Infinite Wellness Center

When we first walked through the Infinite Wellness Center’s doors a few years ago, we were rather impressed. In fact, we were blown away. Aside from stocking a remarkable collection of weed “goodies” that would drive any cannabis enthusiast wild, their store design and customer service were really something for other companies to aspire to.

The Infinite Wellness Center mission is to create a comfortable, professional, relaxing, and non-judgemental experience for every customer, every time. The company promises that the atmosphere, professionalism, and variety represent all that a trustworthy and respectable dispensary should do. And this was absolutely the experience that we had when we visited the center.

Although the center does still exist, as of early 2019 it has been bought over by LivWell Enlightened Health. The purchase adds a fifteenth dispensary to the LivWell brand in Colorado. The company acquired all the assets of the Infinite Wellness Center’s parent company, Green Meadows Wellness LLC, which was in possession of three growing licenses (two recreational, one medical), a recreational and medicinal dispensary license, and a recreational and medicinal infused license, according to the state Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Infinite Wellness Center Highlights

 Before we proceed regarding the LivWell takeover of the Infinite Wellness Center and what this means for the outlet, we wanted to let you in on some of the highlights from when we visited the center a few years ago.

  • The Infinite Wellness Center demonstrated a strong understanding that a happy customer results in a returning customer. They put a significant amount of time and resources into providing the best customer service. They have a range of daily deals on offer and a fantastic recreational VIP loyalty program that gives great discounts.
  • The dispensary has been around for ages – a lot longer than all the new places popping up around Colorado.
  • The store accepts credit and debit cards which is a very rare thing for a dispensary.
  • Products are sold at affordable prices, but it’s also great to check their daily deals.

Overall, we were very impressed by this dispensary. It’s super convenient, products are high-quality, and the prices are affordable.

The LivWell Purchase of Infinite Wellness Center



Infinite Wellness had two locations, one in Fort Collins and one in Lakewood. The larger of the two is in Fort Collins, which serves both recreational and medical patients. The dispensary here also boasts the largest selection of quality concentrates, flower, and edibles in Northern Colorado.

At the time that LivWell purchased Infinite Wellness, the Lakewood dispensary license was no longer active with the MED and therefore was not part of the sale. In other words, only the Fort Collins center was purchased by LivWell.

The sale moved LivWell closer to becoming the largest dispensary group in Colorado. It now falls just behind Native Roots, who have 21 stores, and Green Solution, who have 17 stores.

After the sale was finalized, LivWell reported that it plans to rebrand the Infinite Wellness Center as a LivWell location. If you have a look on Google Maps, you will see that the address is already listed as a LivWell location; 900 North College Avenue, Fort Collins.

About LivWell

LivWell is a family-owned cannabis company that was established in 2009. As of 2020, the company has multiple locations, hundreds of employees, and with hard work and careful tending, they’ve grown from being a single location to one of the country’s leading cannabis companies.

As stated on their website, LivWell know exactly how powerful marijuana can be, and they want to use that power for good. They strive to protect their patients’ right to have access to high-quality medicine. The company wants to encourage education and responsible use.

LivWell is committed to helping cannabis to shed its highly unjustifiable stigma and gain the medicinal credit that we all know it deserves.

LivWell Fort Collins

Located just off Highway 287, the dispensary is just a few minutes away from the I-25 freeway and within sight of the Cache la Poudre River that runs through the town. The center is surrounded by several notable landmarks, including two famous breweries – Odel Brewing Company and New Belgium – two beautiful parks, Fort Collins City Park and the Lee Martinez Community Park, and none other than Colorado State University.

The dispensary is a full-service pot shop that carries a wide variety of cannabis products perfect for everyone from cannabis connoisseurs to marijuana newbies. The staff here are well known for their product knowledge and incredible customer service. Each and every patient is treated to a one-on-one experience with a friendly budtender.

LivWell stocks 19 top marijuana strains that are always in rotation. Some of these include:

Each strain is grown in-house with the utmost love and care, and without using pesticides, and are cleansed with a long full flush period. The company intention is to use only the most sustainable methods in the creation of their products.

LivWell University

LivWell even has its own university, which is the center point for LivWell Enlightened Health’s educational needs. Here they provide training for all levels of employment, but the primary focus is on training new hires. Comprising both grow and retail classroom facilities as well as a mock dispensary that is designed to closely resemble that of the company’s existing retail locations, the LivWell University is a world-class cannabis industry training program. The university was formed in 2014 following the start of recreational sales in Colorado.

Final Thoughts on the LivWell Infinite Wellness Center

LivWell stocks the largest cannabis selection in Colorado. They boast some of the top marijuana brands that are sold at convenient locations and at affordable prices. Previously known as the Infinite Wellness Center, the LivWell center in Fort Collins has a strong focus on customer service and is fully committed to providing patients with the best possible products at the most affordable prices.

We can definitely understand why everyone is raving about this dispensary. It’s by far one of the best stores that we have had the pleasure of reviewing.