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Cheds CBD Oils is a small, UK-based startup founded on the grounds of dedication and honesty. They strive to provide their loyal fanbase with high-quality and reasonably-priced CBD goods that are organic and lab tested. Free samples available so you can try before you buy!
Whole CBD plant extract blended into organic hemp seed oil, omega 3, 6, 9 amino and fatty acids
Recommended use
Start at 2-3 drops a day, then build up slowly as required. Experiment until you find your own ‘sweet spot.’ Leave under tongue for at least a minute.
Extraction process
CO2 Extraction
Medical benefits
Analgesic, antioxidant, anti-bacterial, sedative, antidepressent, antipsychotic, anxiolytic and anti-convulsive, ADD/ADHD, pain-relief, sleep problems and anxiety, inflammation, autism, epilepsy, MS and relaxation

*All the data provided is for oil products only

Potency range
Price range

The cannabidiol (CBD) market is arguably the hottest health supplement market on the planet right now. We already know it is a billion-dollar industry in the United States, but the CBD word has spread around the world. Over in the UK, marijuana remains illegal, but high street stores such as Holland & Barrett have started stocking CBD products; a sure sign that the second most abundant cannabinoid in weed has hit the mainstream.

CBD represents approximately 40% of all cannabis extracts and is primarily legal because it doesn’t offer the psychoactive high associated with THC. CBD acts upon the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS); more pertinently, its CB1 and CB2 receptors. To cut a long story short, CBD is associated with a variety of medical benefits although scientific research is still in its infancy.

In any case, companies keep hopping on the CBD bandwagon, so it is our job to ensure our readers only get the best. Today, it is the turn of Cheds CBD Oils to fall under our review microscope.

Who is Cheds CBD Oils?

The company was founded by Aaron Nolan and is a UK-based enterprise. Aaron started the firm after having a positive experience using CBD. He believes CBD is a ‘miracle’ compound and wants to help people gain the all-natural benefits provided by hemp.

Cheds uses organic whole plant extract imported from suppliers in the UK and Europe. All the hemp plants are grown organically, and the cannabinoids are removed via CO2 critical extraction. Cheds products not only contain CBD, but they also include various terpenes, cannabinoids, and omega 3, 6, and 9 amino and fatty acids.

Although it is not a huge company, it has a social media presence. Its Facebook page has well over 5,000 followers at the time of writing.

Before delving deeper, I would like to point out that Cheds sell samples; a simple yet ingenious tactic that very few CBD sellers use. For instance, you can get a sachet of its CBD balm or its whole plant extract for just £2.16. This is an excellent way to decide if you want to try the brand’s products without having to pay a significant sum of money upfront.

Review of Cheds CBD Oils


What’s interesting is that the brand sells CBD oil from rival brand, CBD Brothers. Presumably, Aaron thinks the market is big enough for both of them, and he is right to be fair! In any case, Cheds sells its own oils which include a CBD/CBDa oil, a Sativa Whole Extract, and an Indica/Sativa combination. Here is a full pricing breakdown:

CBD/CBDa Golden Oil Sativa 20%

  • 3ml: £17.40
  • 5ml: £31.86
  • 10ml: £59.40

CBD/CBDa Oil 1.4% Sativa Whole Plant

  • 10ml: £8.10
  • 30ml: £23.99
  • 100ml: £71.99

CBD Oil 3.6% Indica/Sativa Blend

  • 10ml: £27
  • 30ml: £78.72
  • 100ml: £238.79

CBD Oil 4% Sativa Whole Plant

  • 10ml: £21.60
  • 30ml: £64.80
  • 100ml: £211.20

CBD Oil 6% Sativa Whole Plant

  • 10ml: £32.39
  • 30ml: £95.99
  • 100ml: £303.59

I tried the 6% Sativa Whole plant 10ml option. The full bottle contained 600mg of CBD for a little over £32 which is good value for money. There are 200 drops in a bottle which means that every drop contains 3mg of CBD. I placed five drops beneath my tongue twice a day; although the brand recommends trying 2-3 drops a day and building up as required.

It had the bitter plant taste one would expect from a high-quality CBD oil, and I was pleased with how relaxed it made me feel. However, you would need to purchase one of the larger bottles to get adequate treatment for chronic pain. Remember, CBD acts very differently from one person to the next, so you may need a lot more or less than someone else to get the same effects.

Review of Cheds Edibles

Edibles are always the highlight of a CBD company for me. While I was disappointed that Cheds doesn’t sell fruity gummies, it does offer three types of chocolate.

  • Premium CBD 100 grams chocolate bar. This contains 1000mg of CBD and comes from a Sativa plant. The bar costs £15 which is terrific value.
  • Indica CBD Belgian hot chocolate stirrer. This contains 100mg of indica in 40 grams of chocolate for £6.50.
  • Premium CBD Belgian 100 grams chocolate bar. This contains 1000mg of CBD from an Indica plant and costs just £17.

I tried the Sativa 100-gram bar, and once you get over the fact that you have just paid £15 for a bar of chocolate, you realize that it is a great deal. The chocolate tastes pretty good, and a full bar can last you for two weeks if you use two squares a day. This equates to around 70mg of CBD a day which could be enough to treat moderate to severe pain. My knee pain eased off slightly but not to the extent where I could train hard like I used to.

Review of Cheds CBD Balms

cheds cbd oil

Aside from selling a hybrid balm from CBD Brothers, Cheds CBD Oils also has two options of its own.

CBD Balm Organic Sativa

  • 15ml: £8.64
  • 30ml: £27
  • 50ml: £43.20

CBD Balm Organic Hybrid Blend

  • 15ml: £16.20
  • 30ml: £32.39

I tried the hybrid blend 30ml tub which contains three different types of CBD and at least 200mg of CBD per one-liter batch. Other ingredients include lavender essential oil, shea butter, organic coconut oil, and beeswax. To use, simply rub it on the skin in an area where you feel pain.

You will notice the dark color of the balm. Don’t be put off! It smells fantastic and offered a soothing feeling as soon as I applied it to my sore bicep. It didn’t completely eliminate the pain, but I certainly felt a positive difference.

What About Cheds Other Products?

cheds cbd

It may not be the largest company around but it is expanding, and it has the product range to prove it. Cheds sells a lengthy list of CBD vape liquids; primarily from the Canavape and 420 CBD brands. You also have the option of purchasing a 420 CBD or Joyetech vape pen to enjoy cannabidiol on the move.

If you want CBD but don’t like the taste, try Cheds CBD capsules. It sells two CBD Brothers options, and three of its own.

CBD Capsules Hybrid Whole Plant Organic 17%

  • 50mg: You can get 30 capsules for £12.60 or 100 for £36.18
  • 100mg: Buy 30 for £24 for 100 for £70.20
  • 250mg: Purchase 30 for £59.16 or 100 for £180.90

As it is 17% strength, there is 8.5mg of CBD per 50mg capsule.

CBD/CBDa Golden Oil Capsules Sativa 20%

  • 50mg: You can get 30 capsules for £12.90 or 100 for £41.58
  • 100mg: Buy 30 for £24.30 for 100 for £82.08
  • 250mg: Purchase 30 for £60.48 or 100 for £189

Please bear in mind that these are 20% capsules, so a 50mg capsule contains 10mg of CBD.

CBD Capsules Sativa Whole Plant Organic 13%

  • 50mg: You can get 30 capsules for £11.34 or 100 for £33.59
  • 100mg: Buy 30 for £21.60 for 100 for £64.80
  • 250mg: Purchase 30 for £54 or 100 for £172.80

As these are 13% capsules, each 50mg capsule contains 6.5mg of CBD.

The brand even sells its own CBD crystal isolate. It is 99.6% strength, and you can purchase 500mg for £33, 1000mg for £66 or 5000mg for £300. The final option on the website is CBD paste which you can eat straight from the tube or add to food. Once again, Cheds sells its own brand paste alongside a couple of CBD Brothers options.

The price of Cheds’ own CBD paste ranges from £11.34 for 3ml of 13% CBD paste to £734.40 for 100ml of 17% paste. While this sounds like a lot of money, you get approximately 17,000 mg of CBD!

Where Can I Purchase Cheds CBD Oils’ Products?

Go to the official website and visit the shop page. I must point out that all pricing in this guide and on the website does NOT include 20% VAT which is only added at the checkout. You can get a full refund as long as you get in touch with the brand’s customer service team within 14 days of receiving your products.

Cheds expects delivery time to be 1-3 days for all customers in the UK, and 3-7 days for international customers. All UK orders are sent first class, and recorded delivery with Royal Mail costs £5.95. International customers must pay £11.99 for shipping.

Final Thoughts on Cheds CBD Oils

Cheds is a company that has gained a stellar reputation in the CBD industry and is a brand that continues to grow. You can view third-party lab reports on the website as well, and this transparency helps it to rise above most of its rivals. Its products appear to be of high quality, and I was pleased with the effects; as are a large number of customers who have left reviews so far.

If you are a UK customer, it is definitely worth giving Cheds CBD Oils a try.

Rating: 8.5/10

Cheds CBD Oils Pros

  • Third party lab reports are available.
  • The products offer good value for money.
  • Although I didn’t need to contact Cheds’ customer service team, it has received positive reviews from other customers.
  • The brand offers a huge array of products.
  • Cheds’ is comfortable enough with its own products to stock items from rival brands.

Cheds CBD Oils Cons

  • The prices seen on the website don’t include VAT, which is annoying. However, Cheds recently announced that it was deducting 10% from its products when adding the VAT to keep customer costs down.
  • The website is a little ‘busy,’ and the text used is inconsistent and makes it hard to read.
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