Ginger Ale | Cannabis Strain Review

Ginger Ale Strain Overview
Intensely flavorful and massively sedating, this is a strain that requires you to clear your schedule for a few hours.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Body high/numbing
Growing info
Easy enough to grow, but the seeds are almost impossible to find, making this one a real challenge for growers.

There are untold numbers of soft drinks available these days, all with their own unique flavor. But what should you do if you want the taste of your favorite soft drink in marijuana form?

This desire might seem improbable, but for any experienced marijuana smoker, it is practically a daily struggle. With all the thousands of marijuana flavors out there, surely there must be one that has precisely the taste that you want?

For lovers of ginger ale, which is easily the best soft drink, there is the aptly named Ginger Ale strain. Let’s take a look and find out whether or not it really has that spicy, creamy taste that ginger ale is supposed to have.

What Is the Ginger Ale Strain?

Spicy, sweet and vaguely floral are the chief flavors of ginger ale and is one of the reasons why it is one of the world’s most popular soft drinks. While many people use it as a great stomach settler for traveling, it also has its place in all kinds of cocktails and recipes.

As a marijuana strain, it’s a little different.

The Ginger Ale strain is a cross between Cinderella 88 and Café Girl, two intriguingly rare strains themselves. Despite its parent strains being low intensity, Ginger Ale is a potent marijuana strain, well-known for its strong effects.

The Ginger Ale strain is useful for switching off and shutting down, inducing a potent indica effect. This strain needs to come with a substantial word of warning.

You won’t just feel like sitting down – your body will almost shut down, incapable of doing anything other than sitting down and laughing to yourself.

It’s a very mental high, replete with plenty of happiness and bursts of silly laughter. You will also notice a profound sense of creativity and mental energy that makes you want to pick up a creative task.

Unfortunately, you won’t really be able to do anything with this newfound energy and creativity, because your body will simply refuse to participate. You will like there lazily, incapable of even raising a limb to ask for help getting up.

This might prove too much for some people, so make sure you know what you are getting into before trying Ginger Ale.


Considering the name of this strain, it would make sense to assume that it has a primarily ginger aroma, but you would actually be quite wrong in that regard.

Instead of the overt spiciness of ginger, you will be hit with a mostly floral, slightly tangy aroma that reminds you more of marigolds than it does of ginger ale. It is only when you start to get a bit closer to the bud and break it up that you recognize its ginger qualities.

It’s quite oriental, and indeed spicy, but only once you get a strong whiff of the bud and you can get close to the trichomes.


The primary flavor of the Ginger Ale strain is far more similar to a flower shop than a soft drink dispensary, but it is still surprisingly tasty regardless.

As you break it open by grinding it, and then finally smoke up, you really get a chance to experience the full force of its flavor. The main component of the taste is a very distinct spiciness that is a bit similar to a dash of mild chili pepper.

However, if you give it a chance to work its magic and exhale in one long, deep breath, you will start to notice a vague tingling sensation like what a strong glass of ginger ale would give you. In a way, the Ginger Ale strain tastes a bit like, well, ginger ale!


The bud of the Ginger Ale strain is oddly compact and dense, looking a bit like a tight ball of fuzz dropped in the corner of your room. Before you go blowing on it to clear it off, make sure you don’t waste the valuable white trichomes that dot the surface. These trichomes are responsible for that amazing flavor and intensity, so make sure you don’t waste them.

There is plenty of tidy green and vaguely yellow coloration underneath the bud as well, but you almost have to dig through the trichomes and pistils to find it.

If you want to experience the delight of growing your own Ginger Ale, so as to best experience its appearance, what do you need to know to do it right?

Ginger Ale Strain Grow Info

The tricky problem with trying to grow Ginger Ale is that there are few Ginger Ale strain seeds available. No matter where you look, you will be hard-pressed to try and find some.

If you are lucky enough to know someone that is already growing it, you might be able to use a cutting of their plant; but other than that, you will have a hard time even finding it in dispensaries.

However, if you do manage to get a hold of some Ginger Ale seeds, then growing them isn’t too tricky.

Though info is scarce, this is a reasonably hardy plant that does not require an exceptional amount of skill to grow. The key thing is to keep it well trimmed and fed with high-nitrogen feed. Otherwise, it risks not giving you a high yield at the end.

As a fairly well-balanced hybrid, it doesn’t grow too tall, nor too wide, but you still want to try and encourage some more sideways growth. It’s the sideways growth that produces the harvestable bud that you desire, so make sure you keep trimming it.

You only need to cut off the very tip of the Ginger Ale plant as it tries to grow upwards. This promotes lateral growth and makes the whole plant grow better, preserving its energy for things that matter.

THC Content – Highest Test

Despite coming from two relatively mild strains, Ginger Ale cannabis is positively filled with THC. Most samples record a massive 25% THC concentration, which is enough to overwhelm you – no matter your level of experience.

This is why Ginger Ale is well known for producing effects of total physical lockdown once you take it, and why it is important not to let beginners try Ginger Ale. Too much THC at any one time can feel far too overstimulating, leading to some pretty adverse reactions.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unfortunately, as tends to happen with pretty much all high THC strains, Ginger Ale does not really have any CBD content at all. This is because it was all bred out as part of the mysterious growing practices that went into the creation of both Ginger Ale itself, and its parents.

If you are looking for a strong dose of CBD from your weed, you would be best suited to trying it elsewhere.

But what about the medical benefits of Ginger Ale? Are there still useful effects, even though it doesn’t have any CBD?

Medical Benefits of the Ginger Ale Strain

The Ginger Ale strain is well-known for its intensely sedating effects, so someone who struggles to relax would really enjoy this strain.

This effect also makes it useful for those with a disorder like anxiety or depression. It helps stave off any feelings of low self-worth, or other negative thoughts, as you won’t be able to feel anything but happiness.

Ginger Ale also has a great deal of use as a way to treat insomnia. After smoking even a little bit of Ginger Ale, you will find yourself utterly incapable of staying awake after an hour has elapsed. If you struggle with falling asleep due to stress or insomnia, this is the strain for you.

Finally, treatment of chronic or frequent pain is a great reason to take Ginger Ale, as the combination of high THC and plentiful happiness makes this a great strain for pain sufferers. Your pain receptors are essentially deactivated, and your entire body feels relieved and calm.

What about potential side effects?

Possible Side Effects of the Ginger Ale Strain

The main problem with the Ginger Ale strain is the sheer quantity of the THC it contains. With upwards of 25% THC in every batch, this strain has the potential to utterly and completely overwhelm you if you are not careful.

This means that, while you will certainly suffer from dry mouth and dry eyes, you could potentially suffer other side effects as well.

For example, expect to feel a headache if you smoke too much at once, beginning at the back of your eyes and shifting upwards. This kind of headache is typical for strong strains but is particularly bad with Ginger Ale.

Furthermore, you can expect to find a brief onset of anxiety or paranoia if you imbibe far too much Ginger Ale. This is possibly due to the complete lack of CBD found within this strain. Regardless of its reason or origin, people with concerns over these conditions should likely avoid taking any Ginger Ale.

The key thing, though, is to make sure that you don’t smoke too much at once. As long as you moderate your intake of Ginger Ale and remain smart about what you are doing to your body, you will likely be fine.

Of course, taking it easy, drinking lots of water, and having plenty of pillows doesn’t hurt either.

Final Thoughts on the Ginger Ale Strain

While the Ginger Ale strain might possess the same body soothing and stomach-settling effects of its namesake drink, it’s a bit more hard-hitting. The risks associated with imbibing Ginger Ale relate to its noticeable effects that hit right away.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on some Ginger Ale, make sure you enjoy it with plenty of moderation. You don’t want to waste your rare chance to experience this potent hybrid while huddled in a corner, unable to move your arms and feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, do you?