The Full Hydrology9 Vaporizer Review [From Cloudious9 Vapes]

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Top Product Overview
The Hydrology 9 vaporizer boasts an impressive water aesthetic. And its long-lasting battery and futuristic LED lighting make this device popular among vape users.
2-year warranty
Heating type
2000mAh battery (USB charger) / No
Recharge time
120 minutes
Bowl size
Temp settings
Manual temperature control
Temp range
Heat up time
Auto shut-off

Hydrology9 Quick Summary


  • A beautifully designed vaporizer.
  • Leak-proof valve.
  • Five temperature settings.
  • Cool and refreshing vapor.
  • Built-in stirring tool.
  • Even heat distribution.


  • It isn’t easy to transport, nor does it allow for secret vaping sessions.
  • Weak flavor in general.
  • Moderate cloud production.
  • Only compatible with dry herb.

Hydrology9 Complete Review

The entire vaping industry is changing incredibly rapidly. Devices that are only a couple of years old are in danger of being outdated. Vapers are spoiled for choice as they can purchase disposable pens or devices that work with dry herb or concentrate. Brands can even create vaporizers capable of setting the heat setting to a specific degree.

The current vape market is already so saturated that it is hard to create anything original.

However, this is precisely what Cloudious9 has attempted to do with its Hydrology9 dry herb vaporizer. Even in a crowded marketplace, the company has managed to develop something unique. While it isn’t exactly cheap, the Hydrology9 vaporizer is a level above. In this review, we check it out to see if you should spend your cash on it, or wait for something better.

Who Are Cloudious9?

The creator of the Hydrology9 vaporizer, Cloudious9, doesn’t provide much detail about itself on the website’s About Us page. It says the company consists of engineers and designers that pay little attention to orthodoxy. It goes on to state that its signature device, Hydrology9, brought the following three aspects of the organization together:

  • Its knowledge outside the orthodox limits of the vaping industry.
  • An obsessive focus on aesthetic design.
  • A drive to innovate.

After a little digging, we discovered that in 2019, Richard Huang was the CEO of the company. He was speaking as part of a press release for a new product, called the Atomic9. The brand has featured in numerous major publications, including Gizmodo and The Vape Guide. It is a company that prides itself on ‘forward-thinking’ design, so let’s see if the Hydrology9 vaporizer is as good as they claim.

Hydrology9 – Design

There is no question that Cloudious9 has created a superior looking vaporizer. The hefty cylinder-shaped vape has the following four parts:

  • The base; this is where the herb chamber, battery, and heating element are located.
  • The glass chamber that holds the water.
  • A borosilicate glass mouthpiece.
  • A metal mouth cap.

The rustproof, aircraft-grade aluminum and general design make the Hydrology 9 look a little like a lightsaber. The magnetic connections mean it is straightforward to assemble. There are plenty of cool features, such as the stirring tool built into the base. You can use it to swirl around the dry flower as you vape.


It is also possible to change the air intake to alter the draw resistance. The multicolored LED lights help you determine which one of the five temperature settings you are currently using. Overall, you receive the following kit for $149:

  • Hydrology9 Vaporizer
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Kit
  • AC Adaptor & Charging Cable

There are also accessories you can purchase, including:

  • Borosilicate Glass: $12.50
  • Rotating Stir Cover: $15
  • Glass Mouthpiece & Aluminum Cover: $20

In general, it is an aesthetically pleasing vaporizer. However, it seems odd that Cloudious9 spent so much time designing an attractive looking vape device and chose to use a common ceramic heating element. There is nothing wrong with the chamber, and it works well enough. However, for a brand that prides itself on innovation, it seems like an opportunity missed.

Also, the heating element is conduction based. As a result, it provides less flavor during the session.

How Cloudious9 Describes the Hydrology9 Vaporizer

Here is a quick overview of how the brand describes its primary device on the website:

  • Mouthpiece & Magnetic Cover: The company designed the mouthpiece with 0.25-inch thick Borosilicate glass. It curves at the ideal angle for comfort and easy cleaning. There is also a ball valve built inside the mouthpiece that enables users to carry the device without fear of spillage.
  • Liquid Filtration: The company faced a challenge in creating a leak-proof device and unobstructed flow of vapor.
  • Precise Temperature Control: The food-grade porcelain chamber measures 18mm x 10mm. Cloudious9 claims it offers precise temperature control via microchip. The device monitors the oven temperature and makes adjustments in a matter of milliseconds. It is impressive, though it doesn’t provide control to the precise degree.
  • Even-Heat Distribution: The brand has created a patent-pending solution to the problem of evenly distributing heat. Cloudious9 has integrated the stir with the bottom chamber cover. The stir consists of heat-resistant stainless steel, and the cover is made from spacecraft-grade stainless steel.

Is It a Portable Vaporizer?

Unfortunately, the Hydrology9 is not a vaporizer you can carry in your pocket. It measures 175mm x 45mm and is one of the largest devices in the ‘portable’ niche. Also, the cylindrical shape makes it tough to put in your pocket. The glass design is gorgeous but also makes the vaporizer fragile. As such, you wouldn’t want to risk putting it in a bag. If you have the cash to spare, you can buy a leather pouch from Cloudious9.

In general, the Hydrology9 isn’t a vape device designed for clandestine use. One plus point is that people might mistake it for a space-age water bottle. However, as soon as you try to use it, everyone within 100 feet will know what you’re doing! The unit has bubbling water that others can see through the glass. Ultimately, this is a vaporizer specifically for home use.

How to Use the Hydrology9 Vaporizer

We have no complaints when it comes to ease of use. Loading the device is as simple as turning it upside down and unscrewing the lid. Doing this exposes the heating chamber. Next, load the chamber with dry herb and reattach the lid.

Now, it is time to fill the vaporizer with water. Remove the glass mouthpiece to expose the vapor pathway, and pour water in. Cloudious9 says you shouldn’t fill it more than halfway. Press the power button three times to switch on the vaporizer. You know it is on when you see the lights in the chamber flashing.

You can cycle through the five temperature settings with a press of the button. When you pick your temperature, the device starts to heat immediately. Take the cap off the glass mouthpiece and start drawing. The temperature range is between 392- and 464-degrees Fahrenheit, and it takes 10-20 seconds to heat up. Each setting has its own LED light:

  • Blue (the lowest setting)
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red (the highest setting)

Hydrology9 Performance

There is a suspicion that Cloudious9 has slightly sacrificed aesthetics for performance. One major plus point is the lengthy vapor path. It ensures that the vapor is refreshing and crisp once it hits your lips. You’ll find that this is the case even at the highest temperature setting. As it is generally easy on the lungs, vaping novices might appreciate it over more sophisticated models.

However, we felt there was a trade-off involved in this process. The Hydrology9 is arguably too gentle because the flavor it produces is relatively light. Once again, vaping neophytes won’t have an issue, but experienced users might take umbrage. Indeed, you will benefit from a much stronger flavor from most vaporizers in this price range. Also, the amount of vapor produced was average at best.

While the water filtration system may reduce lung irritation, it doesn’t do much for cloud production.

Another issue the size of the loading chamber. Ultimately, you can fit around half a gram of herb in it. If you are a frequent vaper, you will have to refill the device continuously. While it is easy to disassemble and reassemble the Hydrology9, it is a time-consuming process. Add in the need to refill it often, and a pleasurable vaping session quickly becomes a chore. We recommend cleaning the device regularly and performing full maintenance every five sessions or thereabouts.

Unfortunately, you are unable to replace the battery. It features a 2000mAh internal battery that lasts 60-90 minutes, or approximately 15 sessions, which is reasonable. However, it can take 2-3 hours to charge from 0%, which is relatively long.

Where Can I Buy the Hydrology9 Vaporizer?

You can purchase it from a wide variety of third-party websites. However, you will have to check the terms and conditions of any site you use. Otherwise, you may not benefit from the two-year limited warranty. With this in mind, you are perhaps better off buying it from the official Cloudious9 website.

If you live within the United States, the brand offers FREE shipping on orders worth $250 or more. Depending on the delivery option you choose, you could receive your package in 1-5 working days. If you order from abroad, it may take 6-10 business days. International customers should also note that Cloudious9 doesn’t guarantee a return or refund.

For American customers, you need to return your device within 14 days of receiving it. You also agree to pay for all shipping costs. A failure to return the items in full could result in additional processing fees of up to 50%.

Final Thoughts on the Hydrology9 Vaporizer

At first glance, the Hydrology9 vaporizer looks futuristic. Cloudious9 has put a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money into producing a gorgeous looking device. It consists of Borosilicate glass and space-grade aluminum. The metal tube body is protected from rust so that the water won’t damage it even after long-term use. It is also an easy-to-use vaporizer with five temperature settings.

In recent times, Cloudious9 has dropped the price, so it is now a more reasonable purchase at $149. However, it isn’t the best option if you are searching for a portable vaporizer. You positively can’t engage in covert vaping sessions outdoors! The battery life is reasonable, but it does take a relatively long time to charge. Also, the chamber only fits a small amount of herb, bad news for regular users.

Overall, the Hydrology9 vaporizer is a good option for newcomers looking for a higher grade vape device. However, experienced vapers will probably want something with a higher capacity.

Final Verdict – 8/10

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