5 Cannabis Strains with a Berry Flavor [Our Top Picks]

There are all kinds of complex flavor profiles available within a myriad of cannabis strains. While some people might prefer to randomize their marijuana experience, getting new and exciting tastes every time, some prefer to stick with what they know.

For those with a preference for a tart and sweet berry flavor, what strains of marijuana should you strive for?

Here are five of the very best berry-flavored marijuana strains to look out for on your next trip to the dispensary.

#1 – Blackberry

Considering we are looking at strains with berry flavors, it would be remiss not to mention the Blackberry strain first. A well-known hybrid favorite, Blackberry is a strain users frequently pick for its refreshing, almost overzealous high.

Nirvana Seeds created this strain by combining Black Domina and Raspberry Cough, and this decently balanced hybrid smells and tastes precisely like what you would expect. In fact, the aroma is so intense and well pronounced that experienced users will be able to smell it from a mile away.

Blackberry is another one of those strains that are famous for being difficult to grow discreetly, due to the fact that the plants are very noticeable. If you are hoping to grow it without anyone knowing, you need to make sure you install a ventilation system to try and disguise the smell.

The noticeable aroma is one of intense berries and just a hint of citrus, with a long-lasting undercurrent of diesel fuel. In combination, this strain smells like a typical example of a fruity and Kush-like strain.

The high is exceptionally pleasant, giving you that feeling of uniquely buzzing, almost exuberant joy. Expect to find yourself feeling ever so slightly overwhelmed, but not so much so that you find it in any way unpleasant.

It’s perfect for those who want an incredibly pleasurable high or want to taste some super pungent berries.

#2 – Berry White

Perhaps one of the best-named strains out there, Berry White is easily one of the best examples of a well-rounded and balanced strain. Offering up nearly equal parts sativa and indica, this strain is a beautiful way to relax, sit back, and enjoy yourself.

The result of crossing together the famed Blueberry and White Widow, this is one of those strains with a tremendous heritage.

Despite its famous parents, Berry White is excellent in its own right, offering a considerable burst of euphoria when you imbibe it. It ensures that only a short while after trying some, your mood will shoot right up no matter what is going on around you. You will feel like the world has opened up above you, and you can do anything you set your mind on.

However, instead of being exceptionally driven towards completing your goals, you will likely find yourself wanting to sit and chat with your friends instead.

Berry White is a sociable strain, perfect for long, quiet chats in the evening while you chill out. The flavor and aroma are less berry-forward as many other choices on this list, but there’s still a tartness to enjoy.

The flavor is sourer, mixing with freshly fallen pine needles that bring with them the promise of spring. Expect to have a taste memory of eating slightly under-ripe blueberries, or perhaps even blackberries fresh off of the vine. Regardless of your interpretation of the flavor, probably the best description is tasting like berries, but… not quite.

A bit more niche in its flavor profile, Berry White is still definitely a strain worth trying, even if as an experiment.

#3 – Blueberry

If you want a berry strain, it makes sense to go to the source. Blueberry has been around for a long time and is frequently referred to as the best indica ever created. Winning numerous awards, this strain derives from the original landrace strains that generations before us have been enjoying for decades.

Expect Blueberry not to be the most robust strain you have ever tried, as older strains aren’t as potent in THC as the strains born in recent years. However, it possesses plenty of delightful effects that make it worthwhile.

The lasting, memorable effect of this strain is one of potent and pleasant euphoria. You will feel almost like you are floating, enriching your entire body and soul with relaxation and gentle feelings.

People typically use Blueberry to relax, but also to destress after an especially long and tiring day.

However, the flavor is another valid reason to try it, even if you don’t need to relax. Filled with the sweet and fresh flavors of ripe blueberries, this strain is definitely the one that sticks the closest to its name on this list.

It smells and tastes like you just stuffed a handful of blueberries into your mouth. There is still a burst of juiciness that makes you think you have munched on some fresh blueberries. Then, there is also just a little bit of pine and pepper that helps balance out the sweetness of the strain.

Together, this makes for an incredibly enjoyable strain worth it for its flavor alone. What’s more, Blueberry’s excellent genetics have helped to make all kinds of excellent and tasty strains. Combining all of the flavor profile of Blueberry with other, more potent strains, allows breeders to make truly exceptional and unique strains – including Blue Haze.

#4 – Blue Haze

Blue Haze was made by combining the seminal Blueberry strain and the original, world-famous Haze strain. This combination results in a hybrid strain with noticeable sativa leanings. However, many people still consider it a versatile and reliable strain to keep on hand.

As its parents should make pretty clear, the predominant flavor of the Blue Haze strain is one of pleasant blueberries and diesel. There is a twinge of pepper and dark herbs that helps keep everything feeling smooth and palatable.

The whole thing is more than just a pleasant blend of berries and pepper. Instead, it’s an entirely new and exciting flavor combination that leaves you desperate to get some more.

The Haze part of this strain’s name is definitely indicative of what to expect, as it carries with it all the distinctive and well-known aspects of the infamous Haze strain. The high won’t knock you down or leave you incapable of enjoying yourself.

In fact, Blue Haze is well-known for leaving you able to achieve almost any kind of activity you could imagine. You could go out and enjoy the world around you, or chill at home and relax with friends or on your own.

However, the perfect blend of cerebral and physical effects makes it great for using as an afternoon strain, leaving you able to live your everyday life. Keep this strain on hand for when you have friends round, or you just want to chill out on a weekday evening.

#5 – Blue Cheese

The idea of enjoying a cheesy flavor in your marijuana is likely a weird one for most people. When most people think about most marijuana strains, the likely thing they imagine is one of pepper, herbs, and diesel.

However, Blue Cheese is a great strain to try and convert most anti-cheese marijuana smokers, as it offers a vast blend of different tastes. While it certainly does have that distinctive cheese aroma, it also offers up plenty of delicious berry flavors. However, the precise flavor profile is hard to pin down.

Nevertheless, there is a considerable amount of distinctive skunk flavors and aromas, leaving you feeling at home with its familiar flavors.

It is the effects that make this strain truly desirable, however, as it offers up a really excellent blend of hybrid sensations. Slightly indica-leaning, Blue Cheese is excellent at hitting you with a potent body high that leaves your limbs heavy and your mind just a little bit weak.

It possesses robust quantities of THC, usually around 20%, making it an excellent strain for when other, weaker buds just can’t cut it.

The flavor and effects of this strain are so well known, in fact, that Blue Cheese is commonly used to make edibles. Offering that same weird and unique blend of berries, cheese, and skunk, edibles containing Blue Cheese are so familiar that almost everyone will know exactly what strain you’ve used to make those space cakes.

Just make sure you don’t accidentally mix it with something that its flavors do not go with. Skunk, cheese, and berries is an unlikely combination that somehow works, but with slightly bitter foods and edibles, it can taste pretty disgusting.

Final Thoughts on Berry Cannabis

Berry flavored strains might not be the first thing that most people think of when it comes to tasty cannabis options. However, they are actually one of the most popular choices out there, with a vast number of people smoking berry-flavored strains every day.

While the skunk and diesel strains might still hold the prize as the most popular, the berry taste will always remain a top contender.

If, for some unfortunate reason, you have yet to enter into the ranks of the berry cannabis lovers, you need to fix that immediately. Check out some of the strains on this list to make an educated decision about what strain you should buy.

Some might be a bit too strong, or even too sweet, but they will still taste absolutely amazing.