Genius Brand Supplements Review

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The Genius Brand describes itself as the #1 nootropics brand and offers a wide range of supplements formulated to optimize life and the body in general.

Their flagship product and best-seller is a mushroom formula, which combines three organic mushrooms to enhance mental clarity, immune function, and energy. It’s known as “Genius Mushrooms.”

In our The Genius Brand review, we will look at the full range of supplements on offer, as well as give insight into the company and its mission.

The Genius Brand Highlights

The Genius Brand Pros

  •  Supplements designed to boost the body and mind
  • Science-backed formulas without any unnecessary fillers, artificial flavors, or colors
  • Strong social media presence (over 60,000 followers on Instagram)
  • 90 -day money back guarantee

The Genius Brand Cons

  •  Product categories are confusing and difficult to navigate
  • Several products are sold out

Who Are the Genius Brand?

The Genius Brand is a company firmly committed to building a better supplement industry. Science and high-quality natural ingredients are the foundation of this brand, which strives to promote active and healthy lifestyles through its range of supplements. Their products are designed to offer relief and boost the body’s systems.

The company is relatively new and was founded by Robert Oliver, a former college and semi-pro basketball player turned yoga teacher and nutritionist. He is passionate about self-care and proper nutrition and launched The Genius Brand with an aim to produce supplements that optimize human nutrition, fitness, and cognition.

The Genius Brand prides itself on formulating science-backed products crafted with tested, raw, effective natural ingredients.

Each line of products is designed with a specific goal/problem in mind, tailoring a solution for both fitness enthusiasts and lifestyle consumers. Modern science is combined with the “ancient wisdom of nature ingredients” to ensure formulas that meet exceptional standards.

The Genius Brand prides itself on formulating science-backed products crafted with tested, raw, effective natural ingredients. The company does not use artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, unnecessary fillers, or banned substances.

The Genius Brand Reviews: What Customers Say

The company’s website is packed with customer reviews. One of their flagship products, Genius Mushrooms, has over 20,000 reviews on the site with a 4.5-star rating overall. Many customers claim that the mushroom supplement helps them stay focused, alert, and attentive. Some also state that it improves memory and supports cognitive function.

With over 11,000 reviews, “Genius Consciousness” is another product not lacking customer feedback. Several other products have a few hundred or thousand customer reviews.

However, the best place to look for reviews is on third-party sites since you can’t always trust what you read on a company’s website. Some brands fabricate customer reviews for their website. While it doesn’t appear as though Genius Brand does that, it’s still worth checking third-party platforms.

These products are available to purchase on Amazon, and reviews on the platform are mostly positive. According to ReviewMeta, The Genius Brand has over 128,000 ratings and 50,000 reviews on Amazon with an overall rating of 4.3-stars. Its best-seller, Genius Mushrooms, has a 4.5-star rating. Most reviews are positive, but negative feedback pertains to delays in delivery and displeasing effects and results.

There will always be a few unhappy customers. For the most part, customers are satisfied with this brand and its products. But always be sure to check reviews before purchasing to see what customers have to say.

The Genius Brand Products: The Complete Range

The Genius supplements are divided into six categories, as seen in the below sections. Several products fall into multiple categories, though, which is a little confusing. For instance, Genius Caffeine is listed under four of the six categories.

Additionally, supplements aren’t categorized according to delivery methods, such as capsules and powders, which may be inconvenient for some customers. Many people prefer capsules over powder and vice versa and like to shop according to supplement form.

Nonetheless, the website is nicely laid out, and finding what you’re looking for shouldn’t be too challenging. Here is an overview of each product category.

The Genius Brand Nootropics

The nootropics line consists of a range of products designed to support cognitive function. More specifically, these products could enhance focus, boost creativity, improve memory, and more. They’re for brain support and mostly come in capsule form.

Genius Mushrooms is a best seller and is made with a blend of reishi, lion’s mane, and cordyceps. It’s a formula designed to support immune function, boost brain and cognitive function, improve mood, and enhance energy levels. It comes in capsule form, and a bottle of 30 capsules costs $21.99.


Genius Consciousness is another flagship product from the brand, and it comes in powder form. There are two flavors to choose from, watermelon and mango. It’s made using a combination of all-natural, brain-enhancing ingredients, including lion’s mane, SerinAid, NeuroFactor, and more. This formula is designed to provide mental clarity support for brain functions like memory, concentration, and mood. There are 15 servings per container, and it costs $37.99.

Other products in this category include Genius Joy, designed to boost mood and alleviate stress, and Genius Mindfulness, designed to enhance memory and focus and support general wellness, along with several others.

The Genius Brand Weight Loss

The company also has a line of weight loss products labeled as “belly-slimming solutions.” One such supplement is the brand’s diet pills designed to support natural weight loss. These pills contain a dose of trademarked appetite suppressant SATIEREAL® Saffron and 5-HTP. This combination reportedly reduces snacking, promotes fat loss, and supports a healthy mood.

If you are looking for something that both supports fat loss and brain health, try Genius Burn. The key ingredient in these capsules is ashwagandha, which is known to reduce occasional stress and combat overeating. They also contain theacrine, known to boost mental energy.

Other options include Genius PRO-GT, a probiotic and green tea weight management solution, and Genius Caffeine, which provides sustained energy and enhances metabolism and fat loss. There are also several other formulas.

The Genius Brand Health and Beauty

Designed for long-term wellness and natural beauty, this line of supplements supports both inner health and outer beauty.

Genius Beauty is the flagship product in this line and is designed to promote youthful skin, hair, and nails. Key ingredients include biocell collagen, peptides, and setria. It’s also packed with antioxidants and has immune-boosting and joint support properties.

This line of supplements supports both inner health and outer beauty.

Genius Heart is another supplement in this category. It’s designed for men and women of all ages and is great for boosting endurance, improving blood pressure, and supporting overall health.

If you need sleep support, Genius Sleep Aid may be able to help. It contains melatonin, along with L- theanine, glycine, & inositol. Other options include Immunity Shield, Estrogen Balance, Collagen, Blood Sugar, Digestion Optimizer, and more.

The Genius Brand Energy

If you need a boost in energy, Genius has supplements designed for that purpose too. Some of these have already been mentioned, such as Genius Caffeine and Genius Burn, which each have weight loss properties too.

Genius Pre is a caffeine-free, nootropics-based pre-workout that comes in powder form. There are three flavor options, grape limeade, sour apple, and blue raspberry.

Another option is Keto Genius, which the brand labels as “Ketogenic Nootropic Rocket Fuel.” It’s a max strength formula designed to drive productivity. It also boosts neurological and physical performance while following a keto lifestyle. It comes in powder form and has a “watermelon ice” flavor.

The Genius Brand Muscle Growth

For all the fitness enthusiasts out there, The Genius Brand has a line of supplements designed for building lean, ageless muscles.

Genius Muscle Builder is a powdered supplement packed with ingredients that work together to promote muscle health, improve lean muscle mass gain, and enhance muscle function. It comes in a strawberry vanilla cream flavor and is designed to be used in conjunction with your regular gym routine.


Another option is Genius Creatine Power Matrix, designed to recharge cells and build muscle faster. It’s available in an unflavored and green apple flavor.

There is also Genius Vegan Protein (powder) which provides muscle-building needs for vegans, Genius L-Arginine to increase blood flow, and Genius BCAA, a dual muscle and cerebral strength formula.

The Genius Brand Workout

Lastly, it’s the Genius workout line, which is said to give you a physical and mental edge during each workout.

However, there are currently no supplements listed under this category specifically. But if you scroll down, they mention “three top sellers to get you going.” It’s unclear if these are part of the workout line, though. Nonetheless, here they are:

  • Genius Electrolytes
  • Genius Creatine Power Matrix (also listed under muscle growth category)
  • Genius Protein (also listed under muscle growth category)

Buy The Genius Brand Products

The best place to buy Genius products is directly from the company website. They offer free standard shipping in the US on orders over $50 and free two-day shipping on orders over $150. A flat shipping fee of $8.00 is charged within the US for orders under $50.

One of the best things about buying directly from the company is that they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you aren’t fully satisfied with a product and its results, The Genius Brand will refund you if you return the product within 90 days.


Currently, the company only ships its products within the U.S. However, they have three overseas distributor partners; Predator Nutrition (UK), Superior Supplements (Australia), and Coupang (South Korea).

These products are also available to purchase on Amazon. However, the 90-day money-back guarantee is only applicable to supplements purchased directly from The Genius Brand and not through third-party sites.

Notably, several products are currently listed as sold out, which is disappointing to see. However, they may still be available to buy on Amazon.

Summary on the Genius Brand

The Genius Brand is committed to producing high-quality, clinically-dosed formulas that support the body and mind. They use all-natural, proven ingredients and avoid the use of unnecessary fillers and artificial additives.

The product categories are a little confusing, which can make finding what you’re looking for a bit inconvenient. Additionally, several of the supplements were listed as sold out at the time of writing.

Nonetheless, if you find something that supports your health and wellness goals, it’s worth a try. The Genius Brand is committed to high quality and has a decent range of products to choose from when in stock.

Final Verdict: 8/10

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