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Colombian Gold Strain Overview
Originating in Colombia, this treasure of a strain known as Colombian Gold is one heck of a bud. It features an uplifting and energetic high that will keep you on your toes, while yet instilling a sense of relaxation and the power to focus. Colombian Gold has a delightful and citrusy flavor that is both earthy and herbal at the same time. Great for morning or afternoon use.
Common usage
Growing info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, average flowering time indoors is approximately 10-12 weeks, or towards November if growing outdoors. BUY SEEDS FOR THIS STRAIN AT OUR #1 RATED ONLINE SEED STORE: HOMEGROWN

When it comes to old-school cannabis strains, there are few out there as well-known as Colombian Gold. Although it hasn’t survived the test of time as well as some other landrace strains, it has parented some of the most well-loved buds out there such as Skunk #1.

If you haven’t managed to get your hands on this ultra-rare bud, we’re not surprised – it is pretty hard to come by these days. However, today we are giving you a full run-down on all you need to know about Colombian Gold, so stick around to find out more!

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What is Colombian Gold?

A classic landrace sativa, Colombian Gold will go down in the history books as one of the most oldie-but-goodie strains out there. Originating from the mountains of Santa Marta in Colombia, this was a huge strain back in the 1960s.

Famous mostly for its unusual effects, this sativa is one of the most well-balanced out there. Its effects are easily manageable in every stage of the high.

As you may imagine, this is a wonderful daytime strain and a killer motivation booster to get things done!

Cannabis enthusiasts will likely recognize the name of this bud. It is a close relative to the similarly named, and even more famous bud Acapulco Gold!

Newbies to the industry may struggle relating much with Colombian Gold, as it is now one of the rarest and challenging to find buds. However, it’s certainly worth a try if you come across it!

Colombian Gold Aroma, Flavor, Appearance

Taking on a typical sativa structure, this plant is what you would expect – tall, bushy and ragged. However, what it lacks in physical originality it more than makes up with potency. Oh yes – fans of a pungent skunk aroma will adore this bud. But be warned, you can smell it from a great distance away and it isn’t particularly discreet!

The flowers on this tasty plant are small to medium in size and boast a spring green shade intertwined with vivid amber trichomes. These make its nugs appear almost gold, hence its name. With bright orange pistils and fluffy crystal-coated buds, it has a lot to offer the ambitious grower!

Alongside that great pungent skunk aroma is an undercurrent of citrusy lemon and lime. Upon lighting, it gives off a delightful earthy scent with notes of herbs.

The smoke of Colombian Gold can be pretty harsh if you are not an avid smoker. However, the taste will come across tangy from the citrus with bursts of herbal notes that are delicious and moreish.

Colombian Gold Grow Info

As we have previously touched on, Colombian Gold is not easy to come by, with some rumoring that the original landrace is no longer in existence at all. Despite hearsay, we are pretty confident that the OG bud is still out there somewhere, and it is possible to get hold of some seeds for this one.

Growers lucky enough to find some Colombian Gold seeds should expect a pretty large plant, like with most sativas. So, if discretion is important, you should take care to ensure it is well secured, especially since it gives off a very potent smell.

Colombian Gold will grow best outdoors in humid climates with temperatures around 70˚ Fahrenheit. Certainly not the fastest to flower, Colombian Gold takes her time and is usually ready to harvest by November.

It is a pretty sturdy bud, and growers report that it is particularly resistant to mold and offers a pretty impressive yield. Perhaps not one for beginner growers due to the maintenance necessary, Colombian Gold is indeed a healthy challenge!

THC Content: Highest Test

The THC content of Colombian Gold varies between 14 and 20%. At the top end of the scale, this makes for some pretty potent effects.

CBD Content: HIghest Test

In true sativa form, Colombian Gold produces very little CBD, with just trace amounts present in most plants. Does this mean it lacks medicinal effects?

Medical Benefits of Colombian Gold

First and foremost, the most noteworthy effect of Colombian Gold is its potent ability to help you get things done with a clear and focused mind. Sufferers of conditions such as ADHD may benefit from these effects.

The CBD levels of Colombian Gold are unconfirmed, so we wouldn’t suggest it as a sole treatment for many conditions. However, it can reportedly support relaxation and decrease muscle ache and spasticity. Furthermore, if you are prone to anxiety, depression or stress, Colombian Gold is a must-try!

It has a rare, balanced high which is ultra-cerebral without inducing paranoia or panic, a trait uncommon amongst most sativa strains.

Perfect for smashing through that to-do list, the focus you will have with this bud makes it the ideal morning or daytime strain. It is not ideal for night times as you may struggle to get to sleep due to its energetic nature.

The high of Colombian Gold is slow to start but long-lasting. Therefore, it leaves you with a great sense of well-being and lets you stay stress-free all day long.

Possible Side Effects of Colombian Gold

As we have touched on, Colombian Gold doesn’t tend to induce panic or paranoia. This makes it a perfect solution to stresses and mild depression without any negative results. Like with all strains, it may incur dry eyes and mouth, and we don’t advise you use it as a replacement of any medication without consulting a doctor.

Final Thoughts: Should You Get Your Hands on Colombian Gold?

If you can source out some true Colombian Gold you won’t be disappointed, that much is for sure! Although it isn’t out of this world, it has some incredibly beneficial and super-happy effects that can pick your day right back up again.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve managed to get your hands on this delightful smoke; we would love to know!

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