Hemp Botanics CBD Oil UK: The Updated Review!

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Hemp Botanics is a London based CBD company that uses premium U.S. grown hemp. They emphasize natural ingredients, potency and quality. They utilize third-party testing to ensure they are offering the best CBD products.
Organic fractionated coconut oil, CO2 extracted broad spectrum hemp oil.
Recommended use
Take 1-2ml under the tongue daily as needed.
Extraction process
CO2 extracted
Medical benefits
This product is not intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease. Consult a medical doctor before taking this supplement.

*All the data provided is for oil products only

Potency range
Price range

Only a few years ago, you would have been hard-pressed to locate any company that sold cannabidiol (CBD) in the UK. Today there are dozens to choose from, ranging from the reliable to the rancid. Although CBD is now legal in the United Kingdom, it is an industry in dire need of regulation. It is all too easy for shysters to set up a company that sells low-grade cannabidiol.

This is terrible news for the industry because it can ruin its reputation. Imagine if a person tries CBD for the first time and purchases it from one of these unscrupulous traders! Rather than dismiss it as a one-off bad experience, they will become convinced that CBD is nothing more than a scam. At WayofLeaf, one of our goals is to find out whether a brand is worth spending your money on. The subject of today’s review is UK-based company, Hemp Botanics.

Who Is Hemp Botanics?

The company was founded by Nick and Lisa-Marie, and their company headquarters is at Portobello Road in London. Hemp Botanics briefly sold high-quality hemp buds but unfortunately no longer do so; although their pre-rolled joints are still for sale. The brand can import top-shelf hemp from the United States, and says it only uses American hemp-derived cannabinoids because it believes they are the world’s best.

All of its products are third-party lab tested, which allows you to discover precisely how much CBD is in each product. In January 2014, Nick and Lisa-Marie became the first people to offer lab-tested CBD products for sale outside of the United States. By August 2015, Hemp Botanics were able to ship domestic hemp from the U.S. Boasting a strong relationship with members of the British parliament, Hemp Botanics is unquestionably a legitimate enterprise.

The company sells a huge array of products but let’s begin with a review of its CBD oil.

Review of Hemp Botanics Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Hemp Botanics actually sells full spectrum tinctures and THC free drops, but I decided to focus on its range of full spectrum drops which come in five sizes:

  • 250mg: £20 (15ml bottle)
  • 500mg: £34 (30ml bottle)
  • 1000mg: £58 (30ml bottle)
  • 2500mg: £110 (30ml bottle)
  • 5000mg: £220 (30ml bottle)

Before I continue, there is a very important issue to address: Hemp Botanics does not create its own CBD products. Every single product on its website is made by a different company. For instance, the CBD oil I tried actually comes from CBDistillery.


I tried the 500mg version which came with a 1ml dropper. According to Hemp Botanics, there are 20 drops in a dropper, and a single drop in the 500mg bottle contained 0.8mg of CBD. Therefore, you would need 50 drops to get 40mg of CBD in a day, because there is 16.66mg of CBD per ml of liquid.

The oil tastes fine – nothing memorable one way or the other! I went for 2x 25 drop doses, which means 2 x 20 mg of CBD per day. Within minutes of the first dose, I felt more relaxed and at ease with myself. However, as I work from home, it was a couple of days before I could do a ‘field test’ by venturing outside. I had no issues and caught myself smiling at people when walking home!

What was also noticeable was a lack of ‘brain fog.’ Once I began taking this CBD oil, there were no more ‘3pm slumps,’ and I was able to remain productive for a much longer time.

Review of Hemp Botanics Premium Hemp Pre-Roll

At the time of writing, a lot of the pre-rolls were sold out, but I was able to get the Spring Haze 22% CBD pre-roll for £12. According to the site, the joint’s uses include brewing in a tea or blending in a smoothie. However, we all know you are supposed to smoke and enjoy it!


The pre-roll came in a sealed cardboard box and was easy to open. The joint itself was expertly created and almost looks like a cigar! The box probably isn’t airtight because the aroma is not as strong as one might expect. Unfortunately, the joint also didn’t taste of much, which is bad news if you’re hoping to replicate the weed smoking days of your youth!

On the plus side, the joint was very easy to smoke. It was smooth with no danger of having a coughing fit. One of the reasons for this is the use of raw hemp rolling papers. You can easily smoke a little, put it out, and relight it later. Most importantly, I felt calm and relaxed after using the joint. As there is no THC involved, you don’t feel high and can focus on your daily tasks.

Review of Hemp Botanics Pure CBD Isolate Slab

Once again, this is a CBDistillery product. On the Hemp Botanics website, you can purchase 0.5 grams of 99% CBD isolate for £20, or 1 gram for a bargain £30. The former option provides approximately 500mg of CBD, while the latter provides 1000mg.


First and foremost, you need to have a proper use in mind when choosing this slab. You can simply eat it right away, or use it when creating delicious edibles. For me, it was a question of melting it down and vaping it. This involved heating vegetable glycerin and mixing it with crushed up crystals from the slab. Incidentally, Hemp Botanics has its brand of vape device and sells batteries and cartridges on the site.

In any case, it didn’t taste of much when I tried to vape it, but there was no mistaking the effects. I feel the same calmness and relaxation as I did when using the CBD oil, only that the feeling came faster and was much stronger. When you bear in mind that 1000mg of CBD in oil form is £58, the CBD slabs sold by Hemp Botanics are incredible value. The main downside is the lack of other cannabinoids and terpenes. As a result, you don’t receive the potential health benefits associated with the entourage effect.

What About Hemp Botanics’ Other Products?

I was shocked to find over 150 products available for sale on the official website. To be fair, this includes several sizes of the same items, but even so, there are CBD lozenges, gummies, THC free drops, crumble terpsolate (filled with terpenes), and a fascinating product called Shilajit.

This is a sticky substance found in the rocks of the Himalayan mountain range. It is classified as a safe supplement that benefits your health. It is used to treat conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, low testosterone level, high altitude sickness, iron deficiency anemia, and much more. You can purchase 15g of shilajit resin for £50, which apparently lasts you a month.

Where Can I Buy Hemp Botanics Products?

Everything you need is on the official website. However, if you like products by brands such as CBDistillery, you may be able to find more options on their website. The store has items from brands including Extract Labs, True Terpenes, and Puffco.

Final Thoughts on Hemp Botanics

The company’s ‘legal joints’ are a pretty cool product and offer a quick and effective way to ease chronic pain. Although almost everything on the website is made by different companies, Hemp Botanics is still a high-quality brand because all of its products are effective. Its CBD oil works wonders for stress while the CBD slab is fantastic value for money.

Verdict: 9/10

Hemp Botanics CBD Pros

  • An incredible array of products.
  • Premium-grade items.
  • Rapid shipping.
  • One of the few UK companies to sell pre-rolled legal joints.
  • Excellent value for money.

Hemp Botanics Cons

  • The brand doesn’t sell many of its own products.
  • You need to research individual brands to see if their products are worth purchasing.
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