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Big Buddha Seeds: Quick Summary 


  • Outstanding selection of cannabis seed varieties.
  • A reputation for high-quality seeds and trustworthiness. You can rest assured that most seeds will germinate.
  • Ships all over the world.
  • Sells award-winning strains such as Big Buddha Cheese.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • The site design looks rather cheap, and the text contains numerous typos.
  • There is hardly any information about the brand available online.

Big Buddha Seeds: Full Review

Big Buddha Seeds is one of the top-rated seed banks in the United Kingdom. Relatively little is known about the identity of the founder(s) or the most relevant people in the company. Given the industry they are in, it is hard to blame them!

Britain has some strange rules surrounding cannabis seeds. It is legal to sell or purchase them. Therefore, Big Buddha Seeds is operating within UK law. However, it is illegal to grow any plants from the seeds! As a result, companies that sell cannabis seeds for commercial use face serious legal consequences.

With nearly two decades in business, Big Buddha Seeds has developed a reputation for high-quality products.

The suggestion is that the main man (he calls himself Milo) bears a passing resemblance to Buddha. We believe he formed Big Buddha Seeds in 2002. The company is best known for creating the legendary Big Buddha Cheese strain. The strain won the coveted High Times Cannabis Cup for ‘Best Indica’ in 2006.

With nearly two decades in business, Big Buddha Seeds has developed a reputation for high-quality products and trustworthiness. We put the brand to the test in our exclusive review.   

What Products Did We Review?

Big Buddha Seeds has an enormous array of seeds to choose from. They are generally available in 5-pack and 10-pack form, except for the Big Buddha Cheese strain. We briefly go through every section and then outline how you can get seeds sent to your door.

Big Buddha Seeds: A Look at Their Product Line

Big Buddha Seeds divides its range into a total of nine categories:


  • Cheese
  • Cheese Hybrid
  • Kush
  • Autoflowering
  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Haze
  • Feminized
  • Cannabis

Within these categories lie dozens of options. It has one of the widest varieties of marijuana seeds you’ll find from a reputable seed bank. Let’s take a closer look.


If you love cheese, strains, Big Buddha is your one-stop-shop! Its most famous offering is Big Buddha Cheese. It is a cross of UK Cheese, and an Afghani indica backcrossed five times. It is ready for harvest outdoors by the end of October, while its indoor flowering time is 7-9 weeks. The indoor yield is 3.5 ounces but rises to a fantastic 18 ounces outdoors! You can buy Big Buddha Cheese in packs of 7 and 15 seeds.

The rest of the Cheese range includes Legends Gold, Hindu Cream, and Head Cheese. Most of these are 5-pack or 10-pack options.

Cheese Hybrid

One of the most popular options in this section is Lemon Cake. It is a cross of Lemon Skunk and Sunset Sherbet. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid, which explains its long flowering time of 10-12 weeks. You can get a yield of around 14 ounces per square meter indoors or 24 ounces per plant outdoors.

Other options include Sour Chiesel, Black Cheese, and Cookies & Cream Cheese.


The Kush section includes favorites such as Bubble Cheese, Badazz, and Cherry Moon Pie. 


With Big Buddha Seeds’ autoflowering range, you don’t have to worry about flowering time. In general, the entire growth cycle is 10-13 weeks from seed to harvest. The yield is relatively small at 1-2 ounces, but the ease of cultivation has made these seeds a big hit with customers. Available strains include Blue Cheese, Critical Mass, and Big Buddha Cheese.

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These are strains that typically provide relaxation and sedation. Therefore, it is best to use the cannabis you grow in the evening or at night. Strains on sale include Strawnana Sundae, Buddha Kush, and California Orange.   


Sativa strains are generally best used in the morning or afternoon. Some users even try this form of cannabis as a ‘Wake and Bake’ option. Use a sensible amount, and you might find that it gives you a similar energy level to coffee. This is one of the brand’s smallest sections but does include Cheesus, Automatic, and Buddha Haze.


There are only two Haze strains to choose from: Silver Cheese and Buddha Haze. The latter is also available as an autoflowering strain.


These are the seeds you want if you’re keen to avoid male plants. If you buy regular seeds, you have to wait several weeks to determine whether you have males in the crop. If you do, remove them immediately, or else they will pollinate the females, thus ruining your yield. Big Buddha Seeds’ feminized range means you don’t have to worry about this issue. Strains on offer include Black Cheese, Badazz Cheese, and King Kong.

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Although this is a separate section on the website, it is mainly a combination of what’s in the other categories. You will find a few previously unseen options such as Buddha Tahoe, Freeze Cheese ’89, and Cheese Dawg.

What Else Should I Know About Big Buddha Seeds?

It is difficult to determine who the man behind Big Buddha Seeds is or how many employees he has. He did answer a few questions about the company in an ‘interview’ on the official website. ‘Milo’ prefers growing cannabis by soil, though he admits that some of the crew use hydroponics systems.

He says that the team uses Advanced Nutrients from Canada and produces data for that company in Europe. The interview is from several years ago, and in it, Milo says that he hoped for the brand to become world-famous. It seems as if his wish has been granted! We should point out that Big Buddha Seeds claims none of the articles or people mentioned are real.

Milo says that he hoped for the brand to become world-famous. It seems as if his wish has been granted!

Big Buddha Seeds has a blog section consisting of just four posts, including the founder’s interview. The company clearly intends on keeping a low profile, which is understandable. However, it would be nice to get more information on growing marijuana from experts.

The site clearly states that its information and products are for historical, educational, and scientific reference or souvenir value only. Also, all products are only for sale to adults aged 18+. Big Buddha Seeds points out that cultivating any plant of the genus Cannabis is against the law in most countries. As a result, it “does not wish to induce anyone to act in conflict with the law.”

Most pertinently, as it is UK-based, it warns British customers that they aren’t allowed to grow cannabis using the seeds on the site.

The website itself is fairly cheap-looking and contains plenty of typos. However, it seems as if Big Buddha Seeds customers don’t care!

Delivery, Shipping & Refunds

Big Buddha Seeds delivers its products to dozens of countries around the world. However, overseas customers may have to wait up to 30 days from when the order status changes to ‘shipped.’ Amusingly, the brand asks customers NOT to ask for discreet shipping or special packaging. It points out that “We are NOT stupid enough to write ‘Big Buddha Seeds’ all over the package.”

The seed bank also says it will ignore any messages about delayed orders until two weeks past shipped status. It guarantees delivery worldwide via ‘signed for’ postage. It offers a full refund for any order that hasn’t left its shipping facility within 30 days.

Big Buddha Seeds Review: Summary & Where to Buy

Overall, this seed bank has an enormous array of options. You can choose between dozens of cannabis strains, feminized seeds, autoflowering marijuana, and much more. Big Buddha Seeds has developed a reputation for being one of the best and most trustworthy seed banks in the business.

It does about as much as it can do regarding delivery and shipping given the product it sells. We wish there were more information about the company, but its reluctance to reveal too much is understandable. If it weren’t such a renowned brand, the low-quality website would be concerning. However, it has a stellar reputation, so there is no need to worry.

The best place to buy cannabis seeds is probably on the official Big Buddha Seeds website. However, its products are widely available on various third-party sites. If you use one of these, please note that it will probably have different terms and conditions from the Big Buddha Seeds brand.

Rating: 9/10

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