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Hell’s OG Strain Overview
Hell's OG strain boasts a relaxing and mellow high. It has a potent THC level of up to 20%. It also features warm, citrusy and earthy flavors.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
Flowering period is 7-9 weeks. This strain can grow outdoors or inside.

After a busy week, there are few things better than unwinding with a few friends and having a good time, except perhaps adding a relaxing and slightly trippy strain into the mix to really help everyone chill out.

Hell’s OG is the perfect lazy afternoon treat, letting you hang out with friends and enjoy the peace of a nothingness strain, but be warned; with its strong THC content and long-lasting effects, it is not for the faint-hearted.

What is the Hell’s OG Strain?

Hell’s OG is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is thought to be a combination of OG Kush and Blackberry. Hell’s OG has an 80% indica / 20% sativa split. Hell’s OG is often known as Hell’s Angels OG, and in some circles Biker’s Kush, and so it is worth looking out for all three names when shopping for Hell’s OG or looking it up on Google.

The exact history of Hell’s OG is unclear, but it is widely believed that its origin can be traced back to the Southern California biker community. The only thing that is known for sure about Hell’s OG is that it first became widely known and used in the early 1990s. The lack of story behind the strain has not prevented it from becoming an extremely popular strain across America. Hell’s OG even won the Colorado Cup in 2012 for Best Indica.

Hell’s OG is definitely not a strain to be messed with and is known for its high THC content and intense effects. One lab test found that Hell’s OG had a shockingly high THC content of 34%, although when sold the average commercially is much lower. Hell’s OG is known for its high potency and all-consuming psychedelic effects that will leave you sedated for the rest of the day.

Hell’s OG is not a strain for beginners due to its high THC content and overwhelming psychoactive effects, but for those with a stronger THC tolerance, Hell’s OG is an experience you cannot afford to miss.


Hell’s OG is a strain to take with caution as its effects take longer than average to hit and can often result in people thinking that they need a stronger dose.

This then frequently causes them to be suddenly taken aback by the strain’s overwhelming effects. With a strain as strong as Hell’s OG, a few puffs really are all you need.

The initial effects of Hell’s OG are very much physical, with a dizzy dream-like state hitting your eyes before working its way across your head. This can feel rather disorientating at first, but you quickly become used to the cloud-like state that it feels as though you are floating in.

The first signs of Hell’s OG’s mind high take the form of a deep sense of relaxation and freedom washing over you. When taking Hell’s OG in social situations, this can often lead to in-depth conversations on topics that you would not normally feel comfortable discussing.

Hell’s OG is best enjoyed when surrounded by close friends who you know that you can trust and feel comfortable with. Hell’s OG can leave you feeling disoriented which, while enjoyable in a safe environment, can quickly become scary if you are out with people you do not know well. For those with a low THC tolerance, Hell’s OG can cause a sense of panic and should only be smoked in small doses.

When taken in the right circumstances, Hell’s OG results in an enjoyable lazy afternoon or evening. With a strong couch-locked feeling and a desire to just chill and work through the intense psychedelic effects at your own pace, Hell’s OG is more than a strain; it’s an experience.

The effects of Hell’s OG are long-lasting, so make sure that you do not have any plans for the rest of the day otherwise you might run into a few problems as you lay locked to the sofa. As the effects do start to wear off, you are left feeling extraordinarily sleepy, and most people find that they naturally drift off to sleep and wake up after a long and deep sleep feeling refreshed.


You would expect the Hell’s OG marijuana strain to have a strong and musky aroma given its history. The name alone conjures up images of clouds of thick, almost exhaust-like smoke, which is why the first time you breathe in Hell’s OG you are left stunned at the strain’s sweet and natural aroma.

Whole buds have a strong woody, pine smell to them which only intensifies when broken apart. Crumbling buds between your fingers, you begin to notice the lemony undertones, freshening the air and reminding you of lemonade on a summer’s afternoon while relaxing in the sun.

When lit, the woody aroma gains a new level of complexity and a spicy wholesome smoke is released. The intensity can feel a little overwhelming at first and takes a few minutes for your sinuses to settle and get used to the harshness.

As you breathe out, Hell’s OG smoke has a strange sweetness to it that you would not expect, similar to when you first walk into a candy store and are hit by an almost saccharine level of sweetness. Luckily, the woodiness of Hell’s OG quickly works its way back to the forefront, resulting in a pleasing and enjoyable smoke.

How does the flavor profile of Hell’s OG compare?


Hell’s OG has a somewhat underwhelming flavor profile, but this is thought to be one of the strain’s strengths as it places a clear focus on its effects. Hell’s OG is not about enjoying a complex mix of terpenes; it is instead a result-driven strain. The simple, earthy flavor profile with discreet citrus tones works perfectly, not taking any of the limelight away from what really matters, the effects.

As you breathe in Hell’s OG’s rather thick smoke, you are filled with a warm, earthy taste that works its way down your throat and fills your lungs. The heaviness of the smoke can feel slightly choking at first, causing uncontrollable coughing, but after just a few puffs this is something you quickly get used to.

It is only once you breathe out that you notice the subtle notes of citrus that were before hidden behind the strength of the pine. This leaves a fresh citrus flavor in your mouth mixed with a layer of comforting warmth.


Hell’s OG has a strikingly beautiful appearance, making it a joy to grow in your house. Both the buds and the leaves of a Hell’s OG plant have a frost-like appearance to them as a result of the thick layer of trichomes that cover the plant. This gives the plant a permanent look of having been subjected to a freezing cold night in the garden, despite the appearance having no link to the plant’s actual temperature.

Hell’s OG leaves have an interesting appearance due to the strange combination of bright green and dark purple that appear to be fighting for space on the surface of the leaf. This creates a unique effect and makes the leaves stand out from the rest of the plant.

Hell’s OG buds are densely packed and can be difficult to break apart with your hands; they typically require a grinder to achieve the right consistency. Fuzzy orange pistils grow from the center of the buds and poke out from the top, almost as though they are about to burst out and break the buds apart.

Hell’s OG Strain Grow Info

For those who are interested in growing their very own Hell’s OG plants at home, the good news is that very little prior growing experience is needed.

It is unfortunately not possible to purchase Hell’s OG Strain seeds, as the seeds have never been cultivated for commercial use. The good news is it is still possible to grow your own Hell’s OG plants by obtaining clippings from mature, healthy plants.

Growing your own plants from clippings results in a much more predictable experience as your clones will be identical to the plant it was originally taken from. This means that you should be able to ascertain the plant’s growth time, how tall it will grow, and the best conditions for maximum growth, much more easily.

While you can grow Hell’s OG indoors, for optimal growing conditions plants should be kept outside in a warm, humid climate. When grown outside, plants are normally ready to be harvested between mid-September and early October and produce an average sized yield. For those who decide to keep plants indoors, Hell’s OG has a short growth period of between 7 and 9 weeks.

Hell’s OG can produce a large yield, with buds being extremely dense meaning that just one plant goes a long way.

THC Content – Highest Test

Hell’s OG cannabis has a higher than average THC content, averaging around 20%. This high level of THC that Hell’s OG is so well known for gives this strain its intense mind high and deep physical relaxation.

Given that it is rare to find a strain with both a high CBD and THC content, how does Hell’s OG’s CBD content compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Very little is known about the exact CBD content of Hell’s OG. Some distributors claim that it has almost zero CBD, while others argue that it packs at least a low percentage of CBD.

Regardless of its exact level of CBD, Hell’s OG has such a low CBD content that it has no noticeable effects. This does not, however, mean that Hell’s OG cannot be used as a medicinal strain as it still has a number of positive medical benefits that make it worth considering for medicinal purposes.

Medical Benefits of the Hell’s OG Strain

As a result of its strong mind high, Hell’s OG is often recommended as a therapeutic strain for those who suffer from insomnia and PTSD. Hell’s OG helps to clear your mind, transporting you to a calm, dream-like state which, when coupled with the strain’s physical effects, results in a deep night’s sleep.

Hell’s OG can also be a great way to manage mild cases of stress as it empties your mind and allows you to see things from a slightly different point of view. It is important to note that when stress is paired with anxiety, Hell’s OG can actually cause further anxiety and should be avoided in such situations.

Despite having an almost non-existent level of CBD, Hell’s OG still has a few psychical health benefits. Top of the list is inflammation, as Hell’s OG has been found to help reduce inflammation as well as numb the pain associated with it.

Hell’s OG can also be used as a form of pain management for those who suffer with chronic aches and pains. Hell’s OG is particularly useful when pain prevents you from achieving a good night’s sleep, as it not only eases the pain but also acts as a sleep aid.

Possible Side Effects of the Hell’s OG Strain

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find a strain that does not have at least a few negative side effects. So, what can you expect from Hell’s OG?

The most commonly experienced side effect of Hell’s OG is dry mouth. While dry mouth can feel unpleasant in the moment, it tends to last no more than a few hours and has no long term effects on your health.

Some people report that Hell’s OG leaves their eyes feeling dry and irritated, although this tends to be much rarer than dry mouth and again is a negative effect that should quickly fade.

In comparison to other indica-dominant strains, Hell’s OG has very few adverse effects, making it the perfect strain for kicking back and relaxing.

For those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, Hell’s OG is a very different story, however, and is a strain that should be used with caution. The intensity of the high can feel extremely disorienting and actually exasperate anxious thoughts. It is recommended if you really want to try Hell’s OG that you stick to low doses, in an environment where you feel safe.

Final Thoughts on the Hell’s OG Strain

Hell’s OG is predominantly an evening or lazy afternoon strain, designed to help you relax on a deeper level. Hell’s OG combines a sedated physical high with a slightly trippy but still relaxing mind high and is definitely one that is best enjoyed with a few close friends.

If you are somebody who enjoys trying new strains and is constantly on the lookout for something a little different, why not try Hell’s OG the next time you have a lazy afternoon in?

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