How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Wyoming

Wyoming remains among the strictest anti-marijuana states in America. It does not have a medical marijuana program and has not decriminalized the substance. Efforts to get an MMJ bill on the ballot have failed thus far, although an initiative could make it in 2024. This article outlines that initiative’s provisions and looks into Wyoming’s current marijuana laws.
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Wyoming banned marijuana long before the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act prohibited the plant across the United States. Very little has changed since the state still puts people in prison for possessing a small amount of the drug.

There is hope that a medical marijuana program will be allowed in Wyoming in 2024. There is a Medical Marijuana Initiative that outlines what MMJ would look like in the state if approved. This guide investigates the bill’s provisions and looks at what you can expect in terms of possession and buying limits if you get a WY medical card.

Wyoming Medical Marijuana Laws

Not only does Wyoming not have medical marijuana, but it is also one of the few states that haven’t decriminalized the substance. Indeed, in WY, you can be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor if deemed under the influence of weed!

The possession of any amount of marijuana is a misdemeanor with a possible jail term of 12 months if convicted. If found with more than three ounces, you will be charged with a felony; the possible incarceration period is five years.

medical marijuana card in wyoming

The sale of any amount of marijuana in Wyoming is a serious felony with a possible jail term of up to 10 years if convicted. The cultivation of any amount of weed is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail.

There is a measure that may make it on the 2024 ballot to reduce criminal penalties for growing, possessing, using, and transporting marijuana. However, this is cold comfort to anyone facing jail time for holding a few grams of weed at present.

Wyoming residents looking to use MMJ badly need a break. However, efforts to get a medical marijuana bill on the ballot in 2022 failed. Instead, we must wait until 2024 at the earliest. The Wyoming Medical Marijuana Initiative may appear on the ballot in November 2024. Here is an overview of some of the provisions.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Wyoming

According to the initiative, the Wyoming Liquor Division would be authorized to provide for an MMJ program. Here is an overview of what the application process could be like based on existing programs.

Step 1 – Get in Touch with a WY Healthcare Provider

Your first goal would be to find a doctor willing to provide written certification. This may prove challenging in a state as conservative as Wyoming.

Step 2 – Schedule a Consultation

During the consultation, the physician will review your medical records and ask questions to determine whether MMJ would benefit you. If they believe it could, they may give you a written certification which you will need when completing your application.

Step 3 – Sign Up for a Wyoming State Government Account

Wyoming would probably create an online portal where prospective patients could apply for medical marijuana. The process would involve completing an application form with the doctor’s recommendation. The state would then review it and decide whether to approve or deny you.

Step 4 – Visit a Dispensary

If you are approved, the state will likely send you an MMJ card in the mail. At this point, you would be free to visit a licensed dispensary.

Who Can Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in WY?

Like most places with MMJ programs, only residents aged 18+ with a qualifying condition may apply for a medical marijuana card in WY.

Cost of MMJ Card in WY

There is little information on the medical marijuana card cost in WY. There would probably be an application fee of up to $100. Patients would also have to pay anywhere from $150 to $350 for a doctor’s consultation.

WY MMJ Card Qualifying Conditions

Likely WY medical marijuana card qualifying conditions include:

medical marijuana in wyoming

  • Hepatitis C
  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • ALS
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Tourette’s syndrome
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Dementia
  • PTSD
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • Seizures, including those characteristic of epilepsy

In summation, MMJ patients with debilitating medical conditions are likely eligible for a medical marijuana card.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in WY?

It is impossible to say how long it would take for the requisite department to review applications and issue MMJ cards until a program starts.

How to Renew My Wyoming Medical Card?

The MMJ card would be valid for one year, and annual recertification is necessary. This means scheduling another doctor’s consultation to get the written certification and going through the application process again.

Other Information on the WY Medical Marijuana License Process

Concrete information on what a medical marijuana program in Wyoming would look like is thin on the ground. Here is an overview of what could be included in any legislation that passes. However, if an MMJ program is developed in WY, it will probably look at least slightly different from the initiative that could be on the 2024 ballot.

What Types of Cannabis Can I Purchase in WY?

There don’t seem to be any specific restrictions on the marijuana products Wyoming MMJ patients could buy. MMJ patients aged 18+ would be the only individuals under 21 allowed in a dispensary. They would only be permitted on the premises for the sole purpose of buying their medicine.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in WY Online

The initiative doesn’t mention whether there will be an online application process. Also, there is no information on whether telemedicine will be permitted for doctor consultations.

Can I Register My Child for Medical Marijuana in WY?

Yes. Minors can apply for a medical marijuana card. However, they will need the consent of at least one parent, legal guardian, conservator, or another individual with authority to consent to the minor’s medical treatment.

Where Can I Purchase MMJ in Wyoming?

If the state legalized medical marijuana, the Liquor Division would be responsible for issuing licenses to dispensaries. However, the initiative doesn’t outline how many licenses would be handed out initially.

How Much Cannabis Can I Buy & Possess?

MMJ patients would be permitted to buy and possess up to four ounces of marijuana and 20 grams of medical marijuana-derived products in 30 days. The pre-mixed weight of MMJ extract used in creating a product would apply toward the overall limit on the total amount of marijuana products a patient can purchase every 30 days.

Patients could also transfer up to four ounces of MMJ to another patient or caregiver for no remuneration.

Can You Grow Marijuana in Wyoming with a Medical Marijuana Card?

The Wyoming Medical Marijuana Initiative would allow MMJ cardholders to grow up to eight mature flowering marijuana plants.

Where Can I Use My MMJ?

MMJ cardholders could only use their medicine in a private residence, according to the initiative. However, allowances are made if an MMJ patient is treating an immediate medical emergency. In that scenario, they could self-administer MMJ products subject to the same conditions as administering prescription medication.

Will Wyoming Accept Out-of-State Cards?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information on whether Wyoming will offer reciprocity at this time.

What Are the Caregiver Rules?

It is likely that to become a caregiver, you would need to be aged 21+. A caregiver can buy, possess, transport, and dispense MMJ to a patient.

What If I Lose My Medical Card in Wyoming?

You would probably need to contact the Liquor Division to request a replacement.

When Did Medical Marijuana in Wyoming Become Legal?

Unfortunately, MMJ remains illegal in Wyoming. The state prohibited the substance sometime between 1913 and 1929 and has yet to decriminalize it. Various efforts to decriminalize and legalize marijuana have failed. Unfortunately, there seems to be little or no chance that the state will permit medical marijuana before November 2024.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Cheyenne

As Cheyenne is the state capital and the most populous city, residents will probably find it relatively easy to locate cannabis-friendly physicians for consultations. They would also likely have greater access to MMJ dispensaries.

MMJ Card for Veterans in WY

With a long list of qualifying conditions, including PTSD, veterans living in Wyoming may be eligible for an MMJ card.

Final Thoughts on Getting a Wyoming Medical Marijuana Card

At present, MMJ remains illegal in Wyoming, and the state issues strict penalties for marijuana possession, use, sale, and cultivation. Indeed, you can go to jail in WY simply for being under the influence of marijuana! Recent efforts to get an MMJ bill on the ballot failed, and residents must wait until at least 2024 for this to change.

If there are any updates, we will let you know as soon as possible!

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