Kandypens Vape Review [Price + Product Comparison]

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Top Product Overview
The KandyPens Rubi is an easy-to-use vaporizer, and the refillable pod means it's more convenient than ever to use the flavors you love.
Lifetime warranty (battery)
Heating type
280 mAh battery (micro USB charger) / No
Recharge time
30 minutes
Bowl size
Temp settings
Automatic temperature control
Temp range
Heat up time
Auto shut-off

We’re not going to beat around the bush here – KandyPens vapes has a load of products for sale. And with so many goodies out there to choose from, it really is mind-boggling what a company has to do to stand out amongst the crowd – but that is precisely what Kandypens has done over the last couple of years.

As well as offering a huge assortment of portable vaporizers, Kandypens excels at the use of social media to promote its brand, and in fact, has been featured in a multitude of music videos. The company claims it has been seen over two billion times in these videos!

Our KandyPens vape review showed us the brand has sold over half a million vapes — in other words, they know what the hell they’re doing…

Our KandyPens vape review showed us the brand has sold over half a million vapes.

Artists such as Amber Rose, DJ Khaled, and Reggie Mills have been pictured using a Kandypen product, and the company has featured in dozens of major publications including Forbes, Rolling Stone, and Crave Online.

Our goal is to ignore the hype, though, and provide you with an honest, down-to-earth KandyPen review. In this conclusive, gigantic piece, we look at six Kandypen products in an effort to illustrate their strengths and weaknesses, and also to compare the firm’s best-known vape pens.

Right off the bat, though, we like the fact that Kandypen vapes offer a Lifetime Warranty on the batteries of all products. If your battery stops working, get in touch with the company’s customer service team. However, atomizers are NOT covered by this guarantee.

Review of KandyPen Rubi

The Kandypens Rubi offering is a pod vaporizer that includes a refillable pod, a major plus point for individuals looking to cut down on their wastage. The box contains the Rubi vape, an empty 1ml cartridge, and a micro USB charging cable.



One of the chief criticisms of vape sellers that offer cartridges is that you can’t refill them with your preferred e-liquid; an issue we were glad not to have during our Kandypens Rubi review. Vapers love having portable devices but their main source of pride is personalization and customization. With closed-system pod mods, you take away both of these things but that isn’t an issue with the Rubi.

At four inches high, the Rubi isn’t exactly diminutive but it is still small enough to conceal in your pocket. The smooth rounded edges add to the overall design and we like the fact that you can remove the mouthpiece easily; simply twist it to remove when you need to refill your cartridge. The Rubi is made from stainless steel which means that it is lightweight but tough.

The device contains a 280mAh battery with an output of over 8W. The cartridge’s 1ml capacity means you should get at least 80 draws before you need a refill. We were able to have approximately 250 puffs from the battery which lasted up to two hours. Inside the cartridge there is a 1.6ohm coil made from stainless steel and the Japanese cotton wicks ensure each vaping session is a pleasure.

The great thing about the Rubi is that you can fill up the cartridge with any e-liquid you want. The device costs $49.95 and you can also purchase replacement pods for $9.95 apiece or $19.95 for a 3-pack. The Rubi is available in various colors including Teal and Navy Blue. We prefer the Rubi rose or gold for the record.

How to Use the KandyPens Rubi

Beating the Kandypens Rubi for usability is difficult. You can start vaping straight out of the box because there is no temperature control to worry about. Refilling it is also an easy task. Just remove the pod from the battery, take off the silicon plug at the side of the cartridge, and fill with the e-liquid of your choosing. There is small dropper included which helps make the refilling process slightly easier.

In our experience, the Rubi took around an hour to fully charge, and unfortunately, you’re not able to charge and vape simultaneously. You can use the device as an e-cigarette and obviously, it is a good option if you’re looking to vape your marijuana. Please note that you must prime the device at the beginning of each pod. This involves inhaling from the mouthpiece up to five times. Failure to do this means you’ll experience unpleasant dry hits.

Depending on the quality of the e-liquid you choose, the Rubi rewards users with excellent flavored vaping with low-resistance draws. You should see reasonably sized vapor clouds regardless of whether you take long or short puffs. If you normally use devices that have a power button, the Rubi’s draw activation should prove a revelation.

Overall Thoughts on the KandyPen Rubi

The Rubi compares well to rivals in the field such as VapeDynamics’ Cora which requires turning the device on and off. In contrast, the Rubi is draw activated which means no messing around with power buttons! While the Cora has a specific charger, the Rubi can be charged with any USB cable.

The lifetime warranty on the battery is a bonus and the cartridge is pretty easy to fill, although you may spill a few drops if you have shaky hands. While the 1ml capacity is absolutely fine, it would be nice to avoid a refill every 60 minutes or so. The battery life is reasonable and the reusable cartridge system will certainly be favored by environmentally conscious vapers. The Kandypens Rubi is an excellent vaping device and highly recommended.

Verdict: 9/10

Kandypen Rubi | PROS

  • The Rubi is a steal at under $50.
  • The refillable cartridges system is a fantastic addition to the market.
  • High-quality coil and wicking system.
  • Smooth draws and decent vapor.
  • Stunning design.

Kandypen Rubi | CONS

  • The cartridge capacity could be higher.
  • A 280mAh battery is insufficient; other models, such as the Cora, have a 500aMh battery.

KandyPen Gravity Review

This vape pen is marketed as one of the finest wax pens on the market. It is known for its stylish design and contains two atomizers; donut and quartz. The Gravity was one of the top-selling pens of 2016 but has it stood the test of time or does it now look dated?

Features of the KandyPen Gravity

The Gravity is made with the same Chinese wax parts as older models which is a little disappointing although it is still rather durable. There are four temperature settings and you can toggle between them by pressing the power button thrice. These settings are as follows:

  • Pink: 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Red: 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Green: 390 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Blue: 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

We found it a little odd (and confusing) that Red is low and Blue is high but you’ll get used to it eventually. The Gravity coil-less ceramic atomizer doesn’t have a wick and its SloBurn technology is designed to help you savor your wax’s flavor. The Quartz Crystal atomizer is made of quartz and the rods are wrapped in titanium coils; you’ll find them in a quartz chamber.

Kandypens has equipped the Gravity with its typical 650mAh battery which is a bit of a disappointment. It uses this battery as standard even though its rivals have more powerful offerings. Even so, you shouldn’t have to charge the pen more than once every few days and it takes around two hours for a full charge.

You will get around 75 draws with the double coil and 100 with the coil-less atomizer. For the record, the coil-less version is best for flavor while the quartz crystal chamber is better for large vapor clouds.

How to Use the Kandypens Gravity Vape Pen

Like the rest of the Kandypens range, the Gravity is easy to use. Turn on the unit with five clicks of the power button and click it three times to cycle through the temperature ranges. Pick your atomizer, screw it to the battery, and load it with your favorite wax concentrate. Screw the mouthpiece on and start vaping. When inhaling, press and hold the power button.

If you want immediate vapor, hold down the power button for a few seconds after loading to prime the device. We found that the pen performed best when used on the two lowest temperature settings. The range of Gravity pen colors is a bit small but there are limited editions with different types of black; including Glossy and Sandblasted.

As the pen can be broken into smaller pieces, it is fairly easy to clean. Use a wipe dipped in alcohol for best results.

Vapor Quality

With four temperature settings, you have the chance to customize vapor production. On the Pink setting, you won’t get much vapor but the flavor is fantastic and we recommend the lowest setting for discreet sessions! Once you go to the Red setting, vapor quality and quantity improves massively.

The coiled atomizer wastes far less of your concentrate but as the temperature doesn’t get particularly hot, you won’t experience large vapor clouds. If you love your vapor, choose the coil-less atomizer.

Overall Thoughts on the KandyPen Gravity Vape

The Gravity is an aesthetically pleasing piece of kit and comes with a battery, storage case, two types of atomizer, dab tool, battery charger, two alcohol wipes, and an instruction card with special editions available for $99.97. We think this represents terrific value.

Ultimately, the vapor quality is excellent when you use the coil-less atomizer while the quartz atomizer excels in terms of flavor. The battery life is reasonable and you should get enough puffs from a session to keep you satisfied. While it is a good vape pen, the market has overtaken the Gravity somewhat and there are now pens with longer battery, bigger vapor, and better flavor. Even so, it is a good option for newcomers to the world of vaping.

Verdict: 7.5/10

Kandypen Gravity | PROS

  • Terrific vapor quality with the coil-less atomizer.
  • A choice of atomizer depending on whether you prefer flavor or vapor.
  • Value for money.
  • Four temperature settings.
  • Easy to clean.

Kandypen Gravity | CONS

  • Has to be primed before use.
  • The battery is a little outdated.

Review of the Kandypen K-Vape

The K-Vape has been out long enough for there to be a version 2.0! It is one of Kandypens’ attempts to get into the herbal vaporizer market which means it is designed for ground Mary Jane. The package includes the vaporizer, a micro USB charging cable, a cleaning tool, additional tips and screens, and an instruction manual.

kandypens k-vape

Features of the K-Vape

Unlike cheaper models, the K-Vape is not made entirely from plastic. It has a rubber coating which means you benefit from a more relaxed grip; the coating also increases the longevity of the vaporizer. It has a pretty basic design but is easy to control with the main power button performing all of the functions.

There are three temperature settings which you control with the power button:

  • Red: 360 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Green: 380 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Blue: 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will find the mouthpiece at the top and once you take it off, you’ll see a small screen. It will get dirty or clogged after a vaping session and should be cleaned after every use. You will also see the chamber which has an impressive maximum capacity of 0.6 grams.

Use the USB port at the bottom of the K-Vape to charge it. You can get up to three days’ use from a single charge and the device heats up in around 45 seconds.

How to Use the K-Vape

Once you have exposed the chamber, it is a simple matter of loading as much herb as you can. There is a rubber O-ring around its opening with a lowered indentation. While it may not sound like much, it is an outstanding addition because it prevents your precious weed from being stuck between the O-ring and the opening.

Make sure your material is well ground before placing it into the chamber. We also advise against packing too much; it leads to uneven burning and a lower quality vaping session. It also dirties the screen quicker and negatively impacts airflow.

Once you are fully loaded, press the power button five times. The LED indicator light turns red and after 45 seconds, you are ready to vape. Begin with the lowest setting to enjoy the flavor. Midway through the session, hold the power button for five seconds to change the temperature to the middle setting. Towards the end of the session, repeat the feat and you’ll experience greater clouds of vapor.

Vapor Quality

Even though there are only three temperature settings, it is still enough to enjoy a reasonably customized vaping session. As is always the case with herbal vaporizers, you need to go to the highest setting to get the most vapor. With the K-Vape you’ll experience above average vapor quantity on the Blue setting but will also burn through your material pretty quickly.

The ‘no combustion’ feature is an outstanding addition by Kandypens because it means no smoke and allows for a discreet session on a lower temperature. We experienced zero combustion at the highest temperature so this is no idle claim by the company.

Overall Thoughts on the K Vape

You can buy K-Vape or K-Vape 2.0; the latter is available for $62.97 on the official Kandypens website. The former is now available in 24k edition K-Vape, gold and herbal vaporizer form. We adore the white/gold limited edition version for what it’s worth.

The K-Vape is an affordable device with a reasonable warm-up time, excellent maximum capacity and the lack of fragile attachments makes it a durable and reliable herbal vaporizer. We also liked the 3-minute auto shut-off feature which helps save battery in the long run. You wouldn’t be the first to fall asleep after a CBD oil vape session!

Verdict: 8.5/10

Kandypens K-Vape | PROS

  • 0.6 grams is fairly large chamber capacity.
  • No combustion.
  • Extremely lightweight, portable, and discreet.
  • Stainless steel chamber.

Kandypens K-Vape | CONS

  • Bland, all-black design.
  • Herb must be finely ground.
  • The vapor runs harsh and hot at the conclusion of a vaping session.

Review of the KandyPens Purple Galaxy

The Kandypens Galaxy received one of the most prestigious possible awards back in 2016; it was awarded the Best Vaporizer Award by High Times magazine. As such, it was heralded as the gold standard of vaporizers and the company has not sat on its laurels because it released an upgraded version last year. There a ton of colors and we prefer the purple or the red Galaxy.

kandypen purple galaxy

Features of the KandyPens Galaxy

The Galaxy Kandypen is for lovers of concentrates and it faced relatively little competition in the field a few years ago because most of its rival products were badly flawed. Even so, Kandypen didn’t just beat the rest, it obliterated them with the sheer quality of the Galaxy.

The advanced quartz crystal atomizers, which provide pure & clean hits, are just the beginning of the excellent features in this pen. It was the first device designed solely for concentrates to contain three temperature settings (typically the preserve of herbal vaporizers):

  • 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 390 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Galaxy vape pen holds a maximum of 0.3 grams of concentrate which is more than enough for even heavy users. The heating unit warms up rapidly and you can get around 10 good hits per load, and at least 100 hits per full battery charge. For the record, we got the best results when we filled it ¾ of the way. One confusing aspect of the Galaxy is that it glows red when on the lowest setting, but that’s a minor quibble.

It is slight, light and very portable. As its design makes it look akin to a fancy writing pen, you can carry it in open view without looking over your shoulder. The updated version of the Galaxy contains new features such as the Tornado atomizer which allows you to adjust the airflow. There is also an improved mouthpiece with a hole that looks like the design on the Kandypens Elite vaporizer. The hole is an excellent addition because it helps you get the most out of every single hit.

How to Use the Kandypens Galaxy

Load the chamber with concentrate and wait a few seconds for it to heat. As always, the higher temperature settings provide the best vapor quality. However, you will get good clouds on any setting if you take smallish draws of around five seconds apiece. For best vapor quantity and quality, use the highest setting and take long draws of at least six seconds apiece.

While the airflow on the original Galaxy was good, the updated model has taken things to an entirely new level. Kandypens moved the air intake holes from the coil’s bottom to near the top of the walls on the sides while sealing off the holes in the bottom. As the air no longer comes from the atomizer’s bottom, you don’t have to worry about thin oils leaking into the battery.

The battery life is surprisingly good when you consider that the Galaxy’s atomizer has two coils. In fact, the battery performs just as well as far more expensive rivals.

Overall Thoughts on KandyPens Galaxy

You can now purchase the Kandypens Galaxy for under $79.97 on the official website. It comes with a dab tool, USB charger, travel case, upgraded mouthpiece, chamber connector, battery, and atomizer. With a lifetime warranty, the Galaxy is not only one of the most affordable vaporizers in its class, but it is also arguably the best.

The original version was very good but the upgraded one is exceptional. You are rewarded with a smooth drawing sensation in every single session, a long-lasting battery, and an exceedingly stylish design.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Kandypens Galaxy | PROS

  • Outstanding vapor taste and the quantity is superb even on lower settings.
  • Lifetime warranty on the battery which is the best guarantee in the industry.
  • Three temperature settings.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Large heating chamber.
  • Practically no draw resistance.
  • Compact design that allows for discretion.

Kandypens Galaxy | CONS

  • The temperature color coding is odd; red equals low setting while blue is high.

KandyPen Ice Cream Man Review

When someone refers to the Ice Cream Man in vaping circles, they are not talking about the seller of sweet treats. Instead, they are referring to the Kandypens creation which is probably the most aesthetically pleasing design the company has developed to date. There are multiple color varieties but of course, in this Kandypens Ice Cream Man review, we’re more interested in its performance.

Features of the KandyPens Ice Cream Man Vape

Like most of the vape pens in the field, the Ice Cream Man has three temperature settings:

  • 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 390 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 430 degrees Fahrenheit

You need to click on the power button to cycle through the settings and it heats up reasonably quickly. The chamber holds around 0.1g of wax or oil which is fairly small and may not suit veteran users. This is especially the case when you realize that you’ll get better results when you don’t fully load the chamber.

Indeed, during our Kandypens Ice Cream Man review, we began to wonder if there was any difference between it and the Galaxy or the Elite. For sure, the Ice Cream Man’s design is superior. We love the soft rubber coating and the fact you can switch out your atomizer and battery if you wish.

The mouthpiece design is unquestionably one of the best aspects of this device. It utilizes ‘Air Carb’ technology which basically means that Kandypens have found the best place to create airflow holes. Screw off the mouthpiece and you’ll notice the slots around the opening which you can cover. If you leave them open, more air will flow into your vapor path.

The battery life is fairly standard and you should be able to go a couple of days without charging. Kandypens have added a 10-second auto-shutoff feature which serves to prolong battery life.

How to Use the Kandypens Ice Cream Man Vape Device

We were impressed by how quickly the device heated up and the wax we placed in the chamber vaporized within seconds. The draw was exceptional and we thoroughly recommend leaving the air holes open if you want an easier draw. On the other hand, closing the holes provides you with a more intense hit.

The power button has the ‘K’ logo on it and you must press it five times to switch the device on. Click the ‘K’ three more times to toggle through the heat settings and once you have settled on your preferred temperature, press the button one more time to start your vaping session.

As we were using wax, we began at the highest temperature because of wax’s propensity to provide intense and thick clouds. The Ice Cream Man did not disappoint on that front and indeed, the vapor clouds were still satisfying at a lower temperature.

Overall Thoughts on KandyPens Ice Cream Man Vape

We absolutely love the design of the Ice Cream Man. As it looks like a particularly cool writing pen, it can be carried with you anywhere and the lack of moving parts or fragile accessories means it is durable enough to use as an everyday vaping device. The leak-proof technology also ensures that once your material is in the chamber, it is staying there.

The device provides you with more than enough vapor clouds but there is a slight concern over the low chamber capacity. In terms of battery and other features, there is little to choose between it and a couple of other Kandypens models. For example, the updated Galaxy also has the Air Carb technology. In the end, you’ll have to decide if you prefer the Ice Cream Man’s design and at $49.97, it is in the mid-range price-wise.

Verdict: 7/10

Kandypens Ice Cream Man | PROS

  • Excellent vapor production and smooth draw.
  • Gorgeous design.
  • Heats up rapidly.

Kandypens Ice Cream Man | CONS

  • Small loading chamber.
  • Not much to distinguish it from other Kandypens models.

Review of Kandypens Prism

In this Prism vape review, we look at yet another popular product from this prolific manufacturer. The Prism is designed for shatter, budder, crumble, CO2 oil, and wax. The first thing you notice about the device is just how sturdy it is. It resembles a TV remote control and is made from electro-plated stainless steel.

kandypens prism


The original Prism has a 320mAh battery which is well below the upgraded 900aMh battery of the Prism +. Both models are equipped with two atomizers; a coil-less version with ceramic chamber walls with a ceramic plate, and a dual quartz rod version with titanium coils.

The Prism has four temperature settings:

  • Yellow: 2.3v – 320 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Green: 3.0v – 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Red: 3.6v – 390 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Blue: 4.2v – 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

While both versions of the Prism take around two hours to charge, the Prism+ has almost triple the battery power which makes it a better choice for experienced users. Both devices are roughly the same height but the + is slightly thicker. Oddly enough, Kandypens decided to make changes to the USB device on the Prism +. The original’s USB ports were at the bottom but on the upgrade, they stick out from the side which is irritating.

How to Use the Kandypens Prism

There is a central firing button on both versions and it is essential to the device’s operation. To begin, unscrew the glass mouthpiece and you’ll see the loading chamber; it is slightly larger in the Prism +. Fill it up with your chosen concentrate and screw the mouthpiece back on.

Press the power button five times and you will see the blue LED light switch on. Now, use the firing button to choose your temperature and it should heat up within a matter of seconds. If you use the coil-less atomizer, your concentrate gets heated more gently which equals less wastage.

If you elect to use the dual quartz prism vape coil version, you will enjoy larger vapor clouds although the vapor will not carry the same flavor or intensity. The glass mouthpiece ensures you enjoy a purer taste and it is very easy to clean. As both atomizers are sealed up and leakproof, you can use thin oils in the chamber without worrying about leakage. Also, the seals are made from a non-toxic, food-grade silicone plug.

Overall Thoughts on the KandyPens Prism

The original Prism is still on sale for $97.99 while the Prism+ can be yours for $127.99. If you’re an experienced vaper, it is probably worth the extra $30 for a larger loading chamber although the new positioning of the USB cable charger is annoying. The battery life is slightly above average for a vape pen of this size and you can get more bang for your buck by using the ceramic coil.

The upgraded battery power in the Prism+ is an important addition but you will still enjoy a decent draw and plenty of vapor with the original. For the record, our preferred colors are prism vape white or rose. The downside is that neither version of the Prism offers anything new and you won’t miss out if you choose to purchase the Galaxy for example.

Verdict: 7/10

Kandypens Prism | PROS

  • Decently sized loading chamber.
  • Good battery life in the Prism+.
  • Four temperature settings instead of the usual three.
  • A choice of two atomizers.

Kandypens Prism | CONS

  • The Prism’s 320mAh battery is small by today’s standards.
  • The positioning of USB charger ports on the Prism+ is puzzling.

Best Comparison of Top Models of Kandypens

Truth be told, it can be really really tough – borderline impossible – to pick the best KandyPens vape sight unseen. Really, unless you try their entire product range you won’t know which one will best suit you and your needs.

Plus, it probably goes without saying that there are a lot of little things that go into finding a good, solid portable vaporizer that you like using. Things like how it feels in your hand, how it feels in your mouth, and how big of a cloud it produces are all things to keep in mind before dropping your hard-earned cash. Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to pick the best KandyPens vape out of the bunch:

Choosing Between the Rubi and Gravity KandyPens Vape: Which Is the Better Deal?

Frankly, it is difficult to answer this question because they are very different devices. While the Rubi uses refillable cartridges, the Gravity is a more typical dry herb/concentrate vaporizer. However, if pushed, we would say that the Rubi is easier to use because loading is simpler and lasts you longer.

The Gravity offers the choice of two atomizers; a coil-less version that improves flavor and a quartz crystal option that boosts vapor. Indeed, we found that the Gravity provided better flavor and vapor than the Rubi but of course, you have to continue loading the concentrate for the session to continue.

The Gravity also has a slight edge with four temperature settings against the three on the Rubi. Both devices are portable and easy to conceal but the Rubi is the superior option for discretion. In the end, you have to decide if you favor the convenience of the Rubi over the better vaping sensation of the Gravity.

Kandypens K-Vape vs. Galaxy

While the K-Vape is generally used for dry herb, the Galaxy is the weapon of choice for vapers seeking to get the most out of concentrates. They are actually similar devices. For example, both have three temperature settings although the Galaxy has the lower minimum temperature of 350 degrees and the higher maximum temperature of 430 degrees.

The Galaxy is the weapon of choice for vapers seeking to get the most out of concentrates.

Both are lightweight with a lifetime warranty on the battery and both are portable and durable. The K-Vape has an advantage in the form of a ‘no combustion’ guarantee and it has a larger loading chamber of 0.6 grams. However, we can also argue that you’ll have a better time with the 0.3-gram chamber of the Galaxy in concentrate form than you would with 0.6 grams of herb.

The Galaxy’s new airflow system sets it apart from most of its rivals and it provides a vaping experience that is more intense, flavorful, and cloud-filled than the K-Vape. While the K-Vape is a fine device, the Galaxy edges this particular battle in our opinion.

Should You Choose the Kandypens Ice Cream Man or Prism?

We did our best when trying to determine which device allows for a better smoke because it is difficult to separate the Ice Cream Man from the Prism. Both have the dual coil quartz titanium atomizer although the Prism also has a ceramic disc coil atomizer which gives it a slight edge.

The Prism also has greater temperature flexibility with four temperature options against the three offered by the Ice Cream Man. To be fair, there is little to choose between them regarding vapor quality/quantity, battery power or heat up time. In terms of aesthetics, the Ice Cream Man wins hands down as its beautiful color scheme is far better to look at than the plain Prism design.

Overall, the Prism is the better device but the original costs almost $100 and the Prism+ costs almost $130. In contrast, the Ice Cream Man is available for under $50 and probably represents better value for money.

Why You Should Choose Your First Vape from Kandypens

First and foremost, Kandypens produces really impressive vape devices and has an enormous range. Last we checked, there were a whopping 18 different options on the official website and there is something for every price range and preferred vaping substance. For example, you can purchase a vaporizer for dry herb, concentrate or oil.

Kandypens is one of the leading lights in the industry for a very good reason; it produces consistently high-quality products that you won’t find anywhere else. It is also one of the most innovative firms in the business. For example, the Galaxy broke the mold by offering three temperature settings in a device designed for concentrates. The company had aligned itself with dozens of artists and is now known as one of the ‘hippest’ vaporizer brands on the market.

Final Thoughts on our Kandypens Vape Review

Kandypens is a company that has few equals in the vaporizer field. Although it had already gained a large following in its early years, the release of the Galaxy took it to an entirely new level. It was possibly the finest vaporizer in the world at the time of its release and even now, when dozens of rival models have been released, the device is still one of the best around.

Among the 18 different models are several upgrade options and an immense array of colors and designs. We especially like the devices that offer different atomizer options which give you a choice between exceptional flavor or a remarkable amount of vapor. Obviously, the former option is better for a discreet session!

We look forward to Kandypens’ next product release; given the rate at which it produces new products, we don’t expect to be left waiting long. A combination of innovation, high-quality materials, and stunning design means Kandypens is one of the most trusted and sought-after brands in the vaping market.

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