The Complete Solaray Brand Review

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Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Solaray is an American health brand that manufactures vitamins, minerals, herbs, and herbal extracts. The company has been around for more than four decades, and its products are sold in over 60 countries.

When shopping here, you will find Solaray vitamins consisting of vitamin B, C, D, and E, minerals including zinc and calcium, gummies, mushrooms, specialty supplements, collagen, and more.

Solaray is just one of many brands operating in the health and wellness space, so do they have something different to offer the market? Find out in our Solaray review below.

Solaray Highlights

Solaray Pros:

  • Manufactured by Nutraceutical
  • Impressive range of products
  • Free shipping on orders of $50 and more
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee

Solaray Cons:

  • Website is difficult to navigate
  • Concerning lack of information on the website

Who Are Solaray?

The Solaray website does not contain much information at all regarding the company, other than stating that they have been “leading the way to better health since 1973 with over 900 solutions.” There is no “About Us” section, background story, or any other details you expect to, and usually do, find on other supplement brand sites.

Upon further investigation, though, we discovered that Solaray is manufactured by Nutraceutical. This is a Utah-based company that is behind multiple health supplement brands. They founded the first nutritional supplement brand, Kal and Thompson, with the first-ever multivitamin and calcium supplement in 1932. Over the years, they added various other brands to their collection.

In 1993 Nutraceutical acquired Solaray and has since built a portfolio that includes over 50 brands and produces more than 5,500 products.

Today, Solaray is widely regarded as one of the best nutritional supplement brands on the market.

Solaray is a pioneer in the creation and development of blended herbal products. In 1984, the brand expanded to become a full-line manufacturer and added vitamins, minerals, and other specialty products to its range. The company’s acquisition by Nutraceutical helped to solidify its reputation of innovation, quality, and consistency. Today, it’s widely regarded as one of the best nutritional supplement brands on the market.

In 1997, Solaray formulated the first cranberry extract supplement designed for urinary tract health. This expanded into a line of cranberry products called CranAction. Then, in 2019 they introduced a complete bone matrix formula, which was the first of its kind. These are just two milestones that demonstrate Solaray’s commitment to innovation.

Whole Foods Magazine has awarded Solaray with the coveted number one Full Line Supplement Award for multiple years running, further proving the brand’s commitment to quality and excellence.

Solaray Reviews: Is This Brand Worth Your Money?

We couldn’t find any customer reviews for any products on Solaray’s website, which is quite concerning. Most reputable brands post product reviews for visitors to view.

However, you can find reviews on third-party sites, like Amazon. The majority of these appear to be positive. One bad review we found was for the Vitamin C with Rose Hips & Acerola supplement. While most customers seem to have had a good experience with this product, one claimed that most of the pills were “yellow and gross.” Another negative review claims that it made them feel ill. Overall, though, this product has a 4.8-star rating on the platform.

Like with everything, you need to use your discretion when checking reviews. Some customers may have unrealistic expectations or could have just been unlucky with their negative experience not being the norm. However, if a supplement has a bad rating with multiple negative reviews, there is, of course, cause for concern.

According to ReviewMeta, Solaray has an overall rating of 4.4-stars on Amazon with a total of 76,716 ratings and 29,027 reviews. A total of 644 products have been analyzed for this data. We consider this to be an impressive score, indicating that most customers are satisfied with Solaray and its products.

Unfortunately, Solaray does not have a presence on Trustpilot, one of the most highly regarded third-party review sites. However, based on the limited data, specifically the reviews left on Amazon, it would seem the majority of customers feel Solaray vitamins and other supplements are worth the money.

Solaray Products: The Full Lineup

Nutraceuticals prides itself on producing more than 90% of its products in-house. Moreover, 4,000+ raw materials are sourced from around the globe. While it’s not clear which of Solaray’s products are produced in-house, it seems as though most (if not all) are.

The company produces Solaray’s supplements under Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) guidelines and avoids using artificial flavoring, sweeteners, or preservatives. Solaray guarantees that its health products are made with only the finest natural ingredients.

The brand offers a vast range of supplements with a strong focus on botanical and herbal blends. Below, we explore various categories with a focus on the best-selling products. The full range is too much to cover here, so be sure to check out the website for a full overview.

Solaray Herbs

Under the Herbs category, you will find three subcategories. These include Whole Herbs, Herbal Blends, and Herbal Extracts. As the names suggest, Whole Herbs is a line of capsules containing a single herb, such as garlic bulb, while the Herbal Extracts supplements contain one or more herbal extracts, such as turmeric root extract or berberine and curcumin root extract.


The Herb Blends are a mix (blend) of herbs. This line consists of an array of capsule supplements for six specific health purposes: Female Hormone, Liver Blend, Sleep Blend, Prostate Blend, Heart Blend, and Artery Blend. Each option comes in a bottle containing 100 capsules. The Liver Blend contains milk thistle and dandelion as the key ingredients, while the Sleep Blend features valerian and hops with homeopathic ingredients.

Solaray Vitamins

Solaray offers a wide range of vitamin supplements with multiple solutions for each type. The vitamin B range consists of regular capsules in counts of 50 and 100, as well as specifically designed capsules to combat stress. These are called Mega B-Stress (Time Release) and also contain some vitamin C. Plus, there are High Potency B-complex chewable tablets available in both an orange and strawberry flavor.


As for vitamin C, there are a total of 15 supplements. Many of these are in capsule form. However, there is a vitamin C powder (5,000mg), which can be added to water or your favorite beverage. There are also gummies in a natural orange flavor. These deliver 250mg of vitamin C per serving (two gummies).

Another popular choice is vitamin D supplements. There is also a gummy option here, whereby each serving (two gummies) delivers 250% of your Daily Value of vitamin D3. These gummies come in a natural peach, mango, and strawberry flavor. Other options include Super Bio Vitamin D3 in coconut oil and Vitamin D3 (125mcg) + K2 (50mcg), both in the form of softgels. Lastly, there is Super Strength Vitamin D3 (250mcg) in capsule form.

Solaray Mineral

Solaray specializes in three mineral supplements: Magnesium, Calcium, and Zinc. The Calcium supplements mostly come in capsule form with the exception of Calcium Citrate Chewables, which come in an orange flavor. Among the capsule supplements are several blends, including Calcium & Magnesium Citrate, and Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc blend.


The Calcium & Magnesium Citrate is available in a 1:1 blend and 2:1 blend. There is also a 2:1 blend (Cal-Mag), which includes vitamin D3 as well.

The Zinc line consists of Zinc capsules (50mg), Optizinc (30mg), and Enhanced Absorption Bio Zinc (15mg). There is also a Zinc Copper blend, which is designed to help support healthy circulatory function.

Solaray Multivitamin

Solaray multivitamins are all available in capsule form and have several purposes, most of which are listed below:


  • Once Daily High Energy: Standard and Iron-free, Standard and Two-stage Timed-Release
  • Woman: Formulated to support hair, skin, and nail health
  • Spectro Multivitamin: Formulated with vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, superfoods, herbs, and powerful digestive enzymes.
  • Adult 50+: Designed for men and women over age 50, this multivitamin supports antioxidant activity, promotes a healthy heart, and encourages gentle digestion.
  • Active Man: Helps support everything from healthy prostate and heart function to muscles and energy levels.
  • Prenatal: Suitable for any woman trying to conceive, already pregnant or breastfeeding, the prenatal multivitamin is formulated to provide nutritional support to both mom and baby.

Solaray Probiotics

The probiotics line consists of several probiotic formulas made up of various strains and blends. For instance, there is a Mycrobiome Probiotic Formula for adults aged 50+. This is a 30 Billion Live Cultures supplement that is formulated with 18 strains and prebiotic inulin. This product is designed to support your microbiome, which is especially important after age 50.


The Mycrobiome Probiotic is also available in several other formulas suitable for the following purposes: Women’s Formula, Men’s Formula, Weight Formula, Colon Formula, and Pre & Post Natal Formula.

Another great supplement in this category is Acidophilus 3 Strain Probiotic & Prebiotic Carrot Juice. It’s developed to help support the maintenance of a normal and healthy gut and is available in capsule form.

Solaray Collagen

If you’re looking for a high-quality collagen supplement for bone support, be sure to check out Solaray’s Collagen Bone Complete. Comprised primarily of collagen, calcium, and other minerals, this formula is a convenient way to add essential nutrients and collagen to your diet. It also contains vitamin D3 to help support healthy bone growth, as well as vitamin C to help support healthy collagen production.


Solaray Mushrooms

Finally, we explored the mushroom supplements on offer at Solaray. There are four species to choose from: Reishi, Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, and Chaga. Additionally, there is a Solaray Mushroom Complete Blend, which contains a blend of eight mushroom extracts.


This formula contains 150mg of fermented chaga, lion’s man, maitake, reishi, royal agaricus, shiitake, turkey tail, and cordyceps mushrooms in every 2-capsule serving. It’s designed to help support healthy immune system function year-round.

Where to Buy Solaray Products

Solaray’s supplements are available to buy online via their online store, as well as on third-party sites, like Amazon, iHerb, and evitamins. However, to ensure the best products and service, it’s best to purchase directly from Solaray.

Solaray is stocked by stores across the country. You can use the store locator option on the website to find a location near you.

Alternatively, Solaray is stocked by many health supplement stores across the country. Some of these include 1st Choice Nutrition Center, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, and HEB. You can use the store locator option on the website to find a location near you.

Solaray’s website is pretty well-organized and shopping online should be quite straightforward. If you spend $50 or more you qualify for free shipping in the U.S. Also, keep in mind that we only touched on some of the supplements sold by the brand. Be sure to check out their website for a full look at what they have to offer.

Summary on Solaray

Initially, when we saw that there is very little company information available on Solaray’s website we were concerned. However, upon further investigation, we realized that the brand falls under the umbrella of Nutraceuticals, and you can find a lot more information on their site. Nevertheless, we think it’s important for Solaray to add, at the very least, an “About Us” section on its site giving more insight into the brand.

That aside, there is no denying that Solaray is a premium-quality brand with a strong standing in the health supplement industry. They have been around since the 1970s and are at the forefront of innovation, continuously striving to improve the market and products on offer. You can find a vast range of high-quality Solaray vitamins and other supplements on the brand’s website.

Final Verdict: 8/10

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