Easy Bud Cannabis Strain | Cannabis Strain Review

Growing your own cannabis plants comes with many advantages, allowing you to take control of the entire process from seed to joint. It can also be an excellent way to save money, as well as being a fun hobby for those who enjoy gardening.

Cultivating a successful plant from just one small seed can feel like a rather daunting challenge, though, especially if you do not have a great deal of gardening experience. Royal Queen Seeds set out to change this, creating a strain that acts almost like training wheels for enthusiastic growers and allowing them to move on to a whole variety of different strains with confidence.

The Easy Bud strain is more than just an exercise in learning how to grow cannabis plants; it has gone on to become an extremely popular strain. While being one of the easiest strains to grow, as its name suggests, it still manages to produce a surprisingly large and rewarding yield.

The effects of Easy Bud have also contributed to its popularity, combining a burst of mental energy with physical relaxation.

Let’s take a closer look at Easy Bud and find out exactly what makes it such a popular strain.

What Is the Easy Bud Cannabis Strain?

Easy Bud was originally created by Royal Queen Seeds, who were looking to develop a strain tailored towards novice growers. Easy Bud has been bred to be extremely resilient and as a result requires minimal maintenance, perfect for building confidence before moving on to slightly trickier and more demanding strains.

Easy Bud is an unusual strain. Rather than being a mix of sativa and indica, it stems from the ruderalis variety of cannabis. The result of this less than traditional blend of strains has resulted in mild indica effects and a long, somewhat drawn out high.

The exact lineage of Easy Bud is unknown, although some believe that it may be a member of the Dwarf family. Its effects are similar to White Dwarf, while its growth cycle follows the same pattern as Royal Dwarf.

The initial effects of Easy Bud take hold quickly, with a heavy sensation developing around your temple and eyes. This feeling gradually spreads throughout your body, resulting in a deep sense of physical relaxation.

While Easy Bud does not have the strong sedative effects of other strains, it is still not recommended as a daytime strain as it can make it physically difficult to continue with your normal busy routine.

The effects of Easy Bud are not limited to the physical, with a mental burst of energy flooding your brain as the high progresses. You cannot help but feel uplifted when smoking Easy Bud and mentally ready to take on difficult challenges and situations. The physical effects of Easy Bud can make it hard to keep up with your mental state, and it is unlikely that you will be taking on any physically demanding challenges even if your mind seems to think that you can.

The upbeat mental effects of Easy Bud make it a great strain in social situations. When smoking with friends, conversation flows freely, and any social awkwardness quickly disappears from the situation.

Easy Bud is recommended as a late afternoon or evening strain, best enjoyed when you are done with chores for the day and can enjoy its mental buzz and physical relaxation.


Easy Bud has an unusual aroma, combining a range of different scents that you would not expect to find together. The most noticeable smell is one of strong skunk, giving the impression that Easy Bud has a very traditional and simple aroma, but as you crumble the buds apart, it becomes clear that this is not the case.

As buds break apart, a cheesy aroma is unleashed and combines with skunk to create an intense smell which can be difficult to process at first. As your senses slowly adjust, you are able to appreciate the strength behind the different aromas, much like trying a board of pungent cheeses for the first time.

Burning Easy Bud brings out a third element to the strain’s aroma and is definitely not what you would expect from such a strong, dominant strain. The air quickly becomes filled with spicy notes that appear to add a covering over the much more pungent aromas that filled the air before. This unique combination results in a warming aroma creating a sense of calm.

Easy Bud’s aroma can take a little getting used to, but once you are able to pick apart the different strands and understand how they work together, it becomes an enjoyable aroma that you find yourself looking forward to.

How does the flavor profile of Easy Bud compare to its unusual aroma?


Easy Bud has a flavor profile so different from its aroma that it can be quite a shock when you breathe in your first puff of its clear smoke. Given its pungent aroma and cheesy base, you expect a wave of flavors to match but instead get a sweet earthy flavor with a slight sour tang.

As you exhale, you are left with a very natural earthy taste in your mouth, with the sour, tangy lingering in the background adding a layer of complexity.

Easy Bud produces a smooth smoke which is easy to breathe through, making it ideal for novice smokers who prefer to avoid uncontrollable coughing fits while their lungs try to adjust to the sensation. The ease at which Easy Bud travels down your throat and into your system means that you are able to enjoy its pleasant flavor fully.


Easy Bud plants tend to be short and bushy, giving them a very welcoming appearance, as well as making them easy to fit into even the smallest of gardens. Despite being such a small plant, Easy Bud still manages to produce large, dense buds, meaning that you can expect a large and rewarding harvest.

The buds have a very traditional indica structure to them, causing people to assume that Easy Bud is an indica dominant strain. Each bud is covered in a thick layer of sticky white trichomes which give the plant a frosted appearance. Yellow pistils weave their way through the buds, working their way out to the surface, adding an extra burst of color.

Easy Bud Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Easy Bud, as its name implies, is an easy to grow strain that was created with novice growers in mind. Royal Queen Seeds chose to use ruderalis plants as the base of their creation as they are known for being extremely easy to grow and therefore, an ideal starting point when looking to breed such a strain.

Easy Bud is a fast-growing plant making it ideal for new growers as the wait time is short before being able to see the results of your hard work. When kept indoors, Easy Bud normally takes between 5 and 7 weeks before it is ready to be, at long last, harvested, making it one of the fastest-growing strains available.

Easy Bud seeds can be purchased online directly from Royal Queen. For those who have never grown their own cannabis plants from seeds before, shopping with Royal Queen is the best option for ensuring that you get high quality and trustworthy seeds.

In order to grow healthy and high yielding Easy Bud plants, a hot, humid climate is needed. Depending on your local climate, plants can be either kept outside or indoors, although if growing outside, it is important to be aware of sudden changes in the weather that could cause potential problems.

For those who are new to gardening, keeping plants indoors can be a good idea as it gives you maximum control and normally means that you are less likely to experience pests and molds.

THC Content – Highest Test

Easy Bud has a THC content of around 12% with highs of 16%; it is this relatively low THC content that makes Easy Bud such a calm strain and the reason for its popularity among novice smokers.

For those who have a low THC content and find that most indicas can feel slightly overwhelming, Easy Bud is the perfect solution. Just a few puffs of Easy Bud is enough to experience a deep sense of physical relaxation without having to worry about the much stronger effects.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The exact CBD content of Easy Bud is not known, but it is thought to have only trace amounts at the very most.

Easy Bud’s lack of CBD does not prevent it from being an extremely useful medicinal strain that can be used to treat a range of both mental and physical conditions.

Why should you consider Easy Bud for medical use?

Medical Benefits of the Easy Bud Cannabis Strain

Easy Bud is often used as a medicinal strain and has a surprisingly varied array of uses that stem from its uplifting high and physically relaxing effects.

Easy Bud is often recommended to those who suffer from attention deficit disorders as it helps to improve concentration, making it easier to focus on tasks for extended periods of time. While the physical sedative effects can make this less effective for completing more strenuous tasks, it makes getting through a long list of desk-based chores that little bit easier.

The uplifting high that comes with Easy Bud makes it ideal for those who suffer from stress and depression. Just a few puffs are enough to clear your mind and allow you to focus on the more positive elements in your life. Easy Bud has also been found to act as a social motivator, helping you to get past social anxiety and to enjoy spending time at social events.

Easy Bud’s indica-driven physical effects make it a great strain for numbing aches and pains. While the sedative effects of the strain mean that you are unlikely to use Easy Bud before physical activity, it is ideal for when you need a few hours free from pain to relax or work through less physically demanding tasks.

Possible Side Effects of the Easy Bud Cannabis Strain

The most commonly experienced side effect of Easy Bud is dry mouth, causing the inside of your mouth to feel dehydrated and as though it has a slightly fluffy texture to it. Although this can feel annoying at first, the effects do not normally last long, and the uplifting effects of Easy Bud mean that you are able to push the inconvenience to the back of your mind and continue enjoying the high.

Much less common but still worth being aware of is the potential for dry eyes when smoking Easy Bud. This can result in your eyes feeling dry and heavy and adds to the physical effects of the strain, making it difficult to focus and keep your eyes open.

Some people find that when taking large doses of Easy Bud, they are much more likely to experience anxious thoughts. This is more likely to happen if you have a naturally low THC tolerance or are in an environment where you do not feel safe.

Final Thoughts on the Easy Bud Cannabis Strain

Easy Bud is very much a strain designed for beginners both in terms of how easy it is to grow and its somewhat subdued effects. Its short growth cycle and resistant qualities allow you to build your confidence and learn the basics along the way. The effects of Easy Bud make for an excellent taster of what to expect with a hybrid strain while still being effective.

Easy Bud can also be used as a medicinal strain to treat a number of different mental and physical conditions. Its lack of serious side effects means that there are very few downsides to trying Easy Bud and experimenting with different dosages.

If you are looking for a new hobby and like the idea of growing your own cannabis plants, Easy Bud is the perfect strain to start with. Super easy to grow and with a larger than average yield Easy Bud is sure to build your confidence ready to take on much tougher strains.