California Orange Strain (Cannabis Strain Review)

California Orange Strain Overview
The California Orange Strain by any other name would be just as sweet. And it just so happens that it also known by a multitude of monikers, including Cali-O and C.O.B. Whatever you'd like to call it, this strain has some great effects, including relief of aches and pains.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Lack of appetite
Growing info
Flowering period is 9-10 weeks and can grow both indoors and outdoors.

The California Orange strain has been around since the 1980s. Also known as California Orange Bud, Cali-O, C.O.B, and Cali Orange, this strain is popular for medicinal use. Even though it has been used for decades, its origins are mysterious. Indeed, it probably gets the name because of its array of orange pistils, its scent and aroma, and the fact it was probably developed in California.

What is the California Orange Strain?

California Orange strain weed is possibly a balanced Indica and is believed to have been bred in Northern California. The goal was to create mold-resistant bud, and today, it is one of the easiest strains to clone. It made its way to the Netherlands during America’s War on Drugs. There, it was worked on by some of the finest Dutch masters where it was transformed into the marvelous strain you see today.

Barney’s Farm is often credited with creating the modern-day version, which is still very popular in the legendary coffee shops of Amsterdam. Had it not been exported, there is a chance that the Reagan Administration could have wiped it out.


It doesn’t take long for the California Orange marijuana strain’s aroma to captivate you. You will immediately get a pleasant whiff of citrus fruits with the orange bouquet the unquestioned highlight. Make sure you contain the scent because it is VERY powerful and not only fills a room – it can be smelled out on the street!


If you enjoy the scent, you will fall in love with the taste. It has a flavor akin to freshly squeezed orange juice and the citrus notes dance with delight on your tongue. Once you get past the orange flavor, you will also notice exotic tropical fruits caressing the palate. After enjoying a sour tangerine flavor on the inhale, the sweet citrus taste on the exhale will keep you coming back for more tokes.


California Orange produces huge flowers that are covered in white crystals. These trichomes stand out against the orange and reddish pistils that provide a glorious spectacle of color as harvest time draws near. This is a very sticky and resinous strain, so make sure you have soap and water handy to deal with your glued-together fingers! California Orange is ideal for making concentrates.

California Orange Strain Grow Info

If you happen to live in California, or a region with a similar climate, you can try to grow your California Orange strain seeds outdoors. The plants can reach 6 feet tall, and the buds are tight and covered with leaves. As a result, while it is a relatively easy strain to grow for those with experience, you still need to trim and prune as necessary. A low-stress training (LST) technique should help facilitate a more even grow.

If you grow California Orange outside, be prepared to wait for harvest. In some cases, it may not be ready until the beginning of November! It needs a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate to thrive, and it produces around 18 ounces of premium bud per plant. It is also important to note that this strain has numerous phenotypes, which means more variables.

Growers tend to find it easier to manage California Orange when it is grown indoors. While you can certainly use soil as a growing medium, this strain performs very well in a hydroponics system. You should also consider implementing the Sea of Green (SOG) method to increase the yield. Speaking of which, you should get up to 18 ounces per square meter planted. California Orange’s flowering time is between 9 and 10 weeks on average.

THC Content – Highest Test

The enormous levels of resin on California Orange cannabis may give you the impression that it is super-strength. In reality, its THC content is not especially high by the standards of the modern era. The THC level is 17-19% but don’t be fooled; you will get VERY high after smoking this strain!

CBD Content – Highest Test

The CBD content ranges from 0.1% to 1%.

What Can I Expect When I Use California Orange Weed?

Get ready for a cerebral high that elevates your mood and hits you fairly quickly. Before you run away from this strain, please note that the high is not overwhelming and California Orange can even be used (in moderation) by inexperienced users. Your eyes will begin to relax almost immediately after exhaling.

Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself grinning uncontrollably after a few minutes. Within 30 or so minutes, you will feel more focused and have a surprisingly clear mind despite the high. Users also report feeling euphoric for a couple of hours. The physical body high starts to manifest within 20 minutes, and it helps soothe any pains, aches, and stress you feel. Despite the relaxation, you are energetic enough to avoid couch-lock.

Medical Benefits of California Orange Marijuana

California Orange’s medical benefits are mainly mental. Yes, your body will feel relaxed, and you may even feel relief from common aches and pains. However, this strain is all about making you feel happy, reducing anxiety, and giving stress the boot.

Its genetics may be unknown, but it certainly acts as a balanced hybrid as it provides a nice combination of body and mind relaxation. It isn’t the right strain if you want to go to sleep, however. Indeed, some users claim that California Orange affects them similarly to coffee.

Possible Side Effects of California Orange Weed

Once again, we have to report common side effects such as dry eyes and a dry mouth. A few users have complained about a feeling of dizziness as the cerebral high takes hold. Eventually, the feeling calmed down and left them with a clear mind. Stay on the side of caution when using California Orange for the first time, and don’t panic if you feel a little dizzy at first.

Final Thoughts on California Orange Cannabis

California Orange was such a successful hybrid that it paved the way for more citrus-flavored weed to dominate the Golden State’s medical marijuana scene. If you want a flavorful smoke that provides a balanced physical and mental high, California Orange should be near the top of your list.

It is a relatively easy strain to grow; although it prefers an indoor setting. Barney’s Farm suggests that you allow a lengthy vegetative stage to ensure the plants become bushy. Then, you need to clean up the bottom to enable California Orange to focus all of its attention on the crucial buds at the top. Low-stress training (LST) techniques are ideal.

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