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The Best Desktop Vaporizers for 2021

Tired of having a smoking experience filled with toxins and carcinogens and very little flavor? A desktop vaporizer may be the resolution for all your marijuana needs. Discover our top 5 picks for desktop vaporizers, an easy to use yet high tech way to get your daily dose of THC. Best of all, no carcinogens, very little scent and the convenience of an at-home set-up. No more having to search around the house for your bong or pipe, desktop vaporizers are your solution:

1. Herbalizer Vaporizer


  • Use intuitively with an easily functioning balloon bag; squeeze, attach and fill with pure vapor.
  • Choose from multiple modes: freestyle or steamroller, have your vapor in the air or in your lungs.
  • Adjust heat settings to accurately control your vaping experience and customize the benefits of your oils, herbs and more!
  • Made in the USA: support local businesses and American-made products.
  • Forget to shut off your device? Features auto-shut off and sleep mode function.

Check out the Herbalizer Vaporizer here

2. Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

arizer extreme q vaporizer

  • Sleek and hi-tech look: with midnight chrome finish and clear LCD view.
  • Arrives with many accessories: including a remote control to easily set up your device.
  • Quiet Desktop Vaporizer due to a new quieter fan function and cooling fan, plus multiple fan speed settings.
  • Features a Lifetime Warranty, don’t ever worry about losing money on this device!
  • Vape herb, waxes, oils and concentrates from this all-in-one device.

Check out the Arizer Extreme Q here

3. Plenty Vaporizer

plenty vaporizer

  • Intelligent and cool design that is durable- handheld style similar to a hi-tech looking bong.
  • Lightweight, only weighing 1.5 pounds for easy transport and a 3 year warranty.
  • 90 second heat up time with temperature control, to find the perfect way to heat up your herb for only the best large, dense vapor clouds.
  • Large herb filling chamber, less time spent refilling and more time spent vaping!
  • A extremely efficient steel cooling coil guarantees an aromatic and pleasant vaping experience.

Check out the Plenty Vaporizer Here

4. Da Buddha Vaporizer

 da buddha vaporizer

  • Durable and unique construction, with an earthy yet simple design for a sleek vaping experience.
  • Guaranteed 100 percent convection and NO combustion: keep your herb safe and fresh.
  • Extremely cost efficient for the quality and features a 3 year warranty to cover all your vaping needs.
  • Hands free connection for simplicity, multi-task and smoke vape simultaneously.
  • 90 second heat-up time and brilliant customer reviews!

Check out the Da Buddha Vaporizer here

5. Vapir Rise Vaporizer

vapir rise vaporizer

  • Super quiet operation with a no fan mode option.
  • Vape your favorite dry herb and waxes/oils with a dual functioning system.
  • Dual functioning with both a balloon and whip option, choose how you want to smoke your vape!
  • 90 second heat up time so your can vape quickly and easily.
  • Features a 2 year warranty, Vapir has you covered!

Check out the Vapor Rise Here

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