Medicine Man Aurora | Dispensary Review

We were so impressed by the service and top-quality products that Medicine Man had to offer that we actually listed them as #1 on our recent 5 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado.

Medicine Man located in Aurora, Colorado is one of the most reputable dispensaries in Colorado that provides recreational marijuana services to 420-lovers.

First founded in 2009 by Pete and Andy Williams, Medicine Man began as an avenue for high-quality cannabis products that met all the necessary medical certifications for it to be enjoyed by the public (those who qualified.)

Since Colorado’s legalization of recreational cannabis back in 2012, Medicine Man has transformed a bit and expanded significantly, but it wasn’t until 2014 that the company began opening its doors to all individuals 21 years old or older, also launching its three additional locations (Aurora, Thorton, and Longmont.)

Family owned and operated with a whopping ten family members occupied in various departments of Medicine Man, the dispensary has grown to become well known by locals and a favorite for those passing through or visiting from other states.

Offering a massive selection of fresh cannabis flowers and buds, concentrates, tinctures, drinks, accessories, and even clones and gears, Medicine Man keeps full track of how the products they offer are grown and created, so they know what’s happening every step of the way to ensure that only top-notch quality goods are hitting their shelves.

Because Medicine Man Aurora is family-run, the employees at the various locations are knowledgable and most of all passionate and dedicated towards marijuana and its ethical and organic cultivation.

Medicine  Man intends to offer all customers a wonderful experience and serve those who are in need of healing, powerful cannabis.

Medicine Man Aurora: Location

Medicine Man prides itself on its variety of locations, with storefronts in four parts of Colorado:

  • Denver (the city’s largest single storefront dispensary location) – 4750 Nome St, Denver (Phone: 303.373.0752)
  • Aurora (the dispensary we cover in this review) – 1901 S Havana St, Aurora (Phone: 303.923.3825)
  • Thorton – 130 W 84th, Thornton (Phone: 720.627.5895)
  • Longmont – 500 E Rogers Rd, Longmont (Phone: 720.204.7500)

Medicine Man Aurora: Highlights

medicine man aurora: highlights

Here is what we found to be the ultimate highlights of Medicine Man Aurora:

  • Medical Man currently sports four locations, the Denver Store , the Aurora one (which is conveniently located at the cross streets of Jewell and Havana, 6 miles away from Denver Tech Center,) the Thorton shop, and the Longmont location. One thing we absolutely love about Aurora is the scenery; gorgeous mountainscapes line the outskirts of this booming city, preparing you in many ways for any adventure that is to come. This city is actually the perfect stop before you head out to check out the phenomenal mountain scenery around the rest of beautiful Colorado.
  • Hundreds of various top-grade strains to choose from. Seriously! This place will make your eyes pop out. Their highly knowledgable and very helpful budtenders will show you around and if you’ve got any questions about products in regards to CBD and THC levels, they will have the answers! Even if you are looking for something specific for a special mood, they will know what to recommend. All of their cannabis is high-quality, lab-tested, and consistently grown. This ensures that you truly receive the best of what Colorado has to offer, especially since Medicine Man tries to only source local products or ethically grown cannabis.
  • Prices do vary, so make sure you know what you are looking for. You will definitely find some bargains here and you should always check out their deals section before purchasing. Some strains will be more expensive than in other places. For example, on an average day, you’ll pay around $15 for the standard Sativa Buds (1g). Concentrates will start at around $20 and can reach up to a hundred bucks depending on the type. The good thing about this dispensary is that they do maintain their website, so you can just go over to it and check out what’s on the Aurora menu.
  • The design of the Aurora location is very sleek and clean, which further helps to reduce stigma surrounding recreational cannabis and its consumption. The building is an earthy, medium-toned wood with green, modern font, which definitely expresses that it is a dispensary, yet it maintains an air of professionalism.
  • Online, the Aurora location has an extensive and well-kept menu that makes it easy to pick out exactly which products you intend to purchase, even before you step foot into the actual location. This is the perfect opportunity to test the waters and plan ahead.
  • The Aurora location is open Monday through Sunday from 8 AM until 10 PM daily.

Medicine Man Aurora: Downsides

No matter how incredible a place is, there are always going to be some downsides. Here is what we found Medicine Man Aurora’s downsides are:

  • Although their Denver location does offer medical marijuana services for those who hold valid certifications or an MMJ card, their Aurora location is tailored only towards recreational patients, meaning that you absolutely will have to be 21 years or older in order to shop with Medicine Man Aurora. In all honesty, this isn’t so awful because these days, in recreational states, owning a medical marijuana card is becoming less and less prevalent since just about all adults can get cannabis as it is.

Medicine Man Aurora: Deals

Similar to all dispensaries, deals tend to change and therefore it is always best to check out the dispensary’s website. Recent deals have included.

  • Mondays: Buy 1 edible, get one 50% off
  • Tuesdays: Any top-shelf ounce for only $99; private stock ounce for $130
  • Wednesdays: Wildcard Wednesday! (Choose any of the daily specials)
  • Thursdays: $25 top-shelf eighths of flower
  • Fridays: $15 top-shelf eighths
  • Saturdays: $55 for 2 grams of shatter, or 2 grams of live resin for $80
  • Sundays: Topicals and CBD products are all buy one get one 50% off

Our View on Medicine Man Aurora

Not many cannabis shops make the buying experience as personalized, special, and small-scale as Medicine Man Aurora.

This boutique-style dispensary truly understands its patients, because many of its members utilize the healing benefits of cannabis themselves, only adding to the locations outstanding shopping experience.

Like we mentioned above, their online marijuana menu is incredibly detailed and will provide you with enough information about the type of strains they offer before you have to even take off your slippers.

You get the feeling that these guys really care about what they do and with professional and friendly staff, our visit was a great one. Keep up the good work guys!

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