Chocolate Diesel Strain (2020 Review)

Chocolate Diesel Strain Overview
Chocolate Diesel strain is a unique flavor sensation. Notes of intense chocolate collide with diesel undertones to give users an experience they won't soon forget. Chocolate Diesel is also a sativa with an intense cerebral high and euphoric let-down. It is a moderately powerful strain as well, with a common average of around 23% THC.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
This strain grows both indoors and outdoors. Harvesting time indoors begins after about 12 weeks. Flowering time outside begins around late October to early November.

As weird and wonderful as the cannabis world gets, you’re likely not going to find a stranger flavor combination than chocolate and diesel. Usually, a strain has a particular set of tastes that seem to mesh well together, but the Chocolate Diesel strain turns everything on its head.


Sometimes it’s fun to try a strain that’s a little bit different. In this review of Chocolate Diesel, we will let you know what to expect from this strain in terms of its effects and flavors. Plus, there are even some tips on how to grow it yourself! Read on to find out all that the Chocolate Diesel cannabis strain has to offer.

What Is the Chocolate Diesel Strain?

Chocolate Diesel is a sativa strain. It’s a cross between Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai, both fairly well-known strains. The exact breeder is not known, but we understand the logic behind creating this strain. If Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai are excellent on their own, why not put them together?!


The effects of Chocolate Diesel strain weed are typical of many other sativas. The high is cerebral and euphoric, offering a boost in mood. Users report feeling happy and energetic, but also quite relaxed and stress-free. Chocolate Diesel has an extremely fast-acting high that will have you feeling buzzy and happy. It can be a great social strain to share with friends. Chocolate Diesel will lend you enough confidence and energy to deal with socializing. This is definitely not an evening strain, though – you’ll feel far too awake even to consider sleeping!


The flavors are strongly reminiscent of its parent strains, creating a complex and layered taste that sort of alternates between the two. There is also a decent THC content bred into this strain.


So, let’s delve deeper into the attributes of this strain to find out whether you should be inquiring about it on your next visit to the dispensary.


Chocolate Diesel Strain: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

chocolate diesel strain

As you can probably imagine from its lineage, Chocolate Diesel has a multi-faceted scent and taste. There is a lot of mingling notes in there, combining all the best parts of its parent strains. All in all, it culminates into quite a beautiful end result – to the surprise of many!


The smell of Chocolate Diesel can actually vary in strength depending on how well the bud is cured after growing. The best samples of this strain – that is, the samples with the highest quality – have quite a diesel-like scent. This whiff of gasoline is owed to its parent strain, Sour Diesel. Its parent has also lent a nice under-layer of fresh pine which should be detectable in a well-cured bud.


The Chocolate Diesel marijuana strain also has some earthy, woody notes. Some would describe it as musk. This side comes more from Chocolate Thai.


When grinding the buds up, more chemical notes will be released into the air. In the end, the overpowering scent is one of gasoline. This scent is one that will linger for a while, and it’s not exactly discrete. Be aware of this if you’re trying to indulge in a private smoking session.


For fans of Sour Diesel, Chocolate Diesel is sure to be another hit. There are definitely faint tinges of wood and earth on the inhale, but the taste is overwhelmingly a gasoline flavor. The smoke gathers into a sour, acrid cloud on your tongue, and most people experience a coughing fit because it tends to be quite harsh on the throat.


You will be rewarded, however, by the cocoa flavor on the exhale. Once again, more diesel notes undercut this chocolate taste, but it’s definitely more pleasant than the initial inhale. 


It’s a pretty acquired taste, but one you can get used to.


The flowers of the Chocolate Diesel plant are medium in size. They are quite circular, and a muted green in color. Initially, the color is one of a dark, forest green that appears quite stunning. However, the plant develops a generous coating of white trichomes which dull the color into a light green hue. 


Among the green are orange pistils. These curly, bright orange hairs make Chocolate Diesel quite a sight and a pleasure to grow. 


Despite being a sativa-dominant breed, Chocolate Diesel looks a bit like an indica. It grows quite dense, providing a decent yield. The nugs are densely packed together to form tight circular shapes. If you want to grow Chocolate Diesel for yourself, though, you might need a bit of practice.

Chocolate Diesel Strain Grow Info

Chocolate Diesel has the general structure of a sativa – a tall stalk and thin shape. However, its buds grow dense and indica-like. This combination makes Chocolate Diesel susceptible to breakage, especially outdoors, where there is a risk of wind. It might be best to use a support for these plants in other to keep them upright.


This strain was bred for the Mediterranean. It enjoys warm temperatures and a decent amount of humidity. Chocolate Diesel is quite susceptible to the cold, so you will have to be careful with temperature control. Heat can be carefully managed indoors, but it is more unpredictable outside. It can withstand some minor dips in temperature, but sustained cold will freeze the plant, and it will die.


Another problem with Chocolate Diesel is that it is susceptible to be pests. You will have to keep an eye out for this throughout its growth.


Due to these issues, most growers opt to grow Chocolate Diesel in a greenhouse or grow room. Here, the temperature can be controlled, and pests can be kept at bay. Wherever you grow, you might want to consider topping the plant regularly. Doing so can prevent the plants from becoming too tall and allow them to focus energy on lateral growth. This will enable leaves at the bottom to obtain more light and produce more bud.


Chocolate Diesel has a relatively long flowering period. Outdoors, it produces at least 16 ounces of bud per square meter. It should flower from late October to mid-November. Indoors, expect to wait up to 12 weeks for the plant to flower. The yield is between 12 and 16 ounces per square meter on average.


Chocolate Diesel strain seeds are reasonably hard to come by. Sometimes you will find them online or from a dispensary, but this is quite a rare find. It might be easier to find clippings from a trusted friend who happens to be growing Chocolate Diesel.


THC Content – Highest Test

Chocolate Diesel cannabis has a moderate THC content. It averages out at around 18%, with some samples reaching 23% at a maximum. The lowest THC content for this strain is approximately 13%.


This level of THC is quite standard for a sativa and should be nothing to worry about as long as you use it in moderation.


CBD Content – Highest Test

Despite not having a soaring THC content, Chocolate Diesel’s CBD level is still disappointing. Most samples have no CBD to speak of whatsoever. If you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself with 0.14% CBD.


Medical Benefits of the Chocolate Diesel Strain

It’s crucial to consume Chocolate Diesel slowly and steadily because the high hits fast. This strain is often compared to a cup of coffee, not least due to the hints of cocoa on the exhale. The high begins as a slight pressure around the eyes and temples, letting you know that you’re in for a cerebral experience.


The high is primarily focused on your brain. You may experience heightened energy and a sensation of euphoria. As this happens, your mind will spring between different thoughts, bringing out your creative side. Don’t expect to feel focused, though. This is not a strain you should take if you plan on being productive.


Nevertheless, the euphoric, energetic high is excellent for dealing with low mood. Sufferers of depression often use this strain as a pick-me-up on down days. Stress can also benefit from Chocolate Diesel because it relaxes you, allowing you to unwind and keep negative thoughts at bay for a little while.


Sometimes, Chocolate Diesel is used as a remedy for pain. Since the high is mainly concentrated on the brain, this strain is better used for headaches than it is for muscular pain. Those who often experience migraines have found this strain to be a good option when the symptoms begin developing.


We have also heard that some patients with attention deficit disorder (ADD) use this strain. It helps some people reign in those jumpy thoughts. However, Chocolate Diesel can also have the complete opposite effect and cause you to lose focus. We wouldn’t particularly recommend Chocolate Diesel for those with ADD/ADHD, because its impact on this condition can be somewhat unpredictable.


Possible Side Effects of the Chocolate Diesel Strain 

The biggest threat with Chocolate Diesel is a dry mouth. This happens with almost any marijuana strain, but it is exacerbated in the Chocolate Diesel strain. The smoke is pungent and dry, with a harsh tang of diesel. When this hits your throat, it can cause coughing fits and a stinging sensation. On top of this is the cottonmouth caused by THC.


To mitigate dry mouth, you can keep a glass of water handy. Make sure to drink water both while smoking and after you have finished, and the dryness should subside.


Some users also report dry eyes, but this is much less likely with the Chocolate Diesel strain. If it does happen, you can use a damp cloth, or some eye drops, to get around the issue. Neither dry mouth nor dry eyes are particularly troubling.


With a moderate THC content, the adverse effects of THC are also less likely with Chocolate Diesel than with other strains. If you use too much Chocolate Diesel, or if you are sensitive to THC, you might experience some anxiety. This is especially likely if you are already prone to anxious thoughts. Paranoia is even less likely, but it can happen.


Basically, you should be able to avoid anxiety and paranoia as long as you know your limits. Consume Chocolate Diesel in small quantities at a time, and you should have nothing to worry about.

Final Thoughts on the Chocolate Diesel Strain

Chocolate Diesel is a sweet energizing strain. Its flavor is definitely not one that will impress everyone, but it’s a must-try for Sour Diesel lovers. The smoke is a bit harsh on the throat and carries a strong diesel taste, but you can get around any problems by having a glass of water to hand. 


The THC content of Chocolate Diesel is not too high. It’s a strain that can be used by beginners and advanced users alike. As long as you don’t consume too much too quickly, you should be able to avoid side effects such as anxiety and paranoia. 


When looking for a strain that boosts mood and energy, Chocolate Diesel should be one of the strains near the top of your list. Sure, the taste is one that takes some getting used to, but the euphoria you experience is unparalleled. What else would you expect from a strain with two amazing parents? So, next time you’re trying to cut down on the caffeine, why not try a few tokes of Chocolate Diesel instead?