5 Best Cannabis Strains If You’re Feeling Adventurous

There’s nothing better than getting lost in the wilderness. However, we live in a world where we’re at the constant beck and call of our screens, expected to reply immediately to every e-mail and phone call. It can all get a bit overwhelming, leaving you in need of a well-earned adventure.

If you’re lucky enough to live nearby some hiking trails, then burning some energy on a good old-fashioned hike can be the perfect way to get you away from everyday life, but still stimulate your senses. Rather than lazing on the couch all day, hiking is invigorating and fun.

But perhaps you need another way to unwind. For many people, weed provides the ideal mechanism for taking a step back from life and relaxing. So, what if you want to combine the two? Smoking (or eating) marijuana before or during a hike can actually be an incredible activity.

You get to relax – forget about all those tasks you need to complete – and drink in nature’s beauty with a mentally stimulating cannabis strain. And even with a disconnect from technology, you can grab the perfect creative shot for Instagram!

In this guide, we outline five of our top strains to use when you’re feeling adventurous. But first, some tips.

Finding the Perfect Strain for Hiking

There is a vast number of cannabis strains out there, ones that produce all kinds of effects. When looking for the perfect strain to take on a hike, there are several things to consider.

First of all, you want to be energized, not lethargic. As a rule of thumb, sativa strains are energizing, whereas indicas will leave you locked to your couch. As a result, you preferably want to choose a sativa that will keep you motivated on your journey.

Secondly, a strain with euphoric and slightly psychedelic effects will help you to appreciate your surroundings. However, you need to strike a careful balance here, as getting too high and tripping out could spell danger when you’re alone in the wilderness. Try to avoid high-THC strains, because you could end up anxious and paranoid – and that’s the last thing you want!

Finally, we recommend thinking about how and when you’ll be using your pot. You could smoke it, or even make it into an edible, which you can enjoy mid-trek. If choosing an edible, try to find a delicious strain that you can take pleasure in eating.

Safety First!

Safety is paramount when you’re out trekking. Here are some important things to remember if you’re planning on taking cannabis with you:

  • Don’t use cannabis for the first time when you’re hiking. People react in different ways, and you don’t want to end up frightened and anxious.
  • Go low and slow. Don’t take too much at once, because again, you’ll end up anxious.
  • If using a more psychedelic strain, try to stick to trails you know; this reduces the risk of panicking or getting lost.
  • Always go with some friends who can help you out if necessary.
  • Take lots of water with you. Weed can cause dry mouth, and you don’t want to risk getting dehydrated.

Without further ado, here is a list of five energizing and stimulating strains, perfect for exploring nature.

1. Green Crack

Green Crack, famed for Snoop Dogg’s renaming of the strain many years ago, is a wonderful strain for exploring. Despite its intimidating name, Green Crack is not overwhelmingly strong. It has a THC content of 15-20%, which is lower than some strains on the market today.

It’s a sativa-dominant (65%) hybrid with a citrusy aroma. Don’t be fooled, though; Green Crack also packs a decent amount of the earthy scents you expect from cannabis.

The effects of Green Crack are highly cerebral, which is why it’s perfect for adventuring. You’ll be hit with an initial headrush that leaves you feeling creative and uplifted. Many users report feeling quite spiritual and at peace.

You may feel a buzz, but the high is not as psychedelic as you might expect, given its name. As a result, it’s safe to use before light physical activity – just as long as you don’t take much. You should use just enough Green Crack to lighten your spirits and give you some motivation, but you don’t need to go any further than that.

2. Elevation

What better strain to use for hiking than Elevation? This strain is named after its lofty, euphoric effects. You’ll be so happy, you’ll feel like you’ve just conquered Everest!

A blend of Northern Lights #1 and Haze, Elevation is a typically herby and piney strain. The taste is a lot like hash, so traditional cannabis lovers will adore this one. Those with more refined palates may detect hints of sweetness among the smoke.

Almost immediately after toking up, Elevation will have you grinning from ear to ear. However, it can make you feel light and floaty, so you need to be careful with how much you take. After the initial cerebral buzz wears off, you will feel Elevation in both your body on your mind, in the form of pleasant happiness.

Trust us, you’ll feel more content than ever when you’re gazing at the natural landscape while high on Elevation.

3.   Jack Herer

This well-known sativa-leaning hybrid is an ideal fit for numerous situations. Named after the late cannabis advocate, Jack Herer is an amazing strain for a hike with friends. It leaves you feeling uplifted, positive, and super sociable.

The skunky aroma of Jack Herer fits right in with the smells of the forest. It’s dank and earthy, just like nature itself. The smell and flavor is quite complex, but nonetheless enjoyable to seasoned smokers.

The energizing effects kick in almost immediately, leaving you feeling incredibly positive. A little Jack Herer goes a long way, so you don’t need to smoke very much to feel elated. The positive rush you get will leave you astounded and in awe of Mother Nature, making Jack Herer the perfect strain to pack for an adventure.

Another benefit is that Jack Herer is really popular, so you’re likely to run into it at your nearest dispensary.

4.   Bruce Banner

Comic book fans will recognize this strain’s name; it immediately conjures up images of a fearsome green monster. But relax, because the Bruce Banner strain is nowhere near as destructive as The Hulk.

This sweet strain has a delightful flavor, with hints of fruits and strawberries, and a sugary sweetness akin to candy. The high feels a bit like a sugar rush, too, with a euphoric feeling and lots of giggles. Expect to feel energetic and motivated.

In fact, the stimulating effects of Bruce Banner will have you feeling like you can take on the world. You’ll want to climb the tallest mountain and run for miles!

With a THC content of up to 27%, this is not a strain to play around with. Exercise caution and go low and slow with this one.

5.   Super Silver Haze

For many marijuana users, Super Silver Haze is an old reliable. It’s renowned for its mix of citrus and diesel flavors, as well as its uplifting high. Super Silver Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid, with around 70% sativa genetics.

The high is well-balanced. While you will feel uplifted and happy, you will also be calm and chilled out. As a result, this strain is ideal for still doing things while you enjoy – like exploring. The 20% THC content creates this effect, but it’s easy to become overwhelmed if you take too much.

You’ll also have quite a bit of energy, which is great for exploring. Don’t take this strain if you’re planning on sleeping soon, because you’ll not be dozing off for hours to come!

Final Thoughts on Adventurous Cannabis Strains

There really is a cannabis strain to suit every mood and activity. If you’re prepping for a hike, then you can grab one of the above strains to take along with you. Really, any sativa will do, but the happy effects of our five recommendations are perfect for taking in nature.

Just remember that, when out walking, you should be extra careful if you decide to use cannabis. Only use a small amount, and always take friends with you.

Do you have a favorite cannabis strain for adventuring? Let us know what it is in the comments below.

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