vape pen users make is to pack too much concentrate into the device. This process could cause the wax to get into the coil, thus creating a mess. The wires in the coil are delicate and easy to damage, especially if you try to poke sticky wax from it. Pack a chamber properly, and you won’t need to clean the coil. We recommend performing a quick clean after each use to prevent clogging.
  • Sensible Charging: Don’t charge your pen at night while you sleep. Otherwise, you’ll likely have a situation where you’re charging the device for hours after its battery is full. This can shorten the lifespan of the battery. It usually only takes a couple of hours to charge a vape pen battery, so do it in the morning.
  • Keep the Pen Standing: Remember, your wax gets melted when heated, and the thick liquid can flow towards the mouthpiece if you leave your pen on its side. This results in a mess you have to clean up later and a clogged-up pen.
  • Switch the Pen off When Not in Use: Your pen continues to use power when switched on, even when not in use. Turn it off, save some power, and you’ll have to charge it less, thus increasing your battery’s overall lifespan.
  • Freeze Your Concentrates: Some users freeze their concentrates. Leaving wax in storage at room temperature may result in a stickier and hard-to-handle substance, especially in summer. Freeze it instead, and wait a few minutes before placing the wax in your pen’s chamber. Your device will turn it into vapor quickly in any case!

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Wax Vape Pens

We hope this detailed guide has provided you with all the information you need on wax vape pens. While vaping has advantages over smoking, it is by no means the ‘perfect’ cannabis consumption method. You need to understand the possible dangers of vaping and decide whether you’re comfortable with them.

Of the five brands we looked at, we believe that the Utillian 5 is the best of the bunch. It is easy to use, has an extremely powerful battery, and allows for a clandestine vaping session. Best of all, it is affordable for most users.

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