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There are hundreds of supplements brands out there, but not all are made equally. When finding a product that you’ll put into your body every day, it’s crucial to find something as high-quality and safe as possible.

In this review, we break down everything you need to know about All Star Health. Is this a brand worth spending your money on? Let’s find out.

All Star Health Highlights

All Star Health Pros

  • Lots of deals, providing discounts on products all the time.
  • There is a product for everyone on this site, with 25,000 items to choose from.
  • All Star Health has been in the industry for decades.
  • Many of the reviews on this brand are positive.

All Star Health Cons

  • Having so many products can make the shopping experience stressful rather than seamless.
  • The website is elementary and needs a massive revamp.
  • Since all the products come from different brands, there’s no way to access lab reports.

Who Is All Star Health?

All Star Health is a supplement brand started a few decades ago by two brothers who were working out of their parent’s garage. These days, the family-run business operates out of a 250 square foot temperature-controlled warehouse and office space, even possessing East and West Coast locations.

According to the About Us section, this brand now stocks over 25,000 products from 300 reputable manufacturers – we didn’t count, so we’ll have to trust this statistic. There are certainly a lot of products on the site.

Since All Star Health has been around for so long, it seems to be a reputable brand. Sadly, the website is very rudimentary, making it difficult to navigate compared to more modern brands. For a successful brand, it’s disappointing that the website hasn’t been updated in at least ten years.

Nevertheless, website quality does not necessarily reflect product quality. So, let’s take a look in more detail at this brand and its products.

All Star Health Online Reviews

Despite being around for so long, All Star Health has some mixed ratings. The most significant number of reviews come from Bizrate Surveys, where there are over 6000 postings. There, it has earned itself an impressive 9.5/10.

However, other review sites like Trust Pilot and Yelp show much more mixed ratings. In some cases, the reviews are very negative and include 2-star ratings. A lot of the negative reviews include never receiving orders or enormous shipping delays.

Judging by the reviews, a purchase from All Star Health is generally a positive experience.

All Star Health is very good at replying to reviews from all its users. Some customers have noted that the company is sure to fix issues once a review has been posted. Still, this can be a lot of effort to go through to ensure you get your product.

Judging by the reviews, a purchase from All Star Health is generally a positive experience. That said, there may be delays with some orders, which is the source of most negative reviews.

All Star Health Products

With the enormous number of products on the website, it’s impossible to review them all below. Nevertheless, we tried to cover some of the brand’s top products.

All Star Health Vitamins

The vitamins and supplements are the stars of the show on the All Star Health site. There are lots of items, with most coming in capsule form. Since the products come from numerous different brands, it’s impossible to briefly describe what the capsules are made of – the companies use various ingredients.


The top sellers include Apple Cider Vinegar capsules from Enzymedica, and iron pills from Vitanica. This range also features chlorella powder from Sun Chlorella, which can be ingested by adding it to any drink.

All Star Health offers detailed product descriptions to help you explore which product is right for you. Nevertheless, the number of products can be overwhelming. Other offerings include multi-vitamin capsules, prenatal vitamins, and more.

There is a subcategory for vegetarian capsules, so don’t worry if you have dietary requirements.

All Star Health Weight Loss Products

For weight loss, All Star Health sells another long list of products. The top sellers include Natural Fat Burner capsules from BodyStrong, packed with eleuthero (an adaptogen), caffeine, taurine, green tea extract, and more. The capsules are specifically designed to boost metabolism and sold in a bottle of 360 capsules, you get a long-term supply.


Other popular products are the apple cider vinegar gummies from Trace Minerals Research. These have a delicious strawberry melon flavor, masking the taste of the vinegar. All Star Health includes all the nutritional contents on the website, which is excellent for those aiming for weight loss.

Those seeking a weight loss product could spend hours browsing, with 138 products in the thermogenics category alone!

All Star Health Herbs

The Herbs category is perhaps the most extensive on the site, with 1378 products. Popular products include Body First Curcumin capsules, a Nature’s Answer Cat’s Claw tincture, and ceremonial-grade matcha from Aiya.

Many of the options here are supplemental herbs, but there are also more unique options like an elderberry syrup or an oregano tincture.

Pretty much every herbal supplement you can think of is available at All Star Health. There are usually multiple options for each herb, too, giving customers an enormous range of choices.

All Star Health Specialty Formulas

The specialty formulas are products that contain a blend of ingredients designed to complement each other, usually with a specific ailment in mind. For example, the best seller in this category is BodyStrong Libido Support for Men, containing horny goat weed, maca root, Korean ginseng, fenugreek, and more.

The High Energy Labs SomaRest (Nighttime Formula) is another popular product, containing stearic acid, chamomile, lavender, melatonin, and more. It is designed to help users fall asleep quickly and easily.

The layout of the website can make it tricky to find what you’re looking for, which is annoying. There is a search function that can make it easier, though.

All Star Health ‘Healthy Kitchen’

Those who like to cook will probably enjoy the Healthy Kitchen section. It’s packed with items like Ginger Honey Crystals, Super Dieter’s Tea Cleanse, and Coconut MCT Powder. These items are some of the best-sellers, alongside a zero-calorie stevia sweetener.

These products are all great for adding to recipes, including some high-brow options that you’re unlikely to find in just any local supermarket. For example, Himalayan pink sea salt is not the most common ingredient, but it’s fun to have around.

All Star Health also keeps all its prices reasonable, which is great to see.

All Star Health Bath and Body

For those who prefer to use topicals rather than ingesting supplements, the Bath & Body section is perfect. The bestsellers include a magnesium-infused lotion, essential oils, and Seven Wonders’ Miracle Lotion.

Several collagen products also seem to be top sellers, which is not a huge surprise. There are also natural deodorants, vitamin E serums, eucalyptus oil, and more.

Using the menu at the side, buyers can shop by product type, such as facial cleansers or moisturisers. This makes the website a little easier to use, which is great news for those trying to find the perfect product.

Where to Buy All Star Health Products

The All Star Health products are available directly from the brand’s official website. The company ships most orders the next business day if you order before 3pm. The standard flat rate is $5.95 per order, but it is free on all orders over $99.

The website accepts most payment methods, including checks, which is very convenient.

Purchasing from the official All Star Health website means you can benefit from the satisfaction guarantee.

Purchasing from the official All Star Health website means you can benefit from the satisfaction guarantee. The brand will issue a refund if the product is returned within 30 days of purchase and contains over 25% of the original product.

Notably, chocolate products that have melted during transit are not eligible for returns.

You may find All Star Health products from third-party retailers, but we suggest sticking to the official site to benefit from the satisfaction guarantee.

Final Thoughts on All Star Health

All Star Health is a one-stop shop for supplements and extracts. With so many products, it’s impossible not to find something to suit your needs. However, the website is a little outdated, and shopping can be an overwhelming experience.

Reviews on this brand are pretty mixed. If you want to get all the supplements you could possibly need in one place, then it may be worth taking a gamble on this brand. After all, the large majority of reviews are very positive and reflect the true quality of All Star Health.

Final Verdict: 7/10

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