The Strongest and Most Effective CBD Oil in the UK

By now we know that the CBD market is a multi-billion dollar one in North America, but what about in the rest of the world? As it happens, dozens of countries are embracing cannabidiol, and none more so than the United Kingdom, where it is already a £50 million market. Already, an estimated 300,000 UK residents use CBD oil, and the number seems certain to increase exponentially.

Savvy British entrepreneurs have witnessed the rise of CBD and are keen to get in on the action. While it is still a fledgling industry, UK CBD companies are already producing extremely strong CBD. In this guide, we look at the top five CBD sellers and offer our opinion on the best.


  • High-milligram CBD options can potentially provide more noticeable effects for a variety of uses
  • Potent options can also last longer than standard (mid-range) CBD oils
  • A single high-milligram dose can be effective for an entire day (rather than having to take several doses throughout the day)
  • Many individuals find high-milligram CBD oils effective when other CBD products are not
  • Price (the strongest UK CBD oils are, naturally, also the most expensive)
  • High-milligram CBD oil options in the UK can be tough to find in retail stores


Don’t feel like reading all the way to the end? We’ll cut right to the chase. Our near-unanimous pick for the strongest CBD oil in the UK goes to Provacan. This is a company that has been around for quite some time, and its reputation is increasingly preceding itself for quality, effectiveness, and overall value.

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Most Potent & Strongest CBD Oils in the UK

Without further ado, here is our team’s picks for the highest milligram, most potent, strongest CBD oils in the UK.

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For this section, our team had narrowed it down initially to three separate brands. After reviewing each product an additional time, however, it became clear quite easily which one the winner was. (See below for our unanimous top pick).

Love Hemp

This brand claims that it is the #1 supplier of CBD and hemp products in the UK. It is a London-based company founded in 2015 which has earned praise for its innovative CBD water. Each 500ml bottle of water is infused with CBD hemp droplets, although trying to purchase anything directly from the website is annoying.

If you are in serious pain or else you need something to treat epilepsy, standard sized CBD bottles are of little use to you. Fortunately, Love Hemp has come to the rescue with the biggest bottle of CBD oil yet seen in the UK. You can purchase a 100ml bottle of liquid which contains an extraordinary 10,000 mg of CBD for £399.99.

love cbd

Each ml of oil contains 100mg of CBD, enough for most users. At £40 per 1000mg, it represents excellent value for money. The hemp is grown in BIO soil with no growth hormones, chemical fertilizers or GM products. Love Hemp’s CBD is extracted via CO2 which of course is the gold standard extraction method.

The full list of ingredients consists of organic hemp oil, hemp extract, and organic coconut MCT oil. With no pesticides or additives, you know you are putting something pure and clean into your body.

Hemp Botanics

Nick and Lisa-Marie are the founders of this CBD seller who claims it is a pioneer of the market. All of its hemp is full spectrum and also includes terpenes. Unlike many UK sellers, Hemp Botanics’ products contain American-hemp-derived cannabinoids, because the duo believes it is genetically the best in the world.

hemp botanics

The company is also different because it sells CBD from other top brands. If you want to get your hands on hard-to-find brands such as CBDistillery, Hemp Botanics is the right place for you to visit. It is CBDistillery that provides the strongest CBD oil on the site. You can purchase a 30ml bottle of full spectrum CBD that contains a whopping 5000mg for just £200.

The bottle comes with a 1ml dropper, so if you were to consume it all, you would use an incredible 166.67mg of CBD! According to the third-party lab report, each ml contains 174 mg of CBD and minimal THC. The tincture is also pesticide-free and is non-GMO. Additional ingredients include coconut MCT oil. As is the case with all CBD oil, place it beneath your tongue, hold for at least half a minute, and swallow.


I have to confess that I have misled you a little. This is supposed to be a list of the strongest CBD oils in the UK, and Provacan’s offering is NOT #1 in that regard. It is, however, the best CBD oil we have tried, and we believe that is far more important. While the other brands on our list are excellent, and we recommend them all, Provacan has the edge in terms of research and development.

Provacan is part of the CiiTECH family, which happens to have its own extraction facility and research laboratory. Yes, it still ensures its products are tested by third party labs, but it performs a detailed level of analysis in-house that its competitors are unable to rival. All of its CBD oil comes from certified organic EU hemp and is made with a full-spectrum formula to ensure consumers benefit from the entourage effect.

All of Provacan’s CBD oils are kosher certified and contain CBD, CBDv, CBG, CBDa, and naturally occurring Omega acids, flavonoids, and terpenes. All of its products are developed in collaboration with researcher leaders and scientists in Israel, and the pipette dropper that comes with each bottle is an industry leader. It enables you to measure every dose accurately.


Although it isn’t the cheapest CBD on the market, it is the best we have come across to date. Its strongest CBD oil contains 1200mg of CBD per 30ml bottle for £69.99. Aside from the CBD, each bottle contains 18mg of CBDa, 60mg of CBG, and 220mg of CBDv. There is a total of 200 drops per bottle which means you receive 6mg of CBD per drop.

As you would expect from such a highly-regarded brand, Provacan uses supercritical CO2 extraction to take the CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids from the organic hemp plants. As a consequence, the company is able to maximize the CBD content and provide you with a completely natural product free from solvents.

While it may not be the strongest CBD oil in the UK in terms of cannabidiol per ml, it is among the best in terms of quality, and at the end of the day, that’s what really matters.


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Love CBD

When the CBD industry was still in its infancy, it was normal for sellers to offer 500mg of CBD as its strongest product. Today, that is on the lower end of the spectrum, as seen by Love CBD’s 2,000 mg bottle, which costs £129.99. The bottle only contains 20ml of liquid which means there is 100mg of CBD and CBDa per ml.

Love CBD’s oil is a little different to other tinctures insofar as you spray it beneath the tongue rather than painstakingly dropping out bits of oil. There is an extremely impressive 16 mg of CBD per spray. This is an ideal starter dose, so it takes about a second to consume Love CBD oil, although we would recommend holding it beneath the tongue for at least 30 seconds if not a full minute.

The company’s Certificate of Analysis confirms the strength of the oil. Its most recent test showed that there was actually106mg of CBD and 4.2mg of CBDa per gram; a full 10% stronger than advertised. If you only use one spray a day, a bottle will last you four months which is exceptional value for money. At three sprays, or 48mg, which is what people in chronic pain may need, you get approximately six weeks’ worth of use.

The third-party lab report also shows that there are trace amounts of CBN, CBDV, CBG, and a little bit of THC in each batch. Aside from cannabis extract, the only other ingredient is olive oil. With no chemical flavorings or unnecessary ingredients, this is CBD oil worth waiting for.





This is very much a global company and was founded by Paul Benhaim. Although Elixinol is not a UK company and has its HQ in California, it ships CBD oil to Britain and has an office in Manchester. Its 3600mg CBD oil bottle ensures that it takes a position on our list of strongest products. Its 3600mg tincture comes in Natural or Cinnamint flavor and costs $249.99, which is around £180 or thereabouts when you take into account exchange rates.

In terms of CBD per ml, it isn’t as strong as others on the list because there is 120ml of liquid. As a result, you get 30mg of CBD per ml, still a reasonable dose. The oil is filled with full-spectrum cannabinoid extract, and Elixinol uses organic CO2 extraction. The tincture contains a wide range of molecules including amino acids, alcohols, flavonoids, vitamins, glycosides, aldehydes, and nitrogenous compounds.

Like all reputable CBD brands, Elixinol provides a certificate of analysis, or in the case of this company, several lab reports per product! The most recent report for the cinnamint flavored 3600mg tincture showed that there was precisely 3600mg of CBD in the oil with a total THC content of 0.11%.

There is a stronger CBD tincture on the website, but the 5000mg bottle is sadly only available to consumers in Brazil for some reason.


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Final Thoughts on the Strongest CBD Oil in the UK

It wasn’t long ago that a 1000mg bottle of CBD would be regarded as huge. The marketplace has changed at warp speed so now, a significant number of CBD sellers offer way more than 1000mg. Even 2000mg is no longer the behemoth it once was. While Hemp Botanics has brought CBDistillery’s 5000mg bottle over from America, it is defeated by the 10,000mg colossus provided by Love Hemp.

However, Provacan stands tallest of all even though its 1200mg CBD bottle is dwarfed by others on the list. The brand’s unique formulation means that the oil it produces is extremely powerful with numerous cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes coming together to produce a potent entourage effect.


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