White Russian Cannabis Strain Review

White Russian Strain Overview
Although the White Russian strain may not taste like the beloved alcoholic cocktail, it sure will hit you as quick as one. Its effects are often noticed nearly immediately and will give you a nice head rush. As time passes, you’re sure to get a nice boost in energy and mood too, so it’s great for those days when you need a little extra kick.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
Flowering period is approximately 9-10 weeks, can be grown both indoors and outdoors

If you have ever visited a bar that is far too invested in a desperate attempt to try and create a “hip” image, then it is very likely that you will have seen a White Russian cocktail. Once a novelty option made from cream, this drink was made famous by The Big Lebowski as The Dude’s favorite beverage.

However, it would appear that the marijuana world also wants a part of this nomenclature, as the White Russian strain demonstrates.

Initially made by the Amsterdam-based Serious Seeds, this strain is a cross between two potent strains with a long, fruitful history. Though White Russian might not taste like vodka, cream and a deep-seated desire to find vengeance for your carpet, it is still a powerful strain that has won a number of different awards.

Let’s take a look at this potent strain and examine what makes it worth using it, instead of its ancestor strains.

What is the White Russian Cannabis Strain?

White Russian is not just some backwater marijuana strain cultivated by newbie growers – White Russian is a strain with an esteemed parentage. A cross between White Widow, one of the world’s most famous strains, and AK-47, this strain won the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup as the Best Overall Strain, as well as being consistently ranked as one of the best strains in the world.

It not only has a massive THC concentration, but it also has a myriad of useful and enjoyable effects as well.

As a completely balanced hybrid, the White Russian high has a number of different facets to it. For starters, the high hits you immediately, causing a small amount of tightness around the head and an initial head rush.

This slightly disorientating feeling will pass, only to be replaced by a sudden rush of energy and motivation. You will feel incredibly clear and lucid, encouraging you to get up and get moving with some kind of task that needs to be done.

There is a cerebral quality to the high that can leave you thinking rather introspectively, or even serve as an excellent inspiration for creative tasks.

Alongside all this mental energy, you can expect a profoundly happy feeling that transitions into pure euphoria and general calmness. There aren’t really any effects felt in the body, despite the presence of indica in its genetics, which makes this strain seem slightly more sativa.

Even though this strain has the fabled White Widow in its genetics, there is basically no couch lock or tiredness; instead, this strain will inspire near endless energy and personal motivation, allowing you to do anything at all – take a hike, go for a run or clean up your apartment; all are possible with White Russian.

This makes White Russian a strain that seems to defy all expectations – instead of being a lazy layabout, like The Dude with his White Russians, you will be motivated and continuously ready to seize the day. Additionally, instead of being calming and relaxing, like the effects of its signature parent, White Widow, you will instead feel so mentally prepared and raring to go that you will likely struggle to stay in one place for so long.

Of course, the effects of a strain are one thing, but what about how it tastes? Does it have a suitably nice flavor profile alongside its great effects?

White Russian Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance


The aroma of White Russian is quite similar to its ancestry; you can expect a dank smell that reminds you of extremely rich soil. There is a subtle quality of somewhat bitter nuttiness that undercuts this alkaline flavor of earth, though it lacks any kind of the stickiness that White Window typically has.

There is also a small hint of citrus fruits as well, giving some particularly enjoyable floral flavors that leave the nose tingling for more.

The smell flourishes even more when burnt, giving a slight funkiness that is ever so slightly harsh and difficult to handle if overindulged.


The flavor is quite similar to its aroma, offering levels of both earthiness and citrus that leaves you feeling like you have just tasted a very slightly odd orange. While this description might, at first, sound rather negative, there is actually an extremely comfortable, rather pleasant quality to this taste combination.

It is aided by the further developing flavors of spice and herbaceousness that serve to stop the dank flavors of the earth from overpowering your palate.

The entire flavor experience hits you straight away, just like its high, offering profound levels of flavor that seems both intricate and simplistic at the same time.

How about how it looks, however? Is it an equally attractive strain when it comes to physical appearance?


The buds of White Russian are quite small and look incredibly similar to a typical sativa bud, presenting quite loose leaves that possess a furry, fluffy quality to them that look almost like the leaves of an entirely different plant.

They have typical leaf coloration, offering a light green shade that catches the sun rather beautifully. You can expect this strain to carry over the tradition of its parent White Widow in its white trichomes, as this strain will often be liberally coated in this shiny, almost frost-like speckles of hair.

This is a strain that needs to be adequately cured so as to be able to appreciate its physical appearance properly, so one of the best ways to see the very best this strain has to offer is to grow some yourself.

White Russian Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Just like White Widow, White Russian is a pretty easy strain to grow yourself, as its long history of different genetic cross-breeding has resulted in very resilient genetics. It can stand adverse temperatures, as well as fluctuating levels of humidity. This means you can grow it outside or inside without too much difference in the way you treat the plant.

One really nice thing about buying White Russian seeds is that the producer, Serious Seeds, assigned a unique code to every bag, as well as tracking each and every single sale across the world. This means that you can always know whether or not any particular batch of White Russian is precisely what it says it is.

As White Russian seems to present sativa characteristics primarily, you can expect a short plant that tends to bulk up around the sides. This is actually a very good thing for bud production, as it is the lateral growth that allows for the most bud to be made by the plant, thanks to more access to sunlight.

You won’t need to worry about cutting off excess leaves, as this strain doesn’t seem to want very many leaves at all.

Expect a flowering time of around eight weeks, as well as a massively noticeable smell once it starts to reach its final stages, so you might consider setting up some kind of exhaust port if growing it indoors.

Once you have properly cured it as soon as possible after harvest, you get the chance to really experience this strain at its best.

THC Content – Highest Test

As White Russian is a hybrid, you might expect it to have rather middling levels of THC. However, most likely thanks to its White Widow ancestry, White Russian is actually one of the most potent strains around. In fact, there was a period in the 1990s where it was believed that this strain was the literal strongest strain in the world.

You can expect around 22% THC on the highest end, with a rough average of 16.5%, which is considerably larger than the norm. Though there are now strains that reach upwards of 30% THC, it is important to remember that White Russian is an older strain and was especially impressive in its time period.

What about its CBD content, however?

CBD Content – Highest Test

As ever, there is minimal to no actual CBD reported in White Russian samples. Though there is obviously going to be a small amount, there isn’t anything above 1% CBD content, so don’t pick up any White Russian if you are looking for the medical benefits that come from CBD.

Of course, there are still a few useful medicinal effects of the White Russian strain, even if it doesn’t have much CBD in it.

Medical Benefits of the White Russian Cannabis Strain

As White Russian is a strain with a large quantity of THC, it can be used to help treat the usual medical issues that THC is used for. This includes treating issues arising from chronic pain and inflammation, as well as a myriad of mental disorders like ADHD, paranoia, and anxiety.

Something to note is that treating ADHD is actually one of the most common reasons that people use the White Russian strain – the concentration and motivation that lends users is the perfect thing to help combat their mental disorders.

This is the same reason why it can help deal with depression and anxiety, as it allows those who struggle with their own brain can help overcome their issues.

However, anyone who struggles with motivation or energy can benefit from this strain, as it just generally gives you the pep necessary to make changes to your life and get through a tough day.

Unfortunately, there are always going to be a few side effects that will come about as a result of using any suitably strong marijuana strain.

Possible Side Effects of the White Russian Cannabis Strain

For starters, you can expect the standard twins of dry mouth and dry eyes to plague you when you are first starting using this strain, mainly due to the intensely dry smoke that this strain billows out after the first puff.

Those are just the easiest to deal with, however. If you are prone to anxiety or paranoia, then White Russian might be a strain you should avoid, especially if you frequently overindulge in your marijuana.

Due to the high THC content, this strain can sometimes induce feelings of deep anxiety and self-doubt; as well as a difficult to shake off feeling that someone is watching you. Make sure that you understand your own limits before using this strain, as this can leave you feeling frightened and confused if taken at the wrong time or at the wrong intensity.

Final Thoughts on the White Russian Cannabis Strain

White Russian is a strain that owes its existence to an already massively famous pair of strains. Both White Widow and AK-47 are renowned for both their distinctive flavors and for their effects, so any strain made from their genetics is going to have to be exceptionally interesting and powerful.

Thankfully, White Russian meets these criteria perfectly, offering a uniquely intriguing flavor profile that somehow melds together elements of funky earth with flavors of citrus-filled spice.

On top of that, the effects of this strain are a gentle distillation of both of its parent strains, offering a continuous, energetic drive that leaves you feeling like you can handle absolutely anything life throws at you.

What’s more, you won’t feel couch lock or any kind of unpleasant lethargy, and nor will this strain knock you out, meaning that you can enjoy this strain at any time of day and not have to worry about losing consciousness unexpectedly.

Though there is a harshness to the smoke that can lead some users coughing for their lives, as well as the high being extraordinarily potent and rather unsettling for new users, White Russian is still a pivotal strain that has well deserved its place in the sun.

It is the perfect blend of enjoyable, relaxing and yet endlessly energetic, so make sure you try and find some White Russian at your local marijuana retailer so that you can enjoy one of the very finest marijuana experiences that the vast network of cross breeders has to offer.

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