What to Do If You Can’t Get High Anymore [Answered]

You’ve been smoking your favorite strain for months but recently you’ve noticed the high isn’t as effective as it used to be. Not being able to achieve a high is a fear many seasoned smokers have, and it can happen. Over time, your body becomes more tolerant to the cannabinoids you inhale, and you won’t experience the effects as much as you used to do. This is true for not just cannabis; our body adapts to a variety of other substances such as alcohol or sugar.

It can make you feel very frustrated and worried, but more smokers than you realize suffer from this problem. Luckily, there are various methods you can try that should help you to re-experience the high you are missing; we will discuss them throughout this article. So, dispel those worries – you will get high again!

Get High Again Method 1 – Detox

One of the most effective ways to instigate a high is by detoxing your body. We know there is nothing fun about having to restrict the amount you smoke, but view it as a means to an end. By stopping any cannabinoids, the chemicals you find inside cannabis, from entering the body, you can trigger internal homeostasis. This is a state of equilibrium inside the body that essentially allows your body to return to its ‘normal’ state.

can't get high

It normally takes 30 days to fully detox from these chemicals and to extract any signs of cannabis from the body. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you are not allowed to smoke for a month.

Everybody is different and will need a different amount of time to flush the chemicals, whether that’s 1 week or 1 month. It’s completely up to you how long you would like to detox but it’s recommended to refrain from smoking for at least one week if you want the break to be effective.

Other ways to speed up this process is by drinking lots of water, which helps flush out toxins within the body. Increased exercise can also help, not only as a physical distraction but also as a release of lots of endorphins to help re-enact the high you may have felt while smoking.

Of course, it may be a little difficult taking a break from cannabis, especially if you are a heavy smoker and have been for a long time. But with only 8-9% of smokers developing a physical dependency, you should have no trouble with a small break.

Get High Again Method 2 – Mango Power

Yes, you read that right. As well as being delicious on their own, mangos can affect the power of the high you experience. They contain a very high level of myrcene, which is one of the most abundant terpenes in cannabis and a variety of other fruits. The myrcene goes straight into the bloodstream when the mango is eaten and interacts with the THC when you smoke. This creates both a more intense and longer-lasting high.

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Research suggests that you can eat a mango before and after you smoke cannabis and it will still have an effect on your high. However, the most effective method is to eat beforehand.

Your metabolism should also be considered if you want to try this method. For those of us with a fast metabolism, it is advised to eat at least 2 or 3 mangos prior to smoking. This is because your body digests the food so quickly that you want to make sure you still have high levels of myrcene in the body by the time you start smoking. If you typically have a slow metabolism, 1 mango should be enough to react with the THC.

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Mangos are not only helpful for the high itself but will help reduce those dreaded munchies, which can lead you to devour chips, pizza, and other snacks. Delicious? Yes. Healthy? No.

So, if you are trying to keep a healthier lifestyle and experience an intense high, mangos are a great option.

Get High Again Method 3 – Change Your Habits

After months or years of smoking, you have most likely honed into your favorite method of getting high. But it’s worthwhile trying something new every so often.

Your body may have become tolerant to not only the strain and consistency at which you smoke but also the method you use. The most common method of cannabis use tends to be smoking from a joint. However, there are a variety of methods you can use, most are:

  • Vaporizer
  • Bong
  • G-pen
  • Pipe
  • Hookah
  • Oils
  • Edibles

Generally, many edibles and oils that you can buy pre-made will have a much higher CBD level than THC. This is because they are intended for medicinal benefit and won’t have any psychoactive effects, therefore no high. But you can find some oils with high THC levels and they are a great way to reach your mental peak and still taste some delicious flavors.

weed doesn't get me high anymore

Vaping has become an incredibly popular method to smoke cannabis because it minimizes a lot of the toxins which you inhale through smoking. Not only this, but the smell of cannabis is significantly lowered through the use of a vaporizer, which can make it both subtle and effective. It’s a great method to try, especially since the market is booming with vaping products.

Another classic way to inhale cannabis is through the use of a bong. You can find plenty of these on the market, for they are still a very popular method among smokers. High-quality bongs will typically incorporate the use of water, as it creates a concentration of the smoke you inhale. It has also become possible to home make smoking contraptions, with items such as apples. Although these tend to be one-time devices, they are very fun!

A less conventional method is using the hookah; tobacco is typically smoked in these. This is because cannabis has a very low water content and the hookah can burn faster through the strain than the smoker can inhale, leading to a lot of wasted cannabis and perhaps, an unpleasant aftertaste. Despite this, it is still used with cannabis and often combined with tobacco for a better experience. This can be quite a fun way to smoke as you can include multiple people and the decorative hookahs look great on your shelf!

If you really want to shake things up, why not try your hand at some cannabis baked goods. They’re double the delicious and can be a great snack for a social event with your friends. Typically, you have to begin by making cannabis butter and eventually add it to whatever recipe you would like, you can be as creative as you want. And because the cannabis enters the digestive system rather than through your lungs like any form of inhalation, the high may be delayed but more intense than if you were to inhale. Which may be just what your body needs to get back on track.

Get High Again Method 4 – Variety

If you are new to cannabis, your problem may be that the strains you typically smoke aren’t well grown. That’s why it’s important to stay away from Reggie strains; they are often grown cheaply and don’t produce a very satisfying high. It’s very common for your body to adjust to their THC levels, creating little to no effect.

Get High Again Method 4 – Variety

For experienced smokers, it’s very easy to get stuck in a rut with your favorite strain especially if it’s taken you a while to find the perfect high where everything feels balanced. But the easiest way to regain that lost high is simply to increase potency.

The strains with the highest THC levels will often give you a sucker punch of a high, such as Bruce Banner, Ghost Train, and Death Star. All of these will produce a maximum impact of euphoria and are guaranteed to leave you feeling starry-eyed. If you are already smoking some of the most potent strains out there, you may be wondering where can I go from here?

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You can begin by experimenting with a variation of new strains that have differing terpenes. Again, giving your body this variation is a good way to ensure you are experiencing the maximum impact.

For instance, Ghost Train has high amounts of the terpene, terpinolene, whereas Death Star contains high levels of caryophyllene. It’s great to smoke strains with a variety of terpenes in order to achieve the best high possible. Also, see this method as a fun way to try some new strains and an experiment in feeling the different outcomes they produce, whether that be happiness or sleep-inducing effects.

The Bottom Line: What to Do If You Can’t Get High Anymore

Don’t worry, every smoker will have the anxiety that they are incapable of achieving that beautiful high. These are a few methods you can try, whether that’s giving yourself a break and pressing the restart button on your body or adding some variation into your favorite strains. It’s important to note that everyone’s body is different and some methods may work better than others.