We Set Out to Find the Strongest UK CBD Oil on the Market

As in other countries, the UK CBD market is still plagued by an alarming lack of oversight and regulation. Even though the market is flooded with thousands of CBD products, there is no regulatory agency in place to monitor product quality and safety on the consumer’s behalf. As a result, UK CBD manufacturers basically operate of their own free will when it comes to marketing, manufacturing, and selling products. As you might imagine, this has spelled disaster for countless UK and EU consumers over the years who have spent hard-earned money trying to find a CBD product to help with things like sleep, anxiety, pain, and so forth.

As such, the product review team here at WayofLeaf took it upon ourselves to test over three dozen different CBD oils on the UK market. In addition to analyzing product effectiveness based on several key therapeutic factors, we also attempted to verify milligram CBD content with third-party labs to determine, once and for all, which was the most potent and powerful CBD oil on the UK market. The result is a complete, comprehensive guide that ranks and compares the strongest CBD oils in the UK.

Don’t feel like reading the entire product comparison guide? No worries – check out our review team’s #1 Editor’s Choice pick below:

EDITOR’S CHOICE – Endoca 15 Raw CBD+ Extract

If you skip the marketing claims and listen to what research actually says about CBD dosing, you’ll notice that effective daily doses (i.e. between 150-600mg) are typically far higher than what the average UK CBD oil offers. Endoca’s 15 Raw CBD+ Oil is one of the only (if not the only) UK CBD oil that delivers 150mg of full-spectrum CBD in a single dose. Double or triple-up on a dose, and you’re looking at a supremely powerful CBD product that has the potential to help with a variety of health and wellness problems.

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The Review Process: How We Tested And Ranked The Strongest UK CBD Oils

In order to put together this comprehensive review, we took an academic approach that systematically analyzed existing potency data on dozens of UK CBD oil products. Over the course of 14+ months, our review team tested, reviewed, and compiled data on products from a variety of brands, accounting for key factors such as milligram potency and effectiveness for sleep, stress, pain, and more.

That being said, the goal of this article isn’t to regurgitate information from a compiled database. If you want to browse our entire collection of UK CBD oil reviews over the past 14+ months, feel free to check out our dedicated CBD brand review archive).

In any event, the resulting research data came back pretty clear: our team settled on three EU/UK CBD brands (Endoca, Kiara Naturals, Provacan) that clearly came out superior to most other UK products in almost every category we tested for.

Endoca 15 RawKiara Naturals Vollspektrum (30%)Provacan High-Strength 24% CBD Oil
mg potency (single dose)150mg300mg240mg
Lab-verified potency?Yes (HACCP/GMP certified)Yes (GMP certified)Yes (Pharma Hemp Laboratories LP-117)
Best used forPain, sleep, stressAnxiety, Chronic Pain, InsomniaSleep, stress/anxiety
Manufactured under pharmaceutical/clinical control?YesYes (made in a Swiss Medic-approved facility)Unknown
Price per mg~$0.055 / mg~$0.047~$0.061
Link to buyEndocaKiara NaturalsProvacan
Additional commentsEndoca is the oldest CBD brand on the market. They also claim to have pioneered and sold the first CBD extract products online. This is a brand that is constantly a step ahead of other UK CBD brands, yet they still manage to keep their prices lower than almost every competitor. Truly inspirational.In terms of sheer potency, Kiara Naturals CBD oils were actually the strongest we tested. These oils, which are made in Switzerland in a Swiss medic-approved facility, deliver an astonishing 300mg of CBD in a single dose. Practitioners use Kiara CBD oils in clinics, and the brand claims they are commonly used for people suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, arthritis, and neuropathic pain.


As one of the only truly science-led brands in the UK, Provacan is essentially the retail component of Israeli

cannabis research organization CiiTECH. The Provacan 24% High-Strength formula is an intensely powerful CBD product that can be used daily for a variety of wellness issues. Provacan also offers at-home blood testing kits, which use 24 biomarkers to screen for problems relating to cholesterol, diabetes, kidney and hormone function, and more.

Endoca 15 is One of the UK’s Strongest CBD Oils. Here’s How They Make It.

One of the most significant things we noticed while doing research analytics for this article was that the average CBD oil dose across more than three dozen UK products was just 40mg. To compute this average, we took the strongest CBD oil product from 38 brands, calculated the mg dose for a single 1 mL serving, then averaged our computed mg dose across all 38 different products.


Compared to most research reports that discuss the therapeutic effects of CBD, 40mg would be considered a small dose. Most people would likely respond to a higher dose in the 150mg+ range for better results across a range of wellness uses. Of course, the problem here is cost-effectiveness; to produce a CBD extract that delivers 150mg or more in a single dose, most brands would have to charge upwards of $300 for a single 30mL bottle. By utilizing a supercritical carbon dioxide extraction method that uses components of the air we breathe (rather than expensive alcohol solvents), Endoca has managed to optimize the extraction process. They take large quantities of organic hemp flower, and pull out the CBD and other active hemp compounds in an efficient,  highly effective manner.

The benefit of supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction is two-fold: it is safe (since it’s not combustible like alcohol), and it is extremely economical compared to solvent-based techniques. The result is pure, full-spectrum hemp extract that is safe, potent, powerful, and affordable for consumers.

What About Kiara Naturals and Provacan?

Kiara Naturals and Provacan are two other UK/EU CBD companies that deliver extraordinarily well-made CBD oils. In fact, in terms of sheer milligram potency, Kiara Naturals’ 30% Vollspektrum tincture delivered the most potent dose at ~300mg in a single milliliter. Handcrafted in Switzerland in a Swiss Medic-approved facility, these potent oils are used in clinics by practitioners for various applications, including anxiety, chronic pain, and sleep trouble.

So why wasn’t Kiara our #1 pick? If cost wasn’t a consideration, they would have been. However, we considered a variety of factors when coming up with our #1 recommended pick, and cost was, of course, a major one. While both Kiara and Endoca are in the same ballpark on a price-per-milligram basis (~$0.055 per mg compared to ~$0.047 per mg), Kiara only offers their oils in a 10mL bottle. For example, you could buy a 30mL bottle of Endoca’s 15 Raw tincture for (at the time of writing) $246, compared to $140 for a 10mL bottle of Kiara’s 30% Vollspektrum tincture. While Kiara is the higher-potency product, it’s also a fair bit more expensive on a dose-by-dose basis.


Likewise, Provacan’s 24% High-Strength formula is a fantastic (and very powerful) product, but the cost-effectiveness simply wasn’t there to make it our top pick. At £119.99 (~$145.95) for a 10mL bottle, you’re looking at approximately $437 compared to $246 for a 30-dose supply of CBD oil.

In summary, if cost is no consideration and you’re simply looking for the strongest CBD oil in the UK, go with Kiara’s 30% Vollspektrum or Provacan’s 24% formula. If you want the best overall balance between cost, potency, and general effectiveness, Endoca is our recommendation.

Additional Notes on the UK CBD Industry

Stay Off the High Street

No matter where in the UK (or EU) you are, you’re likely well aware that CBD oil is just about everywhere. However, due to the reasons we discussed at length earlier in the article, we generally recommend customers stay away from retail CBD products that can be found on the high street in places like Holland and Barrett. It’s not that these are bad or unsafe CBD products, it’s just that they’re simply not potent enough to offer the results you’re probably looking for and expecting. Again, as we discussed earlier, an average CBD oil on the high street will deliver a dose of around 40mg CBD per mL. The products we’ve highlighted in this review, for comparison, offer 150mg (Endoca), 300mg (Kiara), and 240mg (Provacan) in a single 1 mL dose.


Look for GMP Certification

Every UK brand nowadays claims that their CBD oils are laboratory tested and verified. While this is all fine and well, what you really want to look for is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification. This is a tightly-regulated certification system that basically ensures pharmaceutical products are controlled and manufactured in a safe and consistent way. Given the UK CBD industry’s lack of regulatory oversight, GMP certification is one of the most important things you can look for when it comes to finding a quality, well-made CBD oil.

Ask Questions!

Last but not least, if you’re still unsure about what CBD is, how to use CBD oil properly, or which CBD oil you should be using for your needs, don’t hesitate to ask questions! Either reach out directly to the brand, or feel free to leave a comment right here in this article. Or of course, feel free to message us directly for any cannabis or CBD-related questions. Every person is different, and the right CBD product for your needs may be entirely different than those of someone else.

Who We Are

Who is WayofLeaf, you might ask? We’re one of the largest and most trusted resources for cannabis product reviews, CBD reviews, and product testing for just about anything and everything related to cannabis and alternative health. We boast a review team that tries hundreds of different products, ranks them on specific criteria, and develops clear, concise, unbiased reviews based on our own personal experiences. Yes, like most sites, we do receive commissions on some of the products we recommend and link to. But the bottom line is, that we would never recommend a product just to get a commission on it. Our reviews are here for you to compare the best options side by side and select a good, safe, high-quality cannabis or CBD product that delivers results and helps you get the most out of your money. If you have any questions at all about UK CBD oils or anything else cannabis or CBD-related, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team or leave a comment below.

Final Summary + Our Team’s Top Pick

What’s that? You scrolled to the end of the article and didn’t even read the review? Do you know how many hours we spent putting this article together?? Do you know how many CBD oils we tried in the process!? It’s ok… if you’re short on time and looking for our team’s #1 recommendation for the UK’s strongest CBD oil, here it is:


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