Atmos Vaporizers Review: A Comprehensive Guide

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Top Product Overview
The Atmos Jump vaporizer may be limited in temperature control, but its affordability makes it an excellent choice for those getting into the world of vaping.
5-year warranty
Heating type
1200mAh battery (micro USB charger) / No
Recharge time
120 - 180 minutes
Bowl size
Temp settings
Automatic temperature control
Temp range
Heat up time
Auto shut-off

Atmos Nation claims to be an innovator and a global leader in the design, manufacturing and sale of cannabis e-liquid, wax, and dry herb vaporizers. As the market for portable vaporizers has grown, Atmos has seized the opportunity to become one of the top-ranking businesses in the industry.

Please note that while Atmos does offer refunds (with a 15% restocking fee added), it does not refund shipping and it only returns your money for items purchased on the official AtmosRX website. It will refuse to consider a refund for items bought on sites such as Amazon, so beware! Also, its 5-year limited warranty program is only available for items purchased on the company website.

Anyway, let’s get right down to it. In this article, we provide you with what’s sure to be one of the most comprehensive Atmos vape reviews anywhere. Atmos is no doubt one of the market leaders in vaping, and we provide analysis and comparison on their five most popular vaporizers.

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Review of Atmos Jump

atmos jump

During the Atmos Jump review, we had to take a step back and take stock of just how far the vaporizer industry has actually come in such a short space of time. Just a few years ago, these devices were not particularly portable and they cost over $200. Nowadays, you can purchase an Atmos Jump kit for vaping for just $59.95, right from the Atmos website and have it shipped to your doorstep in a matter of days. (Some people think you can get the Atmos Jump on Amazon, but this is NOT true – Amazon doesn’t sell any Atmos products at all).

Atmos Jump Vaporizer: Features

The Atmos Jump vape is an herbal convection vaporizer that’s designed for dry weed. The kit contains a vaporizer with a powerful 1200 mAh battery, an easy access mouthpiece, a packing tool, cleaning brush, micro USB charger and a user manual.

Perhaps the biggest downside of the Jump vape is that it only has one temperature setting. In contrast, most rival products have at least three settings which offer greater flexibility and gives you a choice between better vapor or improved flavor. (Also, being able to adjust the temperature allows you to “customize” the intensity of your high by vaping at or below the boiling points of specific cannabinoids and terpenes).

Regardless of the single temp setting, though, the  Atlas Jump makes up for this issue by ensuring your dry herb is heated within 10 seconds! This is a stark contrast to other convection vaporizer models which can take up to 60 seconds to heat up.

We’re not sure exactly where the “Jump” name derives from, but presumably the purpose of a Jump kit is to ‘jump start’ your vaping experience. In other words, the simple design ensures it is a good option for beginners.

In terms of construction, the actual pen consists of just two pieces: the battery (with a built-in oven) and a mouthpiece (which contains a locking mechanism that allows you to unlock or lock with a simple twist). The mouthpiece has been beefed up for durability for 2018, and is now much less likely to break than earlier Atmos models. (You can also buy a replacement mouthpiece for $8.95 if need be).

The chamber has a relatively small capacity of 0.2 grams, but that’s still enough for up to 10 good puffs. Also, the powerful 1200 mAh battery ensures you can have around six sessions before charging, and it takes 2-3 hours to charge fully from a dead battery (the micro USB plug is located at the bottom of the device).

How to Use the Atmos Jump

One of the first things we noticed about the Jump vaporizer is the quality of the carbon fiber body. You don’t have to worry about it falling apart, and unlike dozens of other crappy vapes that we’ve had the misfortune of owning over the years, it is likely not going to break if you accidentally drop it on the floor. Also, the anodized metal heating element means you can safely vape from the unit regularly without fear of material degradation that can potentially damage your bud.

The interface only consists of a single power button which you must press three times to activate. The vaporizer immediately begins heating up, and the LED becomes orange. After the device has reached the right temperature, the LED becomes green which is your signal to start vaping! To turn off the power, simply click the button three more times.

Our Atmos Jump vape review team was able to use the unit for around four minutes non-stop, which might not seem like a lot but is actually a surprisingly good performance from a chamber that holds less than 0.2 grams of herb. Also, while other dry herb vaporizers we have reviewed had issues with overpacking, we found that the Jump’s chamber performed well when the oven was full.

By the end of our session, we were impressed to find that the used herb had a consistent brown color, which is a clear sign that the oven heated the material evenly and effectively. Also, the Jump was SO easy to clean; simply use the cleaning brush after every session and you’ll easily remove the residue and excess material. After every few sessions, you might want to use an alcohol wipe or alcohol on a cotton swab.

Atmos Jump Review: Vapor Quality

All dry herb vaporizers have a potential combustion concern (meaning the bud actually starts to catch fire rather than being 100% vaped) at high temps, but the Atmos Jump is different. As it is a convection unit, it poses little or no risk for burning and provides users with excellent vapor quality. You will probably get weak clouds in the first 30 seconds of a session but after that, it provides you with a reasonable amount of vapor, even with short 2-second draws.

The flavor was also outstanding, and even though it only has the one temperature setting, it doesn’t impact its performance whatsoever.

Overall Thoughts on the Atmos Jump

If you told us that a vaporizer of this quality would be available for $60 just a few years ago, we would have laughed you out of the room. The Atmos Jump is one of the finest dry herb vaporizers for beginners on the market, and even cannabis pros will appreciate its simplicity and quality. It is incredibly easy to use, has a reasonable battery life, and provides plenty of vapor and outstanding flavor.

Verdict: 9/10

Atmos Jump Pros

  • Easy to load, clean and use.
  • Extremely quick heating up time.
  • Durable and inexpensive.
  • Excellent flavor and vapor quality.

Atmos Jump Cons

  • Battery charging is a little on the slow side.
  • One temperature setting.
  • Relatively small oven.

Review of the Atmos Kiln

atmos kiln

During our Atmos Kiln review, we found that this device has received a pretty major upgrade from years past. The latest version, which costs $64.95 (or $84.95 for the Kiln RA kit), includes the introduction of rebuildable atomizers to the Kiln’s waxy heating attachment. This vaporizer is designed for wax concentrate (like cannabis butter or BHO wax), and the kit includes the Kiln vape device, a packing tool, a user manual, replacement screws & rubber bands, and a USB charger.

Atmos Kiln: Features

First and foremost, the Kiln vaporizer is aesthetically pleasing and its ceramic body ensures that the device is durable. Another benefit of ceramic housing is that you never have to worry about the device becoming hot outside of the atomizer. Some rival vape pens tend to become hot to the touch after several sessions, but this isn’t an issue with the Kiln.

It is also possible to purchase the Kiln atomizer only and attach it to a 510-threaded battery. This is because the device has a heating attachment which is compatible with normal 510 batteries and box mods. (And for the record, we find that the Kiln is WAY better with mods).

In terms of speed, you only need to wait for a few seconds for vapor production to begin because this vaporizer heats up damn fast! Atmos recommends using a range of 5-15 Watts if you are using a variable wattage battery, but if you have a temperature control battery, you’ll want to keep your temperature range between 300-400 degrees Fahrenheit. If you use higher settings than what we have outlined above, you risk damaging the heating element (and inhaling substances that you might not want to inhale).

The Kiln is equipped with a portable 950 mAh battery, but if you decide to use a different one, try to keep it in the 900-1100 mAh range. The battery will last anywhere between 1-3 hours of continuous use, which means it should last at least three days for an average user. It takes approximately two hours to charge fully.

As the Kiln vape is designed specifically for for cannabis concentrate material, its chamber is extremely small. You will struggle to fit anything bigger than a pea-sized amount in there, so make sure you use high-quality concentrate.

Also, there is also an automatic shut-off timer that helps you prevent damaging the heating plate – if you pull from the Kiln for more than 10 seconds, the device instantly stops so you don’t have to worry about overheating (one of the features that we liked best about it).

How to use the Atmos Kiln

The Kiln’s unique design means it is slightly more difficult to use than ultra-simple models like the Jump. You will see two different sections to the unit: the tip and the heating chamber. First of all, unscrew the mouthpiece and you will get access to the top of the atomizer core. Then, unscrew the second part of the base which is located just above the power button. This will reveal a white chamber which is where you place your wax.

As practically every part of the Kiln is removable, you can perform a deep clean whenever necessary. Press the power button five times to turn the device on, and do the same to switch it off. It will begin to heat your wax within seconds, so get your ass ready to vape.

Atmos Kiln: Vapor Quality

The Kiln produces intense heat which means that some of your oil will bubble up and get stuck to the top of the chamber. If you choose the white Kiln, you will see this build-up as a visible tar-like substance, which is never pleasant to look at. After a while, though, you can scrape off the crud with your dab tool and place it back on the coil.

As the vaporizer heats up so quickly, you will see nice clouds of vapor with solid 3-second draws. While the Kiln doesn’t have adjustable airflow like some other devices on the market, Atmos has added two airflow holes to the heating plate’s base. As a result, you benefit from a reasonable amount of cooling and airflow whenever you take a hit.

In terms of flavor (one of the obvious benefits of vaping over smoking), we absolutely loved the taste of the vapor. While it doesn’t quite offer the same kind of clean taste experienced in quartz rods, it is very smooth. Also, the draw resistance felt natural and the review team believed they were getting direct-to-lung inhalations akin to what one might experience when using a bong.

Overall Thoughts on the Atmos Kiln

With the Kiln, Atmos has produced yet another excellent vaporizer, this time for lovers of wax concentrates. The vapor quality and flavor are outstanding, and you can’t fault the size of the clouds produced. Also, battery life is reasonable enough and the device is extremely efficient so you don’t have to worry about wasting valuable wax. It might be a little complicated to use for beginners, but we have confidence that you can get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Verdict: 9/10

Atmos Kiln Pros

  • Excellent vapor quality, quantity, and flavor.
  • Relatively easy to load.
  • Cool to the touch at all times.
  • No clogging or draw resistance.
  • Heats up extremely quickly.

Atmos Kiln Cons

  • The unusual shape may not appeal to everyone.
  • Small chamber.
  • High risk of splattering due to the intense heat produced.

Atmos Magna Review

atmos magna

There were several things that stood out during our Magna vaporizer review but the low cost of the device was one of the most prominent – you can purchase a complete kit for just $44.95. This includes a glass mouthpiece and a magnetic chamber cover designed to provide users with easy access to the heating element. As a result, refilling the pen is quick and easy. Also, you can purchase the 650 mAh battery and Magna cartridge separately for $24.95 and $14.95, respectively.

Atmos Magna Vaporizer: Features

The Atmos Magna vape is a portable vaporizer designed for lovers of concentrates. There are three temperature settings, but oddly enough Atmos has not disclosed the actual ranges (maybe because it’s not consistent enough?). Anyway, it is normal for wax pens to have settings between 300 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You can cycle through these settings via the power button; the lowest setting provides a better flavor, the highest setting offers bigger clouds, and the middle one is a balance between the two. Typically manufacturers tend to provide vague settings like this when they only have control over the voltage output.

In recent times quartz crystal atomizers have gone from being a new and exciting development to a standard feature of wax pen vaporizers. The Magna is no different as it includes a single and dual quartz rod atomizer; both of which contain titanium coils. We found that the single coil is best for casual sessions ,while the dual coil is ideal when you want an intense hit and/or a big ass cloud.

In terms of the aesthetic appeal there is nothing special or really unique about the design, which might be expected given the price tag. The Magna is shaped like a pen with the atomizer and mouthpiece on the top half, and as the mouthpiece is made from glass, it is easy to clean and ensures the wax tastes better (it also enables you to see the vapor production, which is pretty cool). Moreover, it is small enough to fit in your pocket and when you want to vape incognito, you’ll want to use the lowest setting and take short draws.

The Magna uses the standard 650 mAh battery seen in inexpensive pens, and as a result, it will probably last little more than a day for standard users. It takes around two hours to charge the Magna fully, and the LED light will beam red while it charges and then switch to green when the battery is at 100% (as if that needed clarification).

How to Use the Atmos Magna Vaporizer

When using the Magna for the first time, make sure you run it through a heat cycle with no wax to burn off any chemicals or dust that may have been left over from the manufacturing process. As the chamber is magnetic, gaining access to it is as easy as yanking away the chamber cover. Once that’s off, you can add your wax concentrate and then replace the cover.

Click the power button five times to switch on the device, and another five times to turn it off. There is also a safety feature whereby the device shuts down after 15 seconds if you’re stilling holding the fire button down. Click the button while the device is in use to change through the temperatures, and as always we recommend beginning on the lowest setting, switching to the middle setting about halfway through your session and then finishing up with a couple of minutes on the highest temperature to lift you to the moon.

Atmos Magna: Vapor Quality

Considering the low cost of the Magna, we were impressed by both the quality and quantity of the vapor it produced. One of the reasons for the superior performance is the glass mouthpiece, which cools down your hit and allows you to enjoy the flavor a bit more. It is also cooler on the lips which, always feels good.

And lastly, the single coil produces a decent amount of vapor and is a good option for short, sharp sessions. However you need the double coil atomizer if you want the full vaping experience, in our opinion.

Overall Thoughts on the Atmos Magna

It is fair to say that the Atmos Magna is a level above your garden-variety/low-cost portable vaporizer. It offers excellent value if you’re seeking a cheap and reliable way to enjoy wax concentrates, and the temperature control, magnetic connections and glass mouthpiece are three things not seen in other inexpensive pens.

However, its downfalls is that it has a fairly small chamber, no precise temperature control, and a relatively weak 650 mAh battery. It is good for the price, but in our opinion below average when compared to the top of the range portable vaporizers (like the Kiln RA).

Verdict: 7/10

Atmos Magna Pros

  • Accessing the heating chamber is easy, and so is loading.
  • Glass mouthpiece.
  • Good quality vapor production.
  • Single button system makes it easy to use.
  • Three temperature settings.

Atmos Magna Cons

  • No idea what each temperature setting represents.
  • Fairly weak battery.
  • Small chamber.

Atmos Pink Camo Review

atmos pink camo

We must confess to having a weakness for the pink version of the Atmos Junior vape pen, which is better known as the Camo. It is designed for use with wax concentrates and is all about compactness and efficiency. The Camo vape is just four inches high with a diameter of little over half an inch, and as a result, it is super discreet and fits in your handbag or pocket like a charm.

Atmos Pink Camo: Features

The most notable aspect of the Camo is its diminutive size, but we also loved the aesthetic design which makes it look like a large coloring pen at first glance! Also, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Atmos has slashed the price of this device; it is now $29.95 on the official website, down from the original price of $59.95. While the initial price was probably a bit steep, the new price tag suddenly places Camo vapes firmly in the ‘bargain’ bracket.

In terms of oven size, the chamber is about as small as you would expect in such a tiny device but you should still be able to get six good dabs from a full load. Also, it is easy to access the chamber and since it is so shallow, you could damn near load it with your eyes closed!

There is one only temperature available with the Camo, though (which like the Jump is a major downside), and this lack of control means you have to accept whatever flavor and clouds are produced in the single setting. On the plus side, though, newbies don’t have to worry about finding the ‘right’ temperature. And for the record, the temperature is probably between 380 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit – while that’s a little too hot for dry herb, it is ideal for wax.

As you would expect, Camo vape pens don’t offer much in the way of battery life; we found that it was possible to get 45 minutes of continuous use from a single charge. While the normal charge takes up to two hours, you should charge the Camo immediately upon purchase because the first charge takes 8 hours!

How to Use the Atmos Camo Vape Pen

You can use dry herb in the Atmos camo vape, but they are likely to fall prey to combustion due to the high temperature. As a result, we recommend using the Camo for wax only. To use, you’ll want to remove the mouthpiece to access the chamber, and then add your dab. We found that the chamber tends to do a good job of burning up all the wax, so this gives it plus points for efficiency. You can also add oil to the tank and in both cases, you don’t have to worry about spillage. The lack of nasty residue in the chamber is a nice bonus for people who don’t clean their devices often.

To turn on, press the power button and you’ll see a light which indicates the unit is heating up. Hold down the button for a few seconds for a vapor large enough to draw on. While it works great with oils and waxes, you’ll see that the vapor is inconsistent with dry herb.

Atmos Camo Vape Pen: Vapor Quality

As we just mentioned, vapor quality is poor in the Camo with dry herb but it is surprisingly good with wax when you consider the size and power of the device. All in all you simply cannot complain about the Camo’s efficiency, and we were pleased with both the vapor quality and the quantity. We also felt as if we were receiving a more than adequate level of flavor from the wax.

Overall Thoughts on the Atmos Camo Vaporizer

We didn’t know what to expect in our review for the pink Camo (sorry we LOVE the color), but in the end we were pleasantly surprised by what we experienced. The device is not going to blow your mind with astounding clouds of vapor – nor will it give you the long sessions desired by experienced vapers – but for the drastically reduced price it’s currently a massive bargain.

What it will give you is a consistent and reliable vaping experience in a value for money package. It does more than expected and while the battery life is fairly low, the quality of sessions that you’ll have with the Camo more than makes up for this issue.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Atmos Camo Pros

  • Very economical.
  • Decent vapor quality.
  • Small and discreet.
  • Doesn’t leak.
  • Ideal kit for vaping beginners.

Atmos Camo Cons

  • Doesn’t work well with dry herbs.
  • Short battery life.
  • Takes far too long to charge before your first use.

Atmos Jewel Vape Review

atmos jewel vape

One of the most notable features we discovered during this Atmos Jewel Vape review was the tiny size of the pen. It is officially four inches high, even though it seems smaller when placed in the palm of your hand.

What is a Jewel Vape?

The Jewel vape is Atmos’ attempt to provide you with an easy vaping experience. This is immediately noticeable through the one-button activation system which controls literally everything. You can add either dry herb or concentrate to the chamber, and the device utilizes a flat ribbon coil which ensures even heating no matter what you’ve got in there.

One of the best aspects of the Jewel is the fact that its material acts as an insulator – as it keeps heat inside, it provides users with a remarkable three hours’ worth of use on a single charge. Also, it includes a standard USB charger which means it takes 2-3 hours to charge fully. However, since a single charge lasts so long you don’t need to worry about running out of battery.

Moreover, unlike other pens in this class the Jewel enables you to use all three of the main marijuana “constituents:” wax concentrate, oil, and dry herb. The trouble is, though, there is only one temperature setting and as it transpires the heat becomes too much for dry herb, which tends to combust in the chamber. That being said, it is ideal for wax and oil-based products.

How to Use the Atmos Jewel

We were extremely impressed by the depth of the chamber which is larger than both the Camo and the Atmos Original. There are holes located at the side of the chamber designed to give you a better drag during inhalation. The added filter also ensures you receive the very best of flavors when you use wax.

Also, one thing new vapers will love is that there’s absolutely no learning curve with the Jewel vape pen. The one button system means you can do everything with a click of a button. Click the button five times to switch it on, and press the button to fire it up. When you want to turn it off, press the button five times again. It is also very easy to clean the Jewel – for best results, use some isopropyl alcohol on q-tip wipes.

Atmos Jewel Vaporizer: Vapor Quality

The heating element in the Jewel is rather large which makes it ideal for burning big wax chunks, and the design of the chamber leads to high airflow and luscious thick clouds of vapor.

Overall Thoughts on the Atmos Jewel

If you go to the official Atmos website you can purchase the Jewel for $29.95, which is a huge decrease on the original price of $79.95. Once again, while you can buy it from an array of vape world dealers, we recommend getting it from the official website for the sake of warranty and refund guarantees.

The quality of the coil and chamber is top notch and the battery is super-efficient, with a lifespan way beyond most of its rivals. Also, the Jewel is extremely small & compact and allows for discreet vaping when you use wax.

The main downside is the lack of temperature control. Although it is marketed for use with wax and dry herb, you shouldn’t use the latter because the Jewel is a conduction model which runs hot and produces harsh vapor. Even so, we would recommend this device as a cool and inexpensive tool for beginners because of the ease of use and rapid heating time.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Atmos Jewel Pros

  • Excellent vapor quality
  • Outstanding battery life
  • The deep chamber which fits a decent amount of herb or wax
  • The thin filter ensures the vapor tastes clean
  • Available in multiple colors including orange, purple, pink, gold, and green.

Atmos Jewel Cons

  • One temperature setting
  • Not suitable for dry herb despite the claims

Let’s Finalize: Which is the Best Atmos Vaporizer?

When trying to decide on the best Atmos vaporizer out of all their various models, there is a myriad of things to consider. From the OLED screens, locking and unlocking functions, right down to the different types of heating methods, it requires a detailed look at vape devices if you want to find the best one for your specific needs.

It is also important to note that cannabis flower and concentrates only work in conduction and convection vaporizers, so you may want to avoid any device that leads to combustion of your dry herb. As you probably know, combustion means ‘burning your product’ and is associated with tobacco products. Vaping is an alternative to smoking which means you want to steer clear of anything that relates to traditional cigarettes.

A conduction vaporizer will heat up the herb or concentrate by exposing it directly to the heat source, and crucially, will NOT cause combustion. It is the most common portable dry herb vape pen heating method.

A convection vaporizer separates the weed from the heating element and passes hot air through the plant matter to extract cannabinoids such as THC. It results in more vapor and less waste which makes it the more desirable option. However, it is also more expensive which is why it is usually only found in larger desktop vaporizers.

While your lungs are safe regardless of whether you use a convection or conduction vaporizer, the material used in the heating element also matters:

Metal Heating Elements

A metal heating element is the best option if you’re looking to prioritize temperature control. It is an excellent conductor of electricity and adjusts quickly to changes in heat. You’ll find that the most expensive vaporizers on the market use a metal heating element because it provides users with total temp control and an ability to customize their high and the therapeutic effects of cannabis.

Why is this important? Well, if you have complete control over temperature and a sufficient enough range, you can place any material you like in the chamber so long as the vaporizer is built for it. Dry herb tends to combust at extremely high temperatures whereas wax concentrate doesn’t produce as much vapor at lower temperatures.

Ceramic Heating Elements

While there is a possibility that a metal heating element could alter the taste of your product, there are no such concerns with ceramic elements. This material is known for its incredibly high melting point (over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit), but the main downside is a lack of temperature control. There is also a danger of purchasing a low-grade unit, as some companies create cheap vaporizers and rely on ceramic to keep the cost down.

Glass Heating Elements

You are very unlikely to find vaporizers with glass heating elements. They are more expensive than ceramic or metal, and offer no real additional benefits. Glass is fragile by nature which makes it a terrible addition to a portable vaporizer. However, this material is preferred in dab rigs as glass nails produce better flavors than metal nails.

What About Additional Features?

To be honest, you shouldn’t concern yourself with ‘extras’ if you’re a relative newcomer to vaping. The main things to look for are:

  • Price: Atmos sells vaporizers for as little as $30 and for a newbie, they are a better investment than a top-of-the-line $500 piece.
  • Reputation: Only purchase your vape device from a well-known organization such as Atmos, as there are actually fake brands out there that just slap an Atmos label on really cheap, low-quality devices. Check online reviews and do your research to avoid scams.
  • Warranty: Atmos provides a 5-year limited warranty on its devices when you purchase from the official website. There are a handful of manufacturers that offer lifetime guarantees, but most stick to the 1-2 year range.
  • Ease of Use: Ideally, you want something like the Atmos Jewel which is simple to assemble and use. It also has a rapid heating up time so you can vape as and when you wish.
  • Battery Power: The last thing you want when vaping is to suddenly run out of power in the middle of a session. While this is potentially an issue with the Camo, it is less likely with the Jewel.
  • Temperature Control: For newbies, it is fine to have a single temperature control as long as it doesn’t run too hot for dry herb. Later on, though, you will want a device that allows you to toggle between temperatures like the Atmos Magna.
  • Heating Type: Conduction models are cheaper but more likely to result in combustion. Convection models are usually expensive, but provide you with better flavor and vapor in most cases.
  • Airflow: Devices with a high draw resistance are tough and frustrating to use. Vaporizers like the Atmos Kiln are designed to lessen draw resistance, which makes vaping an easy and pleasurable affair.
  • Chamber Size: Experienced users will need a device with a large chamber so they can use more wax or dry herb during a session.
  • Portability: All portable vaporizers are designed to fit in your hand, and should also be easy to conceal in a pocket or handbag. When you keep the temperature low, you should be able to enjoy a quiet vape without hassle.

Final Thoughts About Atmos’ Vapes

The complete Atmos vaporizer range is truly huge, with dozens of old and new products to choose from. We have noticed that the brand has been slashing the prices of its more dated models, perhaps in a bid to free up space in their warehouses for the newer items! The five vaporizers that we have reviewed above are just the tip of the iceberg.

For the most part, Atmos produces high-quality items but there is also an emphasis on less powerful yet more affordable vaporizers such as the Jewel and Camo. There is certainly something for everyone on the site, and it also sells an enormous range of accessories.

The main issue with the brand is that you have to purchase the products from the Official Atmos Website. Otherwise, you are not eligible for a refund nor will you benefit from the 5-year warranty. To be honest, it probably isn’t worth trying to save a few dollars by purchasing elsewhere for this very reason.

All in all, we hope that our complete Atmos vaporizer review was helpful and you were able to some find useful information in there. Atmos is a brand that is growing by the day, and is one that appears set to take control of the vaporizer market.

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