AirVape X Vs. AirVape XS Review: [Comparison]

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Apollo is responsible for making both the AirVape X and the AirVape XS; at first glance, these two little devices look very similar, and it seems as if there is nothing to choose between them. However, closer inspection reveals subtle differences, and it becomes clear that a user who likes the X may not necessarily love the XS.

In this comparison guide, we try to answer the question: Which is better, the AirVape X, or the AirVape XS?

AirVape XS vs. AirVape X: Design & Manufacturing Quality

AirVape XS

Even when you place them side by side, there doesn’t seem to be many differences between these two vaporizers, at least in terms of design. The XS is the older model and is extremely well put together. It offers a sleek and stylish design that fits comfortably in your hand. A silicone grommet is used to hold the glass mouthpiece in place, and the unit display is properly sized which makes it easy to read the screen.

| “The AirVape XS became famous for the Lifetime Warranty offered by Apollo, which was an industry first at the time.”

AirVape X

One problem with the AirVape XS, however, is that its silicone mouthpiece doesn’t feel secure and could become loose over time. Apollo addressed this issue with the AirVape X, which has a more securely fitted mouthpiece. The X also comes with a bonus airtight carrying case.


The AirVape X’s tighter mouthpiece gives it the edge here, although both are well-designed pieces which helpfully vibrate when the unit reaches your pre-set temperature.

AirVape XS vs. X: Temperature Range


Apollo has made no noticeable improvements on this score. Both devices provide you with unbeatable temperature control which allows you to set the temperature to the precise degree from 200 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. With both devices, your weed is heated in 20-40 seconds.

Battery Life


Once again, there are no discernible changes to be made here. Both devices use a 1300MaH battery and allow pass-through charging if the battery isn’t at 0% charge. With both devices, you should get up to seven sessions per full charge, which equates to 40-60 minutes of moderate usage.

| “However, battery duration depends on the temperature you use and the length of a session.”

As both devices are so thin and sleek, neither one has a removable battery. You should be able to charge both from 0% to 100% in about 80 minutes by using a wall charger or USB (check the screen to see the battery level as the devices charge).

Vapor Quality

AirVape XS

The AirVape XS uses a hybrid conduction and convection heating method, and it also allows for free-flowing airflow. If you’re looking for flavor, make sure you heat the XS on its lower temperature range.

Once you aim for higher temperatures, there is a danger of the mouthpiece getting hot. On the plus side, you end up with a reasonable amount of vapor but the flavor suffers, and you may also have a harsher smoking experience with the occasional coughing fit.

Make sure you use the silicone sleeve to protect your lips on higher temperatures. We found that it was best to place the device in the middle of your mouth, as angling the XS toward the sides led to an uncomfortable vaping experience.

AirVape X

The X also uses a similar hybrid heating system, and its ceramic heating element, coupled with the vapor-path, results in a clean flavor where the vapor feels cool on the lips. Perhaps the biggest difference between the two devices is the AirVape X’s larger oven.

A 25% size difference is significant, and it provides you with far better clouds of vapor at medium and higher heat settings. If you use wax at high temperatures, the concentrates pad is a must. The ceramic mouthpiece and air path provide slightly better flavor than the glass mouthpiece of its predecessor. As you can fit more herb or concentrate in the X, it could also be the reason for the slightly enhanced flavor sensation.


Although both units are above average, the AirVape X is head and shoulders above the XS in our opinoin. That said, neither device is ideal if you enjoy wax, and it is better to purchase a device designed for concentrates.

Ease of Use


Yet again, there are few differences to report in this category. Both possess below average draw resistance which is a good thing. Regarding cleaning, there is nothing in it. You can perform the majority of cleaning tasks for both with isopropyl-alcohol-soaked cotton swabs.

For either the XS or the X, you need to remove the mouthpiece to reveal the loading chamber. Next, place your herb (or wax, be sure to add the concentrates pad) and put the mouthpiece back on. Press the power button three times to switch the device on and choose your preferred temperature by pressing the up and down arrows. Once you reach that temperature, the device vibrates, and you can begin inhaling the vapor through the mouthpiece.

When using either device, make sure you use a full chamber with a fine grind as you end up with the biggest clouds.

However, this loading tactic will clog the screen quicker which means more cleaning. There is no need to stir your herbs with either the XS or the X.

Sessions run hot with the XS, so keep your temperature lower than your usual level. This is less of an issue with the X, which also has the edge due to its magnetic mouthpiece that is easier to use than the silicone grommet of its counterpart.

Portability & Discretion


There is practically no difference between the AirVape XS and the AirVape X regarding size, shape, or weight. They are both approximately the size of a mid-sized smartphone and are easy to conceal. Neither can be hidden by the hand, but since they look a bit like a cellphone, you should be able to use either one without attracting attention. The X comes with a carrying case, which gives it the advantage.

Final Verdict: AirVape XS vs AirVape X

Overall, the AirVape X is the superior device in our opinion, and is worth paying an extra $30 for. It has a larger chamber which means you can enjoy sessions with friends, or simply get “extra high.” The new mouthpiece fits better and ensures the vapor feels cooler on your lips. Vapor production is better with the X, as is overall flavor.

For the extra money, you get a Wax Pad Insert which is sold separately when you buy the XS. However, there is no difference regarding the size, shape, weight, or even the design. The temperature settings are the same, the battery lasts the same amount of time, and the X doesn’t charge any quicker.

If you’re okay with the flavor and vapor production of the XS, there is really no real need to upgrade in our opinion. However, if you’re a new buyer, pay the little bit extra and get the AirVape X.

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