Jack the Ripper Marijuana Strain [Full Review]

Jack the Ripper Strain Overview
Jack the Ripper is a sativa-leaning hybrid that offers a euphoric and uplifting high that also is calming at the same time. It can help with things such as ADD and ADHD to depression and anorexia. This strain also has a refreshing and revitalizing taste - primarily of tangy lemon, with notes of pine and citrus as well.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Lack of appetite
Growing info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, average flowering time indoors is approximately 8-9 weeks, or late September to early October if growing outdoors.

A strong, citrusy sativa, Jack the Ripper will eliminate any tiredness or exhaustion…

The world is an exhausting place, let’s be honest. Work can be rough, days can be long, family requires plenty of time of commitment, there are chores that need to be done, errands that need to be run, and any other small detail that goes into living life. It is easy to feel overwhelmed throughout the day, and then drained both physically and energetically by the time you get home to “relax.” At some point, coffee and caffeine stop being capable of waking you up.

This is when miracles can actually appear – when brilliant options can come into play, which is the case of the Jack the Ripper marijuana strain. Classified as a sativa, this unique strain completely kills any tiredness or exhaustion you might be experiencing from everyday life, replacing these less-than-pleasant feelings with an energetic focus that keeps you motivated and concentrated so you are ready to get things done and take on whatever life decides to throw your way.

Keep reading to discover all about the Jack the Ripper marijuana strain with our complete review…

Jack the Ripper Marijuana Strain: A General Overview

Jack the Ripper is a sativa strain produced from TGA Genetics, and discovered by the breeder Subcool. The creators of this seed truly developed a masterpiece, as the strain has grown to become extremely popular and can conveniently be found on the shelves of most West Coast recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries. It is often asked, though, what is the best way to use Jack the Ripper?

Since smoking is not the only applicable way to consume cannabis, Jack the Ripper is typically available at dispensaries in the form of edibles, extracts, candies, gummies and more. The Jack the Ripper strain is of moderate strength in regards to THC concentration, at “only” 15-20%, which is part of what makes this weed type so multi-dimensional. It is suitable for all walks of life (as long as it is dosed properly), including both those who are novice cannabis consumers as well as those with more experience. Those who have less experience with consuming marijuana should start out slow, and only smoke a few hits at a time until they know how they react with this weed type.

Sometimes people wonder if there is a difference between Jack the Ripper and Jack Frost? The answer: absolutely! Jack Frost and Jack the Ripper are very distantly related to each other, and aside from both sharing the word Jack in their names and the fact that they are both cannabis types, there are few similarities between the two.

Jack Frost originates from Jack Herer, White Widow and Northern Lights #5, while Jack the Ripper shares a distant cousin (one of its parent strain’s is Jack’s Cleaner), which is related to Jack Herer as well. Keep reading to discover more about where the genetics of Jack the Ripper originate from…

History of Jack the Ripper Strain

As mentioned earlier, Jack the Ripper developed from Jack’s Cleaner which is a sativa, as well as Space Queen, a hybrid. Space Queen is also sometimes called Space Dude, because the SQ version used to create Jack the Ripper was actually a vigorous male version of Space Queen, hence its name Space Dude. A Jack’s Cleaner clone was bred together with this Space Dude male, and out popped the incredible and phenomenal Jack the Ripper.

Named after the mysterious serial killer from London, there is nothing lethal about this strain except for the fact that it will completely murder and eliminate any exhaustion, lack of motivation or mental fatigue that you might have. Unlike its somewhat dark name, Jack the Ripper is actually a very uplifting cannabis type and induces quite a bit of positivity. Even though it is mostly regarded as a sativa, it has a slight hybrid influence with roughly 30% indica genetics.

This addition of 30% non-sativa helps to balance out the strain a bit and provides it with an intriguing edge that certainly impacts the consumer in a new, albeit beneficial manner. This strain has a green colored appearance overall, with a slight blending of yellow sugar leaves and faded orange pistils – those tiny hairs that curl and bend amongst the sticky sugar. The buds themselves are a bit oval-shaped and are longer in length than the average flower. They are relatively dense, however, and not too “larfy” or scarce, implying that less is definitely more.

Jack the Ripper’s Positive Effects and Side Effects

A distinctive, energy-inducing option, Jack the Ripper is known for being extremely enjoyable, ideal for a number of settings including both partying late at night or on the weekends, as well as functioning in a work environment where you need to remain productive and motivated. This strain is guaranteed to bring about happiness, relaxation, and a state of euphoria, while at the same time maintaining energy and focus so you can accomplish everything you need to without much stress or jittery feelings (like some overly-hyper sativas can cause). This balance is likely because of the light indica influence.

Potential Side Effects

Jack the Ripper, of course, does contain a moderate THC content when compared with some more potent cannabis types, but that does not mean that it has a low THC quantity; you still very much will experience the effects from this marijuana, even from only a couple puffs. For this reason, it is tied with some negative side effects, which are especially felt in higher doses.

The most commonly felt adverse effects from Jack the Ripper are dry mouth (cottonmouth) and dry eyes. You will feel parched and dehydrated, probably wanting something to drink very soon after you’ve first started consuming JTR. Additionally, be ready for dry and itchy eyes that might become heavy or irritated. Neither of these more common adverse effects should be a cause for concern, because they are actually both immensely manageable with a little extra preparation and planning.

By drinking plenty of water before, during and after your high, you can actually avoid most of the cottonmouth altogether. Additionally, by purchasing moisturizing eye drops from your local drugstore or pharmacy before you smoke and keeping these drops in close reach, dry eyes can actually become a side effect of the past. In rare circumstances, some individuals experience mild paranoia, which can be due to the higher THC content.

Sometimes people are very sensitive to THC; this is common among those who are diagnosed with a mood disorder or other medical condition that affects the mind. If you know you are sensitive to THC, it is important to know your limits and start out small, building up as needed. Furthermore, sometimes dizziness and headaches can occur, but this can sometimes be due to dehydration (because it is easy to forget to drink water while you are high). All in all, the adverse effects of Jack the Ripper are moderate and will not be especially bothersome, so you can peacefully keep enjoying this wonderful cannabis variety.

Jack the Ripper: Medical Effects

Considered to be a phenomenal and effective medical marijuana strain, Jack the Ripper is actually quite tailored to managing medical conditions and ailments, which is part of what gives the cannabis type its charm and continued popularity. Dispensaries are more than happy to stock their jars with JTR because they know that this weed type will sell easy, especially to medical marijuana patients.

Particularly suitable for managing conditions pertaining to the mind, in particular chronic stress, this cannabis strain calms the mind, and therefore the body incredibly efficiently, and allows you to breathe easy once again and not fret over all that is to come in life. For this reason, those with depression can also quickly benefit from JTR because of its powerful mood-lifting and elevating nature.

JTR does induce a strong ability to concentrate and focus, so for those who find it challenging to maintain productivity or stay dedicated to a specific task, the strain can definitely can help. This extends further to those who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. On the physical side of the spectrum, chronic pain, lack of appetite and fatigue can all be aided with the help of this cannabis. This is because Jack the Ripper is quite euphoric and its heavy sativa influence promotes a wave of energy which awakens those that find it difficult to function at a high level throughout the day.

Taste of Jack the Ripper? You’ll “Die” For It!

The moment that Jack the Ripper is smoked, its flavor profile is immediately recognizable. Reeking of a strong citrus scent, its taste is the same – impacting the tongue right away with a sweet lemon flavor that is not overwhelming, but rather quite subtle. The initial citrus flavor is soon met with undertones of pine and other “woody” tastes, and this blend of both lemon and woods is original and pleasant.

Nevertheless, the combination is not overly outlandish, at least not to the point where it becomes strange or unrelatable. Instead, it is this quintessential balance between being just weird enough, but still enjoyable. The smoke is velvety and smooth, so do not be worried about coughing too much or feeling short of breath after taking a hit of this potent green stuff. If you are desiring a taste of a brand new strain different from most of the other cannabis types you have tasted, then you should definitely try Jack the Ripper.

Final Thoughts on Jack the Ripper Marijuana Strain

If you are an individual that is searching for an herbal alternative to conventional medical treatment methods for chronic stress, depression, fatigue, chronic pain, ADD/ADHD or lack of appetite, then you may want to begin your search with the Jack the Ripper marijuana strain, for it is tailored to managing these conditions and ailments specifically.

We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.