Source Vapes: Guide to All Vapes (Review, Price, Comparison)

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With six different atomizers to choose from, the Source Orb 4 can be adapted into your favorite vaping style. Its sleek design makes it attractive for even the most experienced vapers.
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Source Vapes are one of the leading brands in the cannabis industry at the moment, with their dynamic range of budget to luxury vaporizers paving the way for the future of vape technology. And while they sell some ridiculously high-end units, they also offer one of the best bargains in the cannabis industry (if you are looking for a cheap vape option), which is the game-changing Source 10cig Quartz Vape Pen that sells for a whopping $9.95.

In terms of pedigree, Source Vapes is an American company that designs and manufactures their products right here in the USA to the highest of standards. They ensure each aspect of the end result has been through rigorous testing and calibration. This sets them apart from a lot of the competition, which apparently has no moral issue with boxing up a piece of e-cig garbage and selling it for $149.

Also, with a wide range of customizable vaporizers to choose from, you can really tailor the vaping experience to your specific wants and needs. Or if dab nails are more your thing, there is a selection of high-quality atomizers that are compatible with the nails in a few different materials, including silicon carbide and quartz.

With the cannabis industry continuing to grow, and with more people turning to vaporizers as a healthier and more affordable method of weed consumption, Source Vapes has no doubt got you covered; the last time we checked, in fact, they had something like three dozen different vape-specific products for sale on their site.  Also, with regular updates and new products being brought to the market all the time, they are more than keeping up with the rest of the players in the game.

Source Vapes is also well known for their full satisfaction guarantee and straightforward warranty, which covers you on all bases. Unlike a lot of “brands” in the (largely unregulated) cannabis industry, they are an incredibly transparent and honest company to buy from.

So if you’re looking for some high quality source vape reviews, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be taking an in-depth look at a few of their most popular products, their key features, and how they hold up against one another. If you’ve been in the market for a fresh new vape or nail but don’t wanna get burned (pun intended) and splash out hundreds on a garbage device, stick around to see which Source vape might be the best one for you… because they’ve sure as heck got something for everyone!

Source Orb 4 Review: The “Oval Legend”

source orb 4 review

We couldn’t start this review without giving you a general overview of the Source Orb 4. At the time of this writing, The Source Orb 4 was currently on sale for $34.49 from $49.95 (the complete kit was also on sale for $79.99 from $99.95). In the grand scheme of things, this is really a pretty good deal as the Orb series vape pen has always been as sleek as it is effective.

Also, the Source Orb 4 is no doubt a welcomed evolution on the Orb 3, and is a vape pen that features a 2nd generation variable airflow system that allows for the best possible cloud. Made from a stunning stainless steel body (and Grade 2 titanium e-nail) that you can get in a range of metallic colors, it is one of the best-looking vape pens out there.

General Features of the Source Orb 4:

  • 4 Different Atomizers
  • Stainless Steel 303 build
  • Magnetic lock for easier loading
  • 2nd Gen. Variable Airflow System
  • USA Lab-certifies 100% Real Grade 1 Titanium Coils
  • USA Lab-certifies 100% Real Grade 2 Titanium Buckets
  • USA Lab-Certified Food-Grade ceramic
  • Source nail (10mm) Titanium coil-less atomizer with removable bucket

Is there more to know about the Source Orb 4? Hell yeah, but we will get to that shortly. First of all lets start with its predecessor, the Source Orb 3.

The Source Orb 3 represents one of the highest quality portable units within its price bracket. You can get the Source Orb 3 Prem2 Kit (which includes a Quartz double coil), for example, for just $39.95 (on sale from $79.95)! This unit boasts “low temperatures and huge rips,” and is an award winning vaporizer that’s a great option for those not looking to spend a fortune.

Source Orb 3 Review

source orb 3 kit review

The Orb 3 Prem2 kit is not only incredibly affordable, but it comes with some fantastic high quality additions such as six of the x3 series atomizers – a couple of which are really cool (namely the double coil quartz and terra ones).

The Orb 3 utilizes two quartz atomizers instead of the more common ceramic ones of the past, which really adds a purity to the flavor of your smoke. Some consumers may not be too fussed on this aspect though (especially if you are on a budget), but for such a reasonable price it only makes sense to us to get the best quality materials!

This device features four new air holes that you can cover with a twist of the pen, which allows you to control the air intake on each draw. Also, we love the option and versatility that comes with this product, and for as little as $79.95 (currently on sale for $39.99), it is well worth the purchase.

Source Orb 3 Features:

  • Exclusive Splash Cap design
  • 6 different atomizers to choose from
  • Source volt Nano battery
  • 3 different temperature settings
  • Built-in Silicone container on the bottom of the battery
  • Travel friendly

Source Orb 4 Review

source 4 vape

Along with batteries and individual parts, there are two kits to choose from in the Orb 4 series: the Premium Kit (Quartz Coil-less & Double Coil Vape Pen), and the Orb 4 Signature Kit (Quartz Temp Control Vape Pen).

Both of these sets will kit you out with the essentials, and neither of them will break the bank. They both offer the stunning design of the Orb pen with the much desired luxury atomizers that set Source apart from a lot of their competitors.

Starting off with the cheaper of the two coming in at $99.95 (currently on sale for $79.99), let’s take a full look at everything you get!

Orb 4 Premium Kit Features:

  • 6 Different Atomizers
  • Quartz Coil-less SOURCE nail (10mm) atomizer
  • Stainless Steel 303 build
  • Magnetic Lock for easier loading
  • 2nd Gen. Variable Airflow System (VAS) with 5 Settings
  • USA Lab-Certified 100% Real Grade 1 Titanium Coils (Purest Titanium)
  • USA Lab-Certified 100% Real Grade 2 Titanium Buckets
  • USA Lab-Certified Food-Grade Ceramic
  • SOURCE nail (10mm) Titanium Coil-less atomizer with removable bucket
  • Sub-Ohm SOURCE Orb 4 Premium battery with 8 settings.

As you can see, you get a lot for your money with a Source kit, and what we really love about this vape in particular is the sleek and sexy design – even people who don’t know what the hell it is will likely comment on it.

Weighing in just a tad heavier than other similarly-priced vape pens, though, this can end up being quite a bulky unit once it is all put together (which does take away from the generally discreet nature of vape pens). But if the less-than-optimal stealth factor doesn’t bother, we think you’ll love it.

The battery includes eight settings, which essentially gives you the power to control the intensity of the heat. So whether you want some powerful rips or need to preserve longevity, they have it all thought out. Also, the cloud you get from this vaporizer is super smooth and with plenty of airflow, it is really easy to take nice deep pulls with minimal impact on your throat and lungs.

Of course there is also the Source Orb 4 Signature Kit, which will set you back $199.95. For the extra cash you can get yourself more atomizers, a 60-watt temp control battery and a super sleek battery mod that delivers a nice extra touch.

Orb 4 Signature Kit Features:

  • 9 Different Atomizers
  • Stainless Steel 303 build
  • Magnetic Lock for easier loading
  • 2nd Gen. Variable Airflow System (VAS) w/ 5 Settings
  • USA Lab-Certified 100% Real Grade 1 Titanium Coils (Purest Titanium!)
  • USA Lab-Certified 100% Real Grade 2 Titanium Buckets
  • USA Lab-Certified Food-Grade Ceramic
  • Quartz Coil-less SOURCE nail atomizer
  • Ceramic Coil-less SOURCE nail atomizer
  • Titanium Coil-less SOURCE nail atomizer
  • 3x SOURCE nail (10mm) Coil-less atomizer w/ Removable Buckets
  • Real Temperature Control battery (200F – 700F)
  • Removable Battery

The box mod on this device is really great, and it lets you take a look at all the info necessary on the nice sized screen. The battery cover attaches to this device magnetically and the battery itself is fully removable. Also, the Terra 2 and Ceramic Nail atomizers that come in the signature kit are an extra addition (that you don’t get in the Premium Kit), but it no doubt adds a unique twist to what’s already a great starter set.

The Source Orb XL Review

source orb xl

The Source Orb XL is the big daddy of the Orb collection, and comes in a handy travel kit for $149.95 (or as it is with x3 concentrate atomizers for $59.95). Overall it is a pretty “ace” little piece of equipment that boasts an ultra-sturdy stainless steel body in a sleek black chrome color.

Source Orb XL Features:

  • 3x Different Concentrate Atomizers
  • Stainless Steel 303 build
  • 5x Variable Airflow Settings
  • Quad Coil for Monster Hits or All-Day Hits w/ .5g Capacity
  • SOURCE core All-Ceramic atomizer w/ .5g Capacity
  • Quartz Coil-less SOURCE nail Max atomizer
  • USA Lab-Certified 100% Real Grade 1 Titanium Coils (Purest Titanium!)
  • Works with 20+ Different atomizers
  • Easy-to-clean removable coil-less buckets
  • 510 Threaded

Source Orb Slim: The “Source” for Ultra-Discreet Vaping

source slim 4

In our Orb Slim review we found that this super discreet little unit heats up in less than 10 seconds, and offers a range of impressive features that are all packaged into a super-slim (duh) black casing. The Slim comes in at a mere 10 mm in diameter, which makes it one of the most portable and travel friendly vaporizers out there.

For $29.99, you can also get your hands on the Slim 3 Travel Kit, which includes all of the following:

  • 2x Quartz atomizers
  • SOURCE volt nano Battery w/ Built-in Container
  • 3 Series atomizers w/ Splash Cap
  • Air Carb for Big Hits
  • USA-tested Titanium Alloy & Food-Grade Ceramic
  • Works with 6x Different 3 Series atomizers
  • 5 Settings Variable Airflow
  • 3 Temp/Voltage Settings
  • 510 eGo threaded

A slightly sleeker design than the original Source Orb Slim vape, the metal mouthpiece and pocket friendly design makes it incredibly popular amongst those who want to remain discreet. With an adjustable airflow similar to that from the first generation of devices, the Slim is great for those wanting super big clouds or even a quick little slurp of flavor.

Source Vape Atomizers

source orb atomizer


Perhaps the most defining feature of Source products is their high-quality and technically advanced range of atomizers. These low temperature atomizers come in a variety of materials as to cater for everyone’s needs.

Source Series 4 atomizers include:

  • Triple Coil – Quartz / Black Ceramic
  • Double Coil – Quartz / Black Ceramic / White Ceramic
  • Single Coil – Quartz
  • Coil less – Terra 2 / Terra 2 with Terra Core
  • SOURCE Nail 10mm – Quartz / Titanium / Ceramic /
  • Nail Max 10mm – Quartz / Titanium / Ceramic/ Silicone Carbide

Source XL Series atomizers include:

  • 2X the capacity of the 4 series, developed for elite vape pen users.
  • Triple Coil- Quartz
  • Quad Coil – Black Ceramic
  • Coil less – SOURCE Core / SOURCE terra disc XL
  • Rip Coil – Kanthal / Stainless Steel / Clapton / Titanium
  • Nail XL 13mm – Quartz / Titanium / Ceramic / Silicon Carbide

Source XXL Series atomizers include:

  • 15mm Nail XXL – Quartz / Titanium / Ceramic / Silicon Carbide

After a run down of all the different variations of Source Vape atomizers, it is no wonder that the brand is leading the industry from the front in terms of progression and technological standards. But what is the deal with the level of variety, and do different materials really even make all that much of a difference in terms of performance? Let’s take a closer look.

  • Quartz Coil-less atomizer: A rarity in the market, this super luxury material offers great low-temperature concentrate pulls, and fastens in a way that ensures your concentrates never come into contact with the heating element. Not to mention, of the entire lot of Source vapes, the flavor that pulls through the Quartz is in a league of its own.
  • Titanium coil-less atomizer: We have seen a fair few titanium atomizers floating around, and they are no doubt super durable and heat up fast. However what sets Source apart here is their Titanium engineering, which is USA tested for grade quality. The buckets in these atomizers are removable, which makes them super easy to clean after use.
  • Black Ceramic double coil atomizer: Source continues to impress with their unusual approach to everyday vaping, and the black ceramic double coil atomizer is yet another unique selling point here. The black ceramic rods work better to absorb and vaporize the more fluid concentrates, as they are more porous than things like shatter, butter, or wax.
  • White Ceramic Double Coil Atomizer: Incorporating high quality grade 1 titanium coils, this is a wonderful option for those who prefer a waxy concentrate over oils and other more viscous concentrates. This particular atomizer if great for sturdy and robust smokes, as it’ll produce a cloud that may just end up in a visit from the fire department (kidding).
  • Quartz Single and Double Coil Atomizers: Both the Quartz single and double coil atomizers boast high quality titanium coils that are encased in 1 or 2 quartz rods. They make for a great and smooth smoke — perfect every time!

The Source E-nail Review

source nail

In the greater vaping world, a Source titanium nail is something that’s worth its weight in gold (how’s that for irony?). They have always been a popular option for cannabis lovers, and are super durable and heat up with ease. Many consumers believe Titanium nails can distort the flavor of your smoke, though, so that may be something to consider. Or you can choose quartz nail instead, which we talk about below).

All in all, deciding between quartz vs titanium e-nails is a very personal choice, and really just depends on what your specific needs are. Titanium is pretty great for the environment as it releases very little harmful gasses, which many nails can do. However if you want the purest tasting smoke you may opt for something more “suave” such as quartz. What we love, all things considered, is that a source nail is compatible with a range of devices, which make them a good investment in the long run if you plan on being a “long term” vaper.

Like we said, though, if titanium isn’t your thing then your other option would be the quartz nail, which is less seen across the industry as it is less durable than ti. Naturally, if you are opting for quartz you will be spending more money, however the fine flavor and environmentally friendly aspects make it a popular choice for many.

There are plenty of benefits to choosing quartz crystal nails, as they can withstand heat and heat up very quickly. They’re also pretty durable (although not as durable as titanium), and they look great!

It is worth noting that while quartz nails heat up quicker than most, they also cool down quicker – meaning you have to act fast in some cases to vape your cannabis otherwise it may not end well — and product could be wasted, which is the ultimate party foul!

Whether you make the decision to go with either a quartz or titanium nail, though, you’ll still be faced with the not-so-fun task of having to clean the sucker.

How To Clean Titanium E Nail

Cleaning up after yourself can make all the difference when it comes to the quality of your smoke and how long your device actually lasts. Titanium in particular is very easy to maintain as long as you do it regularly — we recommend after every use!

The most straightforward way to clean your titanium e nail would be using the Q-Tip method, which is as simple as it sounds. Using a clean Q-Tip and some isopropyl alcohol, simply go around the inside of your nail after every session. This method won’t damage your coil (which can be really sensitive when touched), and it is super fast.

For those who have neglected their cleaning duties for some time, though, the Q-Tip method is less likely to have much affect if there has been a heavy build-up of residue. If this is you, then you simply need to allow around twenty minutes for your nail to soak in some ispropyl alcohol. This is ideal for coil-less buckets, however if you are using this method on a coil atomizer it is important to ensure it is fully dried out before you use it again.

Also, it’s relevant to point out that many of the Source products have 510 nail threading, meaning the threading is on the inside of the battery. While some 510 devices will generally fit on other batteries (such as the eGo), there are many items that will not fit.

This prompted Source vapes to bring out the nail XL, which is a 510-eRig attachment made to cater for those who prefer to take their rig on the go! The XL comes with three different nail atomizers, including Titanium, Ceramic or Quartz, and the 510-threaded temperature control box mod allows for total temp control while you’re out and about, making it super versatile and easy to use!

Alright, so back to cleaning your vape. Unlike Titanium, you are unlikely to get a major improvement simply by using Q-Tips if you are wondering how to clean a quartz nail. While it may work to remove some left over oil, it will not completely clean things.

With quartz being a luxury purchase for most of us, it is important to get the most longevity out of it as possible, which really means keeping on top of the cleaning! (I.e. they’re not like a nail for bong where you can just neglect them for weeks at a time). There are a range of cleaning solutions on the market, however most are unsafe to use with quartz and can be toxic.

To avoid any dangerous scenarios, we recommend using a natural cleaner such as the Dark Crystal Clear Glass cleaner, which uses non-chlorinated water and all-natural ingredients!

Regardless of the method you opt for, it is important to ensure you get in there at the right temperature, because too hot and your cleaning solution will quickly vaporize away into nothing, and too cold and you will get very little joy from your efforts (and the Q-tip or cloth you use may leave behind sticky fibers).

Quartz Vs. Titanium Nail

Both titanium and quartz e-nails offer their own unique benefits and what suits one may not suit another. However that being said, let’s take a look at the facts when it comes to these two materials for the best nail.

Titanium is perhaps the most well-known material for this purpose, as it heats up fast, is hard to break and is pretty environmentally safe. You can get your product ready for consumption in less than 30 seconds with a titanium nail, and it will keep it hot for as long as you need it.

However, many people believe titanium alters the flavor of their vapor, which is a common reason why people may choose to move from titanium to something like quartz. If you are a clumsy stoner then titanium could be perfect for you as it is unlikely to ever break – however if you are all about the taste, then perhaps quartz is more for you!

Quartz nails take the least amount of time to reach the desired temperature, with around a 5-10 second waiting time to be expected. This is a major bonus for many who don’t want to wait ages for a quick puff. However, in comparison to the titanium nail quartz has a harder time retaining heat, meaning that once it is ready, you need to be fast.

Without a doubt the biggest selling point for quartz is the pure and delicious flavor that it retains. With quartz you guarantee a flavor that is exactly how it should be, with no other tastes involved!


Sig2 Kit – Portable eNail & Vape Pen Review

One of the pricier packages that Source offers, the Signature 2 Kit checks in at $249.95 but is currently available for just $174.99, which is a huge discount for such a fantastic kit!

The kit combines the much loved Source Nail XL with one of the best vape pens to come up with the first-ever 510 portable eRig that not only includes coil-free atomizers, but also can be used with almost all of the brand’s other atomizers (including the 3 series, 4 series, XL and XXL!).


Coming with high-quality titanium, ceramic and quartz atomizers, along with the opportunity to use over 30 other unique atomizers with it – it is by far one of the most versatile kits going.

You could really have some fun with this if you were to splash out on all the different possible attachments. If you are looking for an upgrade but don’t want to spend loads on a brand new package, for example, a couple of shiny new accessories would see you exploring something different at half the cost!

The vape itself is super easy to set up and only really requires a small amount of wax to get a great hit. Moreover the lighting on this vape is a simple read too, and isn’t anything too fancy while offering loads in terms of aesthetic appeal.

From choosing your own temperature to customizing the way it smokes, you could spend hours playing around with the Source Nail XL – a super portable and great to use device  that we absolutely love.

Source 10Cig: The $10 Quartz Vape Pen

source 10cig

The Source 10cig is one for those who are after a real budget option, but with a huge difference that is very rare to find amongst the vape market! For just $9.95, you can get your hands on the Source Quartz Vape pen, better known as the 10cig.

While it may only set you back $10, this vape doesn’t hold back on quality, with a sleek and economical design it is super small without losing any power.

Perhaps one of the most agile and elegant vaporizers we’ve seen, the 10cig includes 3 temperatures, a metal mouthpiece for a nice cool smoke, and air carb holes to control the air intake (which allows you to make big or small clouds). There really is a lot you get for your money here, which has led to Source to being one of the most popular brands in terms of an ability to cater to both budget and luxury weed lovers.

Source Vape Review: Let’s Sum Up The Results

Making any sense of the Source vape review can be a whole lot to try and take in if you are not well up on your “vape knowledge,” especially when it comes to Source as they offer so much variety and choice. If you have found yourself here then you have taken the first steps towards learning all you need to know about the Source brand, and hopefully are closer to knowing which device would suit you and your lifestyle.

For those looking to spend very little, but still want something reliable to hold, the 10cig is without a doubt the perfect vaporizer, especially for the beginner! However, those who are a little more advanced may opt for one of the e nails, which boast versatility and portability — a rarity in these types of products and in this industry.

From the Source Orb through to the nail and the huge array of incredibly high-quality atomizers, Source are way above many other vape companies for their sheer continuity of quality products at great prices.

When it comes to an overall winner, it is too close to call! It really depends upon consumer preferences; while the Orb 4 unique bulb design may look great, for some it may be far too bulky and obvious, while someone else may prefer that bold look to the more discreet vape such as the Slim.

Quality wise there is no winner, as each product that Source brings to the market is simply packed full of care and attention. Regardless of cost, (i.e. whether you spend $10 or $300), they still use the finest quality materials.

So which do you prefer the look of? Are you a nail kind of smoker or do you prefer a quick “puff and go” device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Check out the Best Prices over at – the industry’s leading vape resource.

All photos are courtesy of sourcevapes.

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