Grape Stomper Strain Review

Grape Stomper Strain Overview
With a name like Grape Stomper, you can’t help but imagine something that is extremely grapey - and that’s exactly what the Grape Stomper strain entails. It smells like a vat of grapes being smashed for a barrel of wine, releasing a wonderfully fruity and sweet aroma. This strain has a very uplifting and happy effect that also is capable of giving you some energy, so it’s great for morning use.
Common usage
Lack of appetite
Growing info
Flowering period is approximately 10-12 weeks, can be grown both indoors and outdoors

In today’s marijuana world, it feels like almost every strain is an indica, or at least an indica-leaning hybrid, so sativas begin to feel like a thing of the past. Perhaps that says something about our fundamentally stressful and tiring modern lifestyle?

However, just because indicas help deal with the fast pace of modern life doesn’t mean that we don’t all want to enjoy a good sativa now and again. You might actually find that you don’t even remember what it is to experience a sativa strain – perhaps the idea even frightens you a little.

Luckily, strains exist that help you to bridge that mental gap and get used to sativas again – strains like Grape Stomper.

A hybrid strain with sativa leanings, this is a strain that is great to either bring you back into the sativa world or to help introduce a marijuana newbie to a whole new world of marijuana possibilities.

Let’s take a look at this strain, both its long and rich history, and its effects and flavors.

What is the Grape Stomper Cannabis Strain?

Grape Stomper is a 60/40 sativa-leaning hybrid, a cross between Purple Elephant and Chemdawg’s Sour Diesel.

Grape Stomper has the somewhat rare distinction of being a craft breed, meaning that big marijuana companies or massive growers did not initially develop it. Instead, it was originally bred as a small pet project and then adopted by other small breeders, all with the purpose of making the best strain possible.

Despite its craft origins, Grape Stomper’s lineage is practically a roadmap for the history of marijuana in the USA. Both Purple Elephant and Sour Diesel are among the most popular and prolific strains out there, melting the minds of people all over the country.

This makes Grape Stomper not only a hybrid with regard to its indica and sativa mix, but also its pedigree. Though it is a sort of mongrel pedigree, there is nothing mongrel about its effects.

The Grape Stomper high begins in the head with a pretty noticeable head rush, though a mellowing body wave quickly follows this.

The exciting thing about the Grape Stomper is that its effects are difficult to pinpoint as being especially sativa or indica. Instead, it is somewhat a melding of the two. Though the body high is similar in feel to the type of indica high that leaves you locked to a couch, Grape Stomper’s body high is more bouncy and energetic, leaving you feeling like a slightly over-inflated balloon.

Though it does have 40% indica in its genetics, Grape Stomper does not leave you feeling unaware, or in any way overly tired, so you don’t need to worry about daytime use.

You will feel happy, uplifting and alert, feeling almost like a whole bundle of different emotions are welling up inside of you, desperate to burst out. There is a strangely euphoric energy that with likely need to express itself, sometimes resulting in a burst of creative energy, but usually in a desire to engage in some kind of physical activity.

The only thing to bear in mind is that you will feel absolutely ravenous when the munchies hit you, which will usually be about halfway through the high. Make sure you have some snacks handy!

With these great effects, Grape Stomper is a great strain to take in the day or the night, but especially great if you are preparing to go on a hike or enjoy a non-strenuous physical activity. Think swimming or walking, rather than running or rock climbing.

With all these great effects, it might be easy to forget that this strain is also well known for its distinctive flavor. Let’s examine its uniquely interesting flavor, aroma, and appearance, as well as whether or not you can maybe grow your own!

Grape Stomper Aroma

As might be expected from a strain called Grape Stomper, this strain smells a great deal like grape. However, instead of the raw pungency of a carton of grape juice, this strain is more subtle, offering a more underlying aroma of freshly picked grapes.

Crack open the nugs, and you will find that the aroma changes further, intermittently swapping between a diesel and a processed grape smell. This is obviously thanks to its Sour Diesel heritage, so enjoy the uniquely fascinating combination of both grape and the distinctive diesel smell.

Once you start to get used to the smell, you might begin to notice an oddly sweet quality to its aroma, reminiscent of grape candy.

This latter smell is what persists throughout the smoke, with a light and airy smoke cloud that carries with it all the aromas and memories of sweet grape candies.

Grape Stomper Flavor

At the start of your smoke, you will notice the same taste as you might have expected after smelling it; fresh grapes interweaved with the sweet smell of grape candy.

However, the exhale changes its flavor – on passing out and over your tongue, you will notice the distinctly sour and pungent notes of diesel that is exceptionally familiar to those that have enjoyed the intensity of Sour Diesel.

Grape Stomper is a hybrid strain, so most people would expect its flavor to be some kind of combination of its parentage. However, Grape Stomper is interesting in that its flavors seem to be quite literally the same as its parents, only felt one after the other.

You can enjoy the sensation of grape and juiciness at first but then experience a profoundly Sour Diesel flavor.

This means that the overall flavor profile starts at as being exceptionally sweet, but then morphs into one of sourness. If this were a culinary dish, some might think it the perfect balance between the flavors, making this strain feel almost satisfying in its different flavors.

Grape Stomper Appearance

Considering this strain is called Grape Stomper, you might expect it to be extremely purple in appearance. Unfortunately, it is actually quite dull in coloration. It has a tinge of purple, but it is otherwise pretty regularly colored, with green and the occasional spot of yellow.

It is the trichomes that really overwhelm the appearance of this strain, as they are exceptionally thick and bright orange colored, causing the complete bud to look more like an orange fur ball.

This worrying comparison aside, the aroma and flavor of this strain are excellent, so what do you do if you want to try and grow some yourself?

Grape Stomper Cannabis Strain Grow Info

A pretty average strain, Grape Stomper will typically flower after about 10 to 12 weeks. Thanks to its sativa heritage, this strain will only grow to about three or four feet tall, so you won’t have to worry about trying to make sure this plant doesn’t overreach itself.

However, with this low vertical growth comes a vast and intricate branching, so make sure you are clearing the plant of lower branches that threaten to overwhelm the useful growth of this plant. This can be accomplished easily with a pair of pruning shears.

To make it even easier for yourself, you can utilize a canopy screen and tie the top of the plants’ growth to it; this produces a consistent canopy of Grape Stomper, allowing for a great efficiency in producing useful cola.

Pruning wise, it is best to just stick to the lower branches, though you can utilize a bit of Topping now and again by snipping off the very tops of the growth.

Try and be quite gentle with your Grape Stomper plant, as it can be easily susceptible to damage if you are not careful.

With a pretty regular temperature expectation, as well as an overall lack of difficulty, Grape Stomper is a great strain to try and grow yourself. The only other thing you need to keep in mind is to feed it sufficiently, as it can sometimes be quite nitrogen hungry if it is put in improper soil.

Once you have harvested it and gotten ready to enjoy your Grape Stomper crop, what kind of THC and CBD content can you expect?

Grape Stomper THC Content – Highest Test

Despite being a sativa-leaning hybrid, Grape Stomper has a surprisingly high THC content. You can expect an average Grape Stomper sample to contain anywhere between 16% and 18%, which is pretty significantly higher than the average of 13.5% for most sativas.

Additionally, some samples of Grape Stomper have been registered as high as 22% THC, making this one of the more potent strains you can find.

How about CBD, however? Does this sativa hybrid break the standard of low CBD?

Grape Stomper CBD Content – Highest Test

Sadly, no. The CBD content of Grape Stomper is pretty standard with regard to its fellow marijuana strains that have been bred for high THC content. You will struggle to find anything higher than 1% CBD, making Grape Stomper not a good strain for medicinal issues that are treated with CBD.

That isn’t to say that Grape Stomper has no medicinal applications whatsoever though.

Medical Benefits of Grape Stomper Cannabis Strain

Grape Stomper is a sativa-leaning hybrid with a massive THC content, so even if there are many conditions that it cannot help with due to its low CBD content, there are still plenty of things that it can assist with.

For example, Grape Stomper is fantastic at helping deal with issues arising from depression. This is primarily because of the uplifting energy that it gives you, leaving you feeling like you are on top of the world and are able to handle anything the world can throw at you.

Additionally, its high THC content is able to help encourage the CB1 receptors to release important neurochemicals that can process the feelings associated with depression and make you feel better.

This is the same reason why it is excellent at helping treat issues with stress. However, Grape Stomper is also excellent at putting you in a state of mind that is entirely against the sensation of stress – you will feel relaxed and elated, energetic and yet mellow, allowing you to forget all about your stressful job or whatever is on your mind.

Chronic pain is also another issue that can be treated using Grape Stomper, as its potent THC effects will make you feel like your pain has wholly left your body entirely.

Finally, this strain is great at helping those that struggle with eating – thanks to its significant munchies effect, this strain will put anyone in the mood for eating. This is great for those still dealing with issues like Anorexia Nervosa, or just those that are experiencing a lack of appetite due to other medicinal treatments.

Of course, there are going to be a few side effects alongside the beneficial medical effects as well.

Possible Side Effects of the Grape Stomper Cannabis Strain

The most noticeable side effect you can expect with Grape Stomper is a profoundly dry mouth, leaving you feeling like you are desperate for a glass of water.

Besides that minor symptom, there is also the issue of dizziness. This can happen with many potent strains, regardless of their ancestry or origin. Though it only affects a certain percentage of people, the onset of dizziness can feel incredibly disorientating, so make sure you have somewhere comfortable to rest if it strikes you.

Finally, some people experience an onset of anxiety or paranoia when taking this strain, though you will know if you are the type of person that would develop this. If you are, definitely steer clear of Grape Stomper and any other high THC strain.

Final Thoughts on the Grape Stomper Cannabis Strain

Grape Stomper is a strain that serves to demonstrate that sometimes when you mix different heritages and lineages of marijuana into a hybrid, you don’t get new flavors and effects – instead, you get the flavors and effects of its parents, only one after the other.

Though many people might claim that they would prefer a potent strain that has only one flavor palate, the fact that you can enjoy both the sweetness of grape and the tart, sour quality of diesel makes this strain a culinary experience that you won’t want to miss out on.

The effects are potent, providing a mix of both body and mind high with just a touch of couch locking. Expect to feel energetic enough for mild activity, but also to feel equally happy just to sit there and enjoy life.

Whether enjoyed in the night or in the day, Grape Stomper is a versatile strain for both newcomers to the marijuana world and experienced smokers alike.