Terpsolate: Explained for Dummies

Within the marijuana world, there seems to be an infinite array of different types of marijuana products; not only do you have the regular different strains and varieties of marijuana bud designed for smoking or vaping, but you also have the myriad different extraction methods, paraphernalia, and concentrates.

Although to an average, inexperienced marijuana user the idea of marijuana concentrates might seem strange, in truth, there are more types of concentrates and marijuana oils than there are regular ways of smoking weed.

However, in recent years a new type of product has appeared with an even stranger name than all the other types of weed products: Terpsolate.

So, what actually is terpsolate, and how are you supposed to imbibe it?

What Is a Terpsolate & What Is It Made From?

A terpsolate is an exceptionally strangely named product; it sounds a bit like it should be some kind of cleaning product, perhaps something that is exceptionally good at blasting dust mites or some other banal household task.

In actual fact, a terpsolate is a great example of both the ingenuity of the marijuana community and its use of portmanteaus; a terpsolate is a CBD isolate mixed with the terpenes of a particular strain of marijuana, so as to combine both the flavor and medicinal benefits of both.

The reason this exists is that as the marijuana community grows and more and more people begin buying marijuana products, there is always going to be an endlessly expanding number of people who want different things.

CBD isolates were originally made for those that absolutely didn’t want anything other than CBD within their body, but then this still dissatisfied those that desire the beneficial terpenes that usually come with regular full spectrum CBD oil.

Thus, a compromise was needed, and terpsolate was born.

However, to fully understand what terpsolate actually is and how it is made, it is first necessary to explore and explain the two main ingredients of terpsolate: CBD isolate and terpenes.

What is CBD Isolate & How is It Made?

CBD isolate is, as the name would imply, a solution of CBD that has been completely isolated from any and all additional cannabinoids or other chemical compounds, so as to create an entirely pure CBD product.

The reason that CBD isolates exist at all is because the standard CBD product, CBD oil, contains a mix of additional terpenes and other cannabinoids that are extracted naturally along with the CBD during the extraction process; this is a problem for some people, as they would prefer only to imbibe exactly the CBD that they are looking for.

CBD isolate was thus developed, as it is a way to offer the customer nothing more than the purest CBD and whatever composite, inert oil was chosen as the method of delivery.

To produce CBD isolate, CBD-rich marijuana plants (or possibly even industrial hemp plants) are put through an extraction process known as supercritical CO2 extraction. This means that carbon dioxide is pressurized and heated to extremely high temperatures, which allows it to pass through substances far more comfortably than it would when it is a liquid, yet still be able to carry off chemical compounds like it was a gas.

This supercritical gas/liquid then passes through hemp plants and removes the CBD and other cannabinoids; manufacturers are able to discern what substances are removed based on different temperatures to which they heat the CO2.

This resultant mixture is then immersed in cool inert oil, usually coconut oil or hemp seed oil.

If you simply bottled this and then sold it, you’d be left with full spectrum CBD oil – it would be filled with CBD, but also with a variety of other cannabinoids, terpenes and even a not-insignificant quantity of THC.

For those that are against the idea of putting other cannabinoids within their bodies, the CBD oil then undergoes an additional two steps, known as filtration and winterization. Filtration is simple enough; the mixture is filtered through a variety of differently sized filters designed to catch and remove different chemical compounds.

Once that it is done, the final mixture is then frozen; this process, known as winterization, allows manufacturers to completely freeze the CBD Oil, then gradually thaw it out at different temperatures. This works because different chemical compounds, and thus other cannabinoids and terpenes, freeze and thaw at different temperatures and different rates, allowing the manufacturer to decide what he or she wants to keep in their CBD oil.

For making CBD isolate, everything except the coconut or hemp seed oil and the CBD is removed, leaving behind only absolutely pure CBD oil. This resultant CBD isolate had a period of intense popularity in recent years, partly due to a fear of prosecution in the USA and the UK as a result of the varying levels of THC within individual full spectrum CBD oils – even though there would never be any quantity of THC within CBD oil necessary to get you high, many governments set arbitrarily low limits on the quantity of THC allowed within CBD products.

As the legal limit for THC content in CBD content varies from country to country, and even state to state, it makes it very difficult to be able to reliably buy CBD oil that you know is going to be safe to use in different locations.

Thus, CBD isolate became the CBD product of the moment for several years, often competing in popularity against full spectrum CBD oil. However, a not insignificant number of people took issue with this, as it meant there was less choice on offer for other CBD products that aren’t just isolate; for these people, the inclusion of natural terpenes was incredibly important to the CBD oil experience.

But what are terpenes? How do they help improve the quality of the CBD experience?

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are another one of those things with an incredibly complicated sounding name but are actually incredibly common and straightforward to understand. If you have ever walked through a pine forest and smelled that intensely earthy, uniquely pine-like smell, you have experienced terpenes.

Terpenes are a natural chemical compound found within plants that produce what we know as individual plants’ signature smells and flavors. Every major smell that you can associate with a plant, from lavender to lemon oil, comes from a terpene.

Terpenes are a result of all plants’ evolutionary history in creating natural compounds to try and repel predators; interestingly enough, the chemical compound responsible for making chili peppers so hot, known as capsaicin, is thought to have originally been a terpene millions of years ago.

Terpenes exist in plants to act as natural defense mechanisms against bugs and other things that might kill plants, but they also have a myriad of effects on the human body – effects that we are able to harvest and utilize in our day to day lives.

For example, the pleasant smelling fragrance of lavender is well known for being able to induce the sensation of relaxation and calm, as well as just generally soothing stressed minds and making the world seem a better place.

This reaction isn’t just association; the lavender terpene, known as linalool, induces these physiological effects as a result of interacting with our body’s nervous system. It is, quite literally, scientific fact that lavender can help you relax.

However, these terpenes aren’t just limited to the plants that make them famous; most plants possess some combination of many different terpenes, all muddling together to produce their own individual flavors and aroma profiles.

Marijuana is one plant that manages to combine a myriad of different terpenes, all of them in a low enough concentration to not overwhelm the natural smell of the marijuana plant, but still large enough to induce specific effects.

It is an individual marijuana plant’s terpene composition that creates its signature effects, such as whether or not it encourages you to fall asleep and become couch locked, like with an indica, or to encourage focus and massive energy, like a sativa.

These terpenes are noticeable in their effects and are thus extremely useful in our everyday lives – this is why many people prefer to have terpenes within their CBD oil products, so that they can enjoy not only the benefits of CBD oil but also the variety of different effects from the unique blend of terpenes found within each marijuana plant.

Final Thoughts on Terpsolates?

Despite its strangely clinical sounding name, terpsolate is nothing more than a CBD product that seeks to combine the advantages of CBD isolate with the usefulness and effectiveness of terpenes, all into one useable product.

Terpsolate is perfect for those cannabis users that want to experience the usefulness and medicinal properties of CBD oil while still being able to enjoy the effects of the natural terpenes. The primary reason to pick this over regular CBD oil that comes with both CBD and terpenes included is if you are worried about any kind of THC making its way into your body.

Whether you are worried about your body’s reaction to regular THC, or if you are just afraid of what your government might think if they find you buying and carrying a product with even the tiniest amount of THC within it, then terpsolates might just be the perfect product for you.