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Looking for the Best CBD Tea? Here Are Our Top Picks

Consumers now have a wide range of choices when it comes to CBD. They can choose from a litany of forms that work best for their lifestyles. Many of these products include CBD powders, oils, gummies, and even lotions. However, an increasing number of people prefer ingesting their CBD. When it comes to oral consumption, one of the emerging trends includes CBD oil tea.

This article will discuss what CBD-infused tea is and how it can meet various needs. It will also outline three of the best brands that offer this innovative product.

What Is CBD Tea?

CBD tea consists of tea leaves and hemp and is brewed much like regular tea. You can sweeten it with sugar or honey or enjoy it with a dollop of cream. Brands selling this product tend to offer pre-made tea bags rather than loose tea. Occasionally, you might find CBD tea with additional herbs such as peppermint or chamomile.

what is cbd tea?

Like all other cannabidiol products, CBD tea has some upsides and downsides, which we now outline.

Pros and Cons of Using CBD Tea

  • It is straightforward to make.
  • As it doesn’t look different from ‘traditional’ tea, you can enjoy a cup without judgment if you wish.
  • It could help users relieve stress. The combination of tea and CBD is potentially the ideal way to induce a feeling of calm.
  • Tea is generally lower in caffeine than coffee, so it is the beverage of choice if you don’t want to get the jitters.
  • You can purchase it in a wide variety of flavors, including vanilla, peppermint, and chamomile.
  • Though it is generally well-tolerated, a small number of people experience adverse effects. These may include dizziness, headache, and fatigue.
  • Not everyone enjoys the taste of hemp. Some users may find that CBD tea is a little on the bitter side. Of course, you can add sweetener to take the edge off.
  • There is the possibility of drug interactions. Users should exercise caution if using CBD in conjunction with any medication.
  • It seems likely that oral consumption of CBD doesn’t have the same absorption rate as other methods. You may find that tea doesn’t provide the same effects as vaping or CBD oil, for example.


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What Are the Biggest CBD Tea Benefits?

CBD users report less stress and reduced feelings of tension after consuming the compound. Others contend that it provides some relief from aches and pains. Headache sufferers that use CBD also suggest a decrease in pain.

Many users claim that drinking CBD tea helps induce pleasant feelings of relaxation. Indeed, this is among the most commonly reported benefits of CBD tea, with users saying it is the ideal pre-bedtime beverage. However, make sure the drink is caffeine-free if you intend to use it at night. Hemp tea may also stave off feelings of nausea and comes with an abundance of antioxidants, terpenes, and other helpful compounds.

CBD teas vary in intensity and strength, with most teas averaging between 3mg to 10mg of CBD per cup. At this consumption rate, the beverage could take the edge off a stressful day and encourage relaxation. There are also brands selling CBD teas with up to 70mg of the cannabinoid per bag. This is more in line with the amount that people who seek pain relief would consume.

However, the relatively low concentration of cannabinoids in most CBD teas means it is probably not the best option for alleviating severe pain. Also, CBD has poor bioavailability in water, so even a 70mg bag might only equate to 20-30mg of CBD oil.

CBD teas may also vary in quality, which can affect their true strength. From seed to selection, each brand of CBD on the market has differing protocols and techniques. Some of the methodologies don’t always equal quality. Consumers should be aware of what companies do to extract their CBD and how they source it.

Before we go into what we feel is the best CBD tea on the market, let’s analyze whether making your own is a good idea.

How to Make CBD Tea

If you want to derive greater CBD tea benefits, such as relieving severe pain, you may want to create your own. Typically, individuals who use cannabidiol to help reduce pain require far more of the compound than what a CBD tea bag will offer.

The simplest option is to add a few drops of CBD oil to your beverage. However, you may have issues blending a tincture into tea since oil doesn’t mix well with water. One can try to circumnavigate this problem by using water-soluble CBD oils, which have smaller particles. This type of product allows the oil to combine with water more efficiently. Adding a fatty component such as milk or cream can help the oil break down as well.

For CBD tea, you will need either milk or a water-soluble form of CBD in order for the product to assimilate.

If you’re more interested in what CBD tea has to offer, preparing a cup is straightforward. Place the CBD tea bag into hot water and allow it to steep for a certain period. The type of tea you use dictates how long you need to steep the bag. With herbal CBD tea, 2-5 minutes is ideal, although you can wait up to 15 minutes.

For green tea, you can get away with just 60 seconds of steeping. It isn’t recommended to steep green and black teas too for too long, or they’ll provide a bitter taste.

For best results, don’t allow the kettle to boil fully. Switch the heat off as the bubbles begin to form around the edges of the kettle. A water temperature of 185 degrees Fahrenheit is suitable for CBD tea.

The Best CBD Teas on the Market

Choosing the best CBD tea on the market wasn’t a simple choice. There is a multitude of options. However, there are a few companies that stand head and shoulders above the rest. After serious consideration, we’ve concluded that the following three brands have superior quality CBD tea:

  • American Shaman
  • Glow Water
  • The Brothers Apothecary


While these three boast quality products, each company has cornered the market in distinct ways:

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Best CBD Tea if You Have Stress or Anxiety

This was a tough decision. Each of the three brands offers some significant advantages. American Shaman’s CBD tea is different from the others insofar as it is a sparkling beverage that is akin to soda. One of the four flavors contains chamomile and provides a refreshing sensation from the first sip. This alone is enough to help many users relax, and that’s before the CBD kicks in.

The Brothers Apothecary has a wide range of hemp CBD teas to enjoy. You can choose from 12 different options, from the widely available to the unusual. Each one has its charms, though none provide the same level of relaxation as the American Shaman option.

Glow has four options: Rise, Sleep, Restore, and Calm. It is the ‘Calm’ option that is best for alleviating stress. Again, it was extremely relaxing, but overall, we gave the edge to American Shaman in this category.


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Best for Night Time Use

We felt confident there was a clear winner in this category. If you’re looking for a night-time fix, the best brand is one that is not only great-tasting but also calms, soothes, and relaxes frayed nerves.

Ideally, a night-time tea should encourage sleep and restore balance. It is also an item that should quell pain and reduce aches. Tea isn’t as high in caffeine as things like coffee, so tea drinkers can enjoy the feeling of relaxation without the burst of over-the-top energy.

For this purpose, it is hard to beat Glow Water’s ‘Sleep’ version. It includes chamomile and lavender to help fight back against insomnia.



Best Tasting CBD Tea

The best-tasting tea not only ticks the boxes in #1 and #2 but has a flavor that consumers can enjoy. Glow Water’s options tasted fine, though their intense herbal nature may not appeal to everyone.

In comparison, The Brothers Apothecary has something for everyone. Our favorites included Mellow Mint, Buddha’s Berry, and Pumpkin Spice Chai.

However, we loved American Shaman’s CBD tea most of all. It comes in four flavors, and we felt the unusual combination of chamomile and honey hit the spot. Then again, the lemon, mango orange peel, and raspberry pear hibiscus flavors aren’t too shabby either.

Each 250ml can contains 4 grams of sugar, a fraction of what’s found in sodas. While the other CBD teas are nice for a winter’s afternoon, the American Shaman option is fantastic if you need something refreshing on a warm summer’s day.


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Best CBD Concentration

A cup of CBD tea should pack a cannabinoid punch, but not too much. A hit of calming CBD along with flavor can provide the reassurance of sleep as well as calm. Each can of American Shaman CBD tea contains 10mg of hemp-extracted cannabidiol. However, it is the tea with the lowest level of CBD amongst our picks.

Each one of Glow Water’s tea bags contains an impressive 25mg of CBD. Yet this is no match for The Brothers Apothecary, which offers up to 70mg of CBD in a bag. Whether you think that is too much CBD is another matter entirely! Then again, the amount you consume from each bag is debatable, as is the bioavailability.



Best Budget Pick

Although American Shaman sells an excellent product, not everyone will want to pay $9.99 for 4 x 10mg cans of CBD tea or $0.25 per mg of cannabidiol.

Glow Water has a slightly better price point at $28 for 5 x 25mg of CBD bags, equating to $0.22 per mg. Yet it is The Brothers Apothecary that takes the value prize. A single bag with up to 70mg of CBD costs $5.50, the equivalent of under $0.08 per mg. You can also get a 3-pack for $15 or a 20-pack for $90.


Final Thoughts on the Best CBD Tea

In recent years, cannabidiol has become increasingly accessible. CBD tea is no exception, with a wide variety of products now on the market. However, not every CBD product is the same. Many brands vary in content and quality.

Not all companies observe the same protocols and standards. The result is a plethora of CBD items that may not fit the needs of consumers. Consumers should research what CBD tea works for them. If they need a helping hand, they can take a look at our editor’s pick for this year!

Though American Shaman sells the most expensive option, it is also the best, in our opinion. You can check out the brand on its official website.


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How Many Drops of CBD Oil in Tea?

In terms of equivalence to CBD oil, the number of drops varies depending on the brand. Most CBD sellers include up to 5mg of cannabidiol per drop in their oils. Therefore, a CBD teabag containing 10mg has the equivalent of two drops of CBD oil. However, the 70mg in each tea bag from The Brothers Apothecary equates to an impressive 14 drops of CBD oil.

How to Mail CBD Tea?

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp but didn’t do the same for CBD. However, CBD brands are free to send CBD through the mail to almost every location in the United States. With one or two exceptions, you can send CBD tea through the mail if it comes from hemp and has a maximum THC content of 0.3%. Yet if you want to send it via USPS, you must provide several pieces of documentation, including a signed self-certification letter.

How Many Cups of CBD Tea Can I Drink?

CBD has an excellent safety profile with evidence that humans can tolerate up to 6,000mg in a single dose or 1,500mg per day for several weeks. However, it is best to start with a single cup a day to see how it makes you feel. This is especially the case if the CBD teabag contains a large amount of the cannabinoid. Regular users find that 1-2 cups a day is enough to give them the desired effects.

CBD Tea – How to Use

Heat water but try to keep the temperature to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Place a CBD tea bag into a cup and add the boiling water. Allow it to steep for several minutes so the cannabinoids enter the water and let the water cool to a drinkable temperature. Add a sweetener and milk or cream if you wish.

What Does CBD Tea Smell Like?

A lot depends on the brand, as some companies like to add additional flavors and herbs. CBD tea with nothing added usually has a typical hempy smell, although you may get hints of nuttiness. The addition of essential oils leads to a completely different olfactory experience, however.

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