The 5 Best Cannabis Strains with a Citrus Flavor

There is nothing more summery than a tasty, citrusy strain. As the weather improves and the early signs of summer start to creep into your garden, there is no better time to put away your warm winter strains and bring out the fresh citrus flavors.

While some are biting and others cloyingly sweet, they all taste of delicious citrus fruits and give you those beautiful summery flavors.

Let’s take a look at some of the best citrus strains and what makes them perfect for the summer months.

#1: Lemon Thai

Lemon Thai not only has a tangy citrus flavor, but it also packs effects to match. A small dose of Lemon Thai is enough to fill you with energy and a sense of motivation. As you grind Lemon Thai buds, you get the very first hint of the burst of citrus to come and the sweet lemony flavor that you cannot help but enjoy.

From your first puff of Lemon Thai’s clear smoke, a wave of delicious citrus flavor floods your taste buds. It’s almost as though you have taken a large swig of homemade lemonade. The tangy sweetness lingers in your mouth, causing a mild tingling sensation and a feeling of energy and excitement.

The effects of Lemon Thai perfectly match with its citrus flavor filling you with motivation and creativity. Lemon Thai is perfect during the afternoon when you start to feel your energy levels lagging. A small dose of Lemon Thai is enough to keep you going and inspired to complete the day’s tasks.

Lemon Thai can also be enjoyable in social situations, freeing your mind and helping you to immerse yourself in thought-provoking conversations. When smoking Lemon Thai with friends, it is easy to lose entire afternoons lost in deep conversations about topics you would not normally discuss.

Lemon Thai goes beyond just the recreational, packing a number of potential medical benefits that come from its mind-clearing upbeat effects. Lemon Thai is often recommended to those who suffer from stress and depression, allowing them to feel productive and positive.

Even in mild cases of pain, Lemon Thai can be useful due to its subtle numbing effects. Lemon Thai is rare in that it can ease pain without leaving you feeling lethargic.

#2: XJ-13

XJ-13 is a sativa-dominant strain that offers a relaxed yet creative high and a sweet citrus flavor. XJ-13 is perfect for first-time smokers thanks to its clear, easy-to-breathe-through smoke and enjoyable flavor profile. The mellow flavor perfectly combines fresh lemon juice with a piney kick that works to balance the citrus.

The blend of pine and lemon is ideal for times when you do not want a strong and overpowering flavor. The woody flavor mutes the bright citrus, making it enjoyable to even the most sensitive palate.

After smoking, you are left with a tangy flavor. It’s much like the sensation after finishing a glass of lemonade, having spent many hours in the sun.

The initial effects of XJ-13 make your mind feel as though it’s racing, filling you with motivation and energy. Over time, the effects start to soften. You retain the initial motivation but in a more relaxed and enjoyable way.

XJ-13 is at its best during the morning, giving you the kick you need to take on the day ahead. Whether you have a long day of chores planned or an adventure-filled day outside, XJ-13 helps you to start your day off right.

In social situations, XJ-13’s effects present themselves in a slightly different way, working to suppress social anxiety and heighten your desire for sociability. You find that you can talk much more freely and feel more confident, even with people you are not close to.

XJ-13 has a relatively high THC content, with the average being a 22% THC content. Some plants have tested even higher, with 25% THC not proving unusual. The strain’s high THC levels mean that even a small dose can go a long way.

#3: Himalayan Gold

Himalayan Gold is a sativa-driven strain that fills you with an instant sense of euphoria – perfect for summer afternoons chilling in the sun. The strain got its unique name from its intense euphoric effects that make you feel the rush you experience after a workout. It’s like you’ve reached the top of the Himalayan mountains.

Himalayan Gold has a unique flavor profile, combining coffee with a citrus twist. While coffee and citrus sound like a disastrous mix, it works surprisingly well. Starting with what feels more like a shot of coffee than a puff of smoke, Himalayan Gold quickly throws a burst of citrus into the mix to give you a hint of the high that is to follow.

The fruity tang lingers in your mouth, dominating the coffee flavor and leaving you feeling energetic and motivated. You first notice the effects of Himalayan Gold in the form of a body buzz that works its way from your head down through your body. Shortly after, you find that your mind feels clear, as though you’ve reached the top of the mountain and can finally see through the clouds.

Himalayan Gold packs a powerful THC content, with some plants containing up to 25% THC. Such high levels of THC can feel like a shock to your system if you are someone who doesn’t smoke on a regular basis. The sudden rush caused by the THC can leave you feeling as though you’ve had one too many coffees.

Despite its high levels of THC, Himalayan Gold also manages to work in a 2% CBD content. While this might sound like a small number, it’s enough to make Himalayan Gold an effective medical strain for several mood-related disorders.

#4: Hawaiian

The Hawaiian strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that offers a calming high, lifting your mood while also helping you to feel relaxed. As you would expect from a strain with a tropical name Hawaiian has a bright, fruity aroma and flavor profile reminding you of summer afternoons spent on the beach.

Hawaiian very much feels like sipping your favorite summer cocktail. Each puff of smoke fills you with a sweet summery feeling. The bright mix of different fruits – including pineapple, lemon, and mango – come together beautifully, whisking you away to a sandy beach and the sound of the waves in the background.

After enjoying your cocktail-themed smoke, you are left with a sweet citrus flavor that keeps your spirits high while you wait for the real high to begin. Within just a few minutes, you notice a wave of calm wash over you, pushing all stress and anxiety to the back of your mind.

Hawaiian is a super interesting strain in that it is best to enjoy as part of a relaxing day when you simply want to lay back and disappear into your favorite TV show or read a fun book. Despite its relaxing nature, Hawaiian also provides a burst of energy that heightens creativity and imbues a feeling of motivation.

Hawaiian is often used to fight fatigue as a result of its energizing effects. It helps you stay alert and able to enjoy the day ahead. Hawaiian can also help to manage depression and anxiety, clearing your mind and allowing you to focus on the positive.

The Hawaiian strain is perfect for novice growers who are looking to start growing their own plants at home. Hawaiian plants grow best in hot and humid climates that resemble Hawaii. However, you can easily recreate this in an indoor setting.

#5: Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree is a classic example of what happens when you combine the intense flavors of strains like Lemon Skunk with a more sour, slightly astringent strain like Sour Diesel.

The result is an intensely potent hybrid that has all the lemon flavor you would expect, but also a huge hit of sourness.

There is just a little bit of fuel in the aroma that hits your nostrils as you bring it close to smoke it, but not so much that it’s off-putting. The main thing you will notice is how incredibly forceful and attention-grabbing the lemon flavor is.

While many citrus strains are particularly loud in their flavor profile, Lemon Tree is perhaps the most intense. It grabs hold of your taste buds and refuses to let them go, invigorating you with what tastes like an almost endless amount of lemon flavor.

The high is also excellent, with a super manageable 17% or so of THC, giving you a really chilled out and calm feeling without too much intensity. The euphoria that tends to follow is also a welcome reprieve, giving you a feeling that you can achieve anything if only you could be bothered to get up.

Lemon Tree is a pretty common strain in dispensaries but is surprisingly not frequently smoked. However, if you love the potent taste of lemon and want to experience it more profoundly, then Lemon Tree should definitely be on your radar for strains to try out.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Strains That Have a Citrus Flavor

The thing about the citrus flavor profile in marijuana is that it’s a bit like marmite; you either love it or you hate it. Some people really enjoy the tart, almost bitter sensation of biting into a citrus fruit, whereas others would prefer their marijuana to smell and taste sweeter.

Some people prefer the smokey, hash-like, and diesel flavor of strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush. However, these people don’t realize how closely they are related to the citrus flavor profile.

If you are a fan of strong tastes and lingering sensations on your tongue, then you should definitely give some marijuana strains with a citrus flavor a try. Even if you don’t end up liking it, you need to find out for yourself.