Eaze MD MMJ Card | [Review + Coupon]

Update 2020:

As of 2020, Eaze has discontinued its medical marijuana card program. If you are looking to obtain an MMJ Card, feel free to read our review on this year’s top MMJ card provider: NuggMD.

Eaze Marijuana Delivery: How Does it Work?

Eaze marijuana delivery service (formerly Eaze MD) has transformed into quite the cannabis tech guru over the last year or so. While they made a name for themselves as an online medical marijuana ID card service, they’re now a one-of-a-kind operation that combines online marijuana delivery with equal parts retail and consumer services.

You might actually call Eaze a “middleman” of sorts. Depending on their location, customers can buy cannabis products directly through their app or website, and then have the products delivered right to their doorstep.

If you go online and search ‘Eaze marijuana delivery reviews,’ however, you’ll soon find out it’s not Eaze at all that’s making the deliveries. Instead, it is the actual dispensary you’re buying from – Eaze is just kind of the middleman?

Confused yet? Is the Eaze weed delivery service really a ‘delivery service’ at all? Let’s try and explain a little more in this complete Eaze review.

Eaze Weed Delivery Service [Review]

Eaze MD is the easiest, fastest, and most professional way to get medical marijuana delivered. This company was a super star throughout 2016, as they raised $13M in Series B funding from Fresh VC, DCM Ventures and Tusk Ventures. It is one of the first tech companies to receive large scale institutional investment in the cannabis industry. The wonderful thing about Eaze MD is their technology. Self developed, it has the power to immediately connect patients with doctors to help them get a medical marijuana recommendation in less than 20 minutes.

Eaze MD Highlights and Coupon

  • First and foremost, the price was a bargain. At one point you could have got a medical marijuana recommendation or renewal for only $19. This included your consultation and physical version of your recommendation letter. In addition, they had an option to purchase a plastic EazeMD ID card for $15 that was mailed with your recommendation letter. But wait… that’s not all, and while they have discontinued their medical card service, they do provide other services!
    Eaze MD is also an Online Weed Dispensary. Their shop is amazing and they have a wide selection of flowers, edibles and concentrates. So once you get your card, you can easily purchase your buds.
  • Eaze has its own technology, so the process is really easy and they are always changing it to make it user friendly. To purchase any cannabis product through their system is a breeze. The whole process took 15 minutes and we were finished. It works like a charm. Their delivery service is top-notch and you can have weed at your doorstep in less than 1 hour.

How Did the Eaze Medical Card Process Work?

While Eaze has discontinued this specific service, we are going to explain the process as the exact process is quite similar on all MMJ card service provider’s websites.

  1. When you arrived on their website, you had to sign up and create an account. The page looked like this:
  2. This is a standard process for every Eaze customer and the process is quite similar as on other medical card provider’s websites. After you sign up you will also automatically get an email asking you if you require a medical card. Now comes the tricky part. You’ll be asked to answer a few questions, and enter your credit card information. Don’t worry, with most MMJ card service providers you are only charged if you get the approval.
  3. Once finished you’ll then be automatically connected to an independent Californian based licensed doctor through video chat, who will discuss your application and answer any questions you may have.
  4. Once the doctor approves you for medical marijuana usage, you will have immediate access to a downloadable version of your Eaze MMJ recommendation letter (or any other MMJ service provider you use), and an official physical recommendation letter will arrive in the mail 5-7 days after your consultation. You can also get with them a neat Medical ID card so you don’t have to carry around the any papers.
  5. Now, this is where Eaze excels. After you’ve received your recommendation, you can login to Eaze’s online store and purchase weed immediately.

One of the major advantages of Eaze is their price and quick delivery service.

Eaze MD Gives You Much More Than Just a MMJ Card

As we mentioned throughout this review a few times, the one thing most people don’t know about Eaze MD is that they deliver a complete service. Apart from helping you obtain a medical marijuana card and having a huge online store where you can purchase some top-quality bud. Eaze simply care! They are there for you throughout the whole process and from our experience they understand what patients need. Even after you’ve got your medical card they are there to answer any questions you may have.

Once you’ve tried Eaze, you’ll understand why the process is so Ea(z)y and why customer return time and time again.

Final Thoughts About Eaze Md

The process is easy and the design of the site and App is extremely welcoming. If you have any problems you can always jump on their chat with one of their reps. Backed by so much money, you can’t go wrong with Eaze MD. If you’re up for a renewal or need a medical marijuana ID card, then you can always ask Eaze MD where is the best place to go. But don’t forget, they’ve got a great weed delivery service.

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