The Real McCoy | Cannabis Strain Review

The Real McCoy Strain Overview
If you're looking for the Real McCoy, this strain has what you need. With its intriguing candy aroma and it low THC content, it's a smooth ride into relaxation. It is a pretty fast grower with an 8-9 week harvest.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Muscle spasms
Growing info
This strain is ready in about 8-9 weeks. It can be grown indoors and outdoors.

The Real McCoy strain is a cross hybrid between two classic strains: Hawaiian and Original Skunk No. 1. The high given by The Real McCoy is widely known for its cerebral properties. It’s perfect for indulging the senses by being in nature, being out on the town, listening to music, and more. It has a very interesting taste – with floral notes and many earthy, woody undertones as well. The aroma of this strain is somewhat reminiscent of skunk, herby traditional marijuana, and oil. The beautiful color will have you mesmerized with its lush green nugs and subsequent purple woven in between. This unforgettable strain is perfect for helping you to focus, relax, and unwind from a busy and stressful day.

Read on to get all you need to know about The Real McCoy and all its glory.

What is The Real McCoy Strain ?

The Real McCoy strain of weed gears more towards the sativa end of the cannabis spectrum, being 60% sativa, 40% indica. It was crossbred between the potent Skunk No. 1 strain and the Hawaiian strain. It has a THC content ranging from between around 12% to 14% and is pretty popular amongst medical cannabis enthusiasts.

Besides that, The Real McCoy is simply enjoyed for its unique and exciting taste. With a taste of some sort of sweet and sour candy in combination with that skunky and herby cannabis taste, it will be sure to touch your taste buds in a new way. The aroma, however, is a bit different. It is more ‘in your face’ than it is candy-like. It smells slightly citrusy and skunky as you grind the bud.

The appearance of The Real McCoy is also pretty spectacular. It is a very compact strain with small, light green buds. This is usually accompanied by long hairs which are golden in color. To top it all off, it is dusted with a small layer of white trichomes.

The Real McCoy gives a high that is perfect for relaxing and being free of pain. It will give you a buzzy, cerebral high without any racing thoughts and anxiety. It’s perfect for daytime usage because, in addition to being relaxed, you will also be very focused and without any pain to distract you (both physical and mental pain). This strain can help overall boost your mood and leave you very on top of the world but without any of the usual accompanying characteristics such as being too sedated or being too stimulated.

The Real McCoy Strain: Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

Aroma : Upon first whiff straight out of the jar, The Real McCoy strain may smell a bit like oil and skunk. When you grind it up, however, you may start to notice undertones of citrus and a bit of a sour sort of smell, like sour candy. It can be very pungent on your nose due to the strong substances that resemble oil and citrus.

Flavor: Flavors are often described as very earthy, pungent, citrusy, sour candy-like, and woody. In addition, there is that skunky and herby flavor most commonly associated with cannabis as well.

Appearance: The Real McCoy is a very small and compact plant, but yet at the same time is capable of producing many leaves and buds. The nugs are often small and light green in color, with streaks of purple interwoven between. To top it all off, they are usually dusted with a thin layer of white crystal trichomes, for a very grand and majestic appearance.

The Real McCoy Strain Grow Info

The Real McCoy can be easily grown by newcomers and experts alike. A very sunny and warm climate is beneficial when growing outdoors, as this strain likes the warmer weather resembling the tropics. The Real McCoy can be grown indoors as well and can yield about 12 ounces per square meter. You can expect to start seeing flowers within around as little as eight to nine weeks.

The outdoor method yields an equally impressive amount of around 16 oz per plant. The buds are usually ready and flowering around mid-October. The McCoy strain is usually resistant to disease and weather, so you don’t have to worry about mold and mildew problems as with many other strains of cannabis when growing outdoors. Overall, as long as you keep the climate very sunny and moist – resembling a tropical atmosphere – you should have no problem growing your own Real McCoy.

If you are trying to hide it from nosy neighbors, it may be especially beneficial to grow indoors as the smell of the McCoy strain is quite potent and can travel through the air if grown outside. You can usually buy Real McCoy strain seeds online or through a breeder/ grower, or you can also use clippings and start your own plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

The highest THC content found in The Real McCoy cannabis strain has been said to be 14%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The CBD content of the Real McCoy strain is pretty low, usually coming in around 1% to CBD.

Medical Benefits of The Real McCoy Strain

The Real McCoy has a wide array of medical purposes in addition to the wonderful effects that it can have on you mentally. It is often used by people who suffer from cramps, muscle spasms, aches, and muscle strain. PMS symptoms can also be relieved through The Real McCoy, as well as menstrual cramps. In addition, The Real McCoy has been used to treat depression and to give a sense of well-being and hope to the patients.

It can also help in combating migraines and headaches due to the strong pain relief that can be incurred from this strain. The Real McCoy can also be helpful in conditions that involve heavy inflammation as it can be taken and used during the day as well since it usually doesn’t make you feel sedated and tired as many other strains typically do. So, if you are looking for a strain that can help with depression as well as pain and other muscle-related conditions, the McCoy strain may be a great strain to give a shot.

Possible Side Effects of The Real McCoy Strain

As far as possible side effects of The Real McCoy go, the most common are dizziness, dry mouth (cottonmouth), dry eyes, paranoia, and a headache. The side effects, however, can be greatly mitigated with the proper preparation, such as staying hydrated well before and during your high, and making sure you have a stable ground to smoke in case you get dizzy. That means no smoking this on the skyscraper for good measure!

If you have a tendency to get paranoid when smoking cannabis simply exercise caution when starting and start small and work your way up. If you suffer from anxiety or other mental conditions, this may be especially useful for you to know.

Final Thoughts on The Real McCoy Strain

Being crossed between two original and classic strains, The Real McCoy is just as unforgettable as its parents. With a very complex and interesting flavor of sour citrus candy and the traditional herby, grassy marijuana flavor, it will be sure to leave your taste buds in a state of awe. In addition to its very captivating flavor, the cerebral high that can be incurred from The Real McCoy will help you to feel focused, pain-free, and ready to take on anything that comes your way.

It doesn’t have the traditional side effect of feeling flighty or too sedated, so you can get that work done that’s been sitting on your desk all week. Furthermore, The Real McCoy has been used to treat many muscle-related and physical conditions such as PMS symptoms, cramps, migraines, headaches, and muscle soreness. It has also been used for depression since it has the ability to uplift and instill a euphoric mood to help give hope and a feeling of motivation to the patients.

So overall, if you have been looking for a strain that is great for pain and focus as well as relaxation, but not too much of it to the point where you are on the sofa fast asleep, The Real McCoy will definitely be worth a go.