The Best Black Friday CBD Oil Coupons of 2022

In the CBD market, the Black Friday phenomenon has continued to gather steam in recent times. In fact, the past few years have dictated that Internet sales will hit record heights this year.

Of course, Black Friday is already one of the world’s biggest online sales events. Last year, over 93 million people purchased a product online on Black Friday. This figure equated to approximately 40% of online shoppers. Almost $3 billion worth of purchases occurred on mobile phones.

For Black Friday, experts are suggesting that we will see fewer lengthy queues outside stores and an even greater degree of online purchases.

Retailers understand the need to stand out even more than usual during this hallowed retail event, and the CBD industry is no different. What we’ve done in this article is put together a list of ten brands that will be offering the best Black Friday CBD sales on the market for the year.

Below, you’ll find links, coupon codes, and special promotions for each brand listed.

10 Best Black Friday CBD Oil Coupons

The price of CBD oil has fallen significantly over the last few years. More competition and efficient ways of extracting CBD from hemp are among the reasons.

The 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized industrial hemp growth in the United States, gave CBD manufacturers easier access to high-quality hemp. There is no longer a need to rely on expensive imports.

There is also no excuse not to get in on the Black Friday discount spirit! In this exclusive guide, we outline ten CBD industry-leading brands that will be offering enormous Black Friday savings.

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1 – PureKana

This brand is an industry standard-bearer. PureKana is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. It has been a firm favorite amongst countless customers since its formation a few years ago. PureKana uses organically grown and harvested hemp from Kentucky. It also uses CO2 supercritical extraction, the gold standard in the industry.

purekana bfPureKana Product Range


You can purchase PureKana CBD oil in a super six flavors:

  • Natural
  • Fruity
  • Mint
  • Vanilla
  • Citrus
  • Blueberry (This is a sleep aid tincture)

Those interested in the natural flavor will be delighted to know that there is a 5,000mg option! There are also 1,600mg and 2,500mg concentrations in a handful of the other flavors. Like all PureKana products, these oils are third-party lab tested. You can see the reports on the brand’s website.

CBD Capsules

PureKana sells the standard CBD capsules in soft gel form. Each one contains 40mg of CBD. There are also capsules with melatonin for night use and with caffeine for daytime usage.

CBD Gummies

Most brands sell CBD gummies, and PureKana is no different. These delicious mixed-fruit flavored gummies contain 25mg of CBD apiece and are vegan friendly. There are also plenty of flavors on offer, including Blue Raspberry and Mango.

CBD Topicals

PureKana is certainly a flagbearer for topical products. You can avail of CBD ointment, menthol roll-on gel, body balm, transdermal patches, and more.

Other PureKana Products

The brand has expanded its range in recent times. Here is an overview of other CBD products you can purchase:

  • Pure Picks
  • Capsules
  • Bath Bombs
  • Vape Pens
  • Pet CBD
  • Edibles
  • Bulk CBD
  • Apparel

PureKana CBD Oil Price List (Without a Coupon)

  • 300mg: $54
  • 600mg: $92
  • 1000mg: $139
  • 1500mg (Blueberry): $175
  • 1600mg: $184
  • 2500mg: $249
  • 5000mg: $390

PureKana Highlights

  • CO2 supercritical extraction.
  • Full-spectrum products.
  • A growing selection of CBD products.
  • Boasts a reputation as one of the industry’s top brands.
  • Excellent customer support.

Final Thoughts on PureKana & Black Friday CBD Oil Coupon

There is a reason why PureKana is regarded as one of the best in the CBD business. Actually, there is a multitude of reasons. Customers tend to stay with the brand after using a product, which is a testament to the quality of PureKana’s products. Whether you are a loyal customer or want to see what the fuss is about, we have placed a CBD coupon below to help you save.

Black Friday PureKana CBD Coupon

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2 – Premium Jane

This is another brand that has defied stiff competition to rise to the top. Premium Jane also uses hemp from Kentucky, along with CO2 supercritical extraction. Finding Certificates of Analysis is easy, and the Premium Jane blog is filled with useful (and accurate) information regarding CBD.

bf image premium janePremium Jane Product Range


There are five fabulous Premium Jane flavors:

  • Citrus
  • Mint
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Natural
  • Peach Nectar (Available in 3000mg and 5000mg)
  • Luxe Lemon-Lime (Available in 3000mg and 5000mg)

Aside from the special Luxe Lemon and Peach Nectar option, the CBD concentrations are 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg. You will struggle to find a better-tasting CBD oil than the mint chocolate flavor, by the way!

CBD Capsules

There are two CBD concentrations: 25mg per capsule or 40mg.

CBD Gummies

Premium Jane is one of the few brands that have a slightly expanded CBD gummies line. Aside from the typical mixed flavor offering, there are also strawberry and lime flavors. You get 25mg or 40mg of CBD in each piece regardless of flavor.

CBD Topicals

Apart from the usual CBD topical salve, Premium Jane sells facial day cream, facial cleanser, and other products infused with cannabidiol. The Cocoa Butter CBD Salve contains an impressive 1500mg of the compound.

CBD For Pets

If you would like to try CBD on your dog, Premium Jane has you covered. It sells delicious bacon-flavored CBD oil with 250mg of the cannabinoid and CBD dog treats with 5mg of cannabidiol in each treat.

Premium Jane CBD Oil Pricelist (Without a Coupon)

  • 300mg: $48
  • 600mg: $85
  • 1000mg: $124
  • 3000mg (Luxe-Lemon Only): $199
  • 5000mg (Luxe-Lemon Only): $275

Premium Jane Highlights

  • The CBD oil flavors taste amazing.
  • Relatively affordable.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Full-Spectrum options.
  • Solvent-free extraction.

Final Thoughts on Premium Jane & Black Friday CBD Oil Coupon

There are few CBD brands capable of mixing affordability with quality as well as Premium Jane does. It has been a big favorite of customers for years and is in no mood to relinquish its spot near the industry’s top. If you would like to sample Premium Jane products or top-up on your existing supply, here’s a CBD oil coupon.

Black Friday Premium Jane CBD Coupon

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This is a fashionable and trendy brand known for the sleek yet clean design of its products. It is another CBD brand founded a few years ago. It tries to make the shopping experience as easy as possible and derives its CBD from Colorado-grown hemp.

image fabcbdFAB CBD Product Range


There are five flavor options:

  • Citrus
  • Mint
  • Berry
  • Vanilla
  • Natural

Choose between 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg CBD concentrations.

CBD Gummies

FAB CBD’s gummies are free from THC and are chewy & delicious. You get 25mg of CBD in each one. They are also vegan-friendly.

CBD Topicals

FAB sells CBD cream and a CBD salve. The cream comes in a ‘Fresh’ flavor with 600mg of CBD. The salve is more expensive, but there are 1000mg and 3000mg options. Not many brands can boast of a CBD topical with a higher concentration of the cannabinoid.

Other FAB CBD Products

You can avail of CBD dog treats in Crunchy Calm & Cool flavor and they are free of dairy, soy, and wheat. FAB even sells superfoods that contain over 80 important micronutrients. However, they do not contain CBD.

FAB CBD Oil Pricelist (Without a Coupon)

  • 300mg: $39
  • 600mg: $59
  • 1200mg: $99
  • 2400mg: $129

FAB CBD Highlights

  • The CBD comes from Colorado-grown hemp.
  • All products have third-party testing.
  • Both broad and full-spectrum products.
  • 30-day money-back promise.
  • Countless positive customer reviews.

Final Thoughts on FAB CBD & Black Friday CBD Oil Coupon

FAB CBD is another example of a cannabidiol brand getting it right. It seems to have targeted a younger audience, yet consumers of all ages enjoy these products. FAB CBD regularly offers discounts to its ‘community,’ and you can get in on the savings with the CBD coupon below.

Black Friday FAB CBD Coupon

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4 – Medterra

This is a US-based brand praised by some customers for its range of useful products. Each product has a Certificate of Analysis, which promotes peace of mind in an unregulated industry. There are also expiration dates on products, so you ensure your product is well within its shelf life.medterra-1Medterra Product Range


There are several CBD concentrations in Medterra’s range, which covers a variety of budget-friendly options. Offering customers a taste of CBD without a big financial commitment is a masterstroke by Medterra, and hopefully, other companies will follow suit. They also offer CBD isolate oils and a line of CBD oils specifically for pets.

CBD Edibles

Medterra easily has one of the largest selections of edibles on the market. These include CBD-infused gummies in a host of flavors and milligram strengths. They even offer formulations specifically for sleep, calm, energy, and immune boost.

CBD Topicals

Once again, Medterra doesn’t hold back with its options in their topicals range. Their Pain Relief Cream has either 500mg or 1000mg of CBD, and contains arnica and menthol to help with inflammation. It is one of a multitude of topical products available from this brand.

Other CBD Products

The brand also offers a full range of CBD capsules for those that value convenience. These products are available in Good Morning, Good Night, and an isolate variety. For pets, owners can find, as well as oils, hemp-infused treats on the Medterra site.

Medterra CBD Oil Pricelist (Without the Coupon)

  • Pain Relief Cream (1,000mg): $46.74
  • CBD Sleep Gummies: $33.99
  • Full Spectrum CBD+THC Drops (750mg): $42.49
  • Full Spectrum CBD+THC Gummies: $50.99
  • Full Spectrum CBD Capsules: $93.49

Medterra Highlights

  • Outstanding value for money.
  • Excellent range of products.
  • Includes expiration dates with its products.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Ships to most American states.

Final Thoughts on Medterra Black Friday CBD Oil Coupon

Medterra is a brand that provides as many options as any in the industry. Most importantly, they provide high-quality products that you can rely on.

Black Friday Medterra Coupon

Buy One Get One Sale
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5 – Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong is a CBD brand familiar with the spotlight. Having featured in reputable publications such as Forbes and CNN, they have cemented themselves as a source for high-quality CBD. In fact, their unique nanotechnology is purported to increase bioavailability, offering longer-lasting and more impactful benefits.

tommy-chong-1Tommy Chong CBD Product Range


Tommy Chong’s CBD oil range is crafted from full-spectrum formulas; they are available in strengths ranging from 750mg to a potent 3,000mg. Additionally, nano CBD oils such as Good Vibes and Nice Dreams cater to customers looking for a more specific effect.

CBD Gummies

The brand’s CBD gummies come in two varieties, regular (300mg) and sour (750mg). Each gummy is crafted with gelatin, so they are not vegan-friendly. However, they are made with a range of tasty flavors and are lab-tested by third-party companies.

CBD Topicals

Tommy Chong’s topical range offers strengths to suit any routine, from their 50mg bath bombs to their 500mg muscle balm. Fitness enthusiasts, in particular, may find the range helpful as many of the products are aimed towards muscle care and recovery.

Other Tommy Chong CBD Products

Other products you can find on the brand’s site are CBD softgels. Similarly to the gummies, they are available in either 300mg (10mg per capsule) or 750mg (25mg per capsule). These gels contain a full spectrum of hemp’s compounds such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Tommy Chong CBD Pricelist (Without a Coupon)

  • Full-Spectrum Tincture (1,000mg): $49.95
  • Nice Dreams Sleep Nano Tincture: $59.95
  • Full-Spectrum Gummies (300mg): $49.95
  • CBD Muscle Balm (100mg): $27.95
  • Full-Spectrum CBD Softgels (300mg): $59.95

Tommy Chong CBD Highlights

  • The CBD comes from established hemp sources.
  • All products have third-party testing.
  • Full-spectrum products available.
  • Countless positive customer reviews.

Final Thoughts on Tommy Chong CBD Black Friday CBD Oil Coupon

Tommy Chong CBD is another example of a cannabidiol brand getting it right. It seems to have targeted a younger audience, yet consumers of all ages enjoy these products. Tommy Chong regularly offers discounts to its customer community, and you can get in on the savings with the CBD coupon below.

Black Friday Tommy Chong CBD Coupon

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6 – Hemp Bombs

This brand is one of the most famous in the industry and continues to show the world what is possible with CBD. Hemp Bombs earns rave reviews in the industry and remains one of the niche’s top-rated brands.

hemp-bombs-1Hemp Bombs Product Range


Hemp Bombs offer huge oil versatility, their strengths include 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg, 3000mg, and 5000mg. Not many brands on the market provide such high strengths. Additionally, these oils are available in a range of flavors such as Acai Berry, Watermelon, and Chocolate Mint.

CBD Capsules

The brand’s CBD capsule range is perfect for new CBD users, as they offer a 5-capsule introductory pack (15mg per capsule) for only $7.50. Hemp Bombs also sell packs of 8, 20, 50, and 100, so it’s easy to purchase what you need.

CBD Gummies

Hemp Bombs are renowned for their huge selection of gummies that include ranges such as Botanical, Immunity, High Potency, and more. Once again, the brand caters to new and experienced users by providing an 8-count gummy bag (starting from 15mg per gummy) as well as a 100-count gummy pot (up to 30mg per gummy).

Other CBD Products

The Hemp Bombs online store is vast. From CBD vape liquids to pet oils, visitors have plenty of choices for high-quality and easy-to-use products. The brand’s topical range is also popular with sprays, patches, lotions, and many more application types.

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Pricelist (Without a Coupon)

  • 300mg: $25
  • 750mg: $55
  • 1,500mg: $105
  • 3,000mg:$155
  • 5,000mg: $255

Hemp Bombs Highlights

  • One of the original ‘big’ CBD brands.
  • Extremely high-quality products.
  • Nice range of CBD products to choose from.
  • Budget range options available.
  • More affordable than ever due to a recent price restructuring.

Final Thoughts on Hemp Bombs Black Friday CBD Oil Coupon

This high-profile brand continues to act as a shining light in the industry. Hemp Bombs continues to provide customers with premium-grade products and exemplary service.

Black Friday Hemp Bombs Coupon

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7 – cbdMD

cbdMD’s premium products and thoughtful customer service have earned them an excellent reputation within the CBD industry. While they specialize in making products for athletes, customers can still find an enormous range of CBD topicals, tinctures, gummies, and more on the site.

cbdmd-1cbdMD Product Range


cbdMD’s tinctures are all broad-spectrum, which means every bottle contains 0% THC. Additionally, all oils are vegan and gluten-free. Customers can choose between two bottle sizes, 30ml and 60ml, as well as an array of delicious flavors. Strengths start from 300mg.

CBD Gummies

When it comes to CBD gummy quality, cbdMD does it right. All of their gummy formulations are vegan, broad-spectrum, and crafted with organic fruit juices. A variety of strengths are on offer, including 300mg, 750mg, and 1500mg. For an added punch, the brand also offers sour gummies.

CBD Topicals

Whether you need a topical skincare product or simply want to manage a sore muscle, there is a suitable product on cbdMD’s site. Their skincare range is jam-packed full of serums, moisturizers, exfoliants, and many more products designed to support healthy and clear skin.

Other cbdMD Products

cbdMD sells plenty more CBD products on their online store, including pet products, softgels, drinks, and more. While the brand predominantly crafts broad-spectrum formulas, customers also have the option of full-spectrum if they prefer.

cbdMD Pricelist (Without a Coupon)

  • CBD Oil Tincture (300mg): $29.99
  • CBD Facial Oil: $79.99
  • CBD Sour Gummies (750mg): $59.99
  • CBD Lip Balm (50mg): $12.99
  • CBD Powdered Drink Mix (25mg): $24.99

cbdMD Highlights

  • Offers THC-free products.
  • Adheres to Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP).
  • Conducts third-party testing.
  • Vast range of products.
  • A seed-to-sale process.

Final Thoughts on cbdMD Black Friday CBD Oil Coupon

cbdMD’s quality comes from their extensive research into growing and manufacturing processes. By implementing high standards, they’ve maintained their reputation as producers of high-quality CBD products. And their huge range means customers will always find something to satisfy their needs.

Black Friday cbdMD Coupon

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8 – NuLeaf

NuLeaf CBD is a top producer of hemp-based products in the US. Since 2014, they’ve been curating their range to suit their natural-focused ethos. That’s why they only work with organic hemp farms and fully lab-test their products. While their store is smaller than other brands, their quality is undeniable.

nuleaf-1NuLeaf CBD Product Range


NuLeaf’s approach to hemp oils is unique. Rather than simply craft a broad or full-spectrum formulation, they’ve isolated particular cannabinoids in each of their oils. So, you can harness the benefits of CBD, CBG, or even CBN fully. All of their oils, including the delta-8 variety, can be purchased in a range of strengths up to 6000mg.

CBD Softgels

Just like their oils, NuLeaf’s softgels can be bought in specific cannabinoids such as CBC (15mg in each softgel). Most bottles contain a choice of 300mg, 900mg, and 1800mg. However, the delta-8 variety includes the choice of 150mg, 450mg, and 900mg (7.5mg per gel).

CBD Topicals

NuLeaf only sells one topical product on their site. The Full-Spectrum CBD Balm can be bought in 3 quantities; 0.5oz (300mg), 1oz (600mg), and 1.5oz (900mg). The formulation contains rich organic shea butter and, of course, hemp extract.

Other NuLeaf CBD Products

NuLeaf also sells full-spectrum pet oil on their site. This product is available in three strengths; 300mg, 900mg, and 1800mg. For customers wanting to save a little money, there is also an option to purchase pet oil in bulk.

NuLeaf CBD Pricelist (Without a Coupon)

  • Full-Spectrum Multicannabinoid Oil (300mg): $38.50
  • CBN Oil (300mg): $38.50
  • Full-Spectrum CBG Capsules (900mg): $99
  • Full-Spectrum CBD Balm (300mg): $29.99
  • Pet Oil (300mg): $29.99

NuLeaf CBD Highlights

  • Established since 2014.
  • Offers unique cannabinoid formulations.
  • Products crafted from organic hemp.
  • Uses green extraction (solvent-free).
  • Free shipping in the US.

Final Thoughts on NuLeaf CBD Black Friday CBD Oil Coupon

Not many CBD companies have been operating within the industry for over seven years, and NuLeaf’s endurance is a sure sign of value. Rather than fill their site with numerous products, the brand has taken a more conscientious approach by producing a smaller number of products without compromising quality.

Black Friday NuLeaf CBD Coupon

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9 – CBDPure

This company is part of the Nutra Pure range that has a growing influence on the health and fitness industry. CBDPure follows the lead of respected market leaders by offering third-party testing. This includes tests for pesticides and heavy metals. CBDPure likes to keep things simple and has a relatively small variety of stock. You can purchase products in 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month supplies.

pure cbdCBDPure Product Range


There are three CBD oil concentrations: 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg. All of them are unflavored and are great for individuals who want the real taste of hemp.

CBD Softgels

There is 25mg of CBD in each soft gel, which is easy to swallow. There are 30 softgels per container.

CBD Cream

According to CBDPure, Muscle & Joint Formula is a next-generation topical. It is designed to absorb into the skin rapidly. The brand claims the cream begins to take effect within three minutes of application. There is 500mg of CBD per container.

CBD for Pets

This is a CBD oil made using the same rigorous process as the human version. There is 100mg of CBD per bottle.

CBDPure CBD Oil Pricelist (Without a Coupon)

  • 300mg: $29.99
  • 600mg: $54.99
  • 1000mg: $79.99

CBDPure Highlights

  • A neatly designed website makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.
  • Detailed third-party testing.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Uses hemp grown in Colorado.
  • No pesticides, heavy metals, or toxins.

Final Thoughts on CBDPure & Black Friday CBD Oil Coupon

If you want an uncomplicated approach to CBD, this is the brand for you. CBDPure makes for a good introduction to the world of cannabidiol. The product range is limited, but that’s ideal for those with little knowledge of the industry at present.

Black Friday CBDPure Coupon

10 – CBDistillery

CBDistillery was first founded in Colorado, a hemp-growing hotspot in the US. The brand has established itself as an influential member of the industry, not only by their product quality but by their commitment to the #CBDMOVEMENT. They believe in spreading trustworthy information and educating the public about CBD and its benefits.

cbdistillery-1CBDistillery Product Range


Visitors to the CBDisitllery site can find a range of Relief and Relax oils. These oils are available to purchase in many strengths, which range from 500mg to 2,500mg. Each formulation is either broad-spectrum or full-spectrum, but all products are lab-tested to ensure compliance and quality.

CBD Gummies

CBDistillery offers broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and isolate gummies, allowing customers to choose which formulation works best for them. Additionally, the nighttime and daytime varieties serve a specific purpose for each user. When it comes to affordability, CBDistillery is hard to beat.

CBD Topicals

The brand’s topical range is huge, from the CBD Relief Stick (1,000mg) to the broad-spectrum Warming Cream (300mg). Many of the products are helpful for those with an active lifestyle; they can be used to support sore and aching muscles.

Other CBDistillery Products

CBDistillery offers plenty of alternatives to the above options. Products such as CBD isolate powders, and softgels can also be found on the site. The powders, specifically, provide excellent value for money and, of course, unbeatable purity.

CBDistillery Pricelist (Without a Coupon)

  • Full-Spectrum CBD Oil (500mg): $35
  • CBD Gummies (900mg): $60
  • CBD Sleep Gummies + Melatonin (900mg): $60
  • Isolate CBD Relief Stick (1,000mg): $45
  • CBG Isolate Powder (1 gram): $40

CBDistillery Highlights

  • Leading the #CBDMOVEMENT.
  • Uses natural farming practises.
  • Made with non-GMO hemp.
  • Offers high-quality isolate powders.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts on CBDistillery Black Friday CBD Oil Coupon

CBDistillery’s extensive range is enough to put a smile on any CBD-enthusiasts face. However, their longevity and popularity within the industry are largely down to their reasonable pricing. The brand is more interested in educating and growing a strong customer base than in fast sales, which shows through the quality of their CBD line.

Black Friday CBDistillery Coupon

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Get Your Black Friday CBD Oil Coupons & Save Money This Year!

In general, the price of CBD has gone down. Top brands also provide discounts and enable consumers to buy in bulk. While these are undoubtedly great deals, nothing compares to the savings you can make during a Black Friday sale. Check out the coupons above, and use this opportunity to stock up on CBD for the next 12 months!

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