10 Killer Cannabis Products for a Weed Party

No party is complete without #6; this cannabis product will blow your mind…

For those who love cannabis and have a social circle of others that also enjoy marijuana, no party or social gathering can be complete without the perfect assortment of weed-related essentials. For this reason, it can take a while to get the planning just right. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you, so you can throw the best marijuana party ever with just these 10 essential herbal products, which are sure to minimize any planning stress. You might discover that your gathering is even comparable to a private High Times Cannabis Cup.

Keep reading to discover all about the 10 killer marijuana products for a kick a** cannabis party!

1. Strawberry Cough Marijuana Strain (Sativa)

Strawberry Cough Marijuana Strain (Sativa)


Known for its powerful ability to relieve stress and reduce anxiety, Strawberry is a sativa cannabis strain with predominantly energizing genetics. Capable of relaxing even the most nervous individuals, this weed type is a quintessential addition to any marijuana gathering, because it allows its consumer to feel more comfortable in their own skin and being. This quality is brilliant for social gatherings, especially ones where all the guests do not know each other. This Dutch strain turns the most uncomfortable social situations into ones that are bearable and often even fun. Tied together by a delicious, fruity, berry scent and a sweet flavor, by bringing this strain to your party, you can expect a lot of smiles, good vibes and uplifting sensations.

2. Cinderella 99 Marijuana Strain (Hybrid)

Cinderella 99 Marijuana Strain (Hybrid)


Often called by its nicknames “Cindy” or “C99”, Cinderella 99 certainly is not the right fit for all parties, but for those where you want to enjoy a euphoric and uplifting experience and feel as if you are floating on a massive cloud of bliss, C99 definitely is capable of sending you into this fairytale. Produced by Mr. Soul himself from the Brothers Grimm breeder, this hybrid has turned into a classic and can be easily and conveniently discovered at many medical dispensaries and recreational pot shops all across the world. With plenty of THC content, around 22-25% on average, Cinderella 99 is long-lasting with a little going a very long way, making it a beautiful cannabis type to share with those around you.

3. Cheeba Chews (Edible)

Cheeba Chews Review [All You Need to Know]

Cheeba Chews have been around since the beginning of edible times in California, with this company being one of the first providers of legal marijuana in the golden state. These products are available in over 800 different dispensaries, making it a simple task to pick up a stock for one of your upcoming parties. They are certainly worth having a supply of, so much so that the rest of the world has also recognized their top-quality, superb nature; these yummy treats have won three Cannabis Cup awards, which is no easy task. Each chewable is 10mg and individually packed for accurate, simple dosing, with each package containing 80mg of THC, or 8 pieces total. The packaging itself is very medical looking, which makes them unappealing for children but plenty of fun for herb-loving adults. The candies are not particularly delicious, but they do the trick, are affordable and are widely available in many states for an easy pre-party pickup.

4. Trainwreck Marijuana Strain (Hybrid)

Trainwreck Marijuana Strain (Hybrid)


Don’t worry, much as the name implies, this quality marijuana strain will not leave you as a trainwreck, rather just loosened up enough to enjoy the festivities and the pleasant commotion going on around you. Trainwreck is technically a hybrid cannabis type, which gives it a fine energizing balance that does not produce jittering and anxiousness like some hyper-inducing strains can. The smell of this weed has hints of pine and lemon, making it a refreshing and delectable addition to any social gathering. Trainwreck knows how to wake up your creative and happy energies from within, allowing you to shine them out for the whole world to see. Even better, this cannabis type is notorious for reducing anxiety and ADD/ADHD, allowing you to comfortably concentrate on the environment you are in and the people surrounding you.

5. Durban Poison Marijuana Strain (Sativa)

Durban Poison


Especially perfect for those who are exhausted from a long day at work and then still want to find the energy to party later, simply light Durban Poison up and feel as useable energy begins to permeate throughout your body. This marijuana type engages the senses, allowing you to experience the world in an alert and aware manner once again. Often described as the “espresso” of the cannabis world, Durban Poison acts as an extremely strong cup of coffee, minus all the post-consumption crash jitters that are common with a big cup of Joe. Switch out your Joe for this Mary Jane, because there is plenty of THCV present, which is the cannabinoid that is responsible for producing all that extra energy and enthusiasm.

6. Pot Chips by LOL Edibles (Edible)

LOL Edibles’ Pot Chips are sure to make you laugh and giggle, bringing about a wave of positive energy and giggles to any gathering. Unlike many edible options, Pot Chips are a savory selection, so especially for those who are not feeling the extra sugar or do not have much of a sweet tooth, they are an excellent selection. Each bag contains 300 mg of THC, with plenty of this cannabinoid to go around for all who want to get their hands a little greasy. Every bag clearly labels the marijuana strain type utilized for the batch, and whether it is classified as an indica, sativa or hybrid. There are a few flavor options to choose between also, including hot Cheetos, extra hot Cheetos, chili cheese and crunchy Cheetos. The only challenge with Pot Chips is that they possibly would not be suitable for inexperienced or novice marijuana consumers, since knowing the exact dosage you are consuming is a bit more challenging because each chip is not individually infused.

7. Chocolope Marijuana Strain (Sativa)

Chocolope Marijuana Strain (Sativa)

This killer sativa strain not only has a quirky name that makes you immediately think of sweets and desserts, it also produces some rather incredible effects as well. Prepare to be met by euphoric bliss that makes you feel as if you are in a dream, as you float your way around a party enjoying every moment as it happens. Get ready to be all smiles and spread your good vibes to others so that they can get infected by the radiating happiness. A gorgeous blend of genetics between Cannalope Haze and Chocolate Thai, Chocolope tastes less like cocoa and more like a grounded coffee flavor. Most of all, you definitely will not have to worry about getting tired or falling asleep during all the festivities, because even though this marijuana type relaxes you, it simultaneously keeps you alert and feeling good, making it challenging to have a bad time.

8. Zen Brands Voodoo Sour Straws (Edible)

Zen Brands Voodoo Sour Straws

Although chocolates are a lot more common, especially when it comes to marijuana edibles, if you are sick of the expected and want to try something a bit different, then give a sour treat a chance. Zen Brands’ Voodoo Sour Straws offer 375 mg of THC per bag, which is highly potent for a cannabis candy. They are available in three delicious flavors, including strawberry, watermelon, and blue raspberry. For the potency especially, they are a relatively inexpensive option and are sure to be a party favorite if you bring them out while all your attendees are socializing and enjoying themselves. These delectable sour straws amp things up another notch. Most of all, because so much THC is packed into each bag, these treats are perfect for sharing.

9. Chronic Marijuana Strain (Hybrid)

A classic throughout the world of marijuana, it is pretty hard to go wrong with Chronic, a strain name that has gotten so big, it basically has become synonymous for the term “weed”. A stunning genetic splicing bred by Serious Seeds back in 1994, this herb is balanced between Northern Lights, AK-47 and Skunk. Even if it is a hybrid, its effects are well-rounded, but at the same time you will experience some serious uplift and focused motivation after just a few puffs of this good stuff. It is a brilliant selection for a party because of its classic reputation and fitting effects; many individuals are already familiar with the sweet, spicy, honey and floral aroma and flavor of this cannabis, so it is unlikely the strain will go untouched.

10. Slactavis Cannabis Syrup (Edible)

Slactavis Cannabis Syrup (Edible)


The miracle syrup that acts as an ideal addition to most cannabis-infused festivities, the Slactavis Cannabis Syrup is a high quality, discreet way to enjoy marijuana at a party. The bottles can be purchased in various sizes and doses, with the milligram count even going up as high as 1500 mg per bottle, tailored for the heavyweights and experienced connoisseurs. The Slactavis Syrup does not taste amazing on its own, which is why if you are going to have it available at a party, it is best to add the liquid into a beverage of some sort, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Luckily, each bottle features an easy to use dropper that accurately and conveniently measures out the exact dosage for you, so you will not have to worry about accidentally getting too high or at a point that is uncomfortable for you. For this reason, no matter how experienced with cannabis your party guests are, they can all enjoy a little bit of this magical liquid. Best of all, choosing an edible for at a festivity makes it possible to give your lungs a break.

Final Thoughts:

If you have been thinking about throwing a gathering soon and love cannabis, but were not sure how to combine the two, then this article can help you out and make the planing a piece of cake. These 10 killer products were carefully selected by our team over at WayofLeaf, so that you can throw the most kick a** cannabis party that you ever thought imaginable. We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.