8 Tips for Growing Skywalker Marijuana [Grower’s Guide]

If you are a cannabis lover, then you will likely be used to the trials and tribulations that can come with getting your hands on some of your favorite buds. That being said, when you do finally find a flower you love, there can be nothing more satisfying than trying your hand at cultivating it for yourself.

For beginners and avid cannabis users alike, learning how to grow your favorite strain can be extremely challenging, particularly if you haven’t done your research. That’s why today we are providing you with our in-depth growing guide for Skywalker: the famous strain that is out of this world!

If you have been a big fan of the indica-heavy hybrid bud for some time, stick around as we share our best steps and tips for growing a delicious Skywalker bud of your very own, so follow along, and you too could be growing different Skywalker strains in no time!

Skywalker Strain Review

Bred by the legends over at Dutch Passion Seed, Skywalker is a superb indica strain that has especially potent effects, without leaving you in a state of couch-lock. For those who love to feel the force of what they are smoking, you won’t be disappointed by the results of this clever crossing.

Yes, like every brilliant cannabis strain, Skywalker is a combination strain, this one of Blueberry and Mazar, which happen to be two of the top indica strains belonging to Dutch Passion Seed. Taking the fruity aroma of Blueberry and combining it with Mazar’s high yield, you get one awesome little bud!

Containing THC levels at around 15-25%, Skywalker is a moderate to high potency, and so newbies to smoking should save this for the evening or night-time to get the most out of those indica effects!

If you love a relaxing smoke, Skywalker is truly one to try, with strong mental relaxation and a subtle physical numbing effect that works great with low to moderate aches and pains, you can truly unwind. Thanks to these stress-boosting qualities, Skywalker is a popular choice for those suffering from anxiety and depression as the effects are said to be cerebral and uplifting.

Be warned, Skywalker has a reputation for inducing some pretty potent munchies, so if you are struggling with appetite this bud may sort you straight out!

Difficulty Growing Skywalker

Typical to most indica plants, Skywalker is pretty easy to grow, and so this is an ideal plant for beginners to try their hand at. Although Skywalker is an easy bud to cultivate, there are still certain things you should be doing to get the best out of your bud, and that is where we come in!

Check our techniques for successfully growing Skywalker below!

Growing Techniques for Skywalker

Okay, so you want to keep Skywalker in your life on a long-term basis, we get it – who doesn’t?! Learning how to grow the bud effectively and in the safest way possible will help you a long way to getting your dream bud.

If you are opting to grow your Skywalker bud indoors, then you will want to do so by running clones using a hydroponics setup. This will allow you to get the most excellent quality results with minimal effort or upkeep.

We would also recommend using SOG (sea of green) methods; forcing the flowering to commence earlier on will help maximize the plant’s yield even further. We already know that Mazar is famous for its spectacular yield, but using these methods maximize your plants potential exponentially!

For those looking to cultivate outdoors, you should expect a large bush, which will require consistent maintenance and can be more challenging to stay on top of.

Skywalker Yield

As we have said, the potential yield for Skywalker is impressively high, and when appropriately cultivated can be one of the most rewarding plants to grow! If done correctly, you can expect a yield of anywhere up to 400 grams per square meter, which is pretty incredible!

Feeding for Skywalker

One of the most critical aspects of growing Skywalker well is the feeding process, which needs to be moderate to get the best results. Combining moderate feeding with top-dressing your soils with worm castings as you switch to flowering will ensure that you Skywalker plants remain happy and healthy throughout the process!

Growing Skywalker Outdoors/Indoors

As we have touched upon, Skywalker is a pretty easy plant to grow and thus can be cultivated successfully both indoors as well as outside. However, for the best results and least efforts, we recommend growing your bud indoors.

Skywalker Flowering Time

Skywalker has a pretty quick flowering time if you following our suggested cultivation methods, and so you can be looking at anything between 8-9 weeks, which is pretty great for such a wonderful indica strain.

Climate for Growing Skywalker Strain

Last but by no means least is temperature! Skywalker plants require that the temperature is between 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that the humidity isn’t too high and there is a right amount of consistent airflow. This is particularly important as it works to protect the colas, which should remain healthy, long and narrow.

Final Conclusion on Growing Skywalker

If you love a potent indica that can lift your mood without leaving you asleep for hours, then Skywalker is undoubtedly a flower to try out. With growth being so straightforward, we recommend this one to those who are just finding their feet in the cultivation world!

You will struggle to go too far wrong with growing this bud, and by following our guide, you should have a wonderful and healthy plant in no time at all!

We would love to hear from you if you have had a go at growing Skywalker for yourself – let us know in the comments!

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