Dr. Who Weed Strain (Origins, Benefits, History)

Dr. Who Weed Strain Overview
Dr. Who is a fun, spacey strain that lives up to its name, making time feel distorted and heightening your senses. Dr. Who can also be used as an effective natural pain reliever as well as a way of treating many other chronic conditions.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Body high/numbing
Growing info
Dr. Who plants are happiest when kept in a warm and temperate climate, and are considered to be relatively easy to grow successfully. Harvesting takes place during early October, with an average yield size of 15 ounces per plant.

Trying new strains can be fun, allowing you to experience effects that you might not have predicted and flavors that you would never have thought of. Finding the right strains to experiment with can be a slight challenge, though.

Other than a shortlist of its effects and an overview of its aroma, there is very little to go by when faced with a list of possible strains. Choosing a strain is somewhat a shot in the dark, and very often, the name is a huge determining factor – even if it tells us very little about the effects to follow.

The Dr. Who strain is an excellent example of a strain that jumps out at you when looking at a list of options. With the first thought coming to mind when presented with the name Dr. Who being time travel, many people are intrigued enough to give the stain a try.

Dr. Who has become a viral strain, in part due to its name, but also for its rewarding and uplifting high.

Let’s take a closer look at the Dr. Who strain and find out how it got its name.

What Is the Dr. Who Strain?

Dr. Who is a hybrid strain with a 60% indica and 40% sativa content. Dr. Who is a distant relative of the Afghani strain and was initially created by Homegrown Natural Wonder.

Dr. Who is a cross between the strains Mad Scientist and Timewreck. The strain’s success has led to it being used by breeders to create a number of other strains, including Dr. Quantum and River Song.


Dr. Who got its name as a result of its trippy effects, which can leave you feeling as though you really are Dr. Who time-traveling through dimensions. Perfect for a relaxed but stimulating evening at home, Dr. Who has become a very popular nighttime strain enjoyed both in social settings and alone.

The effects of Dr. Who take a little while to kick in and can often cause people to smoke a much higher dose than they need. The first signs of Dr. Who having an effect are a heavy feeling around the temple, which slowly works its way across your upper body before working its way down through your limbs.

As the massive body high of Dr. Who takes hold, your senses start to become heightened, with sounds and smells feeling much more prominent. The early stages of a Dr. Who high are a great time to turn on some slightly trippy music and see where it takes you.

Time seems distorted while under the effects of Dr. Who. You will often find yourself looking at a clock and finding that time is passing at a very different pace than it actually feels.

For novice smokers, the effects of Dr. Who can feel a little overwhelming at first. Ensuring that you are in a place where you feel safe and relaxed is a key element in ensuring that you have a positive experience.

A small number of people find that Dr. Who prompts a wave of creativity, making it ideal for days when you have creative tasks to work through. The sedative effects that can occur when smoking a hefty dose of Dr. Who does, however, make it challenging to pursue such creative ideas.


Dr. Who has a calming aroma that works perfectly with the effects of the strain. From the moment you break Dr. Who buds apart in your hand, the air around you is filled with an earthy yet fruity smell.

Burning Dr. Who heightens its aroma with a pleasing mix of fruits dancing in the air around you. Paying close attention to your senses, you are able to pick out the different fruits. The most prominent is a fresh pineapple aroma and sour grapes.

As Dr. Who continues to burn, the mix of different aromas can become quite pungent and unpleasant when smoking in a confined space. A healthy mix of wet earth and soft fruit is left in the air and can linger for many hours afterward.

Dr. Who almost pushes you to smoke in small doses as the intensity of the aroma strengthens and changes the longer it is burned. The gentle, earthy mix of fruits slowly disappears as a way of telling you not to smoke too much at one time.

Dr. Who produces a harsh smoke that can feel choking at first and takes a little getting used to. For those who are prone to coughing or are not used to smoking, it is always a good idea to have a glass of water on hand.

How does the flavor profile of Dr. Who compare?


Many of the powerful aromas carry over into Dr. Who’s flavor profile. A combination of damp earth, sour grapes, and sweet citrus make up the base of Dr. Who’s flavor profile.

As you inhale Dr. Who’s thick, almost choking, smoke, you are hit with a wave of all of the different flavors virtually at once. Dr. Who is not ideal for those who have not smoked other strains in the past; it will effortlessly put you off taking another puff. However, more experienced users will be able to pick all of the different flavors apart, appreciating each one based on its own merits.

The sweet citrus and sour grape notes work surprisingly well together once your taste buds are able to adjust. The addition of damp earth feels slightly out of place among so many fruity flavors.

As the heavy smoke works its way through your lungs, the flavors mellow slightly, making them much more comfortable to breathe through.

After smoking Dr. Who, you are left with a sour, fruity yet also dirty flavor. Thanks to a combination of Dr. Who’s lasting taste and its choking smoke, you will be very glad if you drank a glass of water beforehand!


The most noticeable feature when looking at a Dr. Who plant is its leaves. Starting at the stem of the plant, Dr. Who leaves are a bright green color and blend in perfectly with the rest of the specimen. As the leaves grow away from the plant, however, they slowly become a dark purple color.

Covered in a deliciously thick layer of white trichomes, Dr. Who leaves have a magical vibe to them. The combination of green transitioning into purple with an array of white speckles really makes Dr. Who plants stand out.

Dr. Who buds have a very similar coloring to the plant’s leaves. A mix of deep purple and vibrant green come together to create unique and beautiful coloring. The buds on a Dr. Who plant are covered in the same thick layer of trichomes, giving them a furry appearance.

Dr. Who plants grow to a medium height, allowing them to be easily planted both indoors and outside.

Dr. Who Strain Grow Info

Dr. Who strain seeds are easy to find for sale online, with it being a great home growing strain. Dr. Who is ideal for novice growers who do not want to take on too much of a challenge, but still want a rewarding yield.

Dr. Who plants grow to a medium height, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing. Their medium stature also means that regular trimming is not necessary for keeping the plant’s maintenance to a minimum.

Known to be extremely resistant, Dr. Who is able to withstand the most common mildews and molds. A Dr. Who plant’s ability to withstand whatever nature throws at it is one of the main reasons that it is recommended for novice growers.

Depending on your climate, Dr. Who plants usually are ready for harvesting between late September and early October. Plants that are kept indoors take just 8 to 9 weeks before they are harvestable. Dr. Who plants produce a medium-size yield, resulting in a pleasing reward given the little effort required to grow them successfully.

Dr. Who plants should be kept in a warm climate; ideally, somewhere they have access to many hours of sunlight. However, the purple coloring on Dr. Who’s leaves comes from plants being subjected to cold nighttime temperatures.

For those who keep plants indoors and want to achieve the beautiful deep purple colors that Dr. Who is known for, it is essential to vary the room’s temperature throughout the day.

The purple coloring on Dr. Who plants does not affect the strain’s flavor or effects and is very much for visual purposes. For new growers who do not feel confident with varying temperatures, the purple coloring is not a necessity.

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THC Content – Highest Test

Dr. Who cannabis strain has a THC content of 25% on average, although this number can vary slightly. Some plants have been found to produce buds that contain just 19% THC, while other plants have been found to have a THC content of 30%.

When trying to decide whether Dr. Who is the right strain for you, an average of 25% THC is considered a good figure to work from. Dr. Who’s much higher-than-average level of THC is thought to be the reason for its spacey effects and ability to make time seem distorted.

How does Dr. Who’s CBD content compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Dr. Who has low CBD content with an average of just 0.1%. Given that Dr. Who has such a high THC content, its low levels of CBD are no real surprise.

What does surprise many people, however, is that Dr. Who can actually be used as a potent medical strain. The intense physical effects felt when smoking Dr. Who make it ideal for treating chronic pain.

There is a whole variety of reasons why you might want to consider trying Dr. Who as a medical strain. Let’s explore its main medical benefits in a little more detail.

Medical Benefits of the Dr. Who Strain

The number one reason that people consider Dr. Who for medical purposes is due to its ability to melt pain away and leave you feeling peaceful. The numbing effects that almost always occur when smoking Dr. Who act as an excellent natural pain reliever.

When smoked in small doses, you are able to experience all of the numbing, pain-relieving effects of Dr. Who while still feeling energetic enough to continue with regular daily tasks. Much larger doses are handy during the evening, helping you to sleep completely pain-free.

Linked to Dr., Who’s ability to manage pain is its anti-inflammatory effects. Whether looking to treat pain caused by inflammation or to tackle other inflammation-based conditions, Dr. Who can be extremely useful.

Larger doses of Dr. Who can be used to treat insomnia. The strong sedative effects that occur with large doses of Dr. Who work to clear your mind and physically relax your body. One of the great things about choosing Dr. Who to manage insomnia is that it does not leave you feeling groggy and tired the next day, but instead refreshed and ready to go.

The mentally calming effects of Dr. Who make it ideal for treating both stress and depression. In small doses, Dr. Who can help you to deal with stressful situations and events.  Dr. Who can also be used to manage long term stress, giving you a chance to work through thoughts and ideas calmly.

When treating depression, a small dose allows you to push negative thoughts away and focus on the more positive elements of life. The lack of sedative effects when smoking a small amount means that you can also carry on with routine daily tasks with ease.

Possible Side Effects of the Dr. Who Strain

The number one side effect that people experience when smoking Dr. Who is dry mouth. A temporary effect that can be somewhat prevented by staying hydrated, dry mouth should not put you off trying such a profoundly relaxing strain.

Dry eyes can also occur when using Dr. Who, causing your eyes to become slightly red and dry. Much less common than dry mouth, dry eyes should last no more than a few hours.

The high levels of THC found within Dr. Who buds can cause a few unwelcome effects, including headaches, dizziness, and anxiety. The effects caused by the strain’s THC are much less common than dry eyes and dry mouth, but can still feel scary when they do occur.

Feelings of dizziness are much more likely to occur when smoking a hefty dose of Dr. Who and in a busy or unfamiliar setting. Similarly, an increased sense of anxiety is more likely to happen when you are in an environment that you do not feel truly comfortable in.

Final Thoughts on the Dr. Who Strain

Dr. Who is an excellent strain for helping you to relax during the evening, as long as you can work past its slightly strange flavor profile. In small doses, Dr. Who produces a light high that heightens your senses and fills you with creativity. In larger doses, Dr. Who allows you to block out the world around you, drifting off into another dimension.

Dr. Who can also be used as a valid medical strain thanks to its powerful physical effects. From managing chronic pain to beating insomnia, Dr. Who is the perfect natural nighttime remedy.