5 Ways Cannabis Can Have a Positive Affect on Your Sex Life

#4 might not be the answer you expect…

Marijuana has been called “nature’s Viagra” for decades, but the ways in which cannabis can improve your sex life may not be so clear-cut and simple. Beyond simply enhancing the drive to have sex, marijuana is capable of bringing humans closer together spiritually, physically and emotionally – so long as you are open and willing to receive the beauty that this medicinal plant can uncover.

Even if cannabis does not always bring about the desired results, it’s well known that the herb almost always uncovers a part of you that needed to be released – ultimately serving as a way to release your inner self and break free from natural inhibitions that get in the way of a quality sex life.

In this manner, weed is no doubt a powerful tool for increasing the quality of your relationship. And as you start to discover things about yourself that weren’t understood before, it’s unlikely that you (or your partner) will need to resort to other methods to maintain that special level of intimacy.

Keep reading to discover 5 ways cannabis can impact your sex life…

1. Improves Performance

Marijuana’s ability to slow down time does not only affect reaction speed, it can make sex seem like it is lasting way longer too…

Some things are simply too good that you don’t want them to end. This at times includes sex, especially if you’re really into the individual you are being intimate with. Cannabis is notorious for causing a slowing down in reaction speed, which is one of the qualities that many stoners are stereotyped by (on top of laughing at things that aren’t even funny and clearing out the fridge).

For this reason, a warp in time perception can honestly be beneficial during sex, as it allows the amazing feeling to “feel” like it is stopped in time and lasting much longer than it really is. Most people known that it is not typical or practical to be able to last for a very long period of time, but this factor does not have to make sex any less enjoyable. Cannabis is not actually lengthening the time of the sex, rather the change of perception that it provides makes just a few minutes feel like 20 minutes of pure bliss.

2. Provides a Unique “Spiritual” Intimacy

Weed allows you to experience a connection with your partner in a more open, bonded manner – opening up new doors for sexual energy and uninhibited intimacy…

Pair bonding is an especially deep connection, so much so that it is difficult to even put into words the loving connection that two individuals can have for one another. Not to say that all sex takes place between those that are in love with each other, but simply that if you have a deep, romantic relationship, cannabis can help make it even more intimate for you and your partner.

Additionally, for those just beginning to fall in love, marijuana can serve as a tool for intensifying and solidifying that passion. If you’ve been experiencing difficulties with keeping your heart open or fully committing yourself to someone on a sexual level, then the herb can no doubt assist in this regard.

Sex Info Online, the reputable and educational website all about the frequently-occurring-yet-not-always-discussed topics of sex, claims that some individuals do, indeed, report a wholehearted and intensified connection to one another after the consumption of marijuana. This would make a lot of sense, because there have been numerous reports of this all-natural medicine awakening people both emotionally and spiritually, which is in essence some of the elements that impact human connection.

If you’re looking for a strain type that can transform positively your inner connection with your partner, then these choices may be suitable:

Bubblegum Kush (indica), Jillybean (hybrid), Ultimate Trainwreck (sativa), Sour Diesel (sativa), Flo (hybrid), Dream Queen (hybrid) and many others.

3. Helps You Listen to the Needs of Your Body

Using cannabis will help you develop a keen sense of knowing and understanding whatever your body needs… so if you find yourself skipping sex all together and simply falling asleep, know that this is what you probably would benefit from the most…

Cannabis is an all-around healing, powerful and medicinal plant, but most of all the crop is quite intuitive – “chatting” with your body and deciding along with it what you, as a person, need the most and could benefit from the greatest. Life is usually busy, sometimes stressful, and it is easy to forget about your own needs. Sometimes things get so hectic that stress becomes a usual part of day to day existence, and humans forget all together to listen to what the body and mind is trying to tell them.

This is where weed can actually help. Since it is capable of uncovering the deepest of needs, marijuana is not always going to arouse or excite someone that’s getting ready to have sex. Instead, you might find yourself fast asleep, resting peacefully long before the lovemaking has even commenced; but that’s totally OK. Just understand that this medicinal plant is telling you what you really needed in that very moment.

Here are some marijuana types that dig deep into your soul to help you discover what you are truly seeking:

Northern Lights (indica), Shining Silver Haze (sativa), Kali Dog (hybrid), Skunk #1 (hybrid) and many others.

4. Makes Foreplay Almost as Enjoyable as the Sex Itself

Any activities before or after sex become that much more exciting…

Netflix and chill? Well, with cannabis the chill is no longer the only exciting part. The right strain of marijuana can lighten up some of the mundane, time-killing activities that you might partake in on a date only to get closer to the other person. We aren’t saying that watching Netflix with that special someone isn’t fun, we’re just saying that cannabis can make it that much more exciting. Bring an extra added dose of happiness, laughter and joy into your life, long before the sex has even begun, with the help of good ol’ Mary Jane.

You can also get all those giggles out of the way, so that you can really concentrate once things start getting hot and heavy. Strains that are known for their mood boosting abilities are especially powerful for this exact purpose, including those that don’t promote lethargy or too much tiredness; you want to have energy left for the “fun” later on after all.

If you’re looking to find a little more pre-sex enjoyment, try one of these mood enhancing cannabis types:

Lamb’s Bread (sativa), Green Crack (sativa), Northern Lights (indica), Cannatonic (hybrid), Headband (hybrid), Jack Herer (sativa) and many others.

5. The “Post-Sex Munchies…”

Cannabis can refuel the calories you just lost after sex by increasing your appetite…

Most people like sex, but not everyone is happy with feeling tired or physically depleted after the act has taken place. After an orgasm, it isn’t always easy to find the appetite, nor the desire to stand up and go grab some grub from the kitchen, but the right strain of cannabis can take care of this dilemma for you. Maybe refueling your calories after sex isn’t your thing, but that’s alright – for those who find themselves a bit hungry or maybe even starving after sex, nature’s green gift can certainly assist.

In some cases, though, munchie inducing weed strains might cause you to find food completely irresistible before sex, which may make it difficult to be active later on. For this reason, it is good to wait at least an hour for everything to digest, so you don’t find yourself feeling overly lethargic, full, or simply immobile. Plus, you know, couples that raid the fridge together, stay together.

If you want to try the right strain that can increase your appetite after sex, then one of the following might be suitable:

Orange Skunk (hybrid), Caramelo (sativa), Amnesia (sativa), Mango (indica), Pineapple Kush (hybrid) and many others.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis and Your Sex Life

If you were wondering about how cannabis can positively impact your sex life, or were simply curious about how the two topics in life are even related, then these 5 ways in which marijuana and sex go together for the better hopefully shined a light on some new possibilities.

We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.