What is a 99.9% THC Dab [And Just How High Can It Get You?]

If you are an avid cannabis lover, chances are you may have taken a dab before. Dabbing has recently grown in popularity over the past few years, especially in states where weed is legal for recreational use; such as California, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Nevada, to name a few.

Dabs are usually sticky, resin-based waxes that are extracted from the cannabis plant and ultra concentrated, but they can also come in other forms such as oils, shatter, budder, and so on. Dabs are either vaped or smoked. A standard dab can have as much as 4x the amount of THC in comparison to traditional cannabis in its natural form. But with the right amount of science and expertise, it is now available in the concentration of 99.9%! This is one of the most powerful and strongest dabs known to man.

Definitely not for your average cannabis novice, this THC-potent dab should be used with caution. With its whopping 99.9% THC-A content, one can guess that it could be a bit overwhelming for some folks. If you have never smoked cannabis before or are relatively new to it, this may not be the best starting place; but for those who are total cannabis enthusiasts and have plenty of experience, this may take you to the next level of stoned that you have been looking for!

If you’ve ever been curious as to what a 99.9% concentration of THC-A is, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you the low-down on this new Hulk of a dab and all you need to know about its usage. Read on to get the full scoop on this ultra-potent dab!

What is a 99.9% THC Dab?

Dabs that consist of 99.9% THC-A are otherwise known by their official title: THC-A Crystalline. This concentrated dab is not a wax or oil, but a crystal-like substance (which often scares people away due to its resemblance to crack). But not to worry, we assure you it is still just a byproduct of the cannabis plant! It’s just been ultra-processed to give you a strong and ultra-potent concentrate.

Created by its founders, Guild Extracts, THC-A Crystalline is one of the most potent and purest hashes in the world and has reached a cult-like following due to its purity and rarity. Having to go through many processes to get to such a high potency and purity, it takes some certain skill and expertise – and the result is often pricey, with prices going as high as around $200 per gram. Despite its price, THC-A Crystalline is still skyrocketing in sales and popularity.

THC-A Crystalline is one of the purest forms of THC-A available. It contains no other compounds that are typically found in cannabis, such as flavonoids, terpenes, fats, and lipids. Just pure THC-A. THC-A in its natural form does not have any psychoactive effects, but once it is combusted, all that THC-A (the precursor to THC, for those who are unaware) will convert to THC. That is why THC-A Crystalline must either be smoked or vaped to get the full psychoactive high (but still, if ingested without combustion, you can obtain other medicinal, non-psychoactive benefits). The heat then causes the THC-A to undergo a process known as decarboxylation. When this happens, a chemical and structural change occurs…and voila! You have yourself some pure THC goodness!

How is THC-A Crystalline Made?

Just like all things that aren’t found straight on a plant or bush in nature, THC-A Crystalline is helped to be created to its final state in a lab, or under the professionalism of a serious amateur.

THC-A Crystalline begins with a basic extract which contains the cannabinoids, THC-A, flavonoids, terpenes, and other plant materials. The first step is to completely and totally isolate the cannabinoids and THC from the plant materials. This is accomplished with the use of solvents to help this separation occur. As with purifying any cannabis extract or resin, the solvents, unfortunately, kill off most of the flavonoids and terpenes, which will take away the traditionally grassy and herby smell of marijuana from the crystalline.

The solvent used in isolating the THC-A from the plant materials is a combination of hydrocarbon hexane and acetic acid. When the cannabis extract is mixed with the hexane/acid solution, it is then placed in a rotary evaporator. Then, by using heat and pressure, the rotovap gently separates the two through its rotating agitation to purify it.

Furthermore, the then-purified solution will go through a series of additional separation processes known as chromatography. Using different speeds and passing through different substances, the THC-A solution will be filtered of any impurities even further, catching all that couldn’t be captured in the first round. Due to all the additional solvents and chemicals it must pass through, the extract must go back through the rotary evaporator once again to obtain the ultimate purity.

After this is done, you are left with none other than 99.9% THC-A crystals, ready to be smoked or vaped for the ultimate cannabis experience.

How to Use THC 99.9% Crystalline

So, now you know a little background about the THC-A Crystalline, and your curiosity has probably been piqued on what way is best to use it. As we mentioned earlier, the THC-A Crystalline contains THC-A. It is not THC… yet. It must undergo the decarboxylation process so that the chemical and structural changes that turn THC-A into THC will occur. So simply eating it will not have much effect on you in terms of psychoactive effect, but it will still have medicinal effects either way. It won’t really have a taste either due to the majority of flavonoids and terpenes being offed by the solvents and purification process, so you’re not missing out on anything in terms of taste or aroma!

THC-A Crystalline is primarily used by being smoked or vaped. In order to smoke a dab properly, you must have the proper equipment. For the best results, we recommend that you get a proper dab rig. This will ensure you get the most efficient use out of your THC-A crystals. Although you can use your bong with some tweaking, a dab rig is the way to go.

In addition to a dab rig, you can also use a vape box. Also known as box mod vaporizers, they work similarly to traditional vaporizers. The coil inside, which is attached to an atomizer, is heated up by a battery. Once the coil is heated, the vapor will start to form, which can then be inhaled and ingested – simple! To use it, simply add your THC-A crystals to the special loading compartment on your box, activate the temperature control, and inhale!

Effects: Just How High Can 99.9% THC Get You?

Now, just how high can 99.9% THC dabs get you? The answer: Pretty high. But surprisingly, people who have smoked the 99.9% dabs have reported a very clear, fresh, energetic, and rejuvenating high. Perhaps they are so high that they are taken to a whole other, incomprehensible level of high, but overall it’s a very mellowed out high that has the potential to kill all pain almost instantaneously.

Some people report just feeling super ‘stoned,’ creative, euphoric, or sleepy. Some may crash into a deep and rejuvenating sleep on the sofa, or just feel the need to paint or draw in ecstasy. Either way, the high produced by smoking or vaping THC-A Crystalline is like no other and hard to compare to other 20-60% THC containing items such as regular bud or resins.

If you’re looking for an ethereal high that is known for its unbelievably mellow and clear outcome, trying out THC-A Crystalline may just be for you! It also has incredible pain-reducing capabilities, so if you’re suffering from a lot of muscle or nerve-related problems, you may definitely want to check it out and give it a go (as long as you are not a newbie to the world of cannabis and THC, that is).

99.9% THC Side Effects

As with all substances containing THC, there are side effects that you should be made aware of. Some common side effects of THC-A Crystalline are dry mouth (cottonmouth), red eyes, dizziness, extreme drowsiness, impaired cognition and thinking, increased heart rate, hallucinations, and paranoia.

Depending on what type of person you are, your sensitivity to THC, and your experience level with cannabis, your likelihood of experiencing side effects will differ. Those who are sensitive to THC, or sensitive in general, may want to stay clear of a 99.9% THC containing product, as it can increase anxiety and heart rate, and cause panic attacks. Although experience has shown that it does produce an incredibly mellowed out high, this may not be the case for everyone

Those suffering from mental illnesses such as schizophrenia should also be warned, as it can potentially cause hallucinations and an increase in paranoid thinking and behavior.

Take Home: What is a 99.9% THC Dab

THC-A Crystalline is the ultimate dab. Consisting of 99.9% THC, this super concentrated compound will leave you with a high that is comparable to none other. Whether you feel super mellowed out or creative and euphoric, many are unsure of how high they actually are due to it being such an extraordinary experience.

To get the most out of your usage from THC-A Crystalline, be sure to smoke it or vape it, as it doesn’t convert to THC unless it undergoes the decarboxylation process. Although it can still be ingested for medicinal benefits, you just won’t get that famous ethereal high that the 99.9% THC has to offer and for which the majority of the people use it.

You should also use caution if you’re sensitive or new to THC, because this high potency is no laughing matter, and may cause panic or anxiety in those who are prone to it. It may also cause dizziness or drowsiness, so it’s best to be sure you’re in a safe place where you can lie down in case you get sleepy or dizzy!

If you are searching for the experience of a lifetime, to mellow and drown you out like none other while at the same time practically instantaneously eliminating all pain, THC-A Crystalline may be an excellent choice for you!

We hope you enjoyed this review and found it to be entertaining, educational, and informative, and would like to remind you that the responsible usage of cannabis is up to the individual, and side-effects are more likely to occur if improperly used.

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