Pineapple 99 Strain (Origins, Potency, Effects)

Pineapple 99 Strain Overview
Pineapple 99 strain is a powerful indica with intense effects. This strain has a pinch of fruity, tropical flavor, along with some earthy tones, pineapple notes and even a tinge of durian fruit. Many users tout this strain's ability to address body aches and pain and depression symptoms.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
This strain grows both indoors and outdoors. However, it grows tall and needs lots of space. Typical harvesting time can begin around eight weeks.

There are few things better than the exquisite, faintly tangy flavors of tropical fruits. There is a reason that so many people list tropical drinks as some of their favorite beverages.

You can usually find these flavors in pretty much any type of product. If a product range gets big enough, it will eventually release a tropical variety. But what about marijuana strains? Is there a way to get tasty tropical fruits at the same time as getting potent, enjoyable weed?

The Pineapple 99 strain is the perfect solution for those desperately looking for a new way to satisfy their tropical fix. With plenty of intense pineapple flavors and a massive rush of effects alongside, everyone should try this strain at least once.

Let’s investigate the Pineapple 99 strain and figure out whether or not it tastes like pineapple.

What Is the Pineapple 99 Strain?

Pineapple 99 was developed for the express purpose of creating a potent indica with high THC levels and the best pineapple flavor possible in a marijuana strain.

The idea of cultivating something entirely for its unusual flavors is not a new concept in the world of marijuana. Many strains are developed entirely to satiate the unique flavor preferences of different growers.

However, Pineapple 99 strain weed is different because there are already a large number of different tropical strains available on the market. Pineapple 99 is strange in that its exact parentage isn’t entirely clear – it comes from some combination of these myriad pineapple flavored strains, but which ones?

Pineapple Kush, Cinderella 99, and Pineapple Express can all lay claim to at least some level of parentage of this strain, but it is not entirely clear which one. One strain at least is specified: Ed Rosenthal’s Super Bud, a strain with no pineapple flavor whatsoever.

Regardless of its precise origins, the Pineapple 99 strain has a potent series of effects. It leaves you feeling both completely relaxed and spaced out at the same time.

After your very first puff, your mind will blow at the sheer intensity of the flavors contained within such small buds. However, that feeling will fail to compare to what comes afterward.

As the smoke descends down your throat and hits your lungs, you will feel an immediate sensation of cleansing and relaxation. Your muscles will loosen as your limbs hang at your sides, feeling almost unusable. You will also notice that you cannot stop smiling.

This feeling persists throughout the high, lasting seemingly forever. This strain will give you hours and hours of happiness and euphoria.

And it doesn’t just stop there. After an hour or so, your brain will begin to wake up. Your muscles slightly strengthen, which is incredibly helpful considering you will also feel motivated. Many people take this strain to urge them on with tasks they have been putting off for far too long.

Your creativity will spike, your mental capacity will increase, and you will feel intensely sure with your lot in life. You will feel utterly confident that you can make something that will change the world.

These effects are quite at odds with its potent indica parentage, however. This leaves Pineapple 99 a confusing, yet extremely interesting strain with several potential benefits.

What about its actual flavor and aroma, though? Is it noticeably pineapple-like enough to deserve its name?


The Pineapple 99 marijuana strain has, as might be expected, an intense pineapple-like aroma.

It smells like the tropical fruit section of a supermarket. That means plenty of tart acidity on the nose, making you think there is a freshly opened pineapple nearby.

However, the aromas don’t just stop there. There is an undeniable tang of general citrus fruits that undercuts the initial smell of pineapple. It gives the extremely strong impression of some broad citrus fruit medley.

You can smell oranges, limes, and lemons, along with tangerines. At the very edge of your nasal awareness, there is even a little bit of durian fruit.

The overwhelming aroma is one of the intense tropical flavors and general fruitiness. Expect to smell the ocean and the Caribbean sands, along with a faintly present aroma of pina coladas.

What about its taste, though? Does it taste as good on the tongue as it smells?


As you might imagine from a strain with a name like Pineapple 99, the overwhelming flavor on your tongue is one of intense pineapple and copious tropical flavors.

However, the flavor of pineapple has a lot more depth and exciting variation than you would initially expect. If you have ever bitten into fresh pineapple, you will remember the intensely pungent, almost burning sensation on your tongue. Pineapple 99 carries with it that same acidic sensation, giving you plenty of light tingling notes on your tongue as the flavor develops.

You will notice the same qualities on your tongue as in its aroma. Plenty of acidity and citrus bite, with a healthy amount of tropical fruits and that well-expected pineapple flavor.

What about its appearance? Does it look as pretty as it tastes?


Pineapple 99’s bud appearance has an extremely distinctive look to it, unsurprisingly looking just like a much-miniaturized version of an actual pineapple.

It has a very typical marijuana appearance, with plenty of intense green coloration and a beautiful smattering of yellow pistils underneath the surface.

If your Pineapple 99 bud has been dried and cured correctly, you can also expect an adorable dusting of trichomes. These trichomes coat the buds giving an increased dosage of THC.

This heightened intensity is what helps give this strain its signature effects. At the same time, they keep it looking fresh and mildly exotic, precisely like a tropical fruit.

What about if you want to try and grow some Pineapple 99 yourself? What kind of specialized knowledge do you need to grow Pineapple 99 in your garden?

Pineapple 99 Strain Grow Info

Pineapple 99 strain seeds are available with decent regularity. However, you might still have to track down the correct dispensary to get what you need.

Like many other hybrid strains, Pineapple 99 grows happily either indoors or outdoors. That said, it is certainly easier to keep the plant at a consistent temperature if you keep it indoors.

Make sure that you give your Pineapple 99 plenty of growing space. This strain tends to grow laterally, taking up a lot of sideways room. This is entirely due to its strong indica genetics, so make sure it is well supported with growing poles.

You can also encourage its bud production by making sure that you clip its undergrowth considerably. Pineapple 99 can sometimes divert far too much of its growing energy to trying to produce more leaves and branch shoots in areas that won’t get sufficient sunlight.

When it comes to feeding, try to give it a nitrogen-rich source of feed about once a week. You can add a bit more if you are trying to grow it outdoors.

Thanks to its low height when compared to its sideways growth, this strain is excellent for growing surreptitiously in your garden. Just make sure that you keep it covered up along the sides.

With a flowering time of around eight weeks, Pineapple 99 grows pretty normally. It produces an extremely modest yield come harvest time, as long as it manages to get consistent sunlight and watering.

If you aren’t sure if the sunlight is strong where you are growing, try to keep it indoors, at least throughout its vegetative stage.

What kind of cannabinoid content can you expect from your finally harvested Pineapple 99 buds?

THC Content – Highest Test

Pineapple 99 cannabis has an exciting THC content because its precise levels seem to vary between individual samples. On average, you can expect between 15% and 17% THC content, but some samples have been registered as high as 21%.

This is primarily due to individual growing methods and the amount of nitrogen you feed to the plant during its flowering time. This differing level of THC does mean that single samples of Pineapple 99 are going to have different effects to those with a lower THC content.

This is one of the reasons why it is probably best to try and grow some yourself, as you can make sure the intensity remains the same throughout your entire harvest.

What about CBD content?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Just like countless other hybrid strains before it, Pineapple 99 isn’t exactly well known for its rich CBD content.

To help make room for all the THC within it, certain cannabinoids have to be removed. In the case of Pineapple 99, that is CBD.

You won’t find more than about 1% CBD content in any individual samples of Pineapple 99. However, this does not at all mean that there aren’t innumerable health benefits to this strain.

Medical Benefits of the Pineapple 99 Strain

Many marijuana strains are grown for explicit purposes to treat exact conditions. For example, some strains are designed to fight epilepsy or stifle pain. Other strains are designed to be more generalist, able to handle many different conditions and improve their symptoms.

Pineapple 99 is definitely among the latter category of strains, with a myriad of general effects and benefits that make it useful for treating a large number of conditions. However, those conditions are mostly ones related to mental issues.

The primary usage of Pineapple 99 is to try and modulate issues arising from depression and anxiety. This is fairly typical of an indica-dominant strain, though Pineapple 99 is unique in the sheer significance of the happiness it can induce.

By forcing you to feel unendingly happy and motivated, uplifted and euphoric no matter what your previous mood was, Pineapple 99 makes everything hurt a lot less.

This also applies to physical pain, especially chronic illness such as neurological pain or long-term injuries. Pineapple 99’s high THC content makes it perfect for shutting off those pain receptors and making your day a lot more bearable.

Finally, though the strain doesn’t induce intense sleepiness as many other indicas do, it is still wonderful for treating insomnia. This is because it heightens your mood and relieves worries, making it easier to peacefully fall asleep, no matter what is keeping you awake.

What kind of side effects can you expect from this strain? After all, there have to be a few problems with such a delicious and potent strain?

Possible Side Effects of the Pineapple 99Strain

As often happens with any strain that possesses strong levels of THC, you can expect both dry mouth and dry eyes to take hold very early on in your high. This feeling of chapped lips and dry eyes can be dealt with by keeping water and a moist towel on hand, as well as remembering to actually use them.

Other side effects can include some unpleasant spikes in anxiety, and increased levels of paranoia, especially among those that already suffer from these conditions.

People often use Pineapple 99 to help treat symptoms arising from anxiety. However, if you accidentally take too much at once, you can find yourself feeling those very same symptoms throughout the high. This doesn’t mean you should avoid taking Pineapple 99 to treat anxiety though. Just make sure that you know your limit and do not exceed it.

Some people also report infrequent instances of dizziness and feelings of lightheadedness Again, this is usually due to them not knowing their dose. As long as you always understand what you are letting yourself in for, you are probably going to be okay.

Final Thoughts on the Pineapple 99Strain

It isn’t often that people associate the flavors and aromas of pineapple with the sensation of happiness. However, Pineapple 99 changes that, as once you do finally try some, you will forever consider pineapples to be a happiness-inducing, creativity-inspiring piece of fruit.

In fact, you might even find yourself slightly disappointed the next time you eat a piece of pineapple, as its familiar taste doesn’t immediately uplift your day and instill you with intense euphoria. Instead, it just tastes like pineapple.

To avoid this, keep some Pineapple 99 on hand and always be ready to enjoy the strong burst of intense mental energy. And don’t forget the deep physical relaxation that leaves your limbs well-rested.

Tropical fruits might be considered nutritious and delicious, but they generally don’t leave you feeling as insanely happy as Pineapple 99 does.