5 Best Strains for Secret Vaping [Stay Discreet]

One of the most challenging things about being a smoker at home is in trying to keep your smoking discreet. While some people have to contend with judgmental family members, others have to abide by local regulations, tenancy laws, or dorm room snoops.

With all these hurdles, how on earth can you safely and easily vape without anyone finding out? The secret is to find strains that don’t have a noticeable or potent odor. While you do not want to compromise on flavor, you also don’t want to deal with a strain that anyone within five feet can smell.

So, what are the best strains to vape while stuck indoors?

#1 – Northern Lights

It’s difficult to talk about strains with a light and unnoticeable aroma without mentioning the Northern Lights strain.

The aroma profile of this strain is intensely earthy, with just a little bit of a spice kick to it. It’s pleasurable enough that the smoke is tasty, but not so noticeable that others will recognize it. Instead of the astringent, cloying taste of diesel and sourness that many potent indicas offer up, this strain almost disappears into the ether.

If anyone were to walk past your room while you were sneakily smoking this bud, they would think you were eating something Moroccan. Or perhaps that they were picking up the scent of damp earth after it rained.

This classic strain is also well-loved for its potent THC load, capable of making you see the northern lights no matter where you are in the world. It is a 100% indica, making it a strain that totally relaxes you and leaves you almost incapable of coherent thought after smoking it.

For those who like to grow pot, it is also a great option for novice growers. It’s easy to cultivate and even easier to harvest, as well as smelling very mild.

The only real problem with smoking this strain when trying to remain incognito is that it doesn’t leave you especially aware of your surroundings. It’s all well and good to vape a strain that doesn’t alert anyone around you with its aroma. But if you are too far gone to realize what someone is saying to you, you’re still going to get found out.

#2 – Green Crack

A Californian strain, Green Crack is all about offering pleasant cerebral highs with a surprisingly mild aroma to go along with it.

Instead of a huge burst of intensity, this strain is famous for its ability to hit you slowly, but surely, sapping into your brain like a weed. The high leaves you vaguely spacey, and just a little bit confused, but still extremely happy and content.

While it is primarily indica-leaning, its 25% sativa content allows it to avoid that typical indica habit of utterly destroying your ability to react to the world around you. This allows you to cover up your vaporizer still if someone were to suddenly barge into your room.

The aroma and flavor profile is also super interesting, offering pleasant, fruity flavors that seem to last forever on your tongue. The aroma, when smelling it from a distance, however, is far more nondescript. It has a pleasant hint of mango and woodiness that many similar strains offer, but it doesn’t really smell of marijuana.

Instead, it’s a bit like a slightly ripe mango; anyone smelling it would just assume you had sliced open a mango.

#3 – White Rhino

The White Rhino strain is another hybrid strain that leans primarily towards indica, but not so much that it hits you heavily and leaves you insensate.

While it’s almost infamous for its astronomically potent indica leaning high, White Rhino’s full effects take a while to kick in. This gives you time to get fully situated in your room, lock the doors, and feel safe and comfortable in your surroundings.

The high is especially euphoric. It gives you a really uplifting sensation of wanting to enjoy the world around you but feeling happy enough where you are. You will start to feel a bit tired towards the end of the White Rhino high, so it is usually best for use in the evening when there isn’t a risk of you falling asleep.

The flavor profile is peppery, with a hint of citrus flavor that leaves you salivating at the prospect of getting to enjoy some more. There is also a slight herbaceousness, enough that the strain’s aroma smells like a mix between white pepper and a herb garden.

This vague aroma profile makes it an easy strain to disguise from those who aren’t knowledgeable about the cannabis world. If anyone walked by, they would just think they smelled the outside world on the breeze.

#4 – Papaya

As the name rather obviously implies, the Papaya strain is an excellent choice for those who want to avoid detection by enjoying something fruity.

You can expect it to smell almost exactly like a freshly peeled Papaya, with the sweet and sticky flavor permeating your nostrils. The great thing about the Papaya strain is that it’s designed for growing indoors, thanks to its super-short height.

Those hoping to grow their own discreet bud for easy vaping won’t find a better strain than Papaya. Alongside its pungent Papaya flavor, there is a tropical quality to its aroma, as well as just a touch of spice. This is enough to make anyone think you are simply enjoying a fresh mango smoothie, rather than some super potent bud.

Papaya is also exceptionally potent in its THC content and effects, giving you a really sudden crash of marijuana intensity without you seeing it coming. It’s almost a bit too much for some people, making it a strain that you definitely need to be careful with.

The only problem with the Papaya strain is that the flavor can become a bit oversaturated after a little while. No matter how much you minimize your use of it, Papaya will start to taste just a bit boring after repeated smoking.

#5 – Durban Poison

Durban Poison, also known as Dutch Passion, is an excellent sativa strain whose name is practically synonymous with psychoactivity. This strain is actually a landrace from Africa and typically varies quite wildly in its THC concentration.

The key thing about this strain is its remarkably focused and level-headed high. It hits you immediately, leaving you slightly dazed and maybe just a bit confused as well. There is plenty of brain activity, so much so that you might find yourself almost unaware of what you’re thinking about until you are already doing it.

It is a social strain, encouraging plenty of social activity and friendliness with those around you. Make sure you keep your door locked to prevent you from trying to socialize with your cannabis-hating housemates!

However, the flavor profile makes it useful as a secret strain. Its aroma is actually sweet and light. Typically used to make products like cannabis shatter, the aroma is sweet and tangy, with just a little bit of melting rubber.

Without making it sound dreadful, Durban Poison smells a bit like the sweet smell of new tarmac. It’s quite easy to enjoy without anyone trying to snoop on what you are doing because it simply smells like there are road works going on outside.

Fair warning, though; Durban Poison is extremely resinous, which means it has a tendency to stick to anything and everything it touches. Make sure you keep it away from anything that retains aromas, like curtains or bedsheets, as the smell will never go away.

While someone might assume a few whiffs of Durban Poison would be nothing but road works, if they can smell it for the next six months, they might begin to get suspicious.

Final Thoughts on the Best Strains for Secret Vaping

The perfect marijuana strain to enjoy indoors is a combination of two things: Effects and smell.

The smell is vital, because a strain that smells strongly of weed will easily tip anyone off. However, it’s the effects that you really need to be careful about. If you pick a strain that leaves you incredibly sleepy, you can’t really enjoy it during the day, as your sudden drowsiness might make people suspicious.

Similarly, you can’t use a strain that leaves you feeling excessively social, as you will find yourself desperately seeking out some social company. If you do this while heavily under the influence and surrounded by people you don’t want to know you are smoking, you risk exposing yourself.

The best strains for discreet vaping are those that have a mild, almost forgettable aroma and leave you pleasantly calm and chilled out. But make sure you don’t compromise on flavor. After all, you want to avoid getting caught, but you still want to enjoy yourself, right?

Finally, make sure you’re always vaping out of a window or somewhere that has adequate ventilation. No matter how calm or unnoticeable the aroma of your specific strain is, if you are constantly smoking in the house, it will eventually cling to upholstery and someone will start to notice.

Get the right strain that doesn’t smell too strongly, but make sure you aren’t foolish with the effects either!

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