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Over two-thirds of American states now permit the use of medical marijuana. Admittedly, several of these locations have yet to implement the program. Nonetheless, it is a step in the right direction.

The growing level of legalization has resulted in an increased range of convenient services. One of the most popular is online medical marijuana evaluations with licensed physicians. Instead of traveling to a doctor’s office, prospective MMJ patients can get a consultation performed online. The process is also called telemedicine.

The process involves a 15-30-minute meeting with a licensed physician via Zoom, Skype, or some other telecommunication form. From there, the doctor can provide the desired certification. Companies such as NuggMD have taken control of the market. However, there is plenty of competition.

MMJ Doctor Online is one such rival. Find out whether it is a service worth considering in this exclusive review.

MMJ Doctor Online Highlights


  • Extremely fast evaluation and certification process.
  • Low-cost.
  • Provides three options.


  • You don’t get to meet a doctor face-to-face. This seems to go against the California Department of Public Health’s recommendation.
  • The MMJ cards don’t have the embossed seal required by many dispensaries in California.
  • There are several troubling customer reviews.

About MMJ Doctor Online

According to the official website, MMJ Doctor Online uses physicians licensed in the state of California. All of these medical professionals are HIPAA compliant. They also follow the California Board of Medicine guidelines.


Unfortunately, there is a distinct lack of information regarding the brand. Instead, it provides information on medical marijuana and the history of telemedicine. Its ‘Map’ section outlines dispensaries that presumably accept MMJ cards provided by MMJ Doctor Online. The service only operates in California at the time of writing.

The MMJ Doctor Online Process

It is a very simple process:

  • Sign up with MMJ Doctor Online and answer the questions provided on the online form.
  • Choose one of the three packages available.
  • Enter your medical history. The doctor needs to see whether you should receive an MMJ card. They look at what you submit and decide based on this information.
  • Make your payment. The company pledges only to charge you if you receive the recommendation.
  • The service sends your application to a licensed physician in California. It usually takes 10-20 minutes for them to make a decision.
  • If the doctor decides to provide certification, you receive it via USPS in 1-3 business days after the initial inquiry. However, you receive the electronic version on the day you apply.
  • You can then use the card in any Californian dispensary.

As long as you are aged 18+ and live in California, you can apply. Just make sure you have one of the state MMJ program’s qualifying conditions.

Unusually for an online MMJ card service, MMJ Doctor Online offers three options:

  • Recommendation Only ($49): This entitles you to a 12-month recommendation letter and online verification of record legitimacy.
  • Recommendation + ID ($69): You also get an MMJ patient photo ID card.
  • Growers Recommendation +ID ($149): You also receive a 12-month Grower Recommendation letter. This authorizes you to grow up to 99 plants. You can also possess up to eight ounces of cannabis.

The above prices are annual fees. MMJ Online Doctor promises to match any online competitor’s advertised price.

The Trouble with MMJ Doctor Online

Everything sounds great so far. Imagine not having to go through the process of chatting with a doctor. However, as convenient as this is, it also begs the question: “How do you know a licensed California physician is looking at your application?” There is no way for you to ever chat with a doctor using the MMJ Doctor Online service. The site says it offers evaluations, not consultations.

According to ‘Best Practice’ as per the California Medical Association (CMA), doctors must thoroughly evaluate a patient’s medical history. They must also discuss the patient’s medications. Moreover, the physician is supposed to offer patients a follow-up with questions or discuss side effects. None of this happens with MMJ Doctor Online.

In fact, there is a suggestion that this company’s service doesn’t meet the CMA’s standards. After all, the Association clearly states that a doctor must “assess and document patient-specific risks.” Without any correspondence between a physician and a patient, there is no way to do this.

If you are concerned about your card’s validity, you can verify it on the California Department of Public Health’s website.

Another issue is that the MMJ card you receive doesn’t come with an embossed seal. California state law doesn’t specifically outline the need for this seal. However, the vast majority of dispensaries in the Golden State won’t accept cards without it.

If you are concerned about your card’s validity, you can verify it on the California Department of Public Health’s website. However, there are doubts over whether MMJ Doctor Online’s verification is valid. Some customers have claimed their card number doesn’t make numerical sense.

What About Customer Reviews?

You can find hundreds of customer reviews on various sites. On, there are 360 reviews, with an average of 4.7 stars. However, the vast majority of ‘Excellent’ ratings come from people with one review on the site. There are also a handful of people who claim it is a scam.

It is a similar story on Facebook. Most of the reviews come from people with virtually moribund accounts. Almost all of the Facebook reviews come from 2018 or before. We looked at several profiles and were surprised to see minimal activity on these accounts. One recent review from an active Facebook user was extremely negative. She claimed that MMJ cards from the service are not valid.

Interestingly, there is also a website. MMJ Doctor also doesn’t provide consultations with doctors and has the same process as MMJ Doctor Online. However, MMJ Doctor seems to have a brick-and-mortar service at 1884 Market St. in San Francisco. Try not to confuse these two companies!

We noted with interest that mentions of the MMJ Doctor Online service being illegitimate are on several websites. Even more fascinating is that NuggMD and Presto Doctor, two well-known and trusted online MMJ card providers, wrote reviews on MMJ Doctor Online. Both brands highlighted the issues we have mentioned in this article.

Final Thoughts on MMJ Doctor Online

It is not the WayofLeaf process to cast aspersions on the legitimacy of the brands we review. However, we feel compelled to provide honest and accurate reports of what we find. MMJ Doctor Online seems like a reasonable service on the surface. It is quick, easy, convenient, and extremely affordable.

Although it promises to match its online rivals, it doesn’t appear to offer a cheaper option.

Although it promises to match its online rivals, it doesn’t appear to offer a cheaper option. For instance, NuggMD offers $39 recommendations in California. It ensures that you have an online consultation with a licensed doctor. It is also one of the most trusted online MMJ certifications around.

Unfortunately, there are far too many red flags for us to recommend MMJ Doctor Online. The lack of face-to-face time with a physician is a major concern. Especially since the California Department of Public Health specifically outlines the need for this service. The MMJ cards don’t have the necessary seal, and there are concerns over customer reviews.

As a result, we would suggest that readers go elsewhere for their MMJ consultation needs.

Rating: 2/10

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